Trump notably quiet on DOJ decision not to prosecute Andrew McCabe

Trump notably quiet on DOJ decision not to prosecute Andrew McCabe

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  1. Yup he’s listening to Barr. If he’s quiet it’s because Barr is doing something we can’t know about till Durham is ready. This is very positive that Trump isn’t tweeting about it.

  2. How much money did Andrew McCabe pocket from the $554,000.00 GoFund donations? And, did he pay tax on that money? More, to investigate.

  3. Praying for you President Trump ❤️. I just don't think this hate will stop. Please keep friends close and Jesus Christ closer ✝️🌹🌹

  4. All the lefts imaginay crimes are proven fantasies of fump and his criminal cronies who are only projecting their own crimes on others. Even his stupid inbred base will eventually awake from their conspiracy dreams and will find out how goddamned stupid they are
    Dump is the criminal not the ones defending america against his disastrous attacks on the justice system with his puppet barr and the corrupt gop traitors
    When are those stupid idiots going to wake up

  5. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn couldn't even remember lying to the FBI and he is indicted, while Andrew McCabe lied several times to investigators and congress and he walks free! It looks like AG Bill Barr and his assistants can't get rid of the rogue elements in the DOJ and FBI that the two-tier justice system is still being applied even today. The entire world is laughing at us now.

  6. The leftist Democrats are hell bent on impeaching AG Bill Barr because the SWORD of Justice is closing in on them as the criminal investigations of Durham and Huber are drawing to a close and the full DECLASS will be finally brought out to the American people to know what crimes these Democrats might have committed in illegally spying on the Trump campaign and undermining his administration thru flimsy investigations and made up crimes Pres. Trump had been falsely charged with having committed.

  7. It's only a drama to you Bret and the Dem media. Silence on the part of the POTUS should frighten the Dems even more! Contrary to the weight of Fox's report via Mssrs. Bair and Roberts, does one really think the POTUS and AG feels any pressure from these Democrats, much less care about them? Fake News, folks.

  8. Trump has finally come to realize that it is impossible to drain the swamp. There are just too many swamp rats and they have the power to protect each other. Otherwise, how can you explain that Barr and Sessions before him did not indict a single member of the deep state.

  9. I could be wrong, but I think Trump is holding off charging political opponents until his second term. If he was to charge them now it might cost him re-election which would be to high a cost.

  10. Trump probably never tweeted about it because of Barr's comment about the tweets making it impossible to do his job. With that being said, a majority of Americans are outraged by the DOJ's decision not to prosecute McCabe. It just proves there is a complete double standard for left leaning figures than for those who are right leaning. Faith in the justice system will never be had until those on the left are all held accountable for their actions & crimes. Until then, our justice system and this country's rule of law is an utter joke.

  11. The PussyGrabber in Chief, Captain Bone Spurs, can not keep his yap shut. He'll be yammering about something soon enough. The New York Shiester has pulled the wool over all the rural rubes eyes.

  12. He’s keeping his “thoughts to himself” because Trump was obviously part of the decision to let McCabe off. Otherwise he would be tweeting about it. Barr does everything Trump tells him, but now they can pretend to be ‘impartial’ when they pardon Flynn and Stone in the coming weeks.

  13. It is obvious the Democrats are getting worried Barr is finding out more about them than they wished and they are asking for him to step down so that he doesn’t investigate further into their corruption and more of them will fall because of what information he is finding out about all of them

  14. Its crazy. By the logic of these Democrats, even if someone had committed a crime or even something with a percieved appearance of wrongdoing. They should not be investigated because that makes it politically motivated, or at the behest of president.. wrong is wrong.

  15. Lying fox baffles trump* followers. trump is a crazy halfwit. He opens his mouth lies just like those morons at fox. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN DUMP trump* (impeached).

  16. Liberal-Democrat-Communist party. Only their enemies are prosecuted. wir werden zu früh alt und zu spät schlau

    National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944….
    Demmunist play book: Alexander Trachtenberg spoke the following words at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944. "When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the labels of Communism we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much." "We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under Liberalism, under Progressivism, under Democracy. But take it we will.”

