The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking,
community stalking. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the
National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of
millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone
through their phones. Certainly through their
television sets. The last year and a half,
he’s been systematically followed by a group of people. Does the FBI used drones for
surveillance on U.S. soil? New Associates Press
investigation shows that the Bureau has its
own little air force with scores of planes flying
over American cities recording videos and tracking cell
phone conversations. He has a man outside of his house. In a hood. Like, basically like a hood. This almost sounds like gang
stalking or something. Have you heard of that? Many of the things that victims of
gang stalking described are also symptoms
of mental disorders. We’re not having a
group hallucination. This is actually something
that’s happening. I grew up with my parents.
My mother was a medical doctor. My father was a former
rocket scientist turned teacher. I grew up with a desire to be
a graphic artist. And then I didn’t like school
very much so I joined the Navy. I did that for a couple of years. Didn’t like that too much
so I came back to LA. And basically lived in Los Angeles
as a homeless man just living on the street. I had my truck with a shell
and I worked as a handyman or construction jobs
that I would get. The gang stalking experience
started for me when I noticed these black SUVs and other police vehicles driving
slowly along the street. But they never came up to me
or said anything. And then, I had seven or eight
helicopters hovering directly over my apartment. And then it goes “brr” by. And it keeps happening,
it keeps happening. It begins to dawn on me that
something is going on. And this continued on. Here comes the
gang stalking helicopter. Here it comes. It’s confusing to humans trying to
understand gang stalking. Why would they do this to me? Why would they do these weird,
petty little things that, you know, maybe even just irritate
me at some moment. If you were to ask me
what gang stalking is. It’s a way to slowly kill people
using their own decisions. So we’re getting one
of our friends here. I got to see. I don’t know if you can hear that
on the audio. But we’re getting a buzz right now. On certain topics that I’ll
bring up, I’ll get buzzed. My understanding of gang stalking is that a number of people have
found each other on the internet who believe that they are being
targeted for harm. There’s this concept of
hyper-vigilance, right? Which is that your threat
assessment centers get locked into a position that is too high. They’re warning you all the time
about things not necessarily untrue but that you would feel better
not worrying about. Being of the opinion that you had to
constantly look around and figure out what might
be threatening to you. Or else your life would be at stake. Would lead to you not just seeing
connections that weren’t there, but erring on the side of safety when you see a connection that might
or might not be there. I’m a self-taught makeup artist. And depending on the
list that you look at, probably one of the top ten
makeup artists in the world. I think that just
my life experience, me being around famous
people all the time. What paparazzi photographers
do to them. What normal people do to them
if they go out in public. There’ll be a gang like reaction. This is essentially the same thing. Except it’s not. I didn’t ask for it. In my experience, it started
over a year ago. I had rented a space
in Hawthorne, California. And people warned me that
as a gay man, you know, it was maybe brave of me
to rent this space. I never think about
things like that. I didn’t know what it was called. Like I said, I just thought
that it was bullying. I just thought that it was people were just like, “get the faggot
out of the neighborhood or whatever.” When 20 or 30 cars are hazing you
on the freeway, behind you, in front of you,
on both sides of you. Completely controlling how fast you
go, whether you exit. Whatever you do. This is something bigger than that. I started spray painting their cars
on the freeway. I pepper spray them.
