Trump Facing Live Impeachment Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Facing Live Impeachment Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Trump Facing Live Impeachment Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Watching that scene where Trump. Pence and Trump’s son Barron were on stage made me think that Barron would have done a better job. He looks like someone who’s aware of his limitations and willing to respect the office enough to ask for help.

  2. This is not a court action; it is an impeachment inquiry. It doesn't do the same thing. See the Constitution. btw Trump turns his nose up at the Constitution and goes against it every day. There are many more impeachable offenses not being brought up at this time.

  3. Trump always having to talked loud over machine noise. Could this be the new T – 1000 4.0 Steve Jobs Edition?…

    – Truth

  4. Look at this man’s behavior how he talks and degrades anyone who disagrees with Trump and his views , targets people of color and doesn’t know what it means to be civilized!

  5. Are you OK that Trump wanted to add an investigation from Ukraine to military aid to Ukraine that was already approved by Congress? Trump was not going to release the aid without the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. That is a textbook definition of extortion, and common sense states it is a crime.

  6. I suffered a bad bout of depression after trump won 2016 election,and since then i see my depression was totally warranted lol

  7. Been Irish I absolutely adore the American people naturally,as your taught from a young age ALL they did for us during our own genocide here under British rule,but Pence coming here weeks ago telling us publicly,the Irish need to be more accommodating towards UK in regards to Brexit was a real game changer,when Ireland has been nothing but compassionate,UK have negotiated deals with Ireland,even signed on those deals and then tore them up…the backstop was actually UK's idea ??? I can still remember when Obama visited here,it was the day our country came to a standstill and became a sea of American was a time America was viewed the most greatest country in the world…now sadly thanks to Trump,(who when came here made his own shocking comment when visiting here that we wanted a border just like his one with Mexico ?) ..Has made America known as a country greatest for corruption,ignorance and fake news,which doesn't give me any delight in saying believe me….If Trump's aim across the world was to put Russia up for the greatest country title,he has outdone himself 👏

  8. you do a count down for the president's time in office? utter rubbish. america is doing great and we aren't in a crisis at all. in fact we will re-elect DT next year.

  9. If Democrats want to win, they need to make it simple and put it in simple lines one can say in 5 seconds flat. About half the Americans cannot have more than that. And do not use the expression 'quid-pro-quo" as 90% of the people have no idea what that is. People want to have ready to use lines that are simple to understand. This is what the Trumpists use which is the reason why Trump still has over 40% rock-solid support. People have not a clue about what is happening in Congress.

  10. The ONLY FAKE here is Trump….everything Trump!!!! He is the last person anybody should trust!!! Not even his family!!! LIAR LIAR and EVIL!!! Heartless fool!!! He deserves whatever he gets he earned his punishment!!!!

  11. Biggest mistake ever. Look what he did to the US and the world. Only thieving, lying, treason, corruption, collaboration with Russia.

  12. "I Never" means I did and i didn't get the result i wanted so i will deny deny says Trump!!! He is so predicable and extremely Stupid who thinks he can get away with many things!! NOT enjoy your freedom Dummy Donnie!!

  13. How much more does Congress need to remove Trump. This is getting ridiculous already. Just remove Trump and let's all get on with our lives!!!!

  14. The present Republicans are GUTLESS and does not defend this country!!! They need to be replaced by people who will defend this country and fight the criminals like Donnie!!! He only has the title for a limited time he is NOT the born King that he thinks he is!! If so he is BEHEAD that hollow head fool

  15. The ever lying shifty Adam fabricated an erroneous and obnoxious "transcript” of Pres. Trump's call with Ukrainian president (despite receiving the actual official transcript
    of the phone call) to match his foolish “whistle-blower” narrative to justify an impeachment hearing. He had been conducting closed door hearings with the blessings of
    Nancy Pelosi, from subpoenaed witnesses, while not allowing Conservative members of the House Intelligence Committee to subpoena and question witnesses which tantamount to a "kangaroo court" USSR style. Any public hearing won't change this farce of an impeachment hearing if shifty Adam Schiff still maintains his VETO power
    on requests for subpoenas and witnesses brought in by the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and those witnesses put forward by the lawyers
    of Pres. Trump; and if shifty Adam Schiff still can bar Republicans and representatives of Pres. Trump from questioning witnesses. The pathologically lying Adam Schiff
    seems to have no real appreciation about our democratic processes, and he seems to display a tyrannical dictator complex as well. He had been peddling since the start
    of the Trump-Russia collusion delusion that “there were ample of evidence in plain sight” that Pres. Trump colluded with the Russians, which the Mueller Report had readily debunked. He, together with Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler, should be expelled from Congress and charged with TREASON and/or SEDITION for conspiring with rogue
    elements in the CIA, DNI, DOJ, FBI, NSC and State Dept. (otherwise known as the Deep State) to force POTUS out of office by any means necessary, which tantamount to a

  16. You are absolutely pathetic. Get over it, trump is your president, stop melting down like a 5 year old child. Go back to lying about being under gun fire you fraud.

