Trump comments on US-China tensions, upcoming Ohio rally

Trump comments on US-China tensions, upcoming Ohio rally

100 Replies to “Trump comments on US-China tensions, upcoming Ohio rally

  1. i love the magnificent oak in the backround. it represents him and what this country is about. not the trashed streets of baltimore where i was born.

  2. I’m waiting for Trump to say, that’s a stupid question; why would you ask a stupid question you fake news!

  3. I love this man👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏

  4. Usually a country could protect its internal market through imposing a higher duty to be paid on a particular class of imports. Such import tariffs are to protect their own particular production, i.e. in certain selected areas.
    Trump's higher tariffs are in some areas to protect domestic production but for example with China it is not.
    Can anyone explain what's the point with the tariffs on Chineese goods that only will make them more costly to buy for the average American consumer?

  5. In 2012, the day Obama was Sworn In for his Second Term, 100% of America could reasonably assume their choice for 2016 would be a Bush, or a Clinton. President Trump has exposed and defeated that insidious Nepotism, and now we have normal people who actually believe they can be President. Our current President saved our Meritocracy.

  6. Please take Kilmeade off THE FIVE.??? I stopped watching in the morning, because of Brian.
    I am a Constitutional Conservative. I cant stand Kilmeade and his devotion to Israel. AMERICA FIRST!!!!!

  7. I don't care what anyone says, Trump has some massive balls. He can certainly hold his own and is great under pressure. And he says exactly what he thinks/wants. These reporters make themselves look like idiots. He's done a lot of good for our country and they ignore it all. They go out of their way to make him look bad. Then they wonder why the public distrust the media.

  8. Why is there always a fire truck outside the Whitehouse? Every single video. And the helicopter is always running.

  9. Have to laugh at the reporter desperately asking ……and asking….and asking "Do you still trust President Xi?"
    Ask the people in Hong Kong,lady.

  10. Mr.Trump is a very CLEVER man. May be he is GENIUS.
    You see the interview, a lot of news-guys ask all the different questions, critical questions, pressure questions, and he answer them PERFECTly, No FLAW.
    Not a lot of people can do that.
    And not a lot of people with the age 72(?) can answer that PERFECTly.

  11. Trump will end up losing in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida in 2020!👍

  12. The only GUY in the world to stand-up to China's bullying. Eventually China will respect the position of Strength Trump comes from.

  13. Get with President Trump.
    He is WORKING properly for The USA.

    Previous POTUS have lost the WILL to fight personally against Unrighteous causes of Criminal Governments & NGO's.

    The USA people have been deceived into agreeing to agreements, which secretly remove the POWER of self determination & WEALTH from the Actual People of the USA by their Congress, which they have VOTED into office to Represent them.
    Don't get fooled again.

    Give President Trump a Chance.

    Communist China has taken OUR rights in exchange for cheap goods and cheap labor.

    The Snakes wear the Sheep's WOOL Clothing now.

  14. Our West🇨🇦 message to POTUS Don J Trump & 17 We Love and admire your dedication to ‘We The People.’ Don’t underestimate your Following/ support from
    A Patriot Salute from the True North
    Alberta Rocky Mountains

  15. Heh… are you going the stop the crowd from chanting something problematic. Cut me some slack…. EVERYTHING is problematic to the left. No, he isnt. Not one moment will be spent buying into the lefts hysterical babbling nonsense. Get over it.
    Do you trust China??? Are you kidding? In God we trust. All others will pay cash. Its classic. Dont be stupid.

  16. The best president in the USA history. I just love this man and I will die for this country and his love for this country.

  17. Be ready for severe economic and social turmoils with these improper strategies. the turmoils which America haven’t seen before

  18. Trump has balls. Previous media submissive presidents ball-less. Media steamed they get called out for being fake and getting called out on it. What surprises me these dumb asses are doing the same stuff that got Trump elected in the first place. They underestimate us. Americans can see through it all. God bless America!!!

  19. to his credit – trump was opining about china 20 – 10 – 5 years ago
    and now here he is doing exactly what he said he was planning to do
    when a candidate – we do need him to win in 2020 – and we need another
    president like him for 8 years after – his actions will prove to be correct over a longer
    time frame than his presidency will allow – we dodged a bullet on this one

  20. The press and media hate him but can’t get enough of him. Falling over themselves clamoring for a piece. He’s got them eating out of his hands promoting his message.

