Tonight we’re going to be talking to
Tony Gosling we’ve had a number of technical issues just to start off the
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the screen here and and we’re going to bring Tony on in in just a moment here
so bear with me and some reason the chat room seems to have stopped working and
that is a very strange thing we don’t know why that that is but I am now
back from Marrakech Morocco where we were looking into doing a tour over
there at some ancient sites and doing some research and it was a lot of fun
very fascinating country I must say and so we were able to get some cheap
tickets over there from England now I’m on my way to morrow
back to the USA so that’s what’s happening with Project Camelot and now
what I will do is bring Tony onto the screen here and hopefully this will all
go smoothly Tony welcome glad to have you here with us
all right so we want to cover a number of topics today and I’d like you to give
yourself a brief introduction since there may be some people who haven’t
seen our other broadcasts do program in Bristol every week politics program for
two hours which is engaging politicians the members of parliament who some of
whom are very reluctant to come on the radio others a mess without sin
for example the really the more hardcore pelea rights in the labour party like
Kerry McCarthy he’s a Bristol MP she’s I mean she would hate to be called a Blair
right but actually I think that’s what that’s one of the reasons she won’t
doesn’t want to come on the radio because she won’t you know sort of
engage with that analysis of of her I mean she was very she almost vitriolic
attacking Jeremy Corbyn during the leadership campaign with Owen Smith and
the the I mean there’s any one conclusion you can draw from someone
who’s calling their own party leader a cult leader which is that they’re not
very really very loyal to the membership of the party so I think we’ve got a
problem that problem in the labour party also
some of the Tories don’t want to come on but we’re getting a lot of councillors
on and we get a lot of analysis of what’s going on in the city of Bristol
has been fascinating to see what’s happening because the people may not
realize that by 2020 local government in Britain it looks like we’ll get no
funding whatsoever from central government if this conservative
government gets its way and they will have to be raised all of the taxes that
they spend in the regions from their own council tax and they’re now considering
trying to raise council tax from people with no money so politically it’s
explosive really it means that we’ve got a similar sort of situation that we have
in Spain and in Greece and also in Ukraine just before the Maidan protests
where people are paying their taxes but they’re all going most of those taxes
are going to pay off debt from the from the banks they’re not actually being
spent on local services all the things that people want them to be spent on so
we’ve got that happening in Bristol and this is all under a Labour mayor Marvin
Rees is labored he was elected last year but Elia seems to be far more draconian
in taxing people with no money than anyone before so that’s what I do every
week my background is I was trained by the BBC in the 1980 1990s worked at the
biggest radio station in London at the time which was Greater London radio
American High Street and we had a big team of researchers working on things
like the IRA bomb attacks in the early 90s I’ve also been involved in
supporting squatters squatter’s rights for example you know empty buildings
that are left empty the years they occupied by people in
fact some of them you know may stay there for a long time so but my main
focus really is on doing something like you’re doing really Carrie which is
because the mainstream concentrates all of its effort in London all of the
national and international news analysis is done from London very little from
anywhere else and say what we’re trying to do is to break that monopoly and that
stranglehold on the news that the London media are sometimes calling the mafia
media brought about in this country and it’s meant that we’re just not getting
any depth of analysis we’re getting superficial reporting and on all the key
issues really any way you can describe is lies yes absolutely well of course
we’re having that dire situation in America at the moment as well as
everyone knows and actually really worldwide I have to say I wouldn’t trust
any countries news to be honest with you but what I want to do is is really
launch into these various topics and nowhere with limited time here today
with you Tony so if you would just be so kind as to sort of jump into the first
topic that you prefer to talk about okay I think maybe the biggest thing that is
not being done properly by the mainstream press I get people carry are
you probably due to saying or why don’t you talk about this actually I don’t
often it’s quite often big news stories that we don’t cover at all because the
mainstream press has done a reasonable job and you know you can’t throw the
baby out with the bathwater there are some good channels out there
Teddy sir English over in Venezuela is doing some fantastic stuff Abby Martin
used to be on Artie she’s been doing at this clinic it’s called the Empire
report program on there is brilliant it’s really good
oh sure those tell you English and it’s a brilliant job in Latin America in in
bursting the the media monopoly bubble of the big corporate banks the funded
media yeah also of course things like Press TV Russia today have actually made
a bit of an impact and I think it’s fair to say that al-jazeera based in Qatar is
the reason that we’ve had this recent attack
Kathir in the Middle East from all of the Western powers saying all catters
terrible particularly the Saudis really having a go than blockading the country
is because al-jazeera is actually providing a bit of a different voice and
actually this seems to me nowadays look at what happened with Iraq and weapons
of mass destruction the mainstream media in the West is the spearhead of the war
machine these are where the lies begin all this stuff about Gaddafi bombing his
own people this came from the media it wasn’t actually happening but it was the
excuse and that’s what they’re using the media for so I think the main thing to
talk about just you know I’ll run through some stuff if that’s okay
is this Las Vegas attack the Vegas it’s ads on the strip because the way it’s
been reported okay you’ve noticed it’s probably that it was in the news pretty
much for five or six days and then it’s kind of dropped off the media some
unbelievable and amazing stuff came out in that probably the most fascinating
was Briana Hendricks who is that young girl who did an interview with sky
saying that these people were in the in the concert thousands of people in that
concert but down the front of the concert these people push their way to
the front these two Hispanics and they were touching people’s hair and kind of
getting invading their personal space and be acting really weird saying you’re
all going to die you’re all going to effing die but now this I mean you know
maybe that’s fake that interview I don’t think it is it just has that ring of
truth about it this to me is a mafia fingerprint a massive great mafia
thumbprint on this attack it’s like saying well it’s a bit like that what
the math you do is they come and they tell you that they threatening you
before they murder you you know this kind of attitude of well we’re just
going to have a bit of fun it’s like they’re playing cat-and-mouse in such a