  17. AG Barr better not resign! I'm not so sick of these Democrats doing things to help themselves and then claim they are doing it for "the people". That is bull and they know it. And we know it. It's a political move and you'd think they'd be embarrassed to keep acting like such poor losers. But they just keep getting more ridiculous.

  18. Now we understand why Barr was complaining about "tweets" yesterday. He was protecting another of his corrupt deep state RATS

  19. He's not silent… he just hasn't come down from his coke high long enough to make sense of what's going on around him

  20. I will say it for the president since he cant…….Republican's that get caught lying under oath get 9 years, Democrats walk. Corrupt system much ?

  21. Barr "do my job" means underhanded dirty work. I'm sure tRump is furious about McCade escaping. All the promises… Susan Rice going to jail. Comey going to jail…. McCade going to jail. And instead it's Stone (Wikileaks-Russia enabler), Flynn, Manafort. LOCK THEM UP>

  22. I think / HOPE , BARR BRINGS THE PAIN ! His & Durham's turn will get the 1s that have escaped charges sofar. Then, whoever is left,pun intended , Rudy is taking out , NOT just biden either you guys. Spring is looking good !

  23. Well ! They don’t call it the land of the free for nothing I guess 🤔. Wow, there is a trip wire on every level; how do you begin to sort that level of mess up?

  24. McCabe is small potatoes. Go for the big guys. I suspect something big is coming this way. The external prosecutor to review the Flynn case may be a sign.

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  26. I guess all the LIES that was being feed To FOX viewers are coming out. I wonder WHY. You can only lie but so much, the Truth will always PREVAIL. What will happen when Fox has to tell all of you the Final Truth about listening to a Your Leader and how Dishonest he has been.

  27. Mr President fire all the DOJ they are corrupt cant trust them how they let go of Andrew McCabe for his crimes wrong no justice

  28. Why can't those Republicans impeach the democrats and at the same time have IRS do an audit on them. It seems as if this circus is all fake, none of this is real and we are all played. No one is in prison the FBI criminals should be serving time, but this is all fake or either than that they truly is above the law and is getting away with serious crimes. Fuckit I'm telling my kids change their careers and become FBI agents

  29. What are you low on propaganda media you pull enough of it good thing we are helping old people know what the news media is doing

  30. Why are the Crooked Hypocritical DoNothing Lying Incompetent DemonRats like to make assumptions????? Please don't belittle the intelligence of the American people on the right!!!!! Why are the Crooked Hypocritical DoNothing Lying Incompetent DemonRats committing all sorts of injustices escaping the law of justices?????

  31. Yeah yeah yeah! The only person this democrats didn't ask to resign is sleeping Jeff Sessions because he keep saying i can't recall ,can't answer that, i recuse my self. They asked justice kavanaugh to resign as well remember. Anyone who's on Trump's administration, should resign they are bad, but Trump fired someone, they want to impeach Trump.

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  34. Dems are so clueless that they have no clue how Barr and Trump are playing them and controlling the narrative. They actually think that Barr is embarrassed of Trump's tweets lol. Embarrassed compared to who? The democrats? The media? The left in general? They're all total morons. Who cares what they think. This is misdirection in the form of "damage control". Art of war at play again.

  35. How can these idiots the congressman and Senators and not know the president has the legal right to tell the AG to do whatever he wants he has his boss!!

  36. The lines are drawn; worldview is everything, and sadly most of the world (USA) has become neo-pagan, the so-called science-religious, and anti-rational-nihilists; Western culture which had ushered in a golden age of reason and faith is almost deleted. The Beast is well on his way to his temporary victory. The victims will be most of mankind, and to the parishioners of the new religious edifices, theoretically, that's just fine until they cry for the 'stones' to fall on them, their children, and their pets.

  37. If you go after a president and fail. Maybe you are in trouble. You should make sure you have a case and don’t lie about it. If you do you deserve everything you got coming to you for being so stupid. Trump ain’t done he’s a lot smarter than anybody gives him credit for. So all you foolish people that has tried and failed look out I would think the king will say off with your head.


  39. Admit he is a political enemy of President Trump. He was part of the Russia hoax coup. Traitor, who should tried for treason.

  40. I honestly think Trumps been playing chess this whole time, he’s put people in these positions with knowledge that they’re corrupt only to see them expose THEIR OWN CORRUPTION

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