Trump Orders Assassination of Top Iranian General Soleimani | The Daily Show

Trump Orders Assassination of Top Iranian General Soleimani | The Daily Show

On December 31, Donald Trump
said his dream was for peace, specifically in the Middle East. And then on January 2,
he did this. ANNOUNCER:
This is CNN Breaking News. Our breaking news tonight
is huge. A rocket attack
on the Baghdad airport kills Iran’s most revered
military leader and a senior official
in Iraq’s paramilitary forces. Now, the Pentagon
announced tonight that the attack was
a U.S. air strike. Sweet Jesus. Donald Trump ordered the killing
of Iran’s top general. What happened to peace? Huh? When most people break
their resolutions, they eat ice cream
instead of working out. This guy rained down fire
on these mother(bleep). He ate ice cream while doing it. Now, despite… despite–
that’s a real thing. He ate ice cream
while it was happening. He’s like, “Mmm.” Now, despite all the instant
experts on social media suddenly tweeting
about Soleimani, the truth is,
for most Americans, Iran’s top general was far
from a household name, right? The only Iranian leaders
most people know are the Ayatollah
and The Iron Sheik. It’s a very broad range. But don’t get it twisted.
Don’t get it twisted. For Iranians, General Soleimani
was as big as it gets. NEWSMAN: Qasem Soleimani was
no ordinary general. The U.S. officially
classified him as a terrorist, but in Iran,
he was a national hero. NEWSWOMAN: This morning
the entire region on edge. Iran vowing retaliation
amid fears that two nations are on the brink
of an all-out war. NEWSMAN: Funeral processions
unlike anything seen in decades are continuing this morning. President Trump and Iran
are also dangerously trading very serious threats of war. A commander
of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said his country had 35
U.S. targets in its crosshairs, ready to pull the trigger. President Trump tweeted
over the weekend the U.S. has
52 targets identified, including cultural sites
in Iran. Okay, you have to admit
this is wild. Trump kills Iran’s top general, and then when Iran threatens
to retaliate, Trump says, “You better not,
or I’ll destroy your culture.” Yeah. What’s next,
he’s just send a text, like, “Oh, you think you crazy? -Well, I’m loco, ese.”
-(laughter) Now, first of all,
destroying cultural sites is probably a war crime. You can’t do that, all right? Because according
to the Geneva Convention, in war, the things you destroy are supposed to be
for the purpose of the war, not just to be dicks. But secondly, there is no way
Trump knows anything about Iranian
cultural sites, okay? In fact,
if the Iranians are smart, they’ll use this
to their advantage just to get Trump to get rid
of stuff that they don’t want. They’d be like,
“Please, Mr. Trump, “don’t destroy our most
cherished cultural landmark, “that karaoke bar
next to my house “that stays open till 3:00 a.m.! -(laughter)
-Don’t do it, Donald!” So now the United States and
Iran are on the brink of war, but the killing of Iran’s
general has a ripple effect across the entire Middle East. NEWSMAN: The death
of Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad ignited a new chapter
of regional tensions. American allies in the region are preparing
for possible retaliation and are on high alert. So are American forces,
with 9,000 in the region and 3,000 extra
preparing to deploy. NEWSWOMAN:
The State Department issued an urgent warning overnight
telling all Americans in Iraq to leave the country
immediately. The Pentagon announced that
the U.S. has paused its efforts in the fight against ISIS due to a need to protect
U.S. troops in the region. NEWSMAN:
Iraq’s Parliament voted to kick out the 5,000
U.S. troops in the country. President Trump fired back,
telling reporters if Iraq does force U.S. troops
to leave, he’ll make Iraq pay for money
the United States spent in Iraq to build an expensive airbase. Okay, guys, I don’t know,
but I think it’s safe to say that this thing’s not going
according to plan. Because you realize now
America is sending more troops to the Middle East–
and also, how is Trump gonna flat-out refuse to leave
someone else’s country? Right? He would be the worst
Airbnb tenant of all time. Yeah. Just writing
a review like, (like Trump): I burned myself
cooking meth in your kitchen, so I’m not leaving
until you give me my money back. (laughter) Now… you might be wondering, how could
this well-thought-out plan to assassinate an Iranian
general turn out so chaotically? Well, maybe it’s
because this plan wasn’t so well thought out
after all. NEWSMAN: After the president
saw the protest at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
and blamed Iran, aides presented the president
with a variety of options. NEWSWOMAN: “…top
American military officials “put the option
of killing him… on the menu they presented
to President Trump.” Military leaders were stunned
when President Trump decided to kill Soleimani, top brass viewing his death
as the most extreme option they presented
to the president. Okay, now, I know this
might not be a popular opinion, but this is where
I don’t blame Trump. Pentagon officials gave Trump
a menu of options, but then they were shocked when
he chose the most extreme one? (laughter) Get the (bleep)
out of here, man! You were shock…
Have you seen Trump’s apartment? What part of his life
makes you think he’s ever gonna pick
middle-of-the-road options, huh? If you don’t want Trump
to pick something, why do you give him the option
in the first place? Donald Trump will always pick
the most extreme option on a menu, whether it’s
a military strike or KFC. He’s always gonna pick
the most extreme thing. He’ll be like, “Yes, I’ll have
the Meat Lovers Explosion with extra bacon served in a
kiddie pool of ranch dressing.” They’ll be like, “Sir, uh,
we don’t actually have that. That’s just, like,
a publicity stunt.” He’s like, “That sounds
like a you problem. And no lettuce.” (laughter) So, now, because of Trump’s
extreme decision, the world is
in a state of panic. Because, like, the truth is
no one really knows what’s gonna happen next.
Nobody. We could be on the brink
of war– World War III– or the whole thing
could just fizzle out, like the beef
between Nick Cannon and Eminem. Yeah. Lot of people don’t know, but, uh, Jared Kushner actually
brokered that peace deal. Yeah. He does stuff. So, we don’t know
what’s gonna happen, but the question
on everyone’s mind is… why would Donald Trump even
bring everybody to this point? Why do something so risky? Why now? Nobody knows. If only there was a wise man, some wise man in 2011 who could have predicted why this
would be happening today. Our president will start a war
with Iran because he has absolutely
no ability to negotiate. He’s weak, and he’s ineffective, so the only way he figures that
he’s going to get reelected, and as sure
as you’re sitting there, is to start a war with Iran. I believe
that he will attack Iran sometime prior to the election because he thinks that’s
the only way he can get elected. Isn’t it pathetic? -(laughter)
-He’s right. It definitely is.

