Trolls Breaking News – CopperCab hacker exposed

Trolls Breaking News – CopperCab hacker exposed

TrollsNews today
Coppercab hacker exposed Good evening and welcome to another sub episode
of TrollsNews, today’s only report was brought to you by NateTalksToYou and it is about coppercab’s
hacker. Two important things happen lately with this
hacking story first thing is that coppercab finally made his dancing video and he dyed
his hair black the second more important thing is that we have new prooves about the whole
hacking being fake, which is of course something that anyone with a brain figured out a long
time ago, but now we have pretty much solid evidence. Steve, have you heard that CopperCab’s hacking
is a fake? No shit Vol Jang, what gave it away, that
shitty acting or that the whole concept was totally retarded? Someone managed to secure footage of “hacker”
communicating with coppercab Oh, so reality had to take out its dick and
slap it over people’s face for them to see the truth, well I wouldn’t expect anything
simpler. What do you think about coppervision video? You mean that 7 minutes of him screaming and
dancing? It was interesting, he dyed his hair black, he said that plant called ginger has
no soul and then he danced and obviously he was practicing, because that was some show.
He didn’t do the truffle shuffle so I’m not sure if that actually counts. He also promised
that rap video is coming, but since people now finally know that hacking was fake no
one will probably care. That might not be true, because as usual most
people have still no idea that hacking is fake, because they can’t be bother to do a
little fact check. And some people can’t be conviced just by seeing all evidence that
hacker is just Coppercab’s runescape buddy. These people probably won’t be convinced even
if coppercab directly say that it was just a scheme. Yeah they would probably claim that he’s just
trying to cover his stupidity. Thank you Steve. So you see everything was explained. That’s all for this evening, stay tune for
more TrollsNews, please subscribe like and comment this video and thank you for watching. My name is Vol Jang stay safe under the youtube

32 Replies to “Trolls Breaking News – CopperCab hacker exposed

  1. @PerfectRock007 I was doing that line maybe five times and I still couldn't pronounce it right, so said to myself "fuck it, I use the worst one" ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. @DarcyDignam and TrollsNews loves you my child
    sorry I was watching some religious videos so now I talk weird for few minutes … who's up for crusade?

  3. well, I'm very happy that you're enjoying my RuneScape pronunciation and that it happened to be the major topic of comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @blackoutworm well duh, I mean the footage was obviously recorded by the "hacker", only reason why would he record it would be to release it later, I thought that's obvious enough that I didn't need to mention it
    I'm just not sure if that is directly their channel, personally I would throw it on someone else, I would send someone this footage and let other people to do the "hard" work … but yeah, most likely it was created by them

  5. @blackoutworm yeah, the basic concept of hacking was retarded, but I have to say they really managed this release of information to keep people's attention.
    It's like Avatar, the basic concept of the movie is shit, but for some reason people are still watching

  6. Guy just commented before me can you tell age and full name like first name middle and last name thanks in advance

  7. Can please teach me your Czech accent it's cool sorry comments I know what you thinking that I too stupid to put it in one but umm lol I didn't think of until now stupid moment for me

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