The Reporters | Sabir Shakir | ARYNews | 19th August 2019

The Reporters | Sabir Shakir | ARYNews | 19th August 2019

In the name of Allah. I, Sabir Shakir and Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain welcome you to the program The Reporter. Viewers the most recent news of today is the extension of 3 years in the tenure of army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa He was supposed to retire in November this year but PM Imran Khan has selected him for another tenure of 3 years today on 19th of August In this way he will be fulfilling his responsibilities till November 2022. And we promised you the very first day
that we will give you authentic, timely and even before time news. And we are grateful to Almighty Allah that we gave this news in our program The Reporter on 18th of June 2019 i-e exactly two months before and in what way we gave the news, you can hear yourself I have this news too that PM Imran Khan has taken the decision that General Qamar Javed Bajwa shall continue because the current situation of security, region and otherwise and the things going on
in continuity require an experience official for that General Qamar Javed Bajwa shall remain in the office I think Imran Khan has already taken this decision but he better know when to announce this news Mr Chaudhry, we gave this news two months before
on which a lot of our friends were bit offended and asked us to explain this and asked us to clear this news but we gave it anyway.
First of all you tell how do you see this decision? First of all without any fear and very openly I would like to congratulate Sabir Shakir
and program The Reporter that the news they gave was 100% true and today when the announcement has been made when there are still 3 months
remaining in the tenure of army chief, I would like to give my views on this the credit goes to Sabir Shakir and ARY news.
The news shall be authentic rather than just wishful thinking. Thank you so much! Mr Chaudhry the thing is that the first tenure in which general Raheel Shareef was getting retired,
at that time the panel which was under consideration did not have Genral Bajwa’s name in it and he was also not in the list of top 3 but Nawaz Sharif selected General Bajwa
and it was a common perception that this was a compromise and now the circumstances in the country will be changed and there will be no check and balance
since Nawaz Shareef has selected a general of his own choice, there can’t be expected any good but general Bajwa came into office, went through walk-through gate, saluted Nawaz Sharif and said to him that you are my boss, chief executive of this country and I am under you.
Whatever you command under the constitution and law would be my duty to fulfill and I will act upon it. and he did the same thing for Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, said that he would fulfill all his orders under the light of constitution and law and
it would be his duty to carry out his orders this way the tenure of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi ended and Nawaz Sharif also got disqualified, meanwhile but why did his relations got bad with Mr Nawaz Sharif?
I will come to you after this when the matter of Panama Leaks was going on, Nawaz Sharif tried to convey the message to General Bajwa though Ishaq Dar and by himself
that JIT has commanders of MI and ISI and the general shall control them they are getting out of control and if you control the officers in the army, I will manage the rest myself but General Bajwa bluntly refused to do this work. The matter is between Supreme court and Sharif family, he will not do any help in this case
and this matter will be resolved in the light of law and constitution but after this answer General Bajwa, those two officers were being criticized as well as the judiciary Nihaal Hashmi, Daniyal Azeem, Talal Chaudhry, Khwaja Saad Rafique
were brought but still general Bajwa completed his tenure with patience I wanted to tell you the background a bit,
now you tell The thing is that this news was already in your knowledge and as you said it was decided that this news will not be made public.
But so happened that to create a situation of disapproval and frenzy, representatives were working on two fronts within Pakistan. They were planning to destabilize the law and order situation in the country and bring Pakistan under pressure. even yesterday PPP said, that they were receiving messages to launch aggregation with Shahbaz Sharif & Fazl-ur-Rehman
for the reason that Army is motivating Shahbaz Sharif & Fazl-ur-Rehman to rebel against PTI government that is the reason why this decision has been announced earlier else it would have been announced in November you said absolutely right.
That is why Fazl-ur-Rehman & Zardari used to say that they will run a campaign when the time is appropriate for that Let me tell another thing, that to make General Bajwa, controversial Marium bibi also had a script which she intended to launch on social media
but she couldn’t since she has been arrested in money laundering cases herself else a lot of preparations were done and they were to further escalate the situation in the coming days
Let me tell another thing, that to make General Bajwa, controversial Marium bibi also had a script which she intended to launch on social media
but she couldn’t since she has been arrested in money laundering cases herself else a lot of preparations were done and they were to further escalate the situation in the coming days but I think that PM’s decision is timely and accurate. Second reason is that if we see on merit.
