Trump cancels plans to host G7 Summit at his Florida resort

Trump cancels plans to host G7 Summit at his Florida resort

100 Replies to “Trump cancels plans to host G7 Summit at his Florida resort

  1. Once again President Trump has played the Dems and Media for fools and they jumped right on it. No way was the G7 going to be held at Doral. He is again showing them to be the fools that they are.

  2. The emoluments clause of the constitution made it clearly illegal. But you can now argue otherwise since he took Doral off the table. It's moot.

  3. Weird they didn’t talk about all the republicans who criticized Trump over this. Also good job trying to distract everyone from the actual content of the titular story with an unrelated story involving Hilary Clinton. Nice touch

  4. OMG he is afraid they will inpeache him. Sir. Don't get your plans get compromise, if they want to get some they can get some. Free people make there own decisions. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA.

  5. This is too MSM: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you worthless PUPPETS SLEEP AT NIGHT ANYMORE WITH ALL OF YOUR LIES, SMEARS, PROPAGANDA? YOU AND YOUR BED PARTNERS IN DC ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR COUNTRY. We the people with common sense, and love our country, can see right through all of your BS! I don't blame President Trump that he cancels. You, and the far left Demo freaks are very embarrassing, not just to yourself, but too the whole world.

  6. After the billing for the new site is realized, Mr. Trump should point out what Doral would have billed, and the additional cost of this event due to Democrat bellyaching. Just more money squandered by the left. The President should expose the Democrats reinstatement of statute that allows congress to insider trade their way to wealth with immunity that no one else enjoys.

  7. Trump supporters please share how your personal life has improved since he had been in office these past three years.

  8. My President, Super Troller…………………………………President Trump needs to change his mind Again and say Ok, it's back at Doral, just to have lemon, nadler, nancy etc. flip out Again and hopefully finally end up in the insane asylum where they Belong!

  9. This is an example of this president's criminality…. This sort of thing is endemic in this administration…. How could an American president award himself a government contract???? This sort of thing happens in the third world

  10. make the reporters ride busses for two hours then ride mules to get to the g7 summit,and then the media is going to attack you,for making there job,a hell .and also turn of the a/c in there room.😂😎😂..

  11. So why is everyone still talking about Russia and the president is trying to say it's not Russia but it's Ukraine…. Does that mean the president is lying?????

  12. it is not a constitutional violation but Trump cant trust the media do any thing good, President does not need the money . crazy dnc moment.

  13. ok so now we have no hint of impropriety at more than double the cost so is the media willing to pony the difference how will pay this so i do not have to?

  14. On the contrary, HRC. You must take a good look at and around yourself to see if some Russian bots are still hanging around.

  15. For 8 years the obuma irs bankrupted thousands of Americans but couldn't do squat to Trump when they had 8 years of his returns to lie about and bungle.

  16. It was a trap. The Democrats just destroyed themselves. Not today, but wait till the next shoes drop.

    Who has been turning public office into a business enterprise?

    All that video footage just gold to be mined later during the corruption cases.

  17. yes hillary we know you are in the russians pocket for enough dollars so why say it now? o it is tulsy, you sure it is not you? uranium one all that collusion in ukraine molycorp not to mention the clinton global initiative did any of the money go were it was supposed to?

  18. You idiot Democrats that would’ve saved taxpayers millions of dollars !!!you’re all a bunch idiots 🥴……….. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  19. NO! Coral is the absolute best most perfect place to host the G7. Just because you’re draining g the swamp doesn’t mean you can’t fill up your pool.

  20. More slandering and character assassination based on pure fiction from the warped mind of political mafioso, Hellary Clinton. One of the objects: to manipulate the electorate for the 2019 elections a few weeks away and gain some seats. The idea is to make as many accusations as possible, to muddy the waters as much as possible, in order to keep their false charges in the public mind and for Dems to treat it as real and show outrage and determination about it. Because they are doing this only a few weeks before the election–that is, that they are toting out their ace-in-the-hole concocted impeachment charges to alter the 2019 elections in their favor–there is little time for Republicans to disprove all their wild claims against Trump, or so they figure. This plan also explains why the Democrat party is hiding the whistleblower's identity and other evidence." It also explains why they are bypassing a vote on having the impeachment inquiry–because they wish it to go forward–so its timing impacts the 2019 elections–at all costs…and deal with the fallout later, but just get this done. It also explains Pelosi's stomping out of a meeting–that's mere theatrics to convey outrage and, consequently, get the electorate on her side against Trump and against Republicans. They also want to shift attention from Joe Biden's obvious quid pro quo wrongdoing with their histrionics.

  21. We don't have his taxes so we really don't know if he needs the money. Doesn't matter none of Faux's sheep care about facts.

  22. Trump is a stable generous. He has us playing wakamo with all of his corruption scandals that is to much to focus on any one. Like a how school of fish confuse and neutralize prey

  23. Trump is an absolute ConMan and a disgrace he is a five time draft dodger he won’t release his taxes he loves dictators and hates our allies that demand transparency shame on Fox News

  24. Trump should just ask his son to sell the place to the government for $1 as a donation for a good place for this and future international meetings. Trump is putting nothing in his pocket and has more than likely lost his butt, trying to serve this country.

  25. And now there criticizing that he has announced that the summit will be moved. They complained that he was holding the summit at his resort, now there complaining he isn't.