  17. All you evil dems are going down with Obama and hillary should be hung for treason! But lets just overlook bengazi and the iran deal and giving aid and weapons to terrorist!

  18. I don't know him, thanks for the million bucks 'though' . Fatboy gave a hotelier a job as an ambassador overseas and doesn't know who it was.

  19. “I recommend that Nervous Nancy Pelosi (who backed up Schiff’s lie), Shifty Adam Schiff, Sleepy Joe Biden, the Whistleblower (who miraculously disappeared after I released the transcript of the call), the 2nd Whistleblower (who also disappeared), & the I.G., be part of the list!” he tweeted.
    Republicans have already taken a step toward getting Schiff to testify. On Friday, Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., demanded Schiff give a deposition in private before lawmakers.

  20. When you have an admitted liar tell you something you should NEVER LISTEN to what he is saying. BRIAN WILLIAMS IS FAKE NEWS. POS with no respect for listeners or America.

  21. Who else would love to see a bunch of guys from Ohio State who were assaulted on Gym's watch, sitting right behind the witness bench?


  23. I hope they live stream and archive all the hearings on a Facebook page or something so everybody can watch the story unfold if they wamt .

  24. FREE !!! …….. MSNBS💩 and 💩NN Propaganda/Brainwash Deprogramming Kit…. Get YOURS Today!! 👍😎

  25. Isn't this the same guy who was lying about being shot down behind enemy lines ? 😄 Fake news, at its finest right here ladies and gentlemen….TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸DRAIN THE SWAMP

  26. Whne republicans as getting caught doing corruption they started like cried babies like they're real victims and when they knew they were going wrong in the first place they act like little poor victims ! The Republican Party always hide behind religion to get their votes because Jesus Christ was crucified for them to commit sins ant that make it OK .

  27. Whatever… You find some people (other than the rats involved in this two party system) who care much?
    AP says a few million to fix dams in this country….

    It's not enough for diddly squat…
    (Does California have any engineers?)

  28. Lmfao ….still the corrupt msm / DemonRats clowns in their own circus keep on choking on their own bull Schitt spinning disinformation 24/7 …Bad Actors

  29. Bill Binney wrote mass Surveillance program in 1990
    Current Bill Binney >
    Another opinion

    NAFTA (Clintons)

  30. Stormy Daniels – the walls are closing in
    Russian Delusion – the beginning of the end
    Ukraine Call – reality is closing in

    MSNBC is fake news folks designed to control what you think. Mika from Morning Joe even admitted it live in air because she’s super dumb.

  31. After going on camera and asking Russia to interfere in the 2016 election and then following the redacted Mueller report, Donald Trump stated, on camera for all the world to hear, that he would accept foreign aid in his re-election. He has since gone on camera and asked Ukraine and China for assistance in undermining the Biden's. The Constitution clearly states that any kind of foreign emoluments must be approved by Congress first. Donald Trump did not approach Congress for this approval. Instead of doing that, his conversation with the president of Ukraine was hidden on a super secret server. And, only because of a whistleblower did this conversation come to light. This is a clear violation of the Constitution undermining our electoral process and national security. Who knows how many other countries he has asked for assistance in his re-election. Is this what the founders intended? Is this to be the new normal? The facts are clear. It is the presidency, not the president that must be protected.

    There is no debate. If this is to be a republic, you cannot, as my representative, support the corruption of my Constitution while it is under attack and not be complicit.

    Any Republican worth his salt would acknowledge his duty to the Constitution and the integrity of the Office of the President. As my representative, you must abide by your oath of office by supporting the impeachment inquiry.

  32. The foreign emoluments clause encompasses any kind of profit, benefit, advantage, or service, not merely gifts of money or valuable objects. Trump's asking Russia, Ukraine, China and who knows what other countries for help in his election is a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution requires that an elected official must approach Congress for approval of any type of foreign emoluments. And yet the fact that Trump hid this from Congress is only half the issue.

    This behavior set a precedent for this president and all future presidents to have a green light on trading favors for foreign influence in our elections. Can we have a representative government of We the People when foreign powers are actively encouraged and supported to determine our elections?  

    The facts are simple. Our constitution is under attack. As a nation, We the People must demand our Representatives oppose this traitorous behavior by those who swore to protect and defend our constitution. To act otherwise against this attack is treason. To act otherwise will condemn We the People to no longer having a representative government.