  21. Remember when TRUMP made a very strong WARNING in front of the world leaders at the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY…when he said…"that if ROCKET MAN will not STOP launching NUCLEAR MISSILES test over the air space of Japan and Guam…I have no choice but to OBLITERATE the nation of NORTH KOREA from the face of the earth"? Remember how the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS together with their partners in crime from the DEMOCRATS were in a FRENZY calling TRUMP a WAR MONGER and that he will start WORLD WAR III? Did TRUMP strong WARNING cause WORLD WAR III? What it cause is 2 summit meetings with KIM and TRUMP made HISTORY by being the first US President to set foot in NORTH KOREA. Fast forward…now as USUAL…the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were in FRENZY once again calling TRUMP as SOFT on KIM and TOUGH on CUMMING(the infamous African-American congressman)…because NORTH
    KOREA is launching MISSILES in their own territory. The DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS wants to INFLUENCED the decision making and thinking process of TRUMP like what they always do to traditional POLITICIANS who were AFRAID of them. But TRUMP being TRUMP did not OBEY the COMMAND of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS…because he knew that they want him to fail…actually they want to get RID of TRUMP by all means necessary. Instead…TRUMP acted prudently by saying that what NORTH KOREA is doing is just NORMAL and LEGAL since they are testing their MISSILES in their own territory and not over the air space of Japan and Guam which if they did…will be a violation of INTERNATIONAL LAW…and he will not tolerate that. TRUMP is the SMARTEST President alive on earth today…because he never follow what the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS wants. He is not AFRAID of them. In fact…he even EXPOSED their modus operandi to ALTER and INDOCTRINATE the MINDS of the people with the use of their most potent and lethal weapons…the FREEDOM of the PRESS…by simply calling them…"FAKE NEWS". Yes…TRUMP knew that it is not costing the US GOVERNMENT a single centavo to just observe what NORTH KOREA is doing…so long as they don't threaten the LIVES of AMERICANS. At the same time…the US GOVERNMENT may even make BILLIONS of DOLLARS from what NORTH KOREA is doing. Simply because…the two RICHEST country in ASIA…JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA may BUY more powerful and more lethal but very expensive MISSILES made in the USA to DETER the NORTH KOREANS from acting CRAZY. Come on. Do you think that the filthy rich nations like SOUTH KOREA and JAPAN will BUY expensive military ARMS from Communist RUSSIA? Yes…by acting prudently and by not listening to the provocations of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS…TRUMP is actually making the world a safer place to live and at the same time…MAKING AMERICA RICH and GREAT AGAIN. Just like the good old days when GEN. EISENHOWER rules the world. Simply put…let the COLD WAR begin again…because it's the only way to STOP NUCLEAR WAR…and to STOP the REAL OWNERS of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS from RULING the world and ENSLAVING humanity.
    The COLD WAR being a REAL THREAT to mankind will put the power back to the people to decide on what to do to protect mankind. At the same time…it will curtail the power of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS from making FALSE THREAT of how the world will END…like their absurd but money making idea of CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING. Yes…the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were offering themselves as an alternative to god because they were the only entity that can STOP the end of the world. My GOD…I would TRUST more the RUSSIANS and the AMERICANS who possess some of the most POWERFUL and LETHAL THERMO NUCLEAR ARSENALS on earth to DICTATE how the world will END than the very EVIL and DIABOLICAL pseudo defenders of mankind…the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS.

  22. it's about time to stop every country around the world of taking America for a free ride thank you, President Donald J Trump,

  23. five mns of that trump thing is five mns in hell–who the fuk does think he is king or something ,whatta a fukin jerk off-worst pres in the history of this otherwise great nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really hope it ends sooner rather than later.

  24. Has any other president ever said they love their supporters? If John "all you need is love" Lennon were still alive, he'd be so conflicted over Trump.. hmm, well I think I'm a Democrat and against Trump's seemingly anti human stance on Mexican illegal immigrants but I'm very much for his love of his supporters.. soooooo conflicted…

  25. President Trump is always so respectful of other people when talking about them; And positive about them and hopeful for them.

  26. If we are so good at putting out forest fires to the extent we want to help Russia with theirs: why have we left our own to burn for years in states like CA?

  27. Trump, Your people don't want to talk about anything because they think that it will cost them money!, have a nice day pal,,,

  28. President Trump makes remark? Remarkable. …BREAKING NEWS, ALIENS TAKE AREA 51 HOSTAGE. WE'RE AT WAR WITH MARS. (for everyone flying an F-18, or better please subscribe for further updates…..of Malware. Will smith…Looking at ya.

  29. need to be jail time for leader of china for bring the drug over here,they buy time so +d.m.c can give them a favor and contin… stolen tax payer money

  30. I think our duly elected president Donald John Trump is actually right. Personally I do love him and it brings tears of joy to my eyes many times when he speaks.

  31. please sir governor America again for 2020 please. so that there shall be more peace in the world. amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  32. Elizabeth Warren have no credibility ? But surely Donald Trump that lies all the time has 😀 What a joke.

