Trolls Breaking News – SOPA black outs (wikipedia, reddit, …)

Trolls Breaking News – SOPA black outs (wikipedia, reddit, …)

TrollsNews today
Stop online piracy act black outs Hello and welcome to Trolls Breaking news. Our only story today is SOPA, stop online
piracy act, because the alternative would be to talk about new JaredMilton video and
no one wants that. Today January 18th is a day when several sites are blacking out to
protest this act. The biggest site in play is most likely English Wikipedia, which covers
all English pages with a page on which is written “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge”,
further it offers you several ways how to make your voice heard. The second biggest black out will be probably
reddit, that goes out for 12 hours from 8am to 8 pm EST. Google took a different aproach and instead
of blacking out, is making all users of american google see a little annotation saying: “Tell
Congress: Please don’t censor the web!” and if you click on it, you are redirected to
petition against SOPA. And considering that google does a lot searches everyday … yeah
I can’t get the direct number of the google searches, because wikipedia is not working!
Seriously fuck SOPA! But it’s reasonable to assume that if SOPA
would really seem to be getting through, google would go nuclear and black out, hopefully
that won’t be neccessary. If you’re from US, please sign that petition,
so we can go back to our status quo. Thank you for watching and stay safe under
the youtube bridge.

100 Replies to “Trolls Breaking News – SOPA black outs (wikipedia, reddit, …)

  1. Damn it I had a school work to make today and now I can't copy/paste wikipedia. J/K… I have already cached wiki pages.

  2. I really saw peoples reactions to SOPA as a 'Over reaction' and most of SOPA being described was just the 'worst outcome' but if wikipedia blacked out and Google is telling people to sign a petition then it must be worse then I thought.

  3. @MrFraserFilms2009 some people are talking about "freedom of speech" in context of SOPA and that is over reaction, because SOPA couldn't stop freedom of speech. It can go some way against fair use, but it doesn't change the copyright laws, so that would be OK as well. But the thing is that the act is just plain stupid, everyone would lose, including the companies that are trying to push it.

  4. im more afraid about how the USA could easily shut down the rest of the world's internet than about them having nukes.

    im counting on you americans to stop SOPA,im powerless from this side of the world =(

  5. @TheKalimanMX that would be their problem, companies would move and servers would move, internet would be back in full strenght in a month. It would suck to be American

  6. @Trollsnews Actually SOPA could stop free speech to a degree if companies abused it. for example I post something saying for example
    "the church of Scientology is populated by fascist nut jobs"
    Because "Church of Scientology" is a copyrighted trade mark said church could turn round and take action because I used the name "Church of Scientology" without permission to use the copyright.

  7. @Trollsnews True that. Though here in the UK I'm worried as I have Warner Bros filling claims on my reviews. If SOPA passes it could be a slippery slope as once they have one of my videos claimed as their own they could false claim the rest of my content despite them not having made said content.

  8. @Trollsnews Indeed. That's one the biggest things i've noticed with this SOPA. The bill itself is so gapingly flawed I really cannot see how big companies like Sony do not see that it would pretty much be their downfall in supporting it. But then again this is a company that would release a handheld with no on board memory and charge as much as a PS3 for it. But you have to imagine if the bill passed and the law was in place how fast Sony and others would want it taken down.

  9. @quaxk Well we all cannot just "take next buss" to Congress-house nor USA alone,
    but yea… feels rather better option cause anything that is buyable = is bought..

  10. @Sevilou finally someone that gets it <3 and not think obama is apart of this abserd ways he has no real power over this except the congress…it wasent his idea to pass these laws.

  11. Just to point out the proof of how bad SOPa could be. I pointed out in a comment that Warner Bros had filed a DMCA on me.
    The comments been removed……………….
    Yeh now imagine if SOPA passes and merely saying Warner Bros gets it removed because of the name being copyrighted.
    [not advertising my own stuff just saying it as a case of how I personally would be affected]

  12. @TheKalimanMX A lot of people are trying to make this not go through. I think all of us dont want this to happen. All we can do is keep doing what we are now, and hope for the best…

  13. @OnisionCanSuckMyAss you didn't click like button enough in the previous video, without money for his medication, Steve is nice to people and right now he's helping homeless people to get back on their feet

  14. @Denethorable
    I'm English and I can understand him perfectly, plus the fact the guy has been living in the UK for a while. Might I suggest a hearing aid for you ?

  15. @Trollsnews just in case people would take it seriously, "don't click anything unless you want to, it won't effect what I do, I don't want to blackmail you", Steve is not in this video, because at least minute I removed two "candyass" references and after that I realized there is no point of him being there, if the references are not there

  16. I'm from Sweden but I'm so signing that petition… I visit lots of American sites every day and it would be horrible if they were forced to lay down!

  17. @dinaarumor the cool thing is that even if the SOPA would go throught and there would be worst case scenario. Companies would just move to Europe and Asia and all the sites would still work, only Americans would be fucked

  18. @RealKirbyMSC But you are going to jail for killing Spongebob. Why would you kill him? And best to tell the judge you're 16 and autistic, he'll let you go.

