Trump denies US involvement in Iranian launch pad explosion

Trump denies US involvement in Iranian launch pad explosion

100 Replies to “Trump denies US involvement in Iranian launch pad explosion

  1. Everyone reads more into things, than they should. Sometimes it is, just as it seems. I know it is hard to believe. Wow at all the drama.

  2. Trump lies like there is no tomorrow, so even if it is true, I just dont believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

  3. Why would he deny it?? Didn't he mock Obama for telegraphing U.S. intentions in Syria? The Iranians know what happened. Let everyone else think what they want.

  4. you know that your media is fake when it looks like the parody that Starship Troopers was portraying. Watch Starship Troopers and tell me the news segments meant as a joke doesn't remind you of Fox News

  5. Aaww their only stupid launch pad blown up by their own dumb small brain aaaww poor wittle babies they are soo hurted

  6. LMAO As youtube put a video on my recommended before this about "How did the US sabotage Irans nuclear production with a virus."

  7. What kind of anchorman is this?… what are you trying to say or bring out from the interview?
    You are full of evil intentions-trying to start a war?!?

    Thank you the other guy for stating facts…

  8. "Classified surveillance footage"
    "We didn't cause this explosion we apparently went quite out of our way to capture and did not want to have released to the public"
    Great duck, epic cover, incredible, Fox.

  9. Go figure he'd deny didn't succeed…if it had he'd still deny..
    And how many lies has he been caught saying again?

    Same way terrorists have America weapons but we must stop them

  10. The issue is they were able to identify which satellite was used, as well as the capabilities of the satellite. There was absolutely no need to do this…

  11. While our country is getting destroyed by an idiot, and American terrorists are killing americans, and Fox entertainment is used as a news source for some idiots…only in America

  12. Mr President, that is fantastic that you have been given quality photos to share. This justifies spending more money on new tech for the US military. Now we need a settlement date for the deal with China so that we can move to other matters like Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela. Great job Mr President.

  13. My wife says that the President is only naming and shaming ! The Iranians some how think that they are being hard done to, by not getting all the money from America. Poor Iran, not enough money, to feed the sleeper cells. And they took money, from a country they hated !

  14. If the national security bureaucracy thinks trump releasing classified information isn’t just “their problem”, its all of our problem. ??‍♂️

  15. Dems & Progressives just go OUT AND vote in Nov 2020!! Getting riled up about Trump does no good if you don't vote next yr!!

    Vote Blue no matter who don't get upset if the candidate is Sanders or Warren just vote Blue. If you don't vote Blue Trump wins again!!!

  16. Good a place as any to mention this. Trump has allowed that oil tanker in the Mediterranean to proceed to Syria unmolested. He totally backed down on this. The ship should have been boarded and seized. Trump has got to back up his rhetoric with actions. Instead, he caved, and now the Syrians have the oil.

  17. I doubt President Trump went over to Iran and took this picture. The main-slime-media outlets are soooooooooooooo delusional.

  18. Brilliant job of compromising U.S. intelligence gathering capabilities…. another blunder from Cadet Bone Spurs ….what a freaking IDIOT…

  19. its not trumps fault that Iranians are shitty engineers if they really want good tech they should become a puppet of america again

  20. All you need to know is Trump sucks. Pence went to Ireland for a meeting, and stayed 180 miles away from the meeting in Trump's failing golf course there. Fleecing the taxpayers, that's Donald Trump.

  21. It has been very hot in CA The weather is changing! I never seem it like this before. And also the Huracans in Puerto Rico, Las Bahamas, Florida. A lot of rainning in Guatemala and Honduras. Couple of days ago, my Friend from Guatemala sent me a message that she was afraid. I told her not to be afraid just lay down and pray and read Psalm 23 Also Genesis 8:22 It says, as long as the earth remains: Summer, Winter, Fall & Spring never cease. In Guatemala the weather is beautiful. Is like Spring time all year aroung. But Guatemalan people went to different weather changes. It is amazing how my Families survived They went to one nature disaster one after another for many years. Also the Volcano Eruption in 2018 We don't know what the future holds for us. But we know who holds the future.

  22. In his taunting of Iran, the trump revealed classified information. Amateurs have been able to figure out it was satellite USA-224 and they have now been able to exactly pinpoint when and where it is at all times.

    trump has foolishly given up valuable intelligence gathering information to all of America's enemies. It's not going to take even novice counterintelligence officers long to figure out how to completely neutralize the U.S. spy satellites.

  23. Oops it happens President Trump For Office 2020 USA Amen Let's Continue to Building the Wall and Secure Ower Borders USA Let's get the Bill Over Turned that Jerry Brown signed letting Llegal Aliens Vote in California under no circumstances should any one except United States Of America citizens should be Able too Vote in the United States Of America USA In Jesus Name USA Good Day Let's continue to Drain the Swamp In Jesus Name Amen Thank You

  24. Glad the President hasn't shown the Space Modulator yet ….. Just a little tweet to tickle the Iranians feet ….. Hillary voters disapprove , so now we know why she did not make the grade….

  25. Thats right
    Usa must cleared out itself from further esclations with iranian regime
    Its know very well not to play with fire and fury

  26. Wow spying on Tehran!! Shame on the wicked Americans. You time of operation is coming to an end. The earth is about to be Purge

  27. Since when is intelligence worried about the president leaking classified material? I don’t recall them being concerned about Comey’s leaking of classified info.

  28. regime is CIA puppet,this is just shitty game trump and Iranian regime playing.shitty regime will rule Iran another 40 years .Iran is money maker for USA.

  29. Tired of these far left wing radicals smearing our great President. He had no choice , it's all part of his Russia 1st agenda he had to inform his Mother Russia so they can help Iran fix this issue.

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