At this time, it was trying to get them
to call the police. That’s what I was trying to do. I had no other way, I felt like,
other than to find out are these people together. Are they working
in this one collective group for the same reason? What they’ll do to a particular
person in order to stress them out is they’ll hit them with the same
thing over and over and over again. I would get Los Angeles Police
Department vehicles lighting up their sirens. And not pulling me over
but zooming around me almost like a continual tactic. This happens so much that I was
inspired to buy a dash camera. I believe it was the very next day. And it was the first time
I experienced what I know now was called
street theater. And I watch the parking lot
literally filled up with cars. And heterosexual couples would hold hands and stroll
through the back of the parking lot like they were on some
1950s sitcom. People that are trying to look
incredibly normal, look incredibly abnormal. Because they’re, they’re acting. It’s not authentic. That was when I first
started thinking, “It’s all of them against me.” This is clearly a collective
organized whatever is happening. If a conspiracy is a bunch of people
working together to do something that they don’t want publicized, then it would be absolutely wrong to say the world is not
filled with conspiracies. The question is what does it do for you
to spend a lot of time thinking and feeling about the
conspiracies that you believe exist. The government has to know about it. This can’t be like some rogue group operating some shadow thing and
nobody knows about it. I go to the Van Nuys
Police Department. I walked in. I said this is my ID,
this is my name. Are you following me or do you have
any knowledge of me being followed? “Is there a reason for you
to be followed sir?” No, there’s not. But people are. “Who’s following you?” Well, I don’t know who it is. “Well, what are they driving?” They’re driving cars with dealer
tags that you can’t trace. “Well sir, there are a lot
of dealers here. There are a lot of dealer tags. How do you know that
they’re following you?” Very quickly, you see
how crazy you sound. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never had a DUI. Anything whatsoever. Whoever is in charge, which is so
weird, is spinning this web about what a deviant, immoral, less than a human being you are. That’s the only thing I can think of
that would get that many people in this collective effort
to get rid of you. This happens to you enough, believe
me, you will feel stressed. You will get that feeling
of helplessness. This is not just a gang of random
people just doing this for, you know, like randomly
without a plan. This is procedural. The psychiatric definitions
of delusion tend to focus on really two
principles. One is that the ideas that you have are not very vulnerable to evidence. The other is that people in your
culture don’t share your beliefs. The question becomes if you can find
10,000 people on the internet who believe the same thing as you,
is it a delusion? Is it bizarre? Quite possibly not. If everybody believes this stuff,
how is it in any way insane? People just would not
believe the suffering that people in this community
endure every single day. I’ve lost just about all my friends.
They’re afraid to talk to me. They just think, they think… It’s very effective,
they think I’m crazy. My family doesn’t know
anything about it. I don’t say a word to them. I don’t know if my son knows. And I don’t want anything
to happen to him. It’s really the most important thing
that we can do for victims is to connect them with others who
understand what they’re experiencing because no one else will. And isolation is really a key weapon
that these perpetrators use to bring a person down
to the ground basically. If you go to see a psychiatrist. Let’s say it’s the first time
you’re meeting a psychiatrist And you say, “I’m under police surveillance.” Then the psychiatrist will write you
off as suffering paranoid schizophrenia and he will
give you medication. So we must assume that this is what
the American society believes. That all these government agencies
which normally watch our people don’t actually watch people at all. If anybody thinks that they are
being watched by these government agencies,
then they must be crazy. It cannot possibly be true. There is really no help at the
moment officially to assist targeted individuals. They can’t go to the police. They can’t go to the FBI. They can’t go to Congress. There is nowhere that they can go. We are having to create the issue
and also the solution. Why isn’t our nation listening?
This could be them. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the nation is under
mass mind control. Given that the world is filled with
groups of people operating in secret or trying to divorce us from our
money or our power or whatever they want from us. One thing that might be helpful to
ask from a psychiatric point of view is what’s wrong with the rest of us? So why am I so relaxed? What’s wrong with me that I don’t
feel I’m being gang stalked? And is it that I’m living
in the matrix? Where in order to feel
more comfortable, I have decided to simply ignore a
lot of the evils in the world and a lot of the potential
threats to me. Okay, so, what we’re seeing
here is this scene where Keanu Reeves character climbs
out of the battery vat chamber. You can’t see precisely what it is
because of that loss of focus. But you can definitely see
that something is abnormal. As you can look at it I drew a picture of what the shapes
of those claws are. Looks like a bird talon
or a reptile talon. I started searching on conspiracy
type movies, UFO movies, weird movies on YouTube. I came across the reptilian
shape-shifter subject. What I can confirm is that there are
apparently non-humans. Apparently some of them
are extraterrestrial. And apparently they have some kind
of evil grip on our world. Richard Bruce here. And, if you haven’t seen
my channel before, this is gang stalking for reptilian
shape-shifter movie uploads to YouTube. When I uploaded my study, within 15 minutes helicopters kept