What is the security situation is Afghanistan? What are American forces thinking? and matters have been discussed with Afghan Taliban. Pakistan has played its role in bringing the Taliban onto the table
and our military leadership has a huge part to play in this which is lead by General Bajwa else they did not have any contact with Afghan Taliban. Sometimes back Pakistan had a very critical relations
with America and Gen. Bajwa himself went to Ishaq Dar and told him about the critical situation these are Kaladam organizations, take some decision about them, demilitarize them, disarm them, limit them
and make such arrangements related to money laundering an opposite perception of Dawn leaks was given. I am trying to bring this on record that Gen. Bajwa 3 times tried to
highlight that we have information, we are in critical situation before that we need to make such arrangements but Ishaq Dar, Rana Sanaullah and then PM said that if we raise a word against Kaladam organization,
it would be a political loss for us and now they are stuck in Grey list. Mr Chaudhry. There is no doubt that a situation of war has been created
on Pakistan from every side. Afghanistan’s situation require Pakistan in this situation it was not convenient for the leadership to be changed and general Bajwa as a true patriot,
as an honest army man went everywhere he should have and stood with his soldiers. Applause to him! we salute him that under his command Pakistan blew off Modi’s evil plans towards Pakistan which is already in your knowledge Pakistan’s PM and army chief’s visit to America and the way they dealt with the matters there. I would be very straight forward in saying that since 5th August,
the policies implemented by PM and army chief and the rest of the officials is commendable due to their handling of policies, today India is on the run! They are running away from us! Now they have agreed upon the table talks!
You (India) are murderer and you will have to free Kashmir! and you are aware of the fact that how are they closing routes from Pakistan. The way they slaughtered innocent people in Kashmir, raped their women, threw old and children in jails,
they have created a group of rebellions for themselves and no one could stop Kashmiris now! you said right, these are the situation due to which this decision has been made. you see a successful tour of general and PM to America, you must be thinking how
Trump said to mediate the Kashmir issue. I would like to share when Bajwa and PM met Trump, first of all PM raised the issue of Kashmir then general Bajwa briefed Trump that Kashmir is flash-point being occupied by India. It is a controversial area and UN has so and so resolutions
and the way we are sorting out Afghanistan issue, it is better for the whole reign if the Kashmir issue is also resolved now this is a big controversy between two nuclear armed states; Pakistan and India. And that Trump shall try to mediate the matter in reply to which Trump
expressed his concerns in the media talks and gave his meeting with Modi’s reference that he wants the same but after that India as usual stabbed in the back by its violence in Kashmir.
We saw the efforts made by civil government, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, foreign office but on the other hand India was trying to stop this UNSC session with all its power in that time too general Bajwa was in contact with Americans
and told them if India continues its violence in Kashmir, then we will also forget about the Afghan peace talks and then the matter will be on Eastern border. That is why in spite of all India’s pans to stop,
the session of Security Council happened where India faced a defeat which it is accepting because you saw a lot of measures has been taken by India after that. Mr Chaudhry Look at the face of their permanent representative that they are highly demotivated and were trying to hide from questions.
Pakistan’s narrative has been praised. Kashmiris blood will not go in vain and Insha’Allah Pakistan and Kashmir will succeed in their cause. We Pakistanis stand with our Kashmiri brothers.
Pakistan is not isolated by the world instead they are listening to our narrative and the way thousands of people protested in London, I doubt that if PM goes in November to New York, a big gathering will be waiting for him. the thing is Mr. Sabir Shakir, this Fazl-ur-Rehman, Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif, on what basis do they intend to destabilize the country?
Mr. Chaudhary it is clear that these corrupt people are getting irrelevant now and we shall move forward. after break we will discuss how India’s capital Dehli sees general Bajwa’s extension welcome back viewers! Mr. Chaudhary you discussed about India, let me tell you that this news came as a shock to Delhi and they were not expecting it.