horrific situation so I think that’s really important those people traced the
phone of the Hispanic means possibly its links to the drugs trade as we know the
Las Vegas was built by the Mafia for the Mafia the the Las Vegas police
department is probably used to having deal with the Mafia and they understand
they make one understand privately what they’re dealing with it’s very difficult
come on public with that but I think that the the other major problem is with
them as we saw I think with last Thursday the FBI carry started briefing
against the local police the local police were saying we don’t believe that
Steven credit acted alone immediately the FBI come out and say well anyone can
say that that’s just speculation you can say anything
they’re briefing against the local cops now the local cops they should allow to
in to investigate this attack and find out who really did it because personally
I don’t believe Steven pattern had any intention and was actually involved in
any of the killing it’s quite obvious that they were other people in that room
there’s the fairly hard evidence there was a phone charger left in in the room
which wasn’t one of attached to any of the phones that he had so somebody else
was charging their phone in there not Steven paddock and also there was this
amazing hour-long gap between the end of the machine-gunning and the local police
SWAT team actually bursting into the room so there’s an hour where all sorts
of things could have happened shots were fired out of the room as well so it was
a period of time where they weren’t police in the corridor outside so I
think it’s pretty clear and also there’s another really I think fascinating
should we say smoking gun there’s loads of smoking guns with this attack but one
of them is the the Wendy Miller from ku Roy that see double o AR o Y in
Australia who was reported in the Australian press as being in a nearby
bar and saying that this a security guard came sprinting sprinting she says
out of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and it was pursued by learn about the security
guards shouting free to stop it cetera now this looks to me as if it may have
been the real shooter or one of the people involved in the attack in some
way being pursued by security but the interesting thing is of course if
they’re wearing a security gear a private security firm gear then they are
less likely to be arrested it may be that they were in disguise so I mean
there are other bits and pieces to do with this mainly is I mean it’s quite
clear from this guy’s profile as a millionaire everything to live for all
of the people surrounding him his friends and his family and his
girlfriend have all said they don’t think that he would do such a thing at
all it’s not in his profile his next-door neighbor is ex-marine core
actually said that there was no way that he did it he believed he was a patsy I
believe I think we are asking questions also of Rita Katz and the site
intelligence website as well as a news agency who both reported this as an Isis
attack now what that could leap mean is that the FBI are running kind of covert
Isis units of some sort and as we know much of what Isis does is supported
covertly by Western intelligence services and by Western private military
companies so I think we’ve got a link there to to what was what’s happening
with this most horrific attack absolutely well I do agree with you and
of course we have Jim Fetzer a doctor Jim Fetzer and Scott Bennett and we’ve
got Jim stone I’ve got a if you can go to my website everyone who’s listening
I’ve got a whole slew of great links and information new stuff coming forward
actually every day and today is no exception
Steve Wynn as you may have heard came forward saying they didn’t have the
proper security on the air on the elevators supposedly so that the guns
could be moved in and out all kinds of really anomalous crazy stuff The
Manchurian Candidate aspect of this is obvious and you’ll see from this look at
the reporting has been it’s almost all been on focused on him whole history
without I haven’t heard hardly anybody talking about his work for Lockheed
Martin right which is of course one of the reasons why the FBI may have
recruited him because obviously someone has been in the middle of a major
defense contractor is exactly the sort of person that the FBI would like to
recruit to maybe do some kind of sting operation so he thinks he’s doing one
thing and they suddenly fire surrounded by these nutters what’s a
machine-gun people we also haven’t got yet a kind of death I would suggest that
he was probably shot and killed in that room
actually Jim vesser I don’t know if you heard this piece of information that
said there’s a pool of blood and there are shell casings on top of the blood
which means the shooting he was supposed to be shooting after he was already dead
so you know you see that this is obviously showing that you’ve got his
hands down both sides right his legs down obviously kind of straight as if
he’s kind of just laid out on the bed straight with his hands both sides and
yet the gun you know they’re here somewhere it’s about three feet away so
I don’t know what happened maybe there was an amazing recoil on the gun and it
bounced off the floor it bounced off the wall and it bounced over to the other
side of the room is that feasible yeah no it’s I mean there’s so many smoke
there are some literal smoking guns here just so many of them and and and and I I
do plan to do another show and you’re certainly welcome to join whoever I can
get who is looking into this the researchers the various people various mafia because they are a major force
should be coming out and first of all condemning this rather than hiding under
the under a rock as they normally do this is such an important attack in the
city we need to come out and you say we had nothing to do with this and also we
have these leads and we’d like to tell the public about it because if that
doesn’t happen and I think we just have to come to the conclusion that since
this is mafia city that the mafia were involved also going back to the claims
of this being an Isis attack you know this is beyond a joke it has gone as
Steven Bennett is working for Isis certainly they’ve even had the chip the
chutzpah to claim that that he converted to Islam a few weeks ago right Wow just
a minute this is nonsense and of course all of
his friends and family of citizen nonsense but if if this kind of rubbish
is being peddled as truth by the mainstream
you know what Rita Katz has said and she is the person that all the Western media
go to to find out if something is an Isis attack on her she said this is
verified she is hundred-percent verified this
statement from Isis right from the Emmitt news agency now who runs Isis you
know every single attack that she is verified in the past every single one
including the Manchester bombing here in Britain and every other so-called Isis
kind of tape the other ones on Paris for example Brussels all these attacks I
think we need to be somebody needs to really have a Worman Rita Katz if that
was Isis then I’m a the Queen of Sheba right absolutely
fair enough Tony let’s move on to Catalan because Catalonia there there’s
a lot going on over there I’d like to hear your opinion
I know you know being a sort of a Europe equate I hear being as a Brit being
closer to the the mark there can you can you talk a little bit about your opinion
on what’s going on well it’s not so much my opinion it’s what the mainstream