100 Replies to “Trump Orders Assassination of Top Iranian General Soleimani | The Daily Show

  1. Trevor skips the attempted siege of the embassy and the supreme santa taunting Americas impotance. They skip that this general was atteibuted with over 1000 service and diplomate deaths in a decade Trump didnt pay off the angry sand santa 400mil like obama, oh plus backing the return of frozen assets… instead our president sent a special delivery of a different sort. I preffer trumps message more than barack hussein obamas. If iran wants to knuckle up they better be ready for free men and women whos entire history is written in conflict bullets and blood. We may not always be right or just as we should, but like family, we are the only people allowed to f with other Americans.

  2. I think, reality show stars and comedians are jealous of politicians. They talk about them alot on their shows. I don't think this is a good thing to do. They are the ones who run a country, not comedians. Comedians and reality show stars should stay within their confinement!
    Politics here is not appropriate, I guess! ✌✌✌✌✌✌

  3. trump's words come back to haunt him (jealously spoken against President Obama, by far his better): "He's going to start a war with Iran because that's the only way he'll get re-elected. Isn't that pathetic?"

    Yes, Donald, you are. You worthless piece of shit.

  4. Since when is it not good to punish a admitted terrorist
    Leftists democrats have truly gone crazy. I am leaving the democratic party for good. The crap they say is just plain weird now

  5. 4:55 Israel agents was at it. Israel need the middleeast to be in chaos so that their people on all over financial sectors for world can profits from war and chaos.

  6. Be braver to say the truth on your platform and not need a laugh, you gotta inform people as much as joke and now we need the stark reality to be acknowledged and unadorned for lighthearted laughter

  7. We're at this weird stage where anything trump does people just assume
    its against the law. trevor noah is a fuck nut that barely knows his ass
    from his elbow. I also like how these same people that have an issue
    for trump voted for him, and these same people that'll vote for the next
    guy will have an issue with that guy too, People apparently are
    clueless to the whole "Presidents don't actually matter." Shit. It
    doesn't matter who you have in office it'll be the same crap. The next
    president will spend his first term cleaning up what mess
    trump/obama/etc/etc made, then by that point everyone will have turned
    against him/her realizing its all bull shit and the cycle repeats. Its
    like hiring someone to fix something and then replacing them every few
    days, nothing ever gets done. He meant cultural because hes going to nuke them and there's no way not to destroy them.

