Trump orders new Iran sanctions after Saudi oil attack

Trump orders new Iran sanctions after Saudi oil attack

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  1. For all you fox viewers…. Yemen have cruise missiles and drones ..yemen claimed responsibility…..but yet USA and Saudi Arabia blame iran…wake up people…

  2. Evidence? Remember the start of The war with Iraq. Entirely based on propaganda, deception and lies!!! Kenneth O'Keefe said : " Any kind of attack on Iran is tantamount to initiating a full-scale Third World War which could very well and inevitably would lead to a war with China and Russia, this is pure madness, there is only one victor – the bankers."

  3. Trump says dont worry about the cost of the war in Iran, im a great businessman. If we play this Iran thing right we can make a profit. We can have sponsors on our helmets and war machinery. Just think, red bull logos on our f35s coke on our Ahbrams tanks. After all, Pepsi on our helmets. Koch brothets on our ships, McDonald's on our hummers and Budweiser on the canteens. Trumps a businessman, right. We can have live battle coverage and bet on the outcome of each battle. This is how you run a country like a business, and we got a business savy president. And if a soldier's not pulling his wait, every week Trump fires one soldier, "your fired". Think of the rating?

  4. Trump is a coward, pure and simple. He is afraid to stand up for America's interests (i.e. Saudi Arabia's interests). He has a lot to lose by not backing MBS to the hilt.

  5. A war with Iran will be needed BEFORE they develop nuclear weapons. They already support terrorism, bombed oil tankers, shot down a U.S. drown, and now bombed the Saudis. Lets sit in our battle ships, sip coffee, and launch missiles from all directions pretending that we also dont know where the bombs are coming from….

  6. Updated 2100 GMT (0500 HKT) September 15, 2019
    Reporter: 'Startlingly dangerous moment' in Middle East
    4 days ago earlier ( FAKE NEWS / RUSSIAN STYLE / Trump Treatment)

  7. How many times do they have to commit these crimes before the west wakes up to what they are doing annd why.the USA are not friends with any other nation.even their allies fear them

  8. Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi, an American journalist. Trump defends Saudi Arabia for oil. Don't you feel like this is "selling your soul to the devil"?

  9. I think they should have bomb Saudi Arabia all to hell .. they caused a lot of crimes and
    always seem to cover up those crimes.. I also feel the same about Iran..

  10. When trump starts another mid east war, I expect every single one of his trumptard sheep to show up at their local recruiting office to go fight it. Oh yeah, they can pay for it as well.

  11. Trump will believe anything the Saudis tell him, like he said on his last campaign trail they spend hundreds of millions at his properties. Just like he believes Putin, because Trump still wants that hotel in Moscow, the one he was negotiating to build during his last election campaign.

  12. Obama gives Iran $150B….Iran uses it to attack Saudi Arabia…….hmmmmm….and Kerry has been advising Iran lately…..smells funny…..

  13. saudi's DO need to fight their own war, we are not the world police, we have to stop interfering in other country's problems and rescuing them. If they want our help they can ask for it but they need to at least try first. And what about all the other countries in the EU and east, where are they? Not to mention, saudi is an extremely rich country, they can afford to have a defense system that rivals all others, why is it they do not?

  14. So here is Trump playing with dictator countries and these countries are laughing at him,in the meantime we are loosing all of our allies because they know what this game is all about,Trump is playing with fire and the US is the one getting burned,this is a dangerous game for the US ?

  15. Hi..Can we have sections on chiina to.for there humans right issues and what they doo to millions in re education camps..Why does the u.s always pick and choose witch country it wants to punish. One country does something worth.. it's ponished. While other can do wrong for years and are ignored

  16. Sounds Iran is Holding hands with the Devil and one of the Devils Imps was Barrack Obama when he was President and thankfully a Ex-President now!!!…

  17. Trump lied to us all he promised to bring the troupes home no war's and the big one he will defend the second amendment that's a joke to him.

