Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

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  1. US sanctions have put pressure on Iran's ordinary people. US-Iran relations have always been due to the wealth of Arab countries, and the United States is making money from this fear of Iran.

  2. Iran

    1. They did not ground the planes when they did their attacks.
    2. They said it was a mechanical problem. How can you know in 24 H ? If you watch flight investigation you know that's not how they do it. It takes time to find the problem unless it so clear of what happend.
    3. Today even the poorest ones have phones and we have eye's all over the world. And one guy got it on camera. And when it hits internet. It's to late to take the video back so now they
    had to admit that they shot the plane down.

    Think about this , Obama gave them 150 billion dollars and 1,7 billion dollar in cash on a plane in the middle of the night, and he let them get bigger and bigger while getting the nobel prize.
    Trump send them a rocket that cost 115.000 dollars, twitteed to the Iran people and put sanctions on the regime. It took 1 week for them to make a mistake and they shoot the plane.
    And the whole world is with Iran for the first time in trying to change their own regime.

    Cost for Us to take them down: 1 week , twitter 115.000$…

  3. If the people of Iran want to seek a change of regime, they should do everything civilized… Go from protest to a strike with the opposition leaders behind you. A strike means all work stops, government workers will stop working the buses, mail services, trash services, train services, ferry services, shut down schools etc…. This is how you can peacefully go against your government, calling on the opposition to stand with you and call on international media to film all of it

  4. While the Iranians are striking out, 2 weeks or for however long, put forth documents of what needs to be changed within your government, hand it to the opposition, let them negotiate with the government administration. Don't stop the strike until your voices are heard. Things will turn around quickly, United you stand, divided you fall…. The majority have to do it to see a regime change in attitude or political party change!

  5. Why are so many fearful of helping the people of Iran topple their theocratic dictators? We received assistance in our own revolution. The Iranian people don't stand a chance against tanks and air power. We have an opportunity to shut down the regimes air power and grind their heavy weapons to dust. That will give the people a fighting chance at freeing themselves from their oppressors.

  6. Democrats and the media support the fanatical leadership. This is what happens when Leftism replaces Liberalism. Leftists in themselves are vicious radicals. The two ideologies shouldn’t be confused.

  7. THIS is a holy war based on religious beliefs, like 2 cults fighting each other for power. Been going on hundreds of year's. Trumps regime attempt failed. Iran does not want democracy, they want religious power.Caveman mentality.

  8. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎗TRUMP 2020🎗🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    This could be President Trumps biggest win if he can fold Iran into a softer stance and maybe slow to a trickle the state Sponsor of terrorism

  9. Is it true that Iran has closed down the Internet so Iranian people can not see this? Or support from the world for their bravery standing up to their murdering leaders? Iran treat their people like mushrooms….. keep them in the dark and feed them s…!!!

  10. I still cant get over the fact that Iran shot down their own plane and people. My jaws are sore from laughing so much.

  11. Hopefully the Iranian people will push like hell for their freedom and an end to the regime
    They could not have a better president than Trump in the White House

  12. The Iranian students who are protesting against their government that shot down a plane last week have super BIG balls and an unbelievable amount of courage. Ironically, they "get it" while our far-left students, politicians, and media members continue to follow a false and destructive narrative. What a shame.

  13. President Trump…Genius move, instead of going to war with Khomeini, he encourages the Iranian people to protest and then say 'the world is watching'..pure genius. Magician, OG, The Man!

  14. Brilliant gambit by the potus….
    …..pushing the right buttons to have the regime imploded….
    …..great job carry on….

  15. its like the bush admin all over again. lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction just to send gen X to fight in a war of lies. I lost 2 classmates in 2003-2004. I don't want to lose my nephew to trump's fake war with Iran.

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