Trolls Breaking News – Kony 2012 trolls (TheSackOShit and followyourdamnleader)

Good evening and welcome to TrollsBreaking
news, this was bound to happen and it did, first Kony 2012 trolls appeared. Indy1489 sent us a message about two of them
and we can assume that more will come. Firs troll is called TheSackOShit and his video
is called “Joseph Kony is a GENIUS”, in his video he is masked and his voice was digitally
altered to cover his identity. He is talking about how Kony is his a hero because he was
able to kidnap over 30 000 children, further he talks how everyone would rape if they would
get the opportunity. The second troll is followyourdamnleader,
this troll is also masked and he also altered his voice, he claims that Kony is a GOD and
that Invisible children is a joke and scam how to get money from people. He then describes
his admiration for him. As I mentioned several times these people
are trolls, they are trying to piss people off and get views. But in its way even this
might be helping the original cause, trolls create controversy a controversy brings people
and makes them talk and unite. This then further spreads the word about Kony and makes him
more famous. My name is Vol Jang, thank you for watching
and stay safe under the youtube bridge

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