  33. No doubt America is going down and a lot of ignorant people are following. I dont know what vision they have but i'm sure their situation did not improve an inch under Trump but they like he talk dirty. Tsk. I really feel sorry for you.

  34. Because of this jerk,custom and border patrol are now seizing all packages comming from china,2 days ago I received 2 packages that said :taken and distroyed by customs and border patrol,now a week earlier maybe 2 weeks,I received my stuff from china,Oh how I hate this creep,he is going to make it where the poor want be able to by food.😕😟😫💨💩

  35. You tell em ' Trump and Fox news if you are not white ……we hate you !!!!!!!!! 😀😁😀

  36. Eventually, China cannot live without USA. Period. China's biggest market is the US consumer market. No country matches the US market.
    President Trump is the only President has guts and daring and stand against this evil monster, China which is preparing itself to take the whole world.
    China has been making significant infrastructure investments in Africa, eying the market there 10 yrs from now.
    Unfair trade practices have to be stopped.
    We, the US consumer is spoiled by consuming cheap goods from China. Worrying about laptop and smart phone price rise?? Come on, we
    can live without them. This is not the bread and butter. If US wants to win in this trade war, Americans have to suffer a bit, give up our
    luxuries for some time and China will be coming kneeling down. So, be patient and be patriotic guys. USA USA USA !!!!

  37. Trump is a good president,The biggest enemy of Americans is not China but Wall Street. The industry in reconstruction is a long and painful process,But if Americans continue to rely on Wall Street finance, they will not be able to beat China,Because you don't realize that the days when Americans get nothing for nothing are over.

  38. hahah "Sometimes referred to as Pocahontas." lol I died. I love him. You know I really hated him when he was just a tv personality, but as the President he Rocks! This country is the envy of the world again and it's because of him.

  39. This is No Way to Win a Trade War with China. Beijing is preparing its people for hardship and explaining the necessity of a protracted national struggle against Washington. The Trump administration was right to confront China’s systematic economic predation, but its chosen approach has little chance of meaningful success. Worse, Beijing could well emerge from this experience convinced that the United States is unable to stand up for its own interests because of the irresistible appeal of the Chinese market and the inability of Americans to endure even short-term hardship. This outcome would likely reinforce the Chinese view of the United States as a weakening and dysfunctional country. Also, it would amplify Beijing’s boldness in challenging Washington across a range of issues.


  41. A very sad thing is you can always tell the difference between a democrat and a republican when they start talking unfortunately Democrats are not very smart and have nothing good to talk about Republicans are always focused on making the United States better for every American regardless of our nationalities Democrats are always focused on making America worse especially for white people and telling my family that we need help and that we have been oppressed I have three beautiful incredible independent successful daughters I told them from the day they could understand you can accomplish anything you put your mind to it I never said because you’re a woman you need help from the Democratic Party or because you’re a so-called minority you need help from the Democratic Party

  42. Like him or not he at least answers questions in relatively straightforward manner for a politician. Then again I have been listening to Justin Trudeau for the past 4 years..

  43. These (so called) journalists ask the STUPIDEST F'N questions I've ever heard! And then they wonder who NO ONE takes them serious.!

  44. THANK GOD FOR OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT!!!! He has worked tirelessly for America!!!!! He knows the truth and he is actingly accordingly!! Thank you Mr. President!!! God speed to you!!!!

  45. AWESOME!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☀️☀️☀️🇺🇸🇺🇸☀️☀️👍💪🥇

  46. I know alot of us look at our president, his speech, his actions, the way he Carrys himself in general and quit frankly we are perplexed. I know I've seen this behavior somewhere before, it seems so familiar. It just came to me, my dad, that's why this is familiar our president behaves like a man, a real man. God bless Donald jeddahdia Trump for leading us through the wilderness of liberalism and delivering us into the fertile valley of capitalism and morality

  47. He is getting us out of debt!!!!!!
    Our country is being respected for the first time in a very long time!!!!!! Thank you President Trump!!!!!! Keep up the Great work!!!!!

  48. The time is come when this President elected by We The People, will sift thru the ash of all who have spoken evil of God, America, Family, Life, Liberty, Honor, Duty and above all The Pursuit of Happiness! Give them Hell Mr President, they've earned it.

  49. I never see any other President spend a lot of time for these Media such like President Trump. But these idiots garbage Media so stupid send all Fake news hurting the country of USA!! Radical Dems spend a lot of money for garbage Media to send all Fake News!! Wake up people!! Chinese Communist hurting United states for 30 years from now from dirty corrupted Former President & garbage Politicians all corrupted!

  50. President Trump should de-classify much more to drain the swamp the Democratic swamp…Democrats they smells sewers!!

  51. i love u trump..I'm sorry you have all these dimotards asking wack questions and protesting set ups like Jesse smolet

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