  26. the trump cult follows him blindly. Remember the only true thing he has ever said, he could shoot people on 5th Ave and lose no support.

  27. He was going to host it at his place for cost…he was going to save the tax payers money! They are so jealous that Trump's owns that place that they had to ruin it for everyone.

  28. According to Mr Huckabee, a benefit cannot be an emolument if the recipient is rich. That's a bizarre line of argument. Imagine if a lawyer tried to use an analogous argument in court to defend a person accused of taking bribes.

  29. Gabbard is the only viable credible Democratic candidate who is measured, thoughtful and articulate but of course she will not get the nod.

  30. Even worse – he throws soemthing out there and it doesn't work so 'he changes his mind' — at some point later eh'll say"It's not like I can't change my mind, I listen… etc" He wins either way… suckers!!!

  31. the real reason is he found out that this place is still infested by rats and bugs and his people told him that they cant promise that it will be ok by next June….

  32. Here's a thought. I don't trust someone who isn't getting anything out of the deal. Seriously the old Trump would NEVER EVER EVER do all this work for NOTHING. The man who dictated "The Art of the Deal" would NEVER EVER do all this out of the goodness of his heart.

    And having the G7 summit there even if done for cost would increase the value of that place. Plus he's been making people stay at Trump Hotels and cranking up the prices since high value guests are staying there. So yeah he's been rolling in the money since he's been president. Anyone notice how the income of his company has gone through the roof since 2016. Even though he doesn't run it anymore? Gee I wonder why.

  33. So by hosting the g7 at his place would have saved usa money. Well done Democrats MAKE American taxes pay for it!

  34. In Florida, people love to show their property and entertain. Could it be as simple as this? Truman had his White House in Key West.

  35. this woman is dangerousely CRAZY ( Hillary ) men she is so dumb , hey HIllary are you so stupid that you can not find another nail to hit on, we the people are much starter then you , and we can see your game , what we know is that you are evil and a sociophat , go to an asilum and get them to take care of you , you are REALLY sick ( CRAZY )

  36. On anything Russia, just ask Hillary. She is such an amazing person to be able to store all this Russian data between her ears…

  37. For a president that said he was the law and order candidate, it is against the law to make money off the presidency. His resort in Florida already took in $100,000 on golf carts alone from his golf trips. If it was a Democrat he would be singing a totally different song

  38. How many republicans are getting money from the Russians. Paedophile trump aka individual one and America first, the NRA we know are definitely getting money from the Russians and all the independent republicans must be investigated.

  39. Anyone with half a brain would know this was a BIG conflict of interest. But then again, Humpty Trumpty doesn't have half a brain; much less.

  40. Oh, this isn't all he'll be canceling….
    Not by a long shot.
    When will the network that sponsors all his lies get canceled, I wonder?

  41. Why can’t he have the G7 at Doral????? It’s his golf course he should have every right to hold it there. He is the president he can do what he likes. He doesn’t even earn a salary.

  42. Hey happy to criticize right after Don Jr gets a 1.5 billion dollar sweetheart deal… otherwise pointing out speck in eye time while having plank poking out of head

  43. Dems are mentally ill having no sense of right and wrong or good and bad. Immature and delusional, they always act up like unruly children.

  44. What about booking that bunch of losers into the Motel 6 in Fort Stockton, Texas and have the meeting in their conference room.

  45. One other thing, I believe would be a great achievement for President is To establish a PERMANENT, CONSTRUCTIVE RESOLUTION, as what PPUTIN of RUSSIA suggested.

  46. Impeach……..the crooked don……..lock him up…lock him up…. BOYCOTT FOX NEWS ADVERTSIERS….In keeping with a monthslong trend, the exodus of advertisers from Tucker Carlson’s prime-time Fox News program continued this month.

  47. A Resolution That will erase FEAR for a DESTRUCTIVE WORLD WAR again. That can only he achieve with a PERMANENT US, RUSSIA and NATO with all the western and Asian Alliance, That will serve as deference to a hostile, harassing and illegal Conduct of China in SCS to impose its Power and Control that of which is COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.

  48. Our president should keep the G7 summit at his Doral resort, then use all the proceeds towards something like paying off our national debt.

  49. Some say good call, a conflict of interest, Conflict of interest my arse. It was simply THEE BEST place, but the Dems will find fault in ANYTHING Trump does.
    Trump was doing it 'at cost'.

  50. Drumpf gives away his salary to charity that just might be Eric’s and get the government to pay millions to his properties for the endless golf cheating exercises. Conservatives have no brain; it’s simple.

  51. I think Trump took some smart advice on moving the G7 because good or bad, it would have put him in further strife with the Emoluments Clause. And either Clinton is losing her marbles or she is being very smart with Tulsi. She didn't outright mention anyones name but Tulsi ran with it and now everybody knows who she is. Watch her numbers in the democrat's race climb.

  52. Does anybody in the country actually believe he caved on Doral because of media and the Democratic “hostility”? 😏😏 Easy bet that Moscow Mitch told him if this ever came to impeachment, the Senate really wouldn’t save him. Not possible for anything this obviously self-dealing and unconstitutional.

  53. Trump and his family don’t even accept their pAy check and donate them ! Do you honestly think any of those democrats or rhinos would ever do that !? Absolutely NOT! Florida would have been ideal great weather great place golf course good food! But democrats have to make a stink about any and everything

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