press has been totally leaving out in their coverage about the Catalan
referendum yes they’ve showed the violence bla bla but they’ve left out
this really important and I will spell this for you G you are te l is a scandal
that’s been rumbling on over in Spain since around about 2012 2013 the gir
tale scandal and as part of that scandal what we’ve seen is a whole load of
documents produced by the ruling party or they called the People’s Party which
by the way is Franco’s party Franco when he died the fascist dictator of Spain it
was responsible for the horrors of the Spanish Civil War he died in 1975 and
handed over power to put King Juan Carlos Kwan Carlos a few years ago
implicated and handed over to Philip a we’ve got a direct succession from
Franco to the current royal family in Spain who by the way I build a blur
because I mean that almost goats should go without saying but it
then this scandals affected deep same parties Franco’s that is that is to say
Rajas party and baths anus who was their party treasurer they what they were
doing was I suppose what fascists all over the world do is they have quiet
slush funds so they’re getting loads of money from industry and in this case in
Spain it was the construction industry so these massive government buildings
all sorts of government construction contracts roads all these kinds of
things every time the government awarded a construction content to a particular
company they were getting millions of euros and that was going into a Swiss
bank account managed by the party Bible st. us the by the treasurer and hundreds
of thousands of pounds would be I mean I’ll talking about three four or five
hundreds of thousands of pounds were being paid into bank accounts of the the
people’s party cabinet ruling cabinet government now that court case has been
rumbling on for a couple of years the greatest and the best judges in Spain
have been trying to nail these guys but you know what’s been happening I suppose
you could predict what I’m going to say now is that the ruling party and King
Felipe and King Juan Carlos have been maneuvering to get these judges removed
and so what you’ve got is you’ve got a judicial system where all of the best
judges and all the most knowledgeable and the bravest judges have been one way
or another kicked out from the courts so they’ve done that to make sure that none
that nobody goes to jail importantly the in this girl scandal 22 million euros in
a Swiss bank account just a slush fund to pay to anybody that wants to do at
the party or here’s a million you know this is totally an utterly criminal they
should all be in jail but they’re not they’re running the country and that’s
why I think we’ve had these ridiculous decisions from the Constitutional Court
saying that you can’t have a referendum you can’t vote that it’s legal to send
police in and as Craig Murray the for me whose Becca stone ambassador has pointed
out what everything that they’ve been doing is countering is illegal under the
European Convention of fundamental human rights so is that it’s about six or
seven different cases of the articles of that charter that have been
broken by the Spanish government by the Spanish police by waiting in to beat our
old ladies were waiting to queue up to vote the BBC reported this incredibly as
protesters clashing with police know the police beating up and and firing rubber
bullets into voters not protesters voters just trying to stop the vote so I
think we’re going to see this rumbling on and there the most important thing to
come out of it is that many people who thought that it was a good idea to
support the European Union for whatever reason you know the 48% in the brexit
vote and now I’m looking at this is saying right well the brussels is
supporting of fascists what’s going on here and a lot of people have been
repelled by that Kerry and I mean I think Craig Murray’s article he did last
week is actually brilliant to see well look here’s someone who supported he has
supported the European Union most of his life he say could one look at what’s
happening cancer though you said never again
right right very interesting yes there are definite you know parallels with the
whole brexit thing and and more to come I would imagine it in some other
countries but it’s fascinating that Spain has heated up in quite this way
remember the Basque separatists right there right next door right no this is
actually although it’s all about Catalonia it’s also about the basque
country because the Basques are sitting there like this watching what’s
happening over there they are much more likely to to have a similar kind of vote
now they’ve given an example to the whole world of how the modern european
governments behave and and they’re in a way that they’re being very very small
they’re testing people right people like Trump around the world and they see are
they gonna support a lot and it’s becoming clearer and clearer to
everybody around the world these people aren’t interested democracy they’re
trying to create a police state in Catalonia last weekend they did create a
police state they had a police state a fascist police state it’s not mince
words and that’s actually I
think at the back of all of this is slowly but surely it’s becoming
impossible for people not to see that that’s what’s going on at the top of
power you know concentration of power in these most powerful maniacs yeah whether you back with these audience okay keeps a
live chat so that the people watching can constantly tell people like you and
I hey hey guys Scott youtubers cut out yeah YouTube’s
got stuck there’s no reason for it it’s now operational again yes we were
talking about the Basque people right when the audio cut out so if you could
reiterate that and then we’ll we’ll continue yeah because of course the etre
and the Basques have been trying to separate from Spain for decades and
though there was an armed campaign rather like the RA campaign to do that
for many years and then that was all kind of agreed quiet and down but the
best should be watching very very closely what’s happening in Catalonia
and many other people around Europe in tyrol in Austria for example they
announced they have a secession movement in Venice in Italy there’s a secession
movement there so I think it’s called a del Norte which is a bit kind of
right-wing but whatever it doesn’t really seem to matter you know there are
people now who are thinking what’s the point of pain to have taxes to a
government it’s just simply going to use it to repay debt and we don’t see any
services with as I was saying on you about what’s happening in Bristol you
know there’s less of their services they’re saying now that they’re
basically just gonna be a bureaucracy sitting there they actually be providing
services but if people with no money they pay them tax they’ll go to jail I
mean it’s starting to look a bit feudal and it’s at night the sort of you know
Robin Hood Sheriff of Nottingham style situation where you know you’ve got kind
of tyrants around the country you know running things for a central government
but they really want to talk about Smith that’s that’s great but before you go on
to Cyril I do want to ask you this question today are you aware that there
is an American base that’s quite significant in Spain and this separatist
movement may be of great concern to the American military and of course to Spain
keeping any kind of relationship going this is a jumping off point always for
anything going on in the Middle East that the American
government wants to be you know in on and and able to launch you know their
