Trump to release second Ukraine phone call transcript

Trump to release second Ukraine phone call transcript

39 Replies to “Trump to release second Ukraine phone call transcript

  1. Where the hell is William Barr in all of this! If he's got something on members of the Demonrat party, why doesn't he drop the hammer on these criminals? !!!

  2. You can really smell the manure aroma of Fox News, but Nunez really makes this bad news…he really brings that farm fresh stench to politics these days, bar none. I gotta know one thing…how can you guys stand it? I guess you all are used to it by now…

  3. Lies live in in the dark. like mushrooms they feed on bs.Truth lives in the Light- and GOD is LIGHT…there will be nothing left secret, no sin will go unpunished. GOD is Fair, Thorough and Inexorable. MAN do I enjoy HIS WORK! TY GOD. 😉

  4. ED ED….come on do you consider yourself part of fake news…i dont want to think so…President has said SOME of the news media are fake news..

  5. That piece of schiff found out that Eric's name is in the IG report and now he's freaking out? he doesn't want Eric to testify because he's gonna throw schiff under the bus ??

  6. Waiting on Shifty Shiff to go after a Subway sandwich in Chicago at 2am, so he can finally nail POTUS for a crime when he gets attacked by the entire Trump family, wearing their MAGA hats.

  7. living outside the states you see how deep the lying left media is globally – sick of the BS – i turn off a stn as soon as the bs starts then email the stn, saying i did not watch any longer thus missing any sponsored commercials

    their pocketbook .. punch

  8. At this time of insane attacks from the leftists, let's all pray for our President for tomorrow. Let's pray for the future of our country.

  9. What a farse. The inmates are running the prison. How are these corrupt bastards allowed to be in ANY position of power. Squash these bugs Donny.

  10. What's the point in releasing another transcript? Those snakes are just going to continue blatantly lying to people's face.

  11. If the only defense the ring kissing GOP'S is to blame the system for doing their job, is like a bank robber blaming the bank for being there to rob. Stupid move many will not be relected in 2020.

  12. were did FOX get that interviewer from…? what evidence of a concentrated coup ? … his question to Mr Nunes ….. where has the dickhead reporter been the past 4 years. Fox is getting dumber and dumber every day BUT thats THEIR FAULT…. they hired that RAT RINORyan ex SPEAKER…… onto the BOARD what a JOKE.

  13. LOL! If hes friends with Russia and Putin why the hell would he aid Ukraine with weapons for war against Russia? Trump is a backstabber get rid of him.

  14. we need to follow up with the corruption with the Bidens and others tied to them. We the People want answers on where the money went. With them. let us not sweep it under the carpet.

  15. I assume there’s not much on that transcript, because why the hell would he release it if it was damaging to the White House

  16. What if Biden decided to run (last minute) when Trump's people got close to uncovering Ukraine corruption ring, and the Dems wanted to go on offensive with Quid Pro Quo accusations? What if Biden running is his attempt at protecting himself and taking down Trump–two birds with one stone? What if none of this is what it seems at first glace?

  17. Where is 'ILLEGALIMATE' John Lewis, 'IMPEACH 45' Senile Maxine Waters, should we ask them of their WARPATH battle cry ???

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