100 Replies to “Trump ‘will be happy with how today went’: Lawmakers react to White House Budget official testimony

  1. Yea, that is likely a special counsel issue: as how can Mick Mulvaney run (OGMB) Office of Grant Management Budget and also run; (OPBM) Office of Presidential Budget Management. Thought dual sets was illegal. 🙁 Trump firing so many, may be more like shooting self in a foot.? He, really flocked up getting rid of John Kelly. 🙂 Come on. Courts are taking SSN and not even a State accounting (SGMB). How in the hell is that even possible!

  2. Yeah.. I watched this thing. I watched FACTS being said and conspiracies being said. In real time saw Trump again threatening a witness. BUT what I gather from this. Is just one thing. I watched Clinton impeachment trials. Watched Begoti trials. Watched the Republicans make closed door.
    What I am confused about is this. Republicans made the current impeachment rules…. what are they crying about? If you don't remember the over 23 closed door interrogations from 2015 till now. The 8 attempted impeachment trials. It confuses me completely. Clinton after some resistance let the house have all records. Then Obama got investigated 9+ times. Never hid a record. Tried to protect a few. But if Trump wasn't a traitor he should send his entire inner circle to defend and destroy such allegations. Put the FACTS forward and say "Now let me do my job". That's not what this orange man is doing. He is trying to hide all FACTS. Play golf. And lie. Turned my beloved Republican party into some kinda facist racist cult of TRUMPANZIS. If only Lincoln could see what has become of his beloved party.

  3. these trump worshipping idiots exist in another dimension. to them right is left and up is down. if trump told them "2+2=5" they would swear by it.

  4. Think Obama Administration Wasn't Corrupt? Think Again
    In December of 2013, for instance, Biden traveled to China for talks. He brought Hunter Biden along. While there, the senior Biden soft-pedaled China's clear aggression, and played up the bilateral trade partnership. Ten days after the trip concluded, China's central bank, the Bank of China, set up a $1 billion investment joint venture called Bohai Harvest RST. For the record, the "RS" referred to Biden's son's firm, Rosemont Seneca.

  5. Impeachment inquiry looking for a crime. Dems are soooo desperate to stop President Trump from draining the devil worshipping swamp!!

  6. Who thinks office employees set, direct or are responsible for policy? Hands, anyone? Minnows swimming with sharks have little clout!

  7. I don't believe anything the Republicans say they have backed a man who is a compulsive lier, so they will lie them selfs to keep their party in power i no longer trust anyone in politics

  8. Like this orange head devil once said,if he goes broke he would run for president..asked which party;REPUBLICANS BECAUSE THEIR DUMB!! The irony👌💩🎥

  9. Bad day for the resistance. LOL. Bro, how many resistances are you aware of to legitimate, good governments? You basically just compared yourselves to the Galactic Empire. Good look for you all, but Palpatine was much better looking than Trump.

  10. Whenever rules allow public officials to earn outside income there will always be questions.… When legal or consulting services are provided, that is even more the case.
    Nancy Pelosi net worth:
    $120 Million
    Nancy Pelosi's Salary
    $223 Thousand

  11. Lee Zeldin…Oh yes, it was such a good day…every elected president dreams of the day that most of their cabinet has been sent to prison because of the president's direction, and they are subject to a public impeachment investigation! Mr. Zeldin has said some foolish things in the past, but this one tops 'em all!! AND with a straight face through it all.

  12. Here's how this works:
    CIVIL WAR: "If enough people believe something like slavery is OK then it's obviously right.
    CULT 45: "If enough people look the other way, it never happened"

  13. Most investigations are supposed to be driven by evidence, but Swalwell won’t let pesky things like that get in the way 🤓


  15. Can’t stomach any of them anymore. Everything they say no is suspect. They now more than ever are disrespected and not trusted. Half of them can’t even talk to reporters and pretend to be on the cell phone. If you are ashamed of yourself that much then grow a spine, but if you have no shame and can stand beside trump, Jordan, nunes, and gaetz and be ok with it? You don’t deserve the seat we trusted you with.

  16. Why make their lies a headline? That's what they want. The hearings could indicate that Trump was secretly John Wayne Gacy and the Republicans would say what a great day it was for him. Why does the press pretend like they're arguing an honest perspective? They know it's a lie just as well as everyone else.

