Trump Associate Roger Stone Faces Sentencing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Trump Associate Roger Stone Faces Sentencing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

100 Replies to “Trump Associate Roger Stone Faces Sentencing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

  1. My cuz got 40 months for a
    Marijuana charge in Virginia and they give him 40 months for this. Just let everyone who in jail get a free get out pass . Then if they mess up back in again. Cause it’s giveaways u get a pas and u get a pass and u get a pass.

  2. He'll probably get a Nothing sentence thanks to Mr.Bozo in the White House and then he'll be pardoned in days or hours😠Pathetic,Just Freaking Pathetic😠🤬!

  3. In line with what Manafort originally got. So the question left hanging is " Is this a fair sentence or a fair sentence for this type of wealthy, white, connected white guy"?

    I wouldn't be asking this if there weren't thousands of people who don't tick any of those boxes servicing much harsher sentences for lesser crimes.

  4. All Trump associates are in jail…doesn't that tell you enough about him.
    My mom once said "Show me five of your closest friends and I'll tell you how they (referring to no one in particular) think of you"…

  5. obama/biden/hillary does many wrongs like shortselling american uranium …
    [which we should not have at all] and leave office rich?? u tell me who corrupt?
    and Pelosi/Maxine Waters types backing it…Stone is a hero..should be free…
    what corruption we live with…sticking with wrong ''big church'' wrong beliefs and all..sad

  6. Wow, the Defense says the judge should consider Mr. Stone's age. OK, since Roger Stone has behaved like a PETULENT CHILD throughout this entire process, he should get 10 years in prison.

  7. That's a very light sentence. The judge knows he'll be pardoned. He won't spend a minute in jail. Pardoned immediately.

  8. One more crappy headline from NBC…..Read all about it. Watch the lies and bias unfold into a story that is not even logical on any level.

  9. Why is everyone so so hateful?
    What did this man do to Any of this people how are making comments in YouTube
    I have never heard such a minutiae of envious hate in my life.
    I don't know Mr. Rodger He hasn't done anything Bad to me and his crime is victimless crime. So I wish they set him free.
    Because just like you people who are making comments in this YouTube
    This man has family that loves him and will miss him If he goes to jail.

  10. 40 months in prison and 20,000k in fines. Did he get caught with illegal substance ? Even a citizen would get more than 40 months if they are caught with illegal substance.

  11. The new trial is absolutely mandatory. Any other trial where's a foreperson that was biased asopenly as this person would indicate another trial is mandatory. Actually she lied under oath to the court and should be charged and as a lawyer be disbarred.

  12. Should have got at least 7 years, he's a pig, I'd be surprised if he service a day, trumps going down this is his only chance to abuse his power in this circumstances, dreadful

  13. Roger Stone lied to Congress about the role he played in corrupting our election process and in corrupting the American government. The gravity of his crimes are extremely serious and he deserved a much harsher sentence than he received. His light sentence was clearly influenced by politics instead of the Rule of Law!

  14. This is so stupid!! Why would roger stone get a special report from the fake new!!! He is small potatoes compared to what’s really going on!! I said it once and I’ll say it again if trump don’t pardon stone that means he’s saying the Russia hoax was real!! If he even serves one second in prison then the deep state wins!!

  15. IF the Jedi had taken Palpatine into custody like Anakin wanted he'd be found guilty of treason, sentenced down from life to 3 years, and be out after 2 years of jail.

  16. THINK Out Of Their Box AND:
    Welcome to Trumps REPUBLICAN Governments N W O IN HOW TO RULE OVER AMERICANS By: Lying Cheating & STEALING FROM " WE THE HARD WORKING and POOR *, For The Future Benefits of The RICH, Because * I'M Ur PRESIDENT **! : (

  17. Trump has Stone obstruct Congress on his behalf, which Stone did willingly, and gets Barr to intervene with the sentencing all the while knowing none of them would do a day in jail because Trump has the power to pardon his personal bff criminals. All that doesn't even include every republican Senator except Romney allowing it all to take place.

    The republican party is now the Trumpublican party and not one member has ANY credibility.

    *Wow! All that and I didn't have to use one alternative fact. What's the world coming to? *sarcasm

  18. Another setup hit-job by the corrupt Democrats against a Trump supporter. ““They say Roger Stone lied to Congress.”  OH, I see, but so did Comey (and he also leaked classified information, for which almost everyone, other than Crooked Hillary Clinton, goes to jail for a long time), and so did Andy McCabe, who also lied to the FBI! FAIRNESS?”

  19. I am baffled that the sitting judge, who was threatened by roger's posting her image in cross-hairs, stills bends backward for this POS – is that fairness in the administration of Justice an ideal concept in our representative democracy?

    Conversely, donald & roger thinks this applies only to their kind and ordinary people get, whatever.