attacks from and so and so forth are you aware of that
yeah I mean II you calm this is bu calm and I think most people may permit
mother strongly how many of your viewers understand that the United States now
dominate the world through its unified command structure when we’ve got in
Europe we’ve got you calm in South America the South calm and the Middle
East there’s what they call sitcom there’s a whole load of different
command structures around the world and these bases I mean for example CENTCOM
is in an AFRICOM is in both in I believe in Germany and these are massive come up
command and control headquarters structures where the world there’s no
part of the world doesn’t come under this
EU comm will be most definitely looking at what’s happened in Catalonia they’ll
be thinking about Spain and their main aim is to make sure that they maintain
their bases and that’s why I think Trump has weighed in here because he’s been
taking orders from the Pentagon look we need our bases let’s make sure this
doesn’t happen we don’t want any kind of autonomy for these little countries so
that’s another really really really sharp well done for pointing out that
which I failed to do that there is a US military interest in this as well not
just financial from the center or control freaks it’s also the u.s. Empire
which Britain is really part of yes absolutely well thank you for
acknowledging that so we can move on to the Cyril this news case that has come
forward that you wanted to mention that was in the I guess the British papers
today is that right Smith when we had Ted Heath last week the day after the
party conference and I dunno have been about the whole tentative business
because I was working in Salisbury where Ted Heath was living in the 1990s for
the BBC and there was a lot of discussion amongst journalists in the
city about about you know child abuse in the city
and attempts to investigate and attempt to report to the public what was going
on you know it’s just the way investigative journalism works is is it
takes a lot of time and effort to get your facts straight and all the Ducks in
line before you go public on something and a quorum that gives the perpetrators
plenty of time to bamboozle and to torpedo your little exercise so but with
with Cyril Smith I just think it’s absolutely appalling the best person I
think on this is a guy called Don Hale he was actually given by Barbara castle
a hold dossier which police had given to her about Cyril Smith and then he was
visited by Special Branch and got mi5 then basically told you were he wasn’t
allowed to use any of this and they were they were threatening to jail him if you
so much as mention anything about it so I think it’s we have to be absolutely
crystal clear here that the police have been a part of the cover-up and I think
many people know that but we need to nail these coppers who’ve been involved
in this because some of them have been good they’ve been trying to do the
investigation but as they get close to you know indicted someone like Cyril
Smith that what they’re told then is that oh dear the Director of Public
Prosecutions doesn’t think that there’s a there’s a likely case I think trying
to remember the actual expression that a reasonable chance of a conviction that’s
right and so they just pull them so all that hard work that police have put in
over months and months and maybe even years altogether of man-hours is thrown
away and in fact they’ve even said now that so the files that they wholesale
Smith apparently the directory property prosecutors have lost those files –
there were requests also made by journalists to the Director of Public
Prosecutions Office about do you have these files on Cyril Smith and they
denied it they lied they simply gnarlie and so the police have been and that
mainly really I think the higher up police are the security services and
this was exactly the same case this is one of the reasons I this
this story and I thought gosh this is what was happening to us in Salisbury
because because I mean we were it was let me just if I miss detail what we
knew at the time which I actually got the same a couple of months after this
so we were looking into it we were just getting some stuff prepared and I
suddenly get told right you can’t work at the BBC anymore attorney we’re not
gonna renew your contract we’ve run out of money bye-bye and what happened I
think I mean you know it’s difficult to know for sure but someone had got wind
someone I was actually told by the management
well sure sound up child’s working for BBC wiltshire sale when we first started
discussing this with the with the BBC people who were our bosses up in Swindon
that I was told well the police have looked into this Tony and they found
nothing well yeah now that’s understandable that someone
would say that but in a way I suppose that could be a kind of backhanded
compliment they could be saying well maybe the police to be trusted on this
and he’s quite clear there were many people went to the police at the time in
about child abuse in the city which was going on actually in the same way as in
many other places watch there on elsewhere which was a care homes okay so
these were government care homes not all owned by the government but certainly
people kids were placed there some taken away forcibly from their families and
put in there but then those kids were being basically pimped out by people
working at the care home is in the same city so it’s possible that some of them
were to him now I didn’t interview a guy called bill Woodhouse a couple years ago
near Hugh Teddy through the failing world and he absolutely confirmed that
he had a real interest in young boys he said he’s you know you quoted when a
young boy came into the room Ted’s face would light up you know is obviously
something quite unhealthy was supposed to be a sexual that’s nonsense of course
he wasn’t a sexual and and but one thing bill did say is he said he didn’t really
think that Ted had a interesting underaged board so we’re not
really talking about pedophilia what we’re talking about is child sexual
abuse so that is with boys over about the age of 11 but wait one second Tony
because I want to back you up a little I I understand you understand you know and
you may be very knowledgeable about the history here but I know that the
listeners are going to be a bit confused so you’re jumping around a bit and what
I’d wanted to do is zero in on this new news that came out about Cyril Smith I
see that he was at least offered knighthood by the Queen or not by
Thatcher actually many years ago at that time there were allegations coming
forward those seemed to have been buried since then can you explain why suddenly
the focus is on Cyril Smith what’s the new information well the new and the
prosecution the Office of Public Prosecutions
lied to the press about Cyril Smith case this is now quite clear and of course
that’s only actually come out today I mean it might sound like we all thought
they would yes but clearly admitted that they lied when they were asked questions
about Smith they just gave they said oh no there is no prosecution there is no
case it’s now found is not alive to defend himself correct he’s died in 2010
according to this Guardian article I think it’s the Guardian yeah what the
Guardian is saying that he knew the prosecutors lied to the press about
Cyril Smith case mi5 knew and so there was no not to press charges it’s pretty
clear isn’t it we can see a pattern emerging across the country reason I’m
bringing in Ted Heath is because this is just last week he was a conservative