  17. It's The Criminals In CONgress vs The Orange Criminal in the White House. The criminals in CONgress will lose because the Orange Criminal in the White House possesses the criminal goods on all the criminals in CONgress.

  18. Sounds to me like SwallowWell is trying to lay the ground work for the excuse that 'Democrats got it so wrong because mean old Trump wouldn't cooperate with us.' Same reason why Pelosi is saying that this isn't political, they are simply doing their patriotic duty to defend the Republic'. They know this isn't going to pan out for them, and they think it looks better to say it was an 'honest mistake' rather than a failed political assassination based on pure lies from the very beginning. Americans love to see a haughty person get their just desserts. They are trying to manage the inevitable backlash

  19. It’s true that they were comfortable defending him in the same way that is true the Tommy Chong isn’t known for smoking pot

  20. Thank you for cutting off Swalwell as if he were a Republican in Shady-Schiffs tyrannical one-sided carnival freak show!

  21. Eric Swalwell is a U.S. Representative for California's 15th congressional district (since 2013.)
    The video mistakenly said Connecticut.

  22. The ONLY thing they learned was that the only information they have is third hand hearsay which wouldn't be allowed in ANY court in America! 🇺🇸

  23. Trump claims to have held up Congress approved military aid to see if Ukraine President was the "real deal". Yet he flew over for his inauguration and support months before.

  24. How did it happen that Republicans lie wholesale? They are trying to create a fake news story when the hearings reveal that Trump is guilty, caught red handed. Personally I think the Republican party has become so dishonest they are about to disintegrate. You cannot run a party on lies. And if Trump was happy about how today went, he is totally insane.

  25. Bigtime spin by Republicans. Mark Sandy actually said it was highly unusual to have a political hold on the money and he had no idea why it was done.

  26. I can't wait until this guy testifies in public and/or his transcript is released, proving yet again that these shitbirds are liars.

  27. Conservaderps are so pathetic and treasonous. This is an open and shut case of corruption by Trumphole, and it's on top of all of his other crimes.

    Conservaderps can either help us serve justice to a criminal foreign puppet and his illegitimate administration now, or keep defending the criminals and suffer greatly later when we reject the corrupt new Amerikkka conservaderps are trying to create, that will never be tolerated.

  28. All I heard from this video is here-say..
    oh wait it’s coming out of a Republicans mouth .. now it’s truth/fact! Lol


  30. President Trrrrr
    IMPEACHMENT is the only remedy for an ILLEGITIMATE CORRUPT SOCIOPATHIC potus with delusions of a DICTATORSHIP.
    The COMPLETE OBLITERATION of the GOP is the only remedy for an inept complicit self serving TREASONOUS "organization".
    Bet on it !!

  31. Oh happy day…oh happy dayyyy. Oh happy day….oh happy dayyyyyy…when Jesus washed….when JESUS washed….all my sins away…oh happy day. My trust is in GOD.. This world has gone mad…but still… I trust in the Lord…. Can I get an AMEN!!!!

  32. I have friends in Chicago's Ukraine Village Belmont and Western area who know and have told me that Cocaine has been flooding into the Ukraine from the Boston/Italian mobs since 2013 through connections of Whitey Bulgers Nephew and his retired Massachusetts Senator father who brokered the deal with Senator Biden, there's a lot more to this than you could imagine!

  33. Look at them stick up for Trump's act of bribery. It is true a Sight to See before our Nation. This time will have it's shameful mark in history forever.

  34. The question is why? Why are certain people acting like they are?I guess in a poker game you try many things! It's a game of wits! Fascinating to say the least!

  35. They have happy things to report to Lord Trump so he won't choke them to death…. What an evil Sith Lord Trump is. And a bunch of gutless dudes these are

  36. I think 🇷🇺King Trump🇷🇺 watches too much television. Trump is not America's strong-armed godfather? (Thought bubble: I can only imagine what my great-grand kids will read about this dude in the American History books) 🇷🇺 = flag of Russia

  37. They are so full of it. The guy said he was supposed to be involved in transferring the money to Ukraine and a if a sudden he was sidelined – how is that good for Trump? No wonder the White House is trying to stop everyone including Mulvaney obeying legal subpoenas- you know the way all innocent people do.
    That's the best that the Republicans can come up with?
    If their constituents care anything about the constitution and the law they will be voted out in 2020.
    Trump bootlickers all!

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