Trump offers peace to Iranian people hours after Iran strikes US military bases

Trump offers peace to Iranian people hours after Iran strikes US military bases

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  1. It's funny how Democrats say Trump's a moron for trying to start a war when the exact opposite of that is what is happening, does nobody remember that we literally averted WW3 with Russia? Hillary Clinton was trying to continue aggressive moves against Russia like Obama was and Trump put an end to that, same thing with North Korea, now Iran.

    If Hillary was elected we would more than likely be in a world war right now, these Democrats change their positions more than bipolar schizophrenics, they say GO TO WAR then someone dies and they say YOU IDIOT NOW WE'RE GOING TO WAR, then Trump doesn't want war and they STILL hate him.

    We don't need a war, we need peace, no more fighting Israel's battles, leave them to themselves

  2. President Trump that was a beautiful message to Iran. Thankyou President Trump for choosing peace over war and for killing that monster and sending him to hell.

  3. Now you watch.. The Evil Treasonous Democrats, will do the opposite by wanting to go to WAR with Iran.   That's who truly SICK and CORRUPTED they truly are.

  4. The Iranian Regime since Zirksis son of (Darios who was benevolent ) have been tyranical as nowdays. Obama sent aid to Iran to help the people. The Regime took it a prceeded their agenda., The Iranian "people" under dictatoship since Zirksis are needing and willing to revolt.. Without Trump (not sad sack Obama, CIA, Military generals and the lot like Salami ) this will never occur. God bless freedom, free people of the world and Iran. Regime must be sent back to hell.


  6. In my opinion… If trump wouldn't of killed irans top commander soleimani of whatever his name is…. He would of killed alot of U.S. lives in his planned attack on the U.S. and Iran attacked iraq with u.s. soldiers there which none were hurt or no big damage occurred. Iran has no chance over U.S.A.

  7. I have a lot of time for these type of ladies! I LOOOVE seeing women discussing serious matters that really impacts people's lives. Ladies who can hold an intellectual convo.

  8. This old Vietnam vet has a message to you women. Saddle up and get on over there and bring our troops home, like you said Trump on the campaign trail and one of a few reasons you got my vote. Won't happen again I will sit the next one out like I should have done when I was 19. Not one of our troops is worth the whole country of Iran or anybody else in that sand box. They been killing each other for thousands of years so let em keep doing the world a favor.


  10. Propaganda 2.0 foxnews will never back down. Lies lies lies then they start to believe there lies. All shirte globally mourned him. Biggest funeral ever in the world. He died a hero. She spins Bolton narrative.

  11. Its very sad that 176 people had to die on a flight out of Iran. Just senseless . Its even sadder if we don't start peace in their names between the two countries

  12. As christian Iranian the two guest on the show know exactly what they are talking about!! His funeral was a complete show, this cruel regime will do anything to stay in power , not long ago they shut down the whole country’s internet for a week because they didn’t want the rest of the world to see how people were turning against this regime and killed over 1500 and managed to hide their bodies and above all they refused to give them to their family members. In fact qasem Soleimani was responsible for that.

  13. Surgical strikes from the air and sea, that give the strength and support to Iranian people to topple the Mullahs garbage regime once and for all

  14. People will see the truth, in time, after the war starts. Just like we all did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Search general Wesley Clark 7 countries in 5 years.

  15. Offers peace after Iran shot down an Ukrainian plane thought to be a US. Pathetic and cowardly to walk out on something you started.

  16. Just think about this. If unwilling Iranians did not join the masses of people at Soulomanis funeral, they would be seen as ani Iran

  17. You are a traitor, Iranian traitor in Fox news telling lies. Donald Trump listened to people like and Assassinated Soleimani. Now the consequence is the U will be icked oitb of the region forever.

  18. Scared like a dogs and u people run away to kuwait from iraq so scared. Trump liar coward didnt u say if Iran retaliates we will respond hit u severe lol they did retaliate and now what? U people just lost in life i swear u dont know what ur doing what ur sayin u people just tired of life and lost and keep making repeating mistakes and mistakes

  19. Iran wants to show peace by acts of terrorism… it’s incredibly wrong and strange but that’s how they think. Hopefully it can change

  20. Why do they get to missile attack our bases without retaliation on their cities? Let them deal with the consequences of sneak attacks and further escalation. Bomb their capital and main cities of Iran until they agree to stop terrorism. They don't need to save face. They need to save their lives and gigantic stolen fortunes.

  21. I am Iranian and live here, pls don't judge, in my country majority of people were sad and upset, pls don't publish wrong news, I can send images from street that people attach soleimani's photo in their car, has government forced them?

  22. These two women described very accurately the real people of Iran feel. Great interview and have them on more often… and oh by the way… the theatrics is specifically designed and orchestrated for the Democrats and CNN.

  23. It baffles me that there are still well meaning people, I don’t include the prominent democ rats and MSM in that category, who still insist on calling Pres. Trump a warmonger, aligning him with previous presidents, particularly the last two!

  24. The master plan, according to one online commentator and analyst is unfolding as follows:

    1: Trump wants to negotiate with Iran for a deal with better terms than the previous one however, he has one problem: Soleimani who had been a tough hawk that didn’t know what compromise was;

    2: Soleimani must be removed so that the Iranian hawkish faction can be weakened and open to negotiations;

    3. The USA secretly collaborated with Iraqi Prime Minister to invite Soleimani to visit Iraq;

    4: Iraqi Prime Minister secretly informed the USA of Soleimani’s whereabout when he visited Iraq;

    5: The USA took out Soleimani;

    (None of the above would be acknowledged by the USA or Iraq)

    6: Trump offers to negotiate with Iran;

    7: The USA and Iran will come to an agreement through negotiations and the terms and conditions are more palatable for the Americans to swallow.

    These are my understandings, not the exact words of the analyst.

  25. I think democracy is a bad idea for Iran right now. They've got generations of psychological rehabilitation to go through before they can be expected to function in a civilized way as a nation. Put wise people in control over that nation until the Khomeni psychology dies out.

  26. trump said he took liability away from drug companies so..what they can give us whatever and not worry about being sued ?

  27. I don’t want to seem like a War Sympathiser – But do you really think Iran will let this blow over – They Vowed Revenge, you can’t predict crazy at ti. Not saying that Iranian people are crazy (But Leadership yeh) It’s like Predicting what Vladimir Or Kim John Un – Would do If Struck –

    Pretty sure Vladimir would bring down another plane or sumfink of that action – And NK would send bombs to America not the bases.

    Not saying those two are crazy but they don’t take violations

    CIA don’t come to my house – Just an Opinion

  28. Buhahaha , how feckin stupid do you think ppl are .. I'll bet she's never seen Iranian , if you talk to real ppl they say it's a bohemian paradise you fuckwits !

  29. Thank You President Trump! It was the most HUMAN and BEAUTIFUL words I eveer heard a person say, in my life. (in the beginning).It warm my heart!

  30. Once again CHUMP TRUMP backs down HAHAHA. Mexico will pay for wall, I have 52 sites, make a move. The only people scared of trump are poor childers locked up at the border!!! He is a joke! Believe me Russia , China and North Korea are watching!

  31. as an Iranian, I have to say shame on you and your guest lies. Soleimani was in our harts. million of Iranian people were on the streets to grating Soleimani. you better to receive the truth from the Funeral videos and watch how many people in Iran were there.

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