Prime Minister the report was delayed until the day after the Tory Party
conference rolls cynically by Wiltshire police but it’s quite clear you’ve got
collusion going on between the police at the time and and these high-profile
child abusers and also it does seem that the present inquiry is
doing absolutely nothing ready to get to the to the truth even though they’re
supposed to be taking evidence in Rochdale about Cyril Smith we’ve got
present-day abusers I think much much people seem to be dwelling on those who
have died and I think it’s much more important to move the Director of Public
Prosecutions or whoever to do that but there’s no evidence that Alexis Jay is
running this National Enquirer is going to do that you look at the previous
report that she did up in I think it was in gosh was it Rotherham yeah and nobody
from the public services that is a police or social services who was
prosecuted no none of the people who’ve been involved in this abuse over many
many years were sent to jail even put on trial
so I think that’s that that’s why she’s been chosen to run this major national
inquiry is because she’s got a track record of not prosecuting the people
responsible is so cynical to put someone on that in charge well this is
absolutely and this is a par for the course I’m afraid I do want to ask you
however though this this all pointing to what you set a childcare facility or
facilities in Rockdale I believe it is and other places in other words what
we’ve got here is every evidence of what we call institutionalized pedophilia
institutionalized you know sexual abuse of young people
and this kind of thing in other words it is already part of the
system and this is the thing that has to be attacked I think the only thing to
say about about my experience in Salisbury mean this is directly I was
working in 1992 was that the people who owned the care homes were Tories they
were the guy was the deputy leader in a deputy leader of the conservative group
on Salisbury District Council and is that significant I mean is there
political affiliation a reflection of their sexual proclivities I mean is that
what you’re linking I think I think the main purpose of this child sexual abuse
establishment child so she abuse is not anything really to do with people’s
sexual preferences is actually to do with blackmail
so I believe is to bring people in to through this kind of treadmill of child
sex abuse get photographs of them get evidence of them send them and then send
them up through the political system up to the top and that means that you can
just easily manipulate no this is effectively a kind of simple organized
crime tactic that’s been going on for years
yes get a bit of dirt on a senior public official and then you can get them to do
what you want it might be as a police chief a major senior detective it might
be the mayor of some big American city or wherever but ages I think that’s why
it’s so disturbing this has been going on within the British state is just not
the person to do it I mean if I would have been abused myself thank God I
wasn’t personally I would not want to talk to her because I know that she is
not going to nail and not going to prosecute the people who were
responsible for the abuse so you know it’s a it’s a quite I think cynical
moved puts on a home charge and it’s just a more abuse a bit like grenfell
tower as the atrocity right not a tragedy it was something which was done
to us done to them an atrocity and then what does the government do it puts in
charge of inquiry some judge I mean he’s known for is for making decisions but
for supporting hesitant Chelsea for other councils to kick people out from
London and put them out in Milton Keynes so somebody is is the council at a
council tenant and the council wants to they can say right we don’t want you
living here anymore we’ve found a place for you Milton Keynes
by off you go and the grant felt our survivors have got to sit and listen to
some guy like that doing their inquiry it’s a continued abuse of the public and
all I’d like to see is I want to see the London press and others really taken to
pieces for that because it’s just a kind of continuation of their original abuse
incredible alright with our limited time unless you have more on this subject
maybe we could go to the next subject you did want to talk I think about
YouTube and Google interviewing and you might like to as well yourself carry
this guy Michael Tyler is a lovely fella he lives on a canal boat over in
Northampton and he’s done what none of the mainstream press anywhere else in
the world have done and he’s got together a list of dead bankers the
people who’ve been suicided around or whatever in all sorts of weird
circumstances over the last three years he’s got a list of 80 and he’s got links
on his website Michael Tyler dog code at UK to some fascinating tales in the
mainstream press about each of these most of these got you know details about
the way they’re supposed to have died now it’s it’s also interesting that what
he’s done is he’s done a bit of analysis of which countries and which banks these
people live from so I’m going to do to you what he did to me see if you can
guess which are the three main banks that the bankers 80 bankers have died
from oh well JP Morgan yeah Barclays I don’t know let’s see the guy died I
don’t have my mind’s a blank at the moment the right but anyway the other
two at Deutsche Bank right and absolutely okay so those three banks I’m
not saying all 80 from that the majority of those 80 from those three banks and I
mean one of the examples for example is some guy poor banker guy who’s found
dead in a bath full of he’s been filled full of nails but from a nail gun and
that is supposed to be suicide the thing that makes all of these
attacks is is that there is no investigation so you look at the attack
it looks to me anyone on the surface would say someone’s murdered you and yet
the police arrived on the scene and they go no no no this is suicide yes so she’s
pretty shocking anyway what Google have done in their
wisdom you know don’t be evil I think has gone out the window a few years ago
is to delist some of his pages from their index so if you type for it the
exact page at least this was the case two weeks ago exact thing which is the
title of his page Google says sorry I’m putting an image right now from his
website he’s saying he’s been censored so go ahead so if you think about what
this is a guy on a canal boat in Nottingham who’s actually doing what the
BBC should be doing well ITV channel 4 should be doing and all the major NBC
CBS CNN all the rest of the saying what on earth is going on the money system we
all rely on it and yet people are being bumped off right across the major banks
and there’s no documentary why not you know and not only that I think this what
this does show us is that we could be approaching something pretty serious if
you’ve got prepared to censor just some little guy like this who’s no harm to
anybody then that means that this what this they’re frightened of this
information getting out and they started you used Google to try and totally
control the internet so we need to boycott Google search and we were so
saying the same on Tim Black’s show Washington the other day he was
suggesting it as well I think anybody with a half a brain cell knows don’t use
Google search use almost anything else there’s lots of other searches out there
not being by the way because they’re just as bad and you know even web
crawler which is one of the ones I first started using back in the 1990s is