  19. @Dwavenhobble Well if that was the problem I'd turn up the volume wouldn't I? You didn't think that comment through did you. Unless you know of a hearing aid that improves pronouciation, but they don't exist… otherwise it's just the same but louder, do you see? JESUS!

  20. @Denethorable
    No just taking it that you were a moron possible being unable to actually hear what's being said. Funny how you sound like so many Americans over xbox live from the tone of the comment.
    I'm English and I can understand him fine. Therefore he is speaking English perfectly fine. What he isn't doing is speaking with an American accent to please the morons in his audience who can't understand anything said in an accent even slightly different to their own.

  21. @secretperson96 What won't happen with SOPA – Pirate companies etc being shit down.
    What will happen – the companies will go after easy / soft targets to get money because taking down the people actually hosting the pirate stuff with be costly.
    Result = Big companies rip apart the internet while the actual pirates just sail away with nothing being done to them.

  22. @Dwavenhobble Oh so deaf people are morons then? If you can't hear and need a hearing aid you're a moron! Jesus Christ man, lay off deaf people ffs it ain't their fault. I suppose blind people are dicks for not being able to see? Nice one Adolf.

    And I'm english as well so that whole paragraph about me being american was a waste of time. That's twice you've fallen on your face now. Not counting the unprovoked slander of disabled people.

  23. @Denethorable
    No, well done for deliberately misunderstanding what I was saying, like a moron.
    I was suggesting for whatever reason your computer audio was quiet and you were moaning saying you couldn't understand him due to failure to hear him.
    *Claims Godwins Law and gains 9000 internets for catching someone with it*
    You're English and can't understand him seriously ?!?!?!
    That's really worrying right there

  24. Well at least youtube will know which morons to ban and most of them are the removed comments from 2 users below this comment.

  25. @theragingfatman Yes and no
    Yes in that any site the remains hosted in the US will have an insanely strict stance on copyrighted material to the extent you will only be able to do Vlogs in a pure white room in a pure white outfit with no trade marks visible on and you won't be able to mention anything that's copyrighted like a brand name etc.
    No in that the only way they could enforce it was to call for extraditions which under UK law the copyright law cover fair use…………

  26. @Denethorable i understand what he's saying (im from the US) but if you need subtitles the CC button at the button has correct subtitles

  27. @Dwavenhobble I didn't misunderstand, you said exactly that – suggesting that needing a hearing aid and not being able to hear would make me a moron! Like deaf people are morons, how can you live with yourself?!

    Don't try and dig yourself out of this hole you've got in by throwing Godwins law at me and acting incredulous at my inablility to understand bad English. I think the issue now is your blatant hatred of the deaf… were you abused by a deaf guy or something?

  28. @Denethorable
    Nope any one with half a brain could see what I was getting at in that you were being a moron and not listening to what was being said most likely due to your inability to find the button to turn up the volume.
    I don't need to dig myself out of a hole here as you've drawn a picture of a hole and claimed I'm in it and I've just stepped off the drawing and upset you by calling Godwins law on you.
    I have no hatred of the deaf by the sound of it you're the troubled one.

  29. Umm.
    SOPA's been put down, y'know. The White House declared that it was a violation of rights and disliked the "increase" of cyber-security. So SOPA has been put down.
    Teh internetz are safe… For now. (Wikipedia is still blacked out, though. FUCK)

  30. @Dwavenhobble Yeah that defence would work if I hadn't mentioned turning up the volume before you made the connection between not being able to hear and being a moron… it's all there in black and white I'm afraid, you brought it up… I didn't even mention it.

    I think a predjudice of yours slipped out and now your just backpedaling… Godwins law is besides the point now that you've said you hate disabled people… like criticising someone's spelling after saying "KILL THE JEWS"

  31. @Denethorable
    Yeh except with all the different volumes you could turn up I took it as you being moronic and turning the youtube volume and not a master volume up.
    Well I bought into you being a moron and in black and white anyone can read you breaking Godwins Law and losing by default.
    Yeh it would be back peddling if I had said what you claimed.
    The only person who has said that so far is you. Kindly see a shrink as you appear to be projecting your own issues onto me.

  32. I hate SOPA as much as the next guy, but this "protest via denial of content" thing really sets a bad precedent.

    I mean, this is where shit like "Wikipedia's founder begs for money like an out of work hooker" starts. There needs to be a firm acknowledgement that this will only done when things are extremely dire. "Shut down the Internet" dire.
    Cause I don't give a damn about Darfur or sick babies or hungry people and shouldn't have to have your opinions on the subject shoved in my face.

  33. @CumOnYerHands
    you not noticed.
    I'm blacked out
    Totalbiscuit the cynical britt is blacked out
    Yogscast have blacked out
    And so have countless other channels

  34. @Dwavenhobble I understand that, but what I'm saying is that this form of protest could turn out to be so successful that it's used for other political issues.

    And I don't want that.

  35. @Dwavenhobble Well if you were on about computer volumes then why was the first thing you mentioned hearing aids? See, it don't work – keep trying to wriggle out of it.

