Top RPG News of the Week on The Elder Scrolls Online, Nier, The Surge, Shadow of War & More!

Top RPG News of the Week on The Elder Scrolls Online, Nier, The Surge, Shadow of War & More!

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the
latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings
across the Fextralife Wiki Network. With Morrowind for Elder Scrolls Online launching
in just a few days, we took the time to break down the major changes that are coming to
PC, PS4 and Xbox One with this expansion and its accompanying patch. One of the truly amazing and little-known
things that Zenimax has done in this update, is taken the exact map used in the Elder Scrolls
III: Morrowind and duplicated it within Elder Scrolls Online. Although the Morrowind map is exact, what’s
inside of it is quite different indeed. Check out our video and companion article
on the changes coming with the Morrowind expansion and accompanying update. There are some major changes to the Champion
System, Cyrodiil and PvP, general combat, class and abilities as well as a host of other
miscellaneous changes. In all, the changes are probably a step in
the right direction for Elder Scrolls Online, albeit a small one, we’ll reserve judgement
until we get some extensive time with the game on the live server. Square Enix has announced that the Platinum
Games developed Nier: Automata has shipped 1.5 million combined physical units shipped
and digital copies sold. Talk about surprise commercial hit for the
follow up to the more cult status original Nier game. The game reached the 1 million mark just this
past April after releasing early March on PS4 and PC, so it’s attainment of 1.5 million
is proof of its continued strong sales performance. We scored the game high in our review, finding
that the game successfully blended modern high speed action with old school gaming elements
like hidden secrets, multiple endings and very quirky qualities that made it quite the
unique game. If you haven’t tried Nier: Automata yet,
it has a free demo on the Playstation Store which is one of the best free half hours of
gaming you’ll come across. If you pick it up, be sure to check out our
beginner’s guide and wiki for everything you need on endings, quests, weapons, skills
and check out our trophy guide to earn that tricky platinum! The first major update for Deck 13’s Action
RPG The Surge is out today for players of the dystopic game. The game released on May 16th for the PS4,
Xbox One and PC and the developer has been gathering player feedback and input since
then which have all gone into this first update. The patch makes several changes to the game,
including enabling players to block most enemy attacks that were only previously able to
be ducked or hopped. Lighter weapons will now be better at staggering
enemies making them a much more viable choice. Furthermore various bugs and exploits have
been patched and some of the game’s core mechanics have received some tweaks, such
as hitboxes of enemies and actions that consume stamina. Overall, these tweaks aim to bring some refinement
and balance to the game’s visceral combat. The full patch notes are listed on the wiki. If you’re interested in learning more about
this Dark Souls and Bloodborne inspired game from the creators of Lords of the Fallen,
check out our review of The Surge to see what we thought about it (hint: we liked it a lot). Monolith Productions and Warner Bros. have
announced that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will now have a release date of October 10th,
2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, which is a delay of 2 months from the game’s originally
announced August 22nd launch day. Shadow of War is the sequel to 2014’s Shadow
of Mordor which caught gaming audiences surprise with its intense combat and innovative Nemesis
system that created some emergent gameplay situations when faced with foes from past
encounters. Shadow of War is looking to build on those
core gameplay elements by adding more of RPG framework, as well as an expanded Nemesis
system that features allies and loyalty. Did we mention drake riding? There’s that too. Check out our full preview of the game to
learn more about how they’re evolving the franchise. Thoughts on the delay to October? Let us know in the comments and keep checking
back for more. THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have announced
that Elex, their upcoming science-fantasy open world RPG will release for the PS4, Xbox
One and PC on October 17th. They’ve released a cinematic trailer with
the announcement that sets up some of the game’s faction based story. The game will feature seamless open world
gameplay which lets you explore freely, even vertically via your jetpack. You will take on highly interconnected quests
and encounter NPCs and Factions that will all react to the choices you make creating
a dynamically changing game world. A Collector’s Edition for Elex will be available
which includes a 10-inch-high figurine of an Alb Mage, a 2-inch amulet in the form of
a combat drone, a cloth map showing the world of Magalan, the original score on CD plus
an artbook. Last October, inXile Entertainment announced
the Wasteland 3 Fig crowdfunding campaign and quickly made their way towards hitting
their goals for the next entry in the celebrated Wasteland series, a precursor to the Fallout
franchise. The game is tentatively scheduled for release
in 2019 and after meeting it’s initial funding goal of 2.75 million USD, it wound up raising
a total of 3.1 million USD hitting all but 1 of its stretch goals. One of the first goals was the Morningstar,
a “commie loathing” talking car companion, which is certain to have a repertoire of biting
quips. In subsequent updates on the game, using the
Fig platform similar to their associates, Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire,
the team has revealed some of what they’re working on. Combat, facial models and locations are all
getting some heavy development. The game has no release date set, but is already
generating anticipation for what it’s going to be adding to the franchise, especially
multiplayer and vehicles. We are excited to see it unfold and will be