better than good will surge now because the keys of you need to know
exactly the same tactic as the mainstream press uses the key things we
need to know are the things they will never tell us and Google is now gone
down that road which is pretty scary or so of course the ignitor ization of
YouTube is killing off an income that many people have got online for example
Luke we are change who’s been interviewing Kissinger sticking a camera
in his face etc he’s been demagnetized largely demote sighs loads of other
people so Google and YouTube which is one company an Eric Schmidt need to be
take a good look in the mirror and say look do we really want to lose our
loyalty I would say the only reason for them to even think like that is that
being went on by the military-industrial complex who of course pay a lot of money
to them I mean we had evidence that the NSA been paying these big US tech giants
so they are looking at where’s the money coming from it’s not coming from the
users because they use our services for free it’s coming from the military so I
think it’s probably better that we censor the sites that they want us to
censor and they’re really just becoming another tentacle of the war machine
right well I can tell you that I have been censored just in terms of D
monetizing if I do a show on false flags and this is true I think now of
everybody and of course we have a major false flag right now right so it’s kind
of a case in point but a lot of these Vegas videos that are showing you know
great analysis etc and revealing very important facts that people have been
basically taken off YouTube and some I’m sure it being demonetized I know that my
interviews on false flags in the past with ol Adama guard and Jim Fetzer and
others have been demonetized and there are other things on Camelot that are
demonetized in other words when we cannot put ads on them to make money in
order to keep us as us alive so when I get into an area which they think they
can censor then they they leap on it you know it’s interesting just an FYI for
you Tony that if I cover something that they consider not to exist
such as aliens or secret space they can’t you know in all good conscience
demonetized me or take it down because they would be revealing the fact that it
was real so this is the kind of thing where gary mckinnon he reported on the
shift of ship transfers and the non-terrestrial officers where his trial
never address what he actually found you see the whole trial was was shifted on
to an Asperger’s defense and this is another kind of misdirect where the
actual information that I deal with just FYI they can’t they can’t actually
attack it at least so far because they have they they pretend that it doesn’t
exist it’s it’s just not real so it is interesting but anything to do with
false flags they do consider real and anything to do with false terrorism
which is you know bitch all the terrorism we see and hear about is all
state-sponsored basically and so this is this is something they will go out and
and censor just worth knowing yeah I think I think it’s pretty what Michaels
done on his website Michael Tyler decoded okay plugging in but one down
there and he’s he’s listed a whole load of people who’d be demilitarized and
he’s saying we’ll actually some of these people are just having a laugh you know
they’re making money through cheering people up because the mainstream media
is so boring the comedy is so wooden you know actually you do get some on BBC
radio has to be said which is quite funny the television is hopeless so
anyone that’s out there actually giving people a bit of a lift you know there D
monetizing them there’s something sinister sinister going on here and I
think I went out to the Google headquarters in London a few months ago
actually and I found it a very strange experience that okay so there are people
who are doing cookery programmes I was there because I you know politics stuff
I actually got a lot of subscribers on my channels but
I found the attitude of the security almost monitoring I mean I I don’t know
if they’re actually entry in the security as people were wondering out
some guy you know demanding my pass and he was just like really aggressive
grabbed hold my own Wow what’s this about you know and I
said I’m just with in there you know so if you’re not allowed here this isn’t
quite so fluffy and friendly as Google likes to portray I think what they’ve
done is they they brought in a load of people who are ex-military
you know from psychological warfare that is to say you know I think it’s called
gosh T is it teen Brigade 77 in Britain which is people have been trained in
psychological warfare up in Bedfordshire that Chicksands and in Israel too
they’ve got this thing over-the-air code unit 8200 which is a bit like Britain’s
GCHQ and they’re churning these people out you know graduates through the
military and then what the deuce is kind of send them out into the commercial
world in order to mean inspire really you know this is where a lot of it is
useful is is they want to get em in I don’t know if you come across this is
this whole idea of the kill switch what they want here is every country now the
cyber warriors want to be able to take out any other country’s infrastructure
using cyber warfare oh so say the electricity so if you’re putting smart
meters in yo what you’re doing is you’re basically saying to a foreign power you
could shut off my electricity or you can you can you can make me pay three four
five times more than I’m actually getting in their net tricity so you can
hack into my world and this is something that governments are just completely
ignored and white means is that you know whole country’s infrastructure
telecommunications electrical grid gas grid transport rail transport Road
Transport all of that can be hacked into I mean you know I might use new Bryson
well how do you hackage a road transport you hack into cars you know this is very
simple thing to do you hack into lorries and so there’s a whole world out there
which isn’t really being nicked and going back to or saying about some the
bank bank of death right top stuff is it’s really important look who has been
the chairman up until very recently who is the chairman of the BBC a woman
called Rona fair head and Rona fair head was the chair of the Risk Committee of
HSBC while she was chairman of the BBC so then it’s no way that’s the BBC are
going to be doing documentaries on HSBC’s program enhancing well she’s in
charge right yes absolutely that there is some kind of a sting of treasom a who
by the way is appalling I mean she was a she’s the Sikh and what Victoria
insiders have told me is she is the person that the security services wanted
to be Prime Minister not the Conservative Party members the security
services and so let’s hope she’s out of the way as soon as possible right well
it’s a probably a bit more confusing than that I’m afraid but I do I do see
that the news going around of people are saying that they’re going to put what
what is the head of the the other party up you know they think he would
yeah Corbin they think he’s he’s you know they’re gonna put him forward but I
can’t see it actually I’m pretty clear that the concerns are going to try and
stay in but to see because they’ve gotta steer this bricks it thing right exactly
you know they’re getting the thousand-yard stare of Donald Tusk he’s
not he’s not gonna negotiate anything anything they come to him and suggest
he’s going to turn it down and you know what the I learned this phrase from
