Trump speaks at massive rally during India visit: ‘America loves India’

Trump speaks at massive rally during India visit: ‘America loves India’

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  1. we (India) have bilateral relationship with USA in terms of trade, armaments, scientific warfare mechanisms, intergalactic mission,security threat,radical Islamic terrorism, both of us have our diaspora in our respective countries etc

    These relations will be going to impact our policies and plans for upcoming future in good terms
    So we, both Indian and American come forword to assimilate our diversity and cultures and work hand by hand for the prosperity of not only India and America but for the whole human race , since if we see we all are human 😊

    Two leading powers of the world USA🇺🇸 and India🇮🇳
    JAI HIND🇮🇳
    Love USA🇺🇸

  2. Trumps family tree shows not one individual ever severed in the military. Donny boy being a low life lying scumbag draft dodger wuss. Same for his spoiled kids. Veterans against Trump

  3. I'm humbled by so many positive comments from Americans about our culture….. This truly shows you don't need cultural appropriation to please a country only mutual respect is enough 😭😭😭😭😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇

  4. America loves India because they have money and they are willing to give 3 Billion to the US for weapons. Trump can't get a hamberder there. Do you think he really loves them?

  5. by reading some of the comments i can clearly see that it is the liberals thats causing all the issue not only here in india but in your country too…god bless both of our great Nations from these scavengers


  7. Imagine going thier and doing a rally in front of 100,000 people when litreally next door to that country there is a full blown corona virus outbreak.

  8. Thank you so much Mr. President Trump for come in India, we love you as a president for USA 🇺🇸 , long live India-USA relationship , God bless both countries. In whole world Trump and Modi only has true sens what is true and wrong.

  9. India must be self clear that USA is trying to revive his stand for America no 1. If India do not have the high morale to fight the injustice for what USA did to CHINA, it will eventually face the same difficulties and being utilized by USA in every aspect to achieve their greedy ambition to slavery every nations in this world.

  10. He’s a disgrace to the American people and it’s a shame to see him in other countries Prancing around like he’s a king on a throne when he’s the worst president in American history

  11. Make real friendship with your neighbours as they are your helpers in difficulty. Do not trying to provoke war with them. USA is the war creator throughout the world. Do you see for what is real and fake and good for your country?

  12. How apropos, Trump standing in front of the real beautiful Taj Mahal, the only one he HASN’T bankrupted 6 times! 🎰 🎰 💥 🤯

  13. Lol. Trump was so bad in that speech that the Indian people were flocking to the exits during the speech. Trump is not respected anywhere.

  14. Thank you President Trump for trying to end H1B1 visas.
    India is the definition of a 💩 hole country. Their prime minister is a train station tea seller. No wonder the Indian economy has been tanking. These beggers want to come here. While Modi is buying helicopters. 🤦

  15. Is there a reason you didn't show half the crowd leaving when Trump was speaking?
    Hey Fox viewers? That REALLY happened. Not in a "Fair and Balanced" way. In a real way.

  16. Has President Trump this is Chris Vogel from Minnesota lake Jeanette you know that my birthday is March 1st and I was just wondering if I could see you for my birthday present I would know how to get my address is 1657 Vern drive Mora Minnesota zip code 55051and I'll just wondering if I let you know either best present present there was and I pray for you every night and I thank you for all you do for us this country is going better all the time when you running it I keep praying and maybe you'll be in 2020I bought for you yet again in 2020 and God bless you and everything else goes on thank you

  17. Trump said we don’t have to worry about the coronavirus because it will go away in April when the daffodils bloom and the weather gets warmer.  This is the kind of boob-stupid nonsense that has Made the Donald talk of the town.

  18. Let's stop importing tons of Indians, who take jobs from hard working (Euro)(White)Americans and drive wages down. Along with the Mexicans.

  19. Where are the pictures of the massive crowd leaving during the middle of his speech. The stadium wasn't half filled before the end of his speech.

  20. So-called liberals, leftists and Islamists of India are rattled by Trump's visit to India because it is increasing US-India friendship. 😄. Same situation in US too, I think. Both Trump & Modi (majority elected him) love their own nations and are true Patriots. They are making their countries great, democratically, fighting leftists, liberals and the radical Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers.

  21. I am a German and I am trying to understand what happend, so I´d look to different chanels about Trumps speach. What here is not showing, that the stadium went slowly empty, when Donald Trump start to talk and mispronounced different words of Hindu. Doe they only showing the nice things here?

  22. President TRUMP is the best President the U.S. ever had and the world knows it.. I think this is the end for democrats and they did it to their selves by lying to the public about made up charges against TRUMP, like we are so dumb and wouldn't notice. That's what the democrats think of us, they have no respect for the people of America and honestly think they are smart and say anyone can do what farmer's do, I'm mean geez really!?!? I hope that a democrat never ever gets in office because they really showed their true colors.. They are all dirtbags…

  23. The Fake News would have us all believe nobody on the planet likes Donald Trump. Most of the world loves that he fights for his country, they wish their Prime Ministers and Presidents would look after them the way Trump does us. Democrats, want us to be just another Third World Socialist Nation, so they can blame Trump for their destroyed Nation/economy.

  24. India and the U.S are natural friends and allies. It's unfortunate that so many Gov't officials in the U.S have downplayed this relationship to appease a certain neighbor of India's who is NOT our friend. Thankfully that kind of thing is coming to an end. Time for us to build our future with REAL friends.

  25. 🇮🇱Mr Donald j Trump we The Puerto Rican are sick and tired of this colonialism regime if you believed in God is Time to make Justice with this Holly island we the Puerto Rico people also believe in the living God.🇮🇱🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇵🇷

  26. Father is GOD and Son is GOD and Holy Spirit is GOD is only one GOD Roman's Chapter 13 Danold J Trump Sarah Heckabee Sanders and all President's WorldEARTHwidE SINCERELY MIGUEL A Prophecy Roman's Chapter 12:verse 6 practicing by FAITH YAVE AND JESUS CRISTO AND HOLY SPIRIT WE REPRESENT HOLY TRINITY IN NAME OF LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS. Miercoles February 26 8:26 2020 . amen.

  27. America loves India? The number one country American jobs get outsourced to? You can't get customer service anywhere but India? U.S. Government #1 customer of Indian outsourcing.

  28. Trump supporters wanted.
    o No common sense
    o Ability to overlook key issues
    o Possess a cult personality
    o Making money is paramount
    o The Constitution is worthless
    o Repeated lies make them factual
    o Non-transparent

  29. जो भी भाई या बहन भारतीय हैं और अमेरिका में रहते हैं वह कॉमेडी वीडियो देखने के लिए हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें वेलकम टू द देसी ठाठ

  30. I love America😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍one day I'll come America 😍😍😍😍

  31. He chud at dreas as aa canadian .prim.menestor..bat .hu be nexs time..we LOVE YOU TRANPP .🇺🇸🦊🦊👩👩👩👩👩👩👩wELOVE INDIAAA.

  32. Large numbers of Indian Loves Mr. President Trump conditionally. Mr. President is very famous in India, even children know him.

  33. I support the wall Trump wanna build. Not because I'm American, but because if I have to visit US I'll have a procedure to follow.

    I just want other countries to do it too.

    Illegal immigrants of any country in any country should be dealt with.

  34. We conservative Indians love President Trump
    But we too have the same breed of leftists,liberals spewing venom, propaganda fake news etc etc

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