Trump Holds Press Conference On Eve Of Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford Hearing | NBC News

Trump Holds Press Conference On Eve Of Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford Hearing | NBC News

100 Replies to “Trump Holds Press Conference On Eve Of Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford Hearing | NBC News

  1. The problem is his likability…. I agree that he is not very agreeable or likable as an individual. He should present himself in a more professional manner no doubt, but none of that is a point of concern as far as his capability of running this country. His policies are great and he truly wants to put AMERICA FIRST. He's not likable no, but he is a fantastic president.

  2. We are so screwed. Even if he gets impeached or dies we have pence to look forward to. Worst case scenario is that he finishes his term.

  3. If Kavanaugh was patriotic and a decent person, he would take his name out of the running instead of allowing all of this chaos to take place over his possible supreme court appointment. Boo Kavanaugh

  4. Nobody or let's say some people want to understand the views and theories of this man, you and I may not like his style, but.. sometimes the approach has to be different to fully understand the right way to achieve a resolution that has a more complete and far balance of truth.!! And I agree with this ideal way of securing it.!!

  5. If i was an American and had this man representing me, i really would feel Ashamed!! My Heart goes out to the Americans, you guys need to fix the Electoral College foolishness. After watching nearly 20 minutes of this, i honestly cringe, as this man is seriously Stupid and not making any sense, plus also very rude.

  6. 43:45 – 44:35 — This is the President of the United States addressing the nation? Wow. Just wow. No wonder the whole world is laughing at us.

  7. Am not political person at all, but it doesn't matter who believe in what, one thing for sure that it is scary to read disrespectful comments!!! If ppl so using freedom of speech it isn't a speech but only mad kid like foul barking.It is your leader anyway! And to deserve a good one ppl must act accordingly to human ways not anymalistic

  8. I'LOVE YOU Mr.Mr. President of the United States of America Mr.Donald j Trump MY LOVE AND My favorite president All my Life 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦

  9. The sad thing about his type of personality disorder is that he will think he's done well in this conference and because of his power and wealth the people around him will allow him to think that too.

  10. Dear Lord what will it take for the GOP to admit that the POTUS is absolutely deranged, what good can it do them to stay quiet on this?

  11. Didn't Kavanaugh vote in favor of spying on the American people? Do the people who voted in favor of spying on Americans understand what they did to our lives and our families? Do they have any idea what the signals are doing to our bodies? Have they ever sat down and talked to a victim of signals surveillance to watch how their head shakes while they are being shot with signals? Do they know about the pain and suffering one endures from signals surveillance? Do they know about the nerve and tissue damage that signals surveillance causes?

  12. How many women victims of crime are silenced and tortured with signals to keep them in fear of speaking truth about the crimes they are victim of?

  13. "You have a Democratic Party so desperate to stop the Supreme Court from becoming conservative, that they are prepared to lie, to smear, to be hysterical, to break Senate rules, to do whatever they have to do. What you are watching is a Party totally desperate."
    ~ Newt Gingrich

  14. 1991-Joe Biden- “The next person who refers to a FBI report as being worth anything obviously doesn’t understand *anything*. … It is IN-CON-CLU-SIVE."

  15. “If you suddenly realize you’re a victim of a sexual assault from 40 years ago while the guy is running for office during a general election past the time of the statute of limitations and never reported it to the police You Might Be A Paid Liar”…….

  16. Anybody for political reasons can accuse somebody of wrongdoing 35 years ago cause it can't be proven….This is just one reason for the statute of limitation law…. Will some people lie cheat, steal for power/politics? You bet your sweetazzzzzzzz…..

  17. this is crazy..he really is the President..mortifying performance. But. its real out here. Large Brain..we are in trouble people-vote in november.

  18. Ohhhhh Trumpers! Come out, come out wherever you are! LOL…..oh wise ones PLEASE give us your explanation for this total assclown meltdown NOW……pretty please??? I'd just LOVE to hear you justify this mess haha

  19. What a great president such a relief from the liar who was Voted into office by jobless, baby killing losers who wanted free stuff

  20. steel workers r without jobs now. thanks. and there r no steel plants opening. thsts just a bald faced lie.

  21. I give up. I can’t take any more of this word salade. No, I emphasize NO question has received a reply. Me, myself and I, Washington certainly did bad things (!), I had to deal with Japan , Korea, China and 7 other countries, I chaired this UN session (that, we’re not likely to forget soon!), and I’m a very famous person, and, and, and…. If you want to know the rest, watch a rerun of any of his latest rallies, it’s always the same rants.

  22. Holly!! I couldn't watch more than a minute straight of this guy!! Scrolled through the whole performance and still at high speed could not handle his real hyperbole!!

  23. "large brain" from Chinese pleased Trump so so much, he thought they said he is smart. but actually it is the opposite. .in Chinese, "large brain" means "dumb", "confused", "in trouble". for example, when I drink alcohol too much, I say "I have drunk too much, my brain gets large"

  24. jesus christ! not one sentence from president "large brain" makes any sense to me. at least this press conference will be high level comedy in the future.

  25. This man forgot what he said not even an hour ago, by saying I never said that. SMH… His whole staff had to be nervous wrecks as soon as he stepped in front of the mic. And, how does he have so much time to watch all of these reporters shows and read their articles? You got parents who barely have time to spend with their kids at night, let alone watch all of these news shows, so that they can get up the next day, and do it all over again. This man is suppose to be running a whole country!

  26. Can a single woman asking a question finish a sentence or finish asking a question before being interrupted or him answering what he thinks the question will be? God forbid they interrupt him to keep asking the question….excuse me…excuse me….however he wouldn't let a single woman or person in that room finish a sentence before opening his blumbering mouth. He never even answered the questions!!!!

  27. Wow is he trying to convince people that he has a brain? I mean seriously" Donald Trump has a very very large brain.." I can't stand it when he opens his mouth…

  28. If you listen closely you can hear trump’s last few brain cells shrivel up and die. What a self absorbed lunatic. What a shame.

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