Tracking Trump’s Campaign Promises On Immigration, Border Wall | NBC News NOW

Tracking Trump’s Campaign Promises On Immigration, Border Wall | NBC News NOW

40 Replies to “Tracking Trump’s Campaign Promises On Immigration, Border Wall | NBC News NOW

  1. 🤔 maybe if he wasnt being MOCKED & BLOCKED 24/7 lol.
    Like Brexit, the remainers DRAGGED IT OUT 3 YEARS and kept blaming their PM 🤪

  2. He delivered over 180 promises. The best President ever. Who cares who pays for the wall? Just get it done to stop the crime.

  3. , kkkk everyone who likes wall please barks with me for Trump the word "wall" bark saying "wall, wall, wall' is funny, you too, please barks with me…

  4. Good. The sooner Americans understand that a lot of her problems come from illegal immigrants. The sooner we can tackle our own problems make America safer and then let more in the right way.

  5. Mexico has thousands of troops stopping illegal immigrants while we build the wall. It’s a joint effort and Mexico is indeed paying for it at the expense of their troops.

  6. What good is a powerful military Frontline, if you are going to leave the back door unlocked and open, Mr. President keep up the good work, and build that wall.

  7. I think it would be funny if people put dynamite incrementally along the wall & blew it all up! I know it would be a waste of OUR tax money, but it would still be funny. After all, Mexican people have been stealing pieces of it & the wind has been blowing over parts of it.

  8. More fake news from the communist.

    Mexico would have paid for the wall if Pelosi had not stalled the trade agreement.
    Its funny how you claim they are not building a wall, and others are complaining they are.

    They are working on getting rid of sanctuary cities.
    The deportation levels are lower because they are not coming in as fast.
    Trump did not do the separation of families, Obama did. Trump has started using DNA testing to find those that are not actually families and separating people that are sick from those not.
    He did not say they would have it, they would have started it.
    Border patrol says that is new walls.

  9. Progress? Regression is a better term for TRUMP’s promises. Regression into isolationism. Regression into Jim Crow laws towards minorities. Regression into religious bigotry comparable to Klu Klux Klan style thinking where one would have to be White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) which is as anti-American as it can get.

  10. USA must stop criminal and terrorist activities around the world. USA must stop creating war, creating terrorism and creating terrorism fear around the world. America has killed few million people since the second world war. America is the only country has used the nuclear-bomb on people, everywher is America and there is terrorists, destruction and killing. America is making the world unstable and dangerous place. European and NATO are brain-dead and paralysed by America. The European and NATO is there just to support and cover up United state criminal activity around the world and criminal foreign policies.

  11. how about the soldiers from Mexico guarding the borders now,who pays them, the government of Mexico,of course,that is paying for the wall.

  12. Anyone with anything near a triple digit IQ knows a wall in the middle of nowhere in Texas isn't going to keep anyone out of the country. What we are building is the world biggest and most expensive racist monument.

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