Vladimir Putin and one of the things that Putin says is that well we would
love to negotiate with the America America over Syria but they’re not deal
ready expression because what are you saying there and I think
the same thing David Davis is thinking in his mind maybe he’s not using Putin’s
words but he’s when he goes to see Donald Tusk or whoever it is is it
Barney or something there you go to see them these people
don’t want to deal they just want to punish Britain in every single way and
they are livid they’re control freaks they’re
completely angry and livid that Britain’s decided that they want to get
out of this cabal and well I mean I let me let me say that I think there are
ulterior motives based on sort of my witness background information that has
motivated the brexit at this time and that a lot of it I believe has to do
with the financial sort of downturn or hit and I believe Vegas is as part of
that scenario in other words what we’re seeing is a a changeover in the whole
financial system worldwide and I think Britain wants to be independent when
that happens six or seven hundred billion pounds was spent in Britain
alone trying to prop these banks up and there should have been a crash but there
wasn’t no the real crash is coming you know sorry folks but capitalism died in
2008 it’s being all kept on life support by this constitutive easing and at some
point it’s just all gonna collapse we’ve started to see house prices in Britain
go down as well recently although apparently I think it’s just in London
other parts of the country just about level but you know what we’re seeing I
think is is a complete meltdown in confidence that the European Union that
Brussels can actually run anything they’re looking at Greece they’re
looking at Portugal looking in Spain I think this is an oligarchy and that
there is I think I think the Brits have been quite brave in a way to vote out
and say in a way it’s a sort of similar thing that we did by actually starting
because Britain started the second world war in 1939 we declare war on Germany
with invading UK war and as we do cold war on them when they later actually
tricked Hitler into declaring war on the United States
because they knew they knew that Congress wouldn’t wouldn’t pass without
wanting to declare war on Germany they wouldn’t succeed so well my evidence
tells me that Hitler was put into power in the first place by probably a group
in Brits and Americans anyway and then he he basically did what Saddam did
which is go off the reservation and so then they wanted to do away with him I
mean it’s the typical syndromes been going on forever yeah he basically did
the whole of Europe all of the central banks all of the art treasures in a
broader back to Berlin and then once d-day had happened so they they brought
in this operation Land of Fire Tierra del Fuego which was to secrete all this
stuff all around the world getting ready for the Fourth Reich and Borman was very
much involved in that it has very close links to Winston Churchill’s private
secretary Desmond Morton but that’s another story
yeah and that is open Oh B JB okay JB yeah which is a great book listen I want
a before you go I want to ask you because you had Israel on your list of
topics we haven’t gone there yet what did you want to say about that well
it’s just that we did a bit of an investigation into the this thing called
unit 8 200 in Israel all right also something called the Tau P up to program
tal P IOT which I think it’s absolutely fascinating and the context of it
I mentioned Abby Martin earlier on her report last week a voxpop from Jerusalem
was pretty shocking to hear the source of that I mean it’s interesting you know
this is what we don’t see on the president the incredibly bigoted and
racist attitudes of some of these most actually of the Israelis she spoke to of
all ages older and younger saying things look like that the there was nothing
there this was a wasteland before the Jews turned up also that that you know
this whole thing of racial superior that we want to do same things like you
know there’s only one solution to the israel-palestine conflict one guy was
saying we should just carpet bomb them another another one was saying another
one was saying well what we should do is just get all of the Arabs keep all the
Arabs out of Israel let them form their own country they can shoot a rocket at
us and then we can nuke them you know this kind of appalling the thing is that
there is a thread of real horror in all of this and that is the part of the I
suppose you’d call it heresy this whole thing of you know we’re God’s chosen
people we are absolutely wonderful you know enough we can do no wrong is that
there’s a mentality involved in all that which which means that they don’t
believe that peace is possible yeah so this is a belief in the minds of many
many Israelis we don’t believe it’s possible that peace in a way carry
that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in now okay well but what I wanted to know is
what specific in the news that’s prompting this you know on your part you
know just not random information no it was all sparked off really by just me
putting together I suppose and it was sparked off by this brilliant Bob maybe
Martin to Don Tony searing dish which we had a great discussion about and of
course there are all sorts of really good commentators on this like on the
whole sort of thing of Jewish identity I just think I just think we know we need
to kind of get this stuff out there particularly the the high tech and there
the the Israeli tch kids I mean I’ve spoken to people who are
supposed to know about such things you know serious high-level people and
they’ve never even heard of you eight 200 and yet this is the the machine
that’s driving the Israeli they are brilliant high tech people I absolutely
and hand it to them they’re some of the best technicians in the world but behind
it is this inner race mentality well that might be the case however there is
an infiltration if you listen to my michael sherman who you know i he wrote
a book which is called spy catcher not spy catcher I’m sorry spy hunter I
always get those titles mixed down on clusters Michael Shrimpton yes I’m sorry
and and really about the infiltration of the mouth of the Mossad by German
intelligence so it’s important to kind of realize that you’re also talking
about there there is no clear line I don’t think any more between the United
States government the British government Israel in Germany you know he talks
about is the Anglo Scientists Empire so really talking about the English the
english-speaking Union you know CL antic the so-called special relationship which
actually you know is a lot of it nowadays is between journalists and
bloggers on both sides of the Atlantic rather than anything else you know
that’s the real special so that I think is what one of the reasons I say that is
because obviously Britain did create you know the Balfour Declaration and all
that we created in Israel and and there’s a very strong belief within
Freemasonry in the whole Zionist project you know so having talked to Freemasons
a lot of them are very very similar minded anti-arab etc to those Israelis
that have you marty was talking to in Jerusalem mostly right well it’s such a
complex subject to go down that road at this exact moment is not we’re not gonna
get you know we’re not gonna get enough traction I’m afraid but it’s worth
noting I just want to make sure we it’s a balanced discussion is all so thank
you for that is there anything else that we haven’t touched on I know your time
