The Second 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments, Day 1 | NYT News

The Second  2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments, Day 1 | NYT News

“How you doing?” “It’s good to see you!
I’m good.” “Democrats win when
we figure out what is right, and we get out there
and fight for it.” “I think Democrats win when
we run on real solutions, not impossible promises.” “But I’m a little more pragmatic.” “If we embrace
a far-left agenda, they’re going to say we’re
a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a
conservative agenda, you know what
they’re going to do? They’re going to say we’re
a bunch of crazy socialists. So let’s just stand up
for the right policy.” “We need to have a campaign
of energy and excitement and of vision.” “We are more worried
about winning an argument than winning an election.” “Folks, we have a choice. We can go down the road
that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren
want to take us, which is with bad policies
like Medicare for all, free everything and
impossible promises that will turn off independent voters
and get Trump re-elected.” “Democrats flipped 40
Republican seats in the House and not one of
those 40 Democrats supported the policies
of our front-runners at center stage.” “I get a little bit tired of
Democrats afraid of big ideas.” “I don’t understand
why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of
the United States just to talk about
what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.” “Senator Warren’s plan, basically that she put out,
we would not be able to trade with
the United Kingdom.” “But why do we got
to be the party of taking something away
from people?” “No, no one is the party—” “That’s what they’re running on.
They’re running on—” “What do you say to
Congressman Delaney?” “You’re wrong.” “… Bernie, you don’t have to yell.” “But throw your hands up.” “All right!” “You haven’t—” “You don’t know that, Bernie. “Second of all — I do know,
and I wrote the damn bill.” “But you are playing into
Donald Trump’s hands.” “If you think any
of this wonkiness is going to deal with
this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred
that this president is bringing up in this country, then I’m afraid that the
Democrats are going to see some very dark days. There is an injustice
that continues to form a toxicity
underneath the surface, an emotional turbulence that only reparations
will heal.” “Thank you very much.
Senator Sanders—” “… Medicare for all
is comprehensive. It covers all
health care needs.” “I have a better path:
Medicare for America.” “I just have a better
way to do this.” “My plan, BetterCare,
is fully paid for.” “That’s the concept of my ‘Medicare for all
who want it’ proposal.” “Thank you, Ms. Williamson.
Thank you, Ms. Williamson.” “Hope you’ll come back
to me this time.” “Go ahead.” “Thank you, mayor.” “And Washington
can’t deliver—” “Thank you, mayor.” “You can’t expect—” “Thank you, congressman.
We’re going to move on. We’re going to move on.” “Stand by please,
stand by please. Please abide by the rules.”

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  1. @00:15 And fight for it? Democrats take from the rich give half to the poor half to themselves. Republicans take from the rich and poor and try to keep it all to themselves.

  2. Democrats are trying to sell the babies ? bath water ? in hope that they can do the long sell. America can’t afford the long sell. America is broke, we are just spending smoke ?, nothing but smoke ?.

  3. The only question I would have for Liawatha is, "if you are elected, do you think Killary Klinton will be gracious or bitter with envy?"

  4. Just a hint from what democrats want. Think it through don't go batty just think it through. How are you going to pay for all of it. Think it all the way through.

  5. For a group that claims to be progressive, there sure arent any minority candidates. The only way democrats can win is by getting an Obama to run.

  6. It makes me sick to see these Democrats blame President Trump for these shootings but they have no problem begging for money using the same horrible shootings. These people should banned from running for President they are ten times worse then Trump.

  7. I hope my black people don't fall for the Democrats lies again like we have for the last 60 years, our lives and communities wherever Democrats have governed, are horrible with no improvement in cities such as San francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Philly, Seattle, St Louis. NYC , with limited job opportunities, failing schools, dirty streets, large homeless populations, food deserts, high crime & drugs, dilapidated housing….what's left after all that chaos and carnage . The people in these cities are great, they just have pathetic politicians. #blexit #walkaway #trump2020 #blacksforTrump

  8. You should check out Andrew yang he’s great
    He has a great interview on the joe rogen podcast if you’re interested in learning more about him & his political points

  9. Reparations? Lol. There is no one alive who was a slave or held slaves in this country. There was a war! It was the bloodiest war in American history! Not enough? The idea is ludicrous.

  10. Will it ever have a lady president….i thought Hillary Clinton was running she had a better chance of maybe winning.

  11. It's amazing, all these people are fighting eachother over , who will get the chance to congratulate Trump for his 2020 win. Hahahaha

  12. These debates are terrible, no one is allowed enough time to say everything they need to, everything we would need to know so we could choose

  13. If you support that you deserve dark days. I can assure you there coming if you support what you just watched. Especially if one of them won. All it’s going to take to put us to total collapse is just couple of years of them. ??

  14. They'll each make great presidents of Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama, El Savador, Nicaragua….etc….

  15. The Tyranny of Choice. They're like different kinds of yogurts or shampoos displayed on shelves but they all have the same ingredients. IOW, we know what we got but we don't know what we gonna get from these guys so vote for Trump 2020.

  16. Who gives a crap lies that's funny people believe them we will change everything you want just tell us a dem aah crap ..???????????

  17. What American puts more thought of other countries citizens before its own??
    A false American.
    What American bashes another American to just to gain empathetic voters to emotionally side with them?
    A manipulator.
    What American runs for president because of their emotions about 1 particular issue?
    The controlled manipulated.

    This is America.
    Understand the world b4 you try to question

  18. the only reason foreigners come to America,is because they are too stupid to fix there own country's problems.these people are cowards! Never vote for a stupid Obama loving Democrat! please

  19. Aaaaannnnndddddddd …………………… they're off!!!!!!!! Yup, just another horse race. I just don't know which end?

  20. CNN should give Andrew Yang more camera time he deserves. Listen to his proposal. He is the real solution for the bureaucratic system.

  21. They arent going to win in 2020. It is so glaringly obvious. The emphasis is on how to get Trump out. That means the democrats are defined by Trump. This only gives more energy and attention to Trump which is what got him elected in the first place.

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