zooming over my apartment like there was a
drug bust in my building. And then it didn’t take me long. I think it popped into my mind
pretty quick. Oh my God. Is this from what I
uploaded to YouTube? Because the whole thing was so
freaky at first. Like when you’re seeing these
non-human features, you’re like, “Oh my God.” What is this? What can possibly be
going on? They’re carnivorous. They’re not friendly to mankind. At least the ones that are here. When you say carnivorous,
they eat humans? When I told my family about this, it’s almost like, I get a non sequitur reply
from a computer. They just kind of look at me like I’m not even hearing this. And, I’m really not
interested in that. My father, the rocket scientist,
the doctorates in mathematics. When I tell him anything about this. One of the main points of
discrediting me is saying that you just have to be
negative and dark about everything. Because of your own dissatisfaction
of being unemployed. I mean that’s a highly- It’s an understandable
point of view. It’s like somebody who’s disgruntled
with life in general might flock to an idea. Yeah, there’s evil reptilians doing
it all to us and that’s why I’m so miserable
or whatever, you know. Nobody wants to be called crazy. It’s one of the worst things
you can imagine. I don’t think I or any psychiatrist
would recommend that. People are convinced that what they
believe is not true. The more useful target would be what
pain are they feeling in their life? At least, if I can do anything, if I
can achieve anything by exposing this issue to
the general public. It could be that it takes away these
criminal’s right to destroy people’s lives with this. Because it’s terrible what’s
happening to people. I mean what kind of a country do we
live in where you can’t say certain things or do certain
things without our own government using these subversive, underhanded
tactics to drive you crazy. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. And it’s stranger than fiction or
anything you can imagine. And it’s- It’s terrifying. Fuck. I don’t want to start crying. It… It pisses you off. It frustrates you. Beyond anything that
you can imagine. And it… It changes you. We could see it from everything. The fluoride in the water. The chemtrails. The fake education system. The fake medical system. I mean when are we going to wake up
and stand up and fight? As the scriptures say, “How good is
it for brethren to be together.” Meaning how good is it for people
who truly trust each other and are friends to be together.

100 Replies to “The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

  1. its a mental loop… you notice something weird repeatedly, think its constant and thus are always on high alert looking out for it to confirm it IS real, realizing things that your brain naturally blocks out because its just common and not important to focus on. such a vicious loop.

  2. During the 50’s Florida gang stalked and interrogated gays as young as high school kids would be pulled out of class. I know a lot of these people probably suffer from some crippling mental illness but given the government has already done this I’m not going to say it never happens. Also Florida made a pamphlet for their secret police that was essentially porn of male teens masturbating or in sex acts. They said the pamphlet was so they could identify gay men/boys. They never have confessed how they came by these pics of as young as 13 year old boys having sex. I never discount theories that the government has peddled in child sex, and as far as I’m concerned pizza gate is still possible. I just think the pizza place was where they took orders but not an actual holding pen. It’s confirmed someone ordered a cheese pizza for 2 hours yeah that doesn’t sound suspicious

  3. (WARNING LONG POST INCOMING) Gang stalking is very real. I have been through this on multiple jobs in government contracting where there are small office environments overcrowded with people. Each person or group has their own personality and motive motive for participating in gang stalking such as fitting in, jealousy, inferiority complex, etc. It could even be something as stupid as you getting a new pair of shoes or a designer outfit. The people involved feel like they need a "boogeyman" or an enemy to unite the group together. They target someone who is an outlier, social outcast, or a person with social anxiety. Basically, if you're not a socialite or a pretend socialite, you are the boogeyman and they must unite against you. These people are very weak mentally and will follow a crowd off a bridge in a heartbeat. I learned a lot about this topic and about myself each time I went through it. The main motivating factor was that I was black, young, male, and worked two high paying jobs at the same time (full time). Word spread quickly in each office environment as you have to tell management your schedule upon hire and from there the rumors, lies, and jealousy spread (and fast). They knew I was making well over $100,000 a year in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and I was. This caused so much harassment, disrespect, hostility, and hazing that the average person would have broken down. It seemed like everyone hated me and I had done nothing to anyone. Literally, I was super nice and respectful to everyone. Im from down south (South Carolina) so it's kinda southern hospitality in a way. Needless to say, this changed nothing. I was always treated badly majority of the time minus a few good people here and there. This type of harassment can damage a person mentally if they are not strong enough to overcome its effects. The end goal for the perpetrators is to "drive the person crazy", make them quit, make them break down, etc. Anyone who says that this is not a real form of harassment is clearly being deceptive, complicit, or ignorant of just how petty and demonic some people can be towards their fellow humans. Especially toward the black ones, who have HISTORICALLY been targets of hate, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. I tend to focus on the workplace in this post because outside of