Tom Hanks Calls His Fellow 2020 Oscar Nominees Gods | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Tom Hanks Calls His Fellow 2020 Oscar Nominees Gods | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Tom, how are you?
-I’m good. How are you? -So good to see the two of you.
-So good to see you. -I know we’re late. I know we got to get inside.
-I know. It’s crazy. -Oh. All right. Here we are.
We are live with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Hi, you two.
-Hi, you guys, how are you? -I know you got to get inside.
-Yes. -The show’s about to start.
-Yes. -Traffic was tough because of the rain, I must say.
-Yes. -You are, of course, nominated this evening.
How does it feel being nominated tonight? -Always an incredible honor. The other names of the
gentlemen are all gods as far as the category concerned. It’s a great night for the family. I think the important thing to say is this is actually a
very wonderful personal moment just to be here that plays itself out in front of about 7
billion people worldwide. -Yes, exactly.
-How are you? -We are in 160 countries — “E! Live,” so…
-There you go. -No pressure at all.
-I want to say, “Yas, estenalada.” -There you go. You know, I wanted to ask you, actually, because I know you have some great projects coming up, as
well. -Yes.
-Tell me. -Well, I have my — I’m still pushing my fourth album.
It’s been out there for a while called “Halfway to Home.” And I’m getting ready to tour some military bases in South
Korea, which I’m really excited about with Kristian Bush from the
band Sugarland. -And she may be wearing this dress at some of those military
bases, so stand… -This is Tom Ford.
-…stand by for pandemonium. -Yeah, it’s just gorgeous. -We love seeing the two of you. Have fun tonight. -Thanks so much.
-Thank you. Thank you.

12 Replies to “Tom Hanks Calls His Fellow 2020 Oscar Nominees Gods | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

  1. Why Won't you be my Neighbour Was amazing and should of Definately been nominated for best picture , I am currently doing a live stream Reaction, 1917 for best picture come along and say hi!

  2. 0:50 Ya sou Rita! Ise iperoxi ! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
    Hi Rita from Greece and Greeks,you were looking wonderfull 🙌
    Tom Hanks you are always our beloved Hollywood actor, no matter winning or not❤🇬🇷

  3. Tom Hanks still remains my favorite! Glad he finally got a new Oscar nomination 19 years after Cast Away 🤗
    He couldn't have a better wife than Rita Wilson 😍

  4. Tom Hanks. Fred Anthony Grant. One an actor, the other his childhood buddy that was a child rapist pornographer providing the actor with child porn. Tom, your gods may be protecting you for the time being but my God will judge. Fred is dead.

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