ARY News broke this news, they confirmed it by contacting their foreign office in Pakistan they are offended by general Bajwa because when Balakot incident happen, Pakistan gave a strong response.
Within less than 24 hours, Pakistan shot down their two aircraft, arrested their pilot, one plane crashed itself which is why they are under pressure I will share a news Mr. Chaudhary due to which Delhi is tensed, after 27th Feb incident, India met Israel and set 4 targets in Karachi and they were ready.
Pakistan was also prepared and then DG ISI on command of PM and general Bajwa contacted Ajeet Doval, national security adviser and told him that we have set 12 targets with a certain countries
and you have to make a decision now what to do after which this situation was diffused and Israel went away so India must not be liking the extension of general Bajwa because they will have to deal with strategy and Bajwa Doctrine there is no doubt in this, that the way they made amendments themselves on 5th Aug and implemented them and
entered their army in a huge number. Today where do India stand and where do Pakistan stands? Pakistan has surpassed India in all the social, political and territorial facts. Now they are begging for peace talks.
Now their so-called permanent representative said that we should resolve the matter through dialogue. Raaj Nathan’s confused statements show their frustration. We have a defensive policy and they still give threats of nuclear war
which shows their low self-esteem in losing the conventional war with Pakistan and I would like to tell you that right now India’s army and security agencies in huge number are besieged by Mujahideen
whose families have been slaughtered by them. There are no spaces left in hospitals they will not let them go that easy. We want freedom and they will take it anyway. They have thrown themselves in a limited war
by their false acts at LOC but don’t worry! they will have an end just the way Kashmiris want no doubt that the fate of IOK will be decided by Kashmirs themselves. And now all the 3 leaderships in IOK that
were different from each other have turned against India after such acts of Modi. All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Gillani, Yaseen Malik and Umar Farooq and Sajjad and all such level leadership. Second leadership is after the death of Burhanuddin by youth
, third one is Delhi Nawaz, Mehbooba Mufti Sheikh Abdullah’s offsprings Omar Farooq and Farooq Abdullah all of them agrees that India has done wrong and two nation theory after 1947, which Indra Gandhi said in 1971,
that I have drowned two nation theory in Bay of Bengal, which is accepted by all. Gandhi said that Kashmir shall be given the right to decide its own fate, we cannot enforce anything on them, we cannot burn their villages,
if they choose to remain with Pakistan they no power can Earth would stop that and same goes with India. Gandhi’s words were very clear that Kashmiri people should themselves decide their fate. This was Mahatma Gandhi the founder of Hindustan.
But after this he was killed by RSS. You say the truth What did the murderer of Gandhi said listen: I am Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram Godse the one who assassinated Gandhi ji. I do not repent for having separated India.
Gandhi ji who stood with Pakistan and said I shall go on hunger strike, I shall die, then only I shall leave my fast. At that moment the youth decided that he will not die of hunger strike but die of bullets now It was the brother of Gandhi’s murderer telling why they killed Gandhi. Again listen, I am Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram Godse the one who assassinated Gandhi ji. I do not repent for having separated India. Gandhi ji who stood with Pakistan
and said I shall go on hunger strike, I shall die, then only I shall leave my fast. At that moment the youth decided that he will not die of hunger strike but die of bullets now Gandhi was killed by saying in favor of Kashmiris that they shall decide their own fate and
he also said Gandhi would die of bullets not hunger. Listen to another audio of Mahatma Gandhi, listen: Whatever award has been made by boundary commission by Mr. Radcliffe we shall remain on that award and if changes are to be made then both the governments
shall make mutual decisions only then we’ll be able to live in peace this is the only decent way he was very humble stating that in favor of Kashmir and talking of mutual decision of two countries. RSS was also present their who killed Gandhi
to stay in peace with Pakistan he was also fond of Quaid-e-Azam. Listen to what Gandhi said about Quaid, Zeeshan Babar said we have that clip, please listen Quaid-e-Azam has a great intelligence and bravery and he is not corrupt he already has a lot money which he earned
through his barrister ship and his background was also very strong his father was a trader he was capable of being so much because he had so many resources. I was not a barrister, I was not a trader,
I did not have that intelligence and if I talk behind his back then I will be a fool person he is saying Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an intelligent, and clean man who had billions of money so I cannot say anything bad about such a person.