    What do you mean losing by default? Is this a competition? What do you win? And it clearly don't apply if you're talking about Nazis anyway. I dunno why you're clinging to it like it's some get out of jail free card… moving on.

    I'm merely defending those who can't defend themselves against your onslaught.

  36. @Denethorable
    Because (going round the circle again here) you're a moron.
    Ergo you wouldn't be able to work the computer volume.
    Ergo you'd need something to compensate for you inability to do that,
    hence a hearing aid.
    No need to wiggle because there's nothing to wiggle out of other than the moronic confine you yourself are trying to put up.

  37. @Denethorable
    Godwins Law – in any internet arguement the longer it goes on the greater the probability one participant will liken the other to Hitler or the Nazi party. The first person to make this comparison if called on it using Godwins law automatically loses the argument for being a moron and not being able to think of a better comparison or for trying to vilify someone just cause they have no real arguement

  38. @Denethorable
    Also well done so far on that, you're some self appointed defender of the differently abled community.
    You claim I'm against them but so far your the one who has said they are stupid, your the one making these wild accusations like a moron and now you are saying they are weak and need defending ?
    News flash the differently abled don't need you to sort their issues they are perfectly capable themselves of dealing with problems. So stop patronising said community

  39. @SgtHydra
    It couldn't be unless said issue threatened and united websites into action like this one. Its only when net neutrality and free exchange of ideas is threatened that websites would ever come together and act like this.

  40. @Dwavenhobble Fucking hell Charles Dickens, I'm not here to proof read a novel. Nah my computer has a big dial on it for the volume so I'm not buying that. Besides I was talking about not understanding not being unable to hear it… then you suddenly bring up deaf people being stupid by saying "Oh you need a hearing aid because people who can't hear are morons" (paraphrased). I won't sit idly by and let a monster like you slander disabled people even if they can defend themselves.

  41. @Denethorable
    More proof you're a moron there its less than 300 Words in 3 paragraphs for you. if you think 300 words is a wall of text or Novel please enrol in an English language course somewhere as its clear you have issues with the language.
    So you expect me to magically know what your computer is like ? Well that sure proves you're not a moron claiming your computer has this as a reason I'm wrong in my statement when I didn't know that so at the time the statement was fine

  42. @Denethorable
    See this is a stupid thing you've created.
    I called you a moron
    I suggested you get a hearing aid.
    you've joined the two together to create a misconception.
    All Men have balls
    All Men Talk
    Therefore all Man Talk bollocks.
    the problem being the last line is not what was said or even suggested it is the person reading it misconstruing what was said.
    The disadvantage of paraphrasing is you're a moron so you joined two independent statements into one.

  43. @Dwavenhobble No, you suggested I get a hearing aid, because I might be a moron who can't hear… ie deaf. When all I said was I couldn't understand him, now it's turned into this long winded diatribe where you're trying to justify hate speech against the disabled, of all people. I mean what kind of person does that? Now you're coming up with all these strawmen to make yourself look cool. Insulting deaf people isn't cool… smh.

  44. @Denethorable
    round the circle we go again.
    The hearing aid was because of the more than clear implication of you being to stupid to work volume controls I didn't ever use the word Deaf you brought that into this not me.
    What its turned into is a show of your raw stupidity as apparently you don't seem to get I was calling you a moron and didn't even bring up disabled people you actually did when you called me Hitler

  45. @Denethorable
    If anyone is creating straw men here it is you.
    You claimed I was calling deaf people morons.
    I called you too moron to work a volume control so you should get a hearing aid instead as YOU that's YOU personally NOT a group associated are a mororn.
    You are misrepresenting my position a lot while people can read clearly you call me say I'm like a Nazi and that Deaf people can't defend themselves. YOU said those things so if I'm making straw men what do those mean ?

  46. @Dwavenhobble xD you've been so much fun, cheers, but I'm done now. I mean ffs my whole argument was ridiculous from the beginning… why didn't you just say "yeah alright whatever" when I got stupid rather than getting all worked up and writing long drawn out defences to what was complete shit from the start? I knew I'd get a bite, but you took the cake, and on a channel about trolling ironically. Anyway thanks for participating, here is your prize: /watch?v=7ctNiB6k4cs

  47. @Denethorable
    Because I'm waiting for my videos to render lol
    Also the fact is always funnier when a moron tries the "I was trolling you" / "I was joking" escape despite their adamant claims and determination during the argument itself. I had nothing better to do I was type and watching TV while waiting for renders to finish. So you just spent however long on this for what exactly lol ?

  48. How to stop SOPA: Porn actors and actresses stare directly into camera: "o hai congress person! No it's okay keep watching, we just want you to know that we really want to make you all cummed out before that important piece of legislation, but we also have to remind you that without SOPA that wouldn't happen and you would be sad! Vote no on SOPA…. so what kind of Pizza was this again?"… 0.o

  49. My sources tell me that SOPA/PIPA are planning to shut down Facebook/Twitter.. All hope is lost, help me Anonymous, you're our only hope

  50. Good thing Anonymous hasn't stopped hacking sony and the US government. I've considered joining anonymous.

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