sure to keep bringing updates as the game’s development progresses! When we last checked in with the Fig (yes
Fig not Kickstarter!) crowdfunding campaign for Pillars of Eternity 2 from Obsidian Entertainment,
they had just wrapped up their campaign with a resounding success of over 4 million USD
raised by the end of February. Since then the game went through a slacker
backer period and the development team has been at work adding new features to the sequel
to Pillars of Eternity and sister franchise to last year’s Tyranny. After hitting their initial funding goal,
Obsidian proceeded to make their way through their stretch goals such as new sub-classes,
a new companion and companion relationships, more ship variety and upgrades and other wrinkles
and localization. In their slacker backer period, they hit one
of their new stretch goals which was the addition of a crew you can hire and manage for your
ship which will be your roving base. From a design standpoint, they’ve been working
on first and second passes on environments like adding lighting and elements, character
components like base armor sets, dialogue for quests and more. As it pertains to the world and flavor, some
of the factions that will be present in the game were discussed, such as the Principi,
Huana, Royal Deadfire Company (RDC) and Vailian Trading Company (VTC) and they will give cultural
and gameplay flavor to the game. There is no Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
release date announced as of yet but we can anticipate it sometime next year. It’s always a big deal for the RPG world
when Square Enix announces a new game, and they have done so this week, with the announcement
of Lost Sphear, developed by the Tokyo RPG Factory who created the acclaimed I Am Setsuna. The game will launch for the PS4, PC and Switch
in early 2018, at a 49.99 USD launch price. They released an announcement trailer for
the game. The game will build on the gameplay system
of I Am Setsuna (which we tabbed as one of our Top 5 RPGs: March) with a revamped ATB
battle system that allows players to strategize and adjust mid-fight. It will feature seamless environments and
various locations to explore. Lost Sphear will be available both digitally
and physical, which can be pre-ordered exclusively from the Square Enix online store for the
PS4 and Switch versions. Pre-orders will receive 2 music tracks as
a launch day bonus. As crowdfunding continues to be an important
early step for indie game developers, the various platforms are at times inundated with
new games, many of which are mediocre. But every now and then, one catches a bit
of fire and buzz as it barrels through funding goals. Blasphemous is one of such recent meteors. From Spanish developer, The Game Kitchen,
creators of The Last Door, Blasphemous is a 2D action platformer with an unmistakable
Soulslike vibe that combines hack and slash combat with a rich and evocative narrative
and non-linear levels. It is scheduled to release in Q1 2019 and
has already met its Kickstarter goal and is surging past its stretch goals. Check out our mini-preview on the blog where
we take a look at it’s early story and gameplay as well as a bunch of brutal screenshots. Blasphemous looks oppressive, heavy and metal
as hell. And it looks like it’s going to be a blast
in the vein of games like Salt and Sanctuary and the recently released Metroidvania, Dead
Cells. We’ll be putting together a much more in
depth preview in the future, once we have seen more of the gameplay and all that’s
inside. Final Fantasy XII has earned its place as
a fan favorite of the long running series, with many players counting it as their favorite
to date. However, when the game released for the PS2
in 2006, it also received its fair share of criticism from the dedicated fanbase. The game was largely the first in the franchise
to feature real time open worlds and a real-time combat format. For some, this dramatic departure from the
gameplay found in the franchise’s signature titles like FFVII and FFX was too much to
accept. As a result, the remaster Final Fantasy XII
The Zodiac Age was announced, and more than just a pretty coat of paint, the remaster
is looking to make some significant overhauls to the game’s core mechanics. Check out our preview of the upcoming remaster
on the blog. Final Fantasy XII is a game that was ahead
of its time, as many of its elements that seemed jarring then: open world, real time
combat, are commonplace in modern RPGs, including the Final Fantasy series. Releasing so late in the PS2’s life cycle
certainly placed it in a tweener realm of gaming development, because of its more forward
thinking concepts running on the limitations of older hardware. Because of this, the overhaul of the remaster
treatment just makes sense. With modern hardware able to deliver graphical
and processing power and modern tastes looking for open, action focused gaming, FFXII The
Zodiac Age is getting a second chance to make a first impression. From the looks of it, it seems like they’re
maximizing that opportunity. Playstation 4 (and Vita!) fans enthusiastic
for what Sony will be announcing at E3 2017 will be happy to know that the Playstation
E3 experience is returning live to theaters. Theaters across NA will broadcast the conference
live, helping to deliver the larger than life experience for those who can’t make it to
E3 in person. Those who attend will go home with a poster
and one of the Playstation collectible cards as well as some digital rewards from the Playstation
Store. Tickets are free and can be obtained on their
website while supplies last. Attendees who have registered for a ticket
will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis until the theater reaches capacity,
so get there early because receiving a ticket does not guarantee you a seat. Attendees must be 17 years of age or older
to attend this event. Check out our blog article for a full list
of every participating theater. So there’s your opportunity to be up front
and center to see what Sony reveals for the Playstation. Bloodborne 2? Deep Down? Something else? Do you love hanging out at FextraLife and
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