The rival of Jinnah said these words about him so what does our liberal mafia think? No because they hate every person who says that he is Muslim and recites لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله
and will live and die for this. This what offend these so-called liberals we don’t care about such people, we as a nation have to remain consistent on the Ideology of Pakistan.
No power on Earth can undo Pakistan until it remains firm on two nation theory viewers we will be back after break. Welcome back we are talking about UNSC session about Kashmir which told a lot about the
interest of the P5 countries which did not let it go towards open session but it gave a clear message. We played China’s and Maliha Lodhi’s
discussions after UNSC session they were very happy and confident but India has realized that they should work on plan B to escape this situation
which can be seen that after curfew, India will not be able to control the situation we will tell you about international news but the work on plan B has been started. There is already one petition in Supreme Court
which Indian Supreme Court has said to listen after two weeks whereas 6 petitions more have come filed by Indian Establishment by retired general, bureaucrats,
civil society, retired foreign office people have taken it to Supreme Courts which is kept as a plan B by India that if in case Security Council session is held again and international pressure comes again
they will escape through Indian Supreme Court not only we say this but India’s Akbaruddin outside UN said: Legislature is an open book put on TV you will see we have different shades of opinion in India
there will be issues discussed and if there are issues they will be addressed by our courts we do not need international busy bodies to try and tell us how to run our lives you heard he said that legislation is an open book and any issues would be addressed by our courts.
What does this clown even say! who he think is fooling? these murderers do not have right to pass on such statements! what rules does he talk about? Kashmir assembly didn’t approve article 370 and he talks about rules!
they even arrested Mehbooba Mufti who accepted that we were wrong and two nation theory was right Mehbooba Mufti’s acceptance is a big slap on our liberals and secular faces in the past 72 years
which she said on the basis of her experience
but you said that J&K will is not involved in this amendment that is why they have kept a secret door because the Establishment tried to play a trick to see as if the people of IOK accept it or not
but they have another fear that Kashmir has now become an international affair after UNSC session listen to Akbaruddin again. Legislature is an open book put on TV you will see we have different shades of opinion in India there will be issues discussed and if there are issues
they will be addressed by our courts we do not need international busy bodies to try and tell us how to run our lives he said International Bodies. There is one other than SC that is ICJ international court of justice.
Just like so happened with Kalbhushan Yadhav’s case. This is what they fear. That is why petitions have been filed Whatever they do doesn’t matter because Kashmiris will get freedom anyhow and Pakistan will be the main element of maintaining peace in Afghanistan
and now whatever India does, Pakistan will maintain the peace in this region they have been defeated badly and no country wants to support their narrative openly.
You are right that now India is alone and is not getting any support from anyone. Modi said that we had to eliminate article 370 because our friendly government in Pakistan is no more and in this government’s presence
the freedom movement in Kashmir would have escalated so we had to make such amendments what do they want to say? On this we will make you hear some discussions of Indian analysts
and tweets which say corrupt mafia shall be abandoned. Viewers we will see you again, Allah Hafiz!

