100 Replies to “Trump Stole His Border Alligators Idea From President Obama

  1. I wonder if the snakes and alligators thing is like a South Park joke pitch. They present a crazy thing that he'll never admit that he said, then an even crazier thing he may or may not have said to get him to admit to the fact that he said the original crazy thing.

  2. 'Moot' (rhyming with 'foot') was a word girls used to refer to their genitals when I was growing up. As much as he brags about grabbing them, I have no doubt the President is actually quite ill at ease with them, equating them with snakes and fire and immigrants and stuff.

  3. Am I the only one that sees the fact that u.s. debt almost increased under Obama??? Praise God he couldn’t serve another term

  4. Am I the only one that sees the fact that u.s. debt almost increased under Obama??? Praise God he couldn’t serve another term

  5. How about a "moot" full of Radioactive Hamsters from a planet near Mars and some sharks with frickin' laser beams?
    The whole thing is so silly. Just let the poor refugees in, you dumb orange bigot! What; You afraid Melania will run off with a hot young Latino hunk or something?

  6. Yay! Bernie's coming back stronger than ever! His energy level was already off the charts. Can you imagine now that the blockage is fixed, he's gonna be awesome!

  7. NO

    It doesn't matter how old he is. If you do not consume meat or dairy products. That includes Fish and Chicken. Then a heart attack doesn't happen. It's the abuse of animals and then the abuse on your body by consuming those animals.

  8. It wasn’t Obama’s idea…it was Obama thinking of what would be the dumbest thing a Republican Government could possibly come up with (as a joke)
    ….and Trump ran with it.

  9. I beg you my fellow Americans read this article: "Beyond Reason: Mental Retardation: An Overview." Please read it. It's Trump from his head to his toes. It's why Putin (who hates America) put him in office. He must have laughed a lot that people cheered and applauded a man who hadn't a clue about the stats he pulled out of the air. A guy who said he could shoot someone and his followers still love him. And it explains why he has no morals. Many retarded people just don't understand what morals are. That's why he can cheat on his wives so openly. He didn't believe he was doing anything wrong. It's why he told the General to shoot the people in the caravan. It's why he's mentally a child. Why he tries to hide it. Many of them do. And you remember the deposition he did where he stared at the page? And then he said he forgot his glasses. He doesn't wear glasses. There's an example of a man in this article who did the same thing to hide his retardation. The exact same thing. It's why he said when the wall was built he wanted his name on it like everything else he owns. Remember when he had a man sit across from at a Cabinet meeting and praise him and praise him? He does that to feed his ego. When he first got in he really didn't understand as a President what that meant. He learned he can get anyone to do anything! And it says the retarded person looks to authority figures to be approved. Wow. Trump isn't running this country. Steve Miller is. He's the one who got Trump on this wall bit in the first place. And it was his idea to kidnap the Mexican children and put them in a concentration camp where six of them died. And it's why Trump never said a word about their deaths! He doesn't believe he's done anything wrong. No Doctors, nurses and they sleep on the floor on mats with those lite emergency blankets and that's it! In Clint a one year old got as much food as a 17 year old and Trump doesn't care. He and Steve didn't bother to go down and see the camps. Both are cowards. He doesn't even love his kids because he's not capable of loving them or his grandchildren who he calls brats. He only loves himself. I could go on but please read this. It will shock you. Songs

  10. When I saw WERD in the screenshot I got so excited because THE WORD was my favorite segment on The Colbert Report and this show, and I'm not sure why The Late Show ever stopped doing them. I was pretty disappointed it wasn't an actual THE WERD segment.

    Please bring back your segment that is legally distinct from THE WORD, Late Show!

  11. First, this aligator thing is not true. Second, I have never ever seen Colbert drown into these democratic political games. All politicians are corrupt. But blindly attacking one person or one side each and every minute in all networks with childish clowning style, this is what even the fox news doesn't do.
    Turning a show into a stupid political harassing campaign is an act of desperation. I'm not a Rep, and I don't want to watch Rep's media. But every time I watch CNN msnbc etc, they are screaming and taunting like 3 years old girls and boys fighting in the kindergarten and talking very stupid conspiracy theories 24/7. At least fight with some honor.

  12. In England, Moot is slang for a shit of the particularly foul smelling kind. A bit like Trump which is slang for a loud obnoxious fart.

  13. Bernie can't be president if he's dead, gotta take a chill pill with the campaigning, he's been looking like a lunatic.

  14. 680 sad Trumpanistas don´t like hearing about their bloated hero. Teardrop for the most amazing human in history. If you ask him of course. And they believed it. Hahah so stupid people can get. That is what´s most amazing about all this ludacris "politics".

  15. I just noticed that the caption refers to the current president as merely "Trump," but the former president as "President Obama."

  16. And yet they still talk shit even though Barry said it 1st. That's how petty, childish and hypocritical the left is. Cracks me up with all the Bernie supporters here. Bernie actually said his Navy flunky crackhead junkie son was a better man than him! Who makes a statement saying a crackhead is better than them?!

  17. Who knows right? Maybe the next season of Swamp People will have them contracted to fill the moat. Better still would be the fact that having 45 on a season of Swamp People would make the cast instantly appear significantly more intelligent and comprehensible than ever before.

  18. Obama wasn't even a professional politician. 

    As President he created a deep divide in the country continuing in the vicious political attacks  we see today.  Every speech he gave as President was an election speech that put down his opposition

    He enabled a self serving, ethically and criminally challenged  Secretary of State to solicit funds from foreign countries for her "charitable" foundation, who unsecurely carried state-Secret emails for nefarious purposes, promoted and approved actions to benefit foreign countries and governments on matters that would damage US security, promoted her spouse's record breaking speaking fees to "friendly" countries and companies to enrich herself, undertook seditious activities involving foreign entities to undermine the President who kept her out of office.

    He allowed her, Biden and who knows how any more to use their positions to enrich themselves and their families.  He did it himself

    He was worse than a third-rate politician

  19. Obama doubled the deficit while he was in office, borrowed over three trillion in "quantitative easing" to prop up the miserable economy, lied to gain a second term-"you can keep your dr., etc", jailed a poor filmmaker to cover for his dereliction of duty and never really broke two percent GDP due to his massive job killing "policies". What a miserable excuse for a human being, let alone a president.

  20. Trump is proving who his Mentor is ( Obama ) taking credit that belong to Obama. This copy cat need to carry his own load. And stop leaning on others also having them do his dirty work.


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