80 Replies to “Trump Issues Warning To Republicans As Impeachment Inquiry About To Go Public | NBC Nightly News

  1. Impeachment going forward after they had those Soviet like one sided meetings.  Schiff should be in prison for treason.  Joe Biden should be the one on trial after all his boy was the one who got the cash.  In his own wards he threaten to withhold money with Obama's blessing.

  2. Awwwww look at the smoke n mirrors game the janky liars try when they have zero legs to stand on, mr.orange dumb pants is disgusting and a disgrace to the planet.

  3. Mueller knew Trump was obstructing justice all the way as he is now! He lays the s*** on deep💩… he's been dishonest probably his whole life and everyone who knows him knows you can't trust anything he says! When he says you smell like s*** it's really him that smells like s*** and has s*** on his hands probably

  4. This is an example of our democratic process: are there people who are willing to do their civic duty to tell the truth?
    It seems for Republicans, no – they are not willing to tell the truth.

  5. Did you guys like paying the penalty for not being able to afford insurance, well Trump fixed that for us.Did you like our company's going to other countries to do business? Well he has been fixing that too.How about big government so businesses can't thrive so we can have a job? Well he has been reducing regulations so our companies come back to the states.I think he is doing a good job.Why not just vote him out in 12 months or did you forget his term is almost up ?

  6. Trump wants the whistleblower to show up why so you can belittle him or her so you can make threats to there family the whistleblower doesn't need to be there so shut up and face the music you pumpkinheaded tiny handed man baby.

  7. It all began with the Demonatics paying a foreign spy 'Christopher Steele' for producing dirth against a political oppostion candidate ''Trump''. It cáme out that John Steel was lier with aburd accusations. Total innocent people like Carter Page and general Flyn where victims and damaged huge by his lies. Even ''Svetlana'' was named as a Russian spy by the Democrats linked to Flyn.. at the end she was an employer of the CIA while Halper created the story about her and Flyn… Halper (the press doesn't mention it) also tried for the FBI and the CIA to manipulate Page and Papadopoulus … READ''THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT by LEE SMITH.. It is even worse then you can imagine..


  9. The insane orange clown is upset his irrelevant non witnesses will not be testifying but wont allow anyone from the whitehouse and its agencies to testify.. cant he find one relevant witness willing to testify for him? He.  must not be worth lying for and end up indicted for perjury

  10. Haley is either smart of very dumb – she runs the president down and stands apart or she doen;t realize she is running the president. down. Seems like she iike she sayin to the president -"these guys were out to get you – but I stood up for you" I think it is the latter – but kissing trumps butt at this point is absolutely futile.

  11. Make America Great Again
    nope that aint doing it.
    its possible if there is one straight politico out there. Make America Straight Again!

  12. Trump's conduct is impeachable, but probably not the Ukraine phone call, which was, as the GOP spin masters say was just "unwise". It was the back channel stuff Giuliani and company transmitted to Ukraine's new president about the quid pro quo of just announcing an inquiry into the Bidens for release of military aid funds. Trump has done other impeachable things outside of foreign policy, and I would hope the Democrats pick up on as many of there as they have time for. We need that as input to the debate as to what is merely bad vs Impeachable that is coming up for the Senate to hear and vote on.

  13. Thankful to see the U.S taken over by this dictator and his Deplorable Republicans. Americans have been so evil they really don't deserve a free country.

  14. trumps impeachment going to jail 👍🇺🇸 trumps impeachment going to jail 👍🇺🇸 trumps impeachment going to jail 👍🇺🇸

  15. How convenient…. Haley tweets the President's actions are not impeachable… and Trump then tells people to buy her book. Sounds like more quid pro quo to me….

  16. Republicans are more interested in finding out who called 911 to report suspicious circumstances than exploring the guilt or innocence of the guy dressed in black caught coming out of the neighbor's house with their TV….

  17. The liberal media has become downright entertaining. They are our very own Tokyo Rose, our Baghdad Bob. The National Enquirer is more reliable. Once in the past I considered myself liberal. But too many of my colleagues acted the very opposite of the values they boasted, such as tolerance of other viewpoints. Most liberals are closed to any viewpoint other than their own. Liberalism has become the new bigotry.

  18. Blondie is pre-senile, corrupt and nasty but the Dems will never kick him out as the GOP controls the senate. So why bother? All this is just publicity for 2020.

  19. The President blackmails a friendly foreign country to create dirt on a political adversary, withholding support against an unfriendly foreign country, and that’s not enough to remove him from office, while the President that lies about an extra-marital affair should be removed. What has happened to these politicians?

  20. Man, what does Putin have on Trump that he has done such a spot on job of damaging our republic? The GOP has gone cuckoo in defense of this egomaniac, our courts are becoming an extension of the executive branch rather than a separate and equal branch of government, we have an electorate who would rather remain misinformed or under-informed than see and/or admit to the truth of the situation and our international relations with most other democracies is severely compromised and that has cost us the Middle East now that Trump has pretty much laid out a red carpet for Russia where Russia was never there before. God, the nearsightedness of taking the troops out is going to cost the US military and probably allied troops in the future as well more when Iran start wielding more and more influence there which will cause Israel and Saudi Arabia to arm up even more, and you can see where the dominoes go from there.