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    نہیں ہوتامگر کُچھ خامیاں ایسی ہوتی ہیں جس کی وجہ سے پوری قوم کونقصان بُھگتنا
    پڑتا ہے۔  پاکستانی قوم میں سب سے بڑی خامی
    یہ ہے کہ یہ خوشامد پسند اورہیروازم کی قائیل ہے۔ یہ جب دل چاہتا ہے کسی کو اُس
    شخص کی کی خامیاں نظر انداز کرکے ایک ہیرو بنادیتے ہیں اور پھر اُسے پُوجنے لگتے
    ہیں۔ پھر کُچھ عرصہ بعد اُس ہیرو کو اُس کی خامیاں بتا کر زیرو بنادیتے ہیں۔ نواز
    شریف بھی ایسا ہی ہیرو تھا جو کہ اپنی خامیوں کے باوجود پاکستانی قوم نے ایک ہیرو
    بنادیا تھا اور اُسے پوجنا شروع کردیا تھا مگر پھر وہ زمانہ بھی آیا جب پوری قوم
    نے اُس کی اچھایاں کو کو نظرانداز  کیا اور
    اُس کی برائیوں کو اُجاگر کرکے ہیرو سے  زیرو بنادیا۔ اب عمران خان کی خامیاں نظر انداز
    کرکے اُسے ہیرو بنایا ہوا ہے اورپھر ایک وقت ایسا بھی آئیگا جب یہ قوم اُس کی
    خامیاں اُجاگرکرنا شروع کریگی اور اُسے بھی ہیرو سے  زیرو بنادیگی ۔ اب جرنل باجوہ کو ایک ہیرو بناکر
    پیش کیا جارہا ہے چاہیئے تو یہ تھا کہ جرنل باجوہ کو ریٹائیر کردیا جاتا اور کسی
    نئے جرنل کو اُس کے اعلیٰ معیار کو پرکھتے ہوے نیا چیف بنادیا جاتا  اور جرنل باجوہ کو عزت کے ساتھ ریٹائیر کردیا
    جاتا اور یہ فوج کیلئے اور پاکستان کیلئے بہتر ہوتا۔ یاد رکھیں جب تک پاکستانی قوم
    یہ ہیروازم والا فارمولے پر عمل کرتی رہیگی اُس وقت تک پاکستان قوم نہ ہی  ترقی کرسکے گی اورنہ ہی کوئی جنگ جیت سکے گی

  37. میں نے کہا شیطان سے مومن ہو میں، میرا ایمن نہیں بکتا ۔۔۔۔ مسکرا کر کہا شطان نے، توبہ کر اللہ سے، یہی کہا تھا فضل الرحمٰن نے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ نعرائے تکبیر اللہ اکبر ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ واہ ✔✔✔😂 واہ واہ

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  39. Wah Gaandi G…. Ap Pakistan k Bht Mohazzab Dushman thay….. Ap to Shareef family, Zardari, Bilawal, Hamid meer aur Saafi jesay Pakistan Dushmanoon se 100% behtar thay…….

  40. Stop fooling urself nd ur own people , every move of INDIA regarding article 370 & KASHMIR is pricalulated so that no one can counter , apni janta ko ground reality batao ….FYI. 1. Only china supported ( due to belt nd road initiative which is through POK ) nd china fears the future reality 2. UN was bound to discuss kashmir due to request of its permanent member CHINA not due to letter of PAKISTAN (3)UN meeting was under closed door it means the issue of KASHMIR isn't international else the meeting wouldn't be under closed door (4) UN Meeting was unofficial thats y no record was kept nd no statement was issued by UNSC (5) No member of UN accepted pak or china nerrative of KASHMIR they opposed saying its internal matter of INDIA else formal UN meeting could have been organized (6) confess to your own people that u lost on diplomatic front due to wrong policies followed in the past 70 years .This did not happend in a night . (7) Kashmir issue is resolved finally due to INDIAN decision to finally adopt KASHMIR as an integral part of INDIA (8) we (PAK) cant send any more militents or isi or BAT team any more to unrest peace in kashmir due to FATF (9) its better for pakistan to not to interfere with kashmir any more because now the action will not be treated as action against INDIAN KASHMIR else it will b treated as action against nation INDIA and the whole world will make Pakistan to pay the price (10) There is still time if pak can revisit its policy on BALOCHISTAN else it will slip from Pakistan soon , start treating them as pakistani nationals (11) start working on the prosperity of POK else INDIA will force u to leave POK soon (12) INDIA never ever break its resolution made in past until nd unless some wrong is done by the party( Pak or any country) which is present in the resolution so re visit SHIMLA agreement carefully nd start dialogue with INDIA ( i will not say stop terror because now PAK is in no condition to use terror , if still terror will b used then it means pak is willing to loose BALOCHISTAN just likeBANGLADESH ) start dialogues with INDIA in a terror free atmosphere as an INDIAN i am sure u will see the heights nd depths of INDIAN friendship from MODI Ji which u cant even imagine nd exist nowhere then INDIA

  41. tu dekh na Pakistan kha khara hai kutte saale bikh to tu maagega india se baap hai tera n india Pakistan murdabaad

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