is limited so let’s you know let’s see if there is anything else that you
wanted to cover before we let you go we pretty much covered everything there
it’s just I mean the reason I know you might think well why is he banging on
about Israel I just think you know what we’ve done by creating and if you think
if you’re going looking at this in a big time scale
the Brits created America John Cabot and all that stuff right you know it was the
Spanish in South America and that wasn’t quite so horrendous as that US has
turned out to be with the Pentagon and all that great to have all that wealth
and all that wonderful stuff this country that’s trying to rule the world
you know and the Brits created it but we also created Israel there in the other
direction so we’ve got a kind of I think we’ve really got it and the other thing
is Max Keiser and others have said when they’ve worked for the BBC they have
been told don’t talk about Israel it’s completely taboo to do any of this
analysis in the mainstream press basically in Britain is falling and of
course Freemasonry is well it’s also taboo in the United States I mean
there’s a huge Israeli Lobby we know of that but there is a lot you know from my
point of view there there’s a lot of I guess collusion between these
governments and a certainly you know the Rothschilds in the whole nine yards so
you know and then then you have to get into the Anunnaki and they’re linked up
with Israel and maybe that is why some people are targeting that particular
area of the world but it’s much more complex than that
and again you know thinking that rather than have that discussion we’re going to
not be able to do justice to it I appreciate what you’re saying however
and and and it is interesting back-channel discussions where
journalists fear to tread nowadays there are so many areas I think that
journalists are simply told are off-limits and you know look at the oil
cartels for that matter you know to say nothing of the Triad you know I mean you
know China what’s going on there you know there there is the underworld of of
what’s really on the surface what is talked about you know I’m sorry but the
politics that we witness on visa vie that then the news television
news you know journalism mainstream
journalism I mean there is one false flag happens and alternative goes on it
like white on rice which is great on a certain level but there are so many
other topics that are going up you know overlooked and there’s also a big
picture analysis that never happens so that’s you know my rant for the day
anything any parting comments on your part you know thank God I haven’t got
anyone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do so you know we really do
need to stick together I think and we need to each other up even if it just
means putting links to each other especially under this appalling attack
by the tech giant’s Google and YouTube particularly you know I think we need to
just be you know pushing ourselves and recognizing that we are actually a force
to be reckoned with because if they try another biggie like 9/11 we’re gonna be
right onto it immediately and I think that’s you know that’s the message to
leave people with is anything Las Vegas that happens we’ll get straight on it
we’ll spend a couple of hours online and then we’ll be absolutely marvelous at
collaborating and it won’t take us ten years take us ten minutes exactly
well that’s indeed exactly what’s happened here with the Las Vegas
situation the evidence is just proliferating that this was a false flag
what we call a false flag that doesn’t mean people didn’t die I mean some
people get this confused in their head they don’t understand what is really
meant by the word false flag so that’s important distinction to be made but
nonetheless there are a lot of fake information going out there you’ve got a
fall guy that’s the lone gunman this nonsense that gets pushed out by the
mainstream it’s you know panic is upon see the purpose is an attack on Trump
Kerry I think that’s quite clear is the people
who are the country music fans for the kind of Trump supporter the types
machine beyond then you’ve also got an attack on him in other ways you know
through the FBI I think that’s it seems to me is what this is about gun control
well that’s true who benefits it’s the people who won’t go and control its the
FBI themselves and that’s why I think you know it all I mean I didn’t I said
mafia should give statements the FBI should be questioned by the local police
as well because you know what you’ve got there if you’ve got an interest yet the
eyes interest is in gun control they want to be the guys with the guns they
don’t want everyone out there to have the guns they want to have them and so
there’s immediately a motive there for the FBI to have a hand in this and then
to keep it quiet right well I do want to give credit to Jim stone for those of
you interested go to gemstones website I actually don’t know the URL but if you
just do a search under Jim stone you’ll find him he was the first person to talk
about the link with the FBI and that the FBI may indeed be behind some of this a
certain portion of the FBI understanding that these 7/7 on the bombings they were
all over the guys beforehand with the three recent attacks in London before
the general election that’s at London Bridge in Westminster Bridge and
Manchester every single occasion the people the ringleaders were under
surveillance by my five had been reported to the mi5 anti-terror hotline
so we’ve got it we’ve got a pattern emerging here of people who are
basically terrorists who are either encouraged or allowed to get on with
what they want to do by and what they call it is budget building isn’t it more
terrorist attacks we’re gonna get them get more money after the Cold War they
were looking for a threat they found Islamic terrorism and of course it
serves foreign foreign policy interests of Israel to to disrupt the Middle East
to have all these kind of invasions Afghanistan to get around the back of
the there’s a whole lot of foreign policy
objectives tied in with this I think Harry yes indeed well thank you again
Tony for coming on the show grapefruit juice all right all right so take care
I’m on my way I want to thank you very much Tony I’m on my way back to the US
we’ll check in with you again in the near future
okay all right I also love Carrie and lots of love to your listeners of
viewers as well all right thank you so much take care all right
so that that’s Tony Gosling and we’ve had we have some other interviews with
him encourage you to take a look at those on my youtube channel just do a
search under his last name Gosling easy enough to find so I just want to say
that it’s it’s great to be back we’re investigating the Vegas situation
please do see my articles with numerous links I’m also joining up some some
Illuminati symbolism behind the scene there are some interesting parallels
with Manchester that happened in England also at a concert and very strange link
up into terms of Mandalay and Manchester and then the word Manchurian and
apparently there’s also a link up with man a man sure Chester and it’s called
The Manchurian or something so there’s something you know these clues are also
in the in the layout of the evidence and information I’m going to try to do a
show as I mentioned I’m going to try to bring on some investigators I have put
invitations out so we’ll see how that materializes and stay tuned to Project
Camelot for more so thank you very much have a great night take care bye bye

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