  21. What was shittff reason in 2016, 2017, 2018, March 2019? Keep throwing crap on the wall and something may stick. Losers

  22. trump is STILL displaying his penchant for reality-tv histrionics. by allowing turkey's brutal dictator and trump buddy, Erdogan a Whitehouse visit, trump's hoping to DISTRACT and DEFLECT from the impeachment hearings with alternative programing. and, in classic trump irresponsible fashion, he's invited to OUR Whitehouse the man responsible for the attacks on and slaughter of our Kurdish allies. trump thinks he's USING Erdogan but in reality its Erdogan who's been USING and manipulating trump ALL this time. IMPEACH TRUMP! REMOVE TRUMP! and DEMAND the GOP obey the law and follow the constitution!

  23. What purpose would it serve from cross examining what was essentially just a postal carrier whose only involvement in the crime was by unknowingly delivering of the alleged crime?

  24. The Trump impeachment inquiry doesn't have anything to do with the good of the country as a whole. It is about some bitter Democrats throwing themselves around like children who haven't gotten their way…. I cant support stupidity such as that.

  25. Savannah Guthrie's interview with Nikki Haley was very telling. Savannah looked and acted desperate. She is afraid of being linked to the Epstein case. She has covered for more than one sexual assault.

  26. Adam Schiff won’t let trump have witnesses that don’t have any bearing to the charges . Go Adam Schiff don’t let them make this into a circus !

  27. You cannot run for president in attempts to cover the crimes you committed while Vice President. The globalist communist democrats did not steal the election from Trump to cover all the crimes committed by the previous administration. Hundreds of millions strongarmed by Clinton and her crime family from foreign governments, the Biden benefiting from his position by having his son employed with no experience. But hey, hussein had no education or experience. He never had a job!

  28. As of yet there is no proof that Trump has committed an impeachable offense. Democrats are just doing this for show, and wasting taxpayer money to do it to slander the presidents name so they have a better chance of winning the next election

  29. Let's get an inquiry into the Democrats. You think the president has done something wrong. Just wait until the Democrats get investigated lol

  30. Just like when Bob Mueller said a sitting president can't be convicted, what kind of message does that send out to a guy like Trump!

  31. FOX News is what it would be like, if the National Enquirer had a news station! What a Joke these Republicans have become.

  32. All investigation s are in private. That's the law preventing people from lying for each other and collaborate I a lie.

  33. They need to put you on the stand trump, and no not in writhing like last time, that was just wrong. It will catch up with you.

  34. To find out who Trump really is, just go to youtube, and type in Trump documentaries, so here are just a few I watched yesterday!

    The Trump crime family has been ripping off the rest of us taxpayer for years.
    It's no wonder the Trump crime organization is under investigation by NYS, and the feds! You Trump supporters are really stupid; this cheating family would sell out this country in a second if they could make a profit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN7YFw3pQKI
    Trumps sister, Mary Ann is a federal judge, and she is also under investigation for tax evasion like the rest of the Trumps. I wonder why we never hear about her?
    Trumps frauds! Phony real estate school. Fake charities.
    This whole family is involved in shady deals, and tax evasion, scams! You've been Trumped. Trump doesn't just lie to everyone here he does it around the world!
    Trump cheats children!
    There is no end to this clowns cheating; he even cheats at golf.
    Is he a racist? You judge; his racists followers will say no, but his racist history says yes.
    This is who we have for a president, and what fools would want this clown representing this country! Yet, I'm sure we will hear from those fools who support this cheat!

  35. The Spoiled Brat, Embarrassment Administration
    The only thing more horrifying than 45 being in the oval office is that there are legions of brainwashed people supporting him.

  36. If Republican cannt call witnesses. They should all walk out. This is a kangaroo. Court. Let the Democratic act alone in their foolishness

  37. In this country you have the right to face your accussor. Imagion. Your at work and a male worker accuser say you stoled something. And you didn't. now your fired he gets your job. And you have no idea who said what or who the person is. .

  38. The whole thing was a honeypot trap by the White House to root out leaks in the White House, and to get everyone tied to Burisma to testify under oath in the Senate. Schiff has his back against the wall, as even Republican House members will vote to push this into the Senate. House Democrats know now that it was a trap, and are stalling by keeping most the witnesses behind closed doors, and bringing valueless witnesses to the public. Burisma, Uranium One, Iran deal, and the FISA warrants are not going to just, go away. The past has happened, and they will be held accountable.

  39. The Russian probe for collusion was made up- this is just another drama play by his opponents. Yes, asking the Ukraine for help was questionable- how many other politicians did such in the past? Too many who didn’t get removed from office

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