    What's at stake is our freedom, Independence and self-determination.

    Any office holder who supports undermining the constitution on so many levels is a traitor to their oath of office and the people of the United States.

  33. I would love to see what Little Donnie Trump would do if he walked out onto the lawn, and the only one there was the Whitehouse gardener pruning flowers.

  34. Honestly, I'm sick of these politicians selling their soul to a man who has no soul. The ones willing to perpetuate the LIE to support Trump in the name of greed despite their oath of office. Those like my Republican Congressman, Dan Meuser, who accused the Democrats of acting illegally to remove Trump, because Democrats are upset they lost the last election. Sorry Dan, as a Democrat (and I communicated this to him) that is a lie in support of the liar. But Dan seems to have no problem spreading this lie. In fact, in his letter to me, he stated he knew all along, Democrats were doing this because they lost the election, demonstrating his lack of willingness to even consider the evidence.

    When greed, lies and hypocrisy undermine your oath of office, you should not be there. It may not be a crime to lie, but refusing to fulfill your oath of office and choosing to undermine the Constitution is the act of a traitor to the Constitution. When our "Representatives" defend attacks on the Constitution the behavior can only be described as acts of a traitor.

  35. To all who swore an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, you either stand with the traitor or the flag. Inviting foreign interference into our elections is unconstitutional and unAmerican. Those who have taken the oath of office, yet support this attack on our Nation's self-determination are the enemies of a representative government of the We the People. Trump's statement, "Don't believe what you hear", is not part of the Constitution. Bow to the traitor with lies and spin, or stand for your oath and the flag.

  36. With over 14000+ documented lies since this presidency, how does one retain or establish creditability? Mr. President your pathology for lying is well established…my mom taught me that the mouth will say anything but behavior does not lie!

  37. Walt Schmidt, Brian Williams was fired for EXAGGERATING about being shot at while in a helicopter piloted by Army pilot Richard Krell over Iraq. Krell confirmed that all the helicopters were taking small arms fire. Other pilots went on social media to correct his story. 12 years later, Williams EXAGGERATED that HIS helicopter was forced down after being hit by an RPG. It turns out another helicopter in that flight was hit by an RPG. You are the stereotypically misinformed Trump supporter. Read something, learn something. FOX news will make your brain mushy.

  38. Yes everyone in America should be alarmed that the Republicans are lying to the Americans. The minority republicans in the house were in the closed door hearings. Good thing the Republicans got their way (which is the natural step in any investigation) that now it is going to be public. Republicans = liars and con men.

  39. Hmm.trump is wanted to be impeached and DNA stealers need fired and executed…symbolist need fired for not getting rid of DNA stealers then executed….Depopulate

  40. I'm a democrat and I think impeachment is BS.


    Bc 90% of everyone in Congress is a crook. Nancy is worth 100 million dollars and has her children lobbying (changing laws to benefit the most powerful) in Congress. Same as Chuck. Same as Biden and Republicans.

    Although Trump is a crook, in his own way he's honest about his crookedness. Everyone knows who and what he is.

    Democrats get into trouble when acting as through they are upholding some high minded principles when in reality are crooks themselves. They've been robbing for decades in cohort of media conglomerates hiding these facts.

    So spear the American people of empty high sounding rhetoric.

    Shout out to Hunter Biden! I sincerely hope every reformed crackhead gets a 50k a month.

  41. GOPers complained that the hearings were private because "in trials the accused should be able to confront their accusers", but this hasn't been a trial up to this point. It's been an inquiry. Do they not know the difference between investigation and prosecution?

  42. The only thing tRump said that rang true was "I'm not concerned about anything". Rings true on every aspect of his personal life.

  43. Whistleblower==His name is Eric Ciaramella
    His name is Eric Ciaramella
    His name is Eric Ciaramella
    His name is Eric Ciaramella
    His name is Eric Ciaramella

  44. .. tiring..

    Over with it: Maybe Trump's dealings wouldn't have been bad – had they served the U.S. and likewise not harmed any rest of the world. But Trump clearly plays into foreign hands with no national benefit – least none he can apply that bit of vocabulary to he's capable of.
    So it all boils down to constant lying. So much of it that he should not be considered trustworthy though shady, or shifty or what will you, by his loyal but not focussed base.

  45. I can't wait for the day that Trump is called to testify at the Impeachment hearings.It will be the longest string of lies anyone has ever heard.This guy lies in his sleep.

  46. The GOP created the rules that the Dems are following so they are all liars.It was fine when they were investigating Hilary but now it's illegal? Trump's crime gang need to go.

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