  20. — January 25, 2019 —-
    Robert Mueller made sure Donald Trump can’t pardon Roger Stone.
    Special Counsel Robert Mueller had the FBI arrest Roger Stone at his home in — FLORIDA, on a federal indictment including seven felony charges. Mueller just made a subsequent move which will ensure that, the FBI has also raided Roger Stone’s apartment in New York City.

    —- Trump can’t get Stone off the hook with a pardon.
    Trump can only pardon people on FEDERAL CHARGES Not [ STATE CHARGES]

    In other words, Roger Stone is absolutely going to prison, on charges that will land him a de facto life sentence at his age. No one ever beats the rap on perjury at trial when the evidence is this cut and dry. So Stone can die in a cell, or he can cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. He might bluster for a bit first, but we suspect he’ll flip. He has no other way out of this.

  21. If he walks we then know our country is LAWLESS….as when we elected Trump we elected SLIME! That said my vote was to drain the swamp not make it worse nor thicker…. #TrumpSlime has no ethic or moral place in law not does it serve the majority of society…that said #SlimeTrump needs to go… And associates slime as well needs to go …AND all the SLIME needs to be held accountable and serve their prison time when found corrupt…. And head slime #SlimeTrump needs to have his sentence once we get it unseated so law will prosecute three folds the time of all the associated slimes sentences!

  22. After an hour and a half you finally get ten minutes of news. 40 months and $20,000.00 fine. More than fair sentencing. Stone will probably get pardoned like all criminal friends of trump. I wouldn't be surprised if Stone gets a WH position now.

  23. This is a democrat lynching with a fixed trial. Pardon Stone. He deserves to be freed. Innocent til proven guilty. Cant be proven anything with the jury he had. Bias to the max.

  24. We the People maintain our birthright of freedoms, STILL PROTECTED UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!,,, BUT,,, these Judges OPERATE under the "PRESUMPTION" that most of us have "contracted" our constitutional status away!!! They simply act in every way under the "LEGAL PRESUMPTION" that we have CONSENTED TO the CORPORATE held DC "ADMINISTRATIVE" jurisdiction where you are under military type "TRIBUNAL". They presume you accept and consent to their "DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS FOR BENEFITS" "NEW DEAL" scam status given to all back in the 1930s! Under this JURISDICTION THERE ARE NO CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS AND YOUR STATUS IS BELOW THAT OF GOVERNMENT AS A SORT OF FEDERAL EMPLOYEE BUT WITH ONLY PITTANCE benefits and pittance pay; LIKE WELFARE, SOCIAL SECURITY,,,THE RIGHT TO VOTE in FEDERAL ELECTIONS FOR THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE, limited liability of the individual, and many more ,,, AS BENEFITS.
    There are certain "TELLS" AND SYMBOLS that they surround themselves with to give them confidence in their right to CONVICT 98% OF ALL THEIR CASES AND RAILROAD ALL WHO ARE what they secretly term as "INSUBORDINATE",,,,,,THE GOLD FRINGE ALONG THE BORDER OF THE FLAG,,,ALL CAPS names for almost everything,,, AND THE FASCES OR MACE,,,, A FASCIST SYMBOL is almost always used to represent them, ie "The seal of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts"
    In this TOTALLY DIFFERENT COURT,, you are there for an act of INSUBORDINATION TO "EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY",,,,,,, YOU ARE DEEMED TO HAVE ALREADY CONSENTED TO ALL OF THIS!!! (insubordination is a CORPORATE or MILITARY TERM that gives them the right to CONVICT ALL BEFORE THE BENCH!!! The only real decision is the conviction and sentence)!!!!!
    SO since TRUMP IS THE CHIEF (TOP BOSS) OVER ALL THIS "EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATION of AUTHORITY" he has the ultimate judgement and can pardon anyone convicted in these DC COURTS!!! I am sure STONE IS AWARE of all this secret or "OCCULTED INFORMATION" and knows Trump can pardon him ,,,,,,,,,,, whereas in a COURT of Constitutional Authority it is different,,,,,,, so he has obviously CONSENTED TO BE A WILLING PARTICIPANT KNOWING FULL WELL OF THE 98% BS CONVICTION RATE!!!

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  27. The power to pardon anyone needs to be taken away from the president and all governors and have the United states make it so it would take 85 percent vote in favor of a pardon to pardon anyone plus a vote by the citizens to vote in favor of a pardon of 90 percent a action of one or two people should not be able to release from jail

  28. Pardon, Roger Stone & Julian Assange !!!
    Arrest, Try & Prosecute the Real Criminals the democrats/socialist for their Countless Crimes including Treason.

  29. I hope Trump pardons him tomorrow because he can get away with everything and liberals will never do anything to him in response

  30. Roger Stone is guilty of exposing the Jeb Bush and the Bush family in his 2016 book and also exposing Bill, Hillary Clinton . That's why he's going to jail.


  32. Never forget this POS was acting under orders of the criminal that is running the white house who is allowed to operate outside of the law. I would hazard a guess he will be pardoned by the mob boss.

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