  8. look at this garbage bag host Trevor Noah, let's remove him from American soil and parachute him off in Iran. I would have no problem with that.

  9. You trumptards are freakn retards.. seriously.. there is no more respect for u guys.. do humanity a favor and walk into on coming traffic..
    -the world

  10. How dare the U.S do this! They should just let Iran keep killing American diplomats, Volunteers, helpers , Saudi Citizens, Iranian Activist and Iranian Student. We should just let Iran keep killing innocent people.

  11. It's all a big lie trump has already made a deal with Iran, no harsh reaction no regime change, that's all.

  12. Hey, no one is talking about impeachment anymore. Or Trump's rampant lying, cozy Putin relationship, money laundering, etc.

  13. Ivanka: Daddy, I need to invest in stocks tomorrow, but the stock market is very bullish. 🙁

    Trump: Leave it to me, I’ll order an air strike in Iran tomorrow. 👍

  14. Most of you say you hate Trump and that our country is falling. Then why don’t you just get the fuck out? It’s pretty simple, don’t confuse yourself. I’m sure it’s much more safe in the Middle East.

  15. RePhatantomz; I think U got me wrong..I meant when U casually changed the no. from 52 to 53; undermining what the no. 52 means for those hostages and their families..On the other hand, I wud also like to add that US shot down an Iranian plane with its 290 citizens from its aircraft carrier..My point was SIMPLE…Some numbers have SOME Significance and one shouldn't UNDERMINE that..Mid-East is already F**'uped but nowhere near to 1980's Iran – Iraq War b/w this Iranian Regime & Saddam Hussein where more than a Million people died that includes Saddam Using Chemical Weapons against Iranians and US + West + UN remaining Silent as IRAN was Isolated due to that 1979-80 US Hostage Crisis..

  16. Donald Trump "Great and Unmatched wisdom" is somewhat effective, as it predicted 9 years ago the Big and Unmatched Pathetic Stupid move he'll make when he'll be President and want to get reelected. Great job Donald, you're really unmatched

  17. Here is an idea: every country leader should be mandated to have their sons and daughters in the war front line. These leaders don't really understand the implications of what they are doing. They need to have their own children in the front line and we'll see if they keep the same energy about starting wars for no reason.

  18. Boy I better watch out I live in Jeddah that’s in Saudi Arabia that’s in the Middle East but we did nothing to America we just give them oil I think
    Edit: I think America will be the navy for world war 3 and it’s all from trump man was Obama better than him by a lot everything is happening from trump

    Many incredibly toxic Trump supporters calling every commenter an idiot or calling out their claims with unsupported remarks. Do not engage, they will retaliate with fierce loyalty to their President.

  20. Really shocked!! You want me to believe that the best Armey in the world is that stupid ?? They wanted him to pick that option …and then they call them selves the free world ..

  21. Trump killed a terrorist. If Obama killed the same terrorist, Trevor would be giving him BBBJ with full release. No lotion.

  22. Trump DESTROYED democrats dreams of fundamentally changing this country. Now democrats are defending terrorists. Sad. It’s over for them.

  23. If The Oil Was found in Europe Then the American soldiers should be in some Europian countries To "protect them" By creating some terrorist group.

  24. Finally I have been waiting for your guys to report on this !! I don’t trust other news channels anymore 🤣🤣🤣

  25. I like how they leave out the fact that they attacked a US embassy first. I dont agree with the war crimes hes threatening to do. But he did the right thing by assassinating that terrorist.

  26. After the us strike it is finally possible for us to cut open trump's skull and show the people that there is nothing in it.

  27. Yes Trump it is pathetic, then again we were already well aware that you're pathetic. Then again Trump should already be excluded from being eligible for re-election due to his having been impeached.

  28. Imagine I am coming in to your home uninvited.. and then you say yo bro leave me alone or i will hurt you. And then you hit me in the face.

  29. Really?! Let me break it down: This wasn't an assasination, this was fucking payback. This was the fiery, ironic, burning execution of a TERRORIST!

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