  18. Iran is playing Trump.
    Trump knows that if he gets the US into another Mideast war he'd lose the election. Iran knows that too! So they can ramp up their attacks on Saudi, and humiliate US until Trump is forced to say uncle and remove the sanctions.

    Trump's idiotic unilateral retreat from the Iran deal, his belligerent threats and taunts towards Iran, together with his support for Saudi's genocide in Yemen is edging the US ( and the world) towards disaster.

  19. General Clark called out war with Iran years ago, we're just waiting on the excuse needed for gullible dumbass americans to go along with it.

  20. Fight your own wars you dumb Arabs. If you don’t want us involved then why do you get us involved? Use some common sense you idiot Arabs.

  21. While I support Trump, His Middle East policy Sucks.
    Iran is Zero threat to the USA. And Israel
    One of the most powerful defense countries in the World
    can take care of business without anybody's help.

  22. There was no act of warfrom Iran on the US. However US sanctions on Iran are an act of war. In other words the US government has declared war on Iran.

  23. Comment Section: THEY DIDNT ATTACK US, Y WE DO DIS.

    Reality: It's just sanctions… you guys are all for sanctions on china, korea, and even mexico, Trump fights battles with economics. Reading this comment section you would think "Sanctions" was a codename for a new attack drone. Iran's attack could have dramatically raised fuel prices here, so yes, we are affected and should react. Theres a difference between fighting other peoples wars and using sanctions to encourage others to not attack our interests.

  24. You want war you go fight it, we have thousands of sick, crippled and homeless veterans as it is; from this we gain nothing, only lose. Now I see why both parties hate Tulsi Gabbard, because she'd actually end all this intervention mess.

  25. why should are troops risk their lives for a Saudi Arabian oil plant? Trump said he supported our troops. nothing but a string of lies

  26. So Trump has imposed “maximum sanctions” on Iran how many times? What are these new sanctions? After “maximum” do you go to “super maximum”? Maybe we can get Iran to pay for the Wall?

  27. someone should tell these billionaires to get off there lazy asses and defend their own property. leave are troops out of it

  28. Mr. President, Mexico has been a very,very great friend of your Great Nation , but it will take great, great valors to recognize this great truth.

  29. the US needs to remain allies with SA. if they start selling their oil for currencies other than the USD then the US economy will suffer. its so much more complex than "let them fight on their own"… if the US wont be their ally then they will just become friends with China or Russia and increase the value of their currency.

  30. Quick , get Don Jr and Eric to join the military so they can go to the front and fight for their father’s position if they believe so strongly in what daddy says…..oh that’s right they’re all cowards….all talk, just like daddy


  32. Less than 1% of people are unlucky enough to be born in iran . Im 25 yo and have two jobs still im always short on money before the end of the month . We have been living in hell so why not , attack iran it is not like we deserve to live freely .

  33. I despise Trump, but he did better than doing the worst, but didnt do whats best. Still, Id rather this than a war started under false premises, so heres a warm and sincere thank you to POTUS Trump for getting us in to this dangerous position with Iran in the first place and then saving us from the mess he'$$$ generated?

  34. Iran attacking Saudi Arabia? What does that have to do with the USA? NOTHING. DO NOT SACRIFICE MORE USA LIVES FOR FOREIGN WARS! WE SHOULD NOT BOW TO THE ZIONISTS!

  35. How about sanctions on the Saudi's, there terrorizing innocent people in Yemen.thats why they were attacked.meathead Trump can't grasp that cause Saudi's won't allow it, they'll cut off his election funding.

  36. There's a famous coffeeshop in Tehran called Mash Ghanbar Cafe, which is haunted by Sirab_Shirdoon lovers that needs to be severely sanctioned, Mr Trump!

  37. Iranian central bank, one of the few central banks in the world that is not controlled by the Rothschild family, gets sanctioned.

  38. Trump proved to be the "stable genius" in all this.
    Trump charged Saudis $400 billion with no promise to defend them. Compare the $400 billion with the mere $32 billion George Bush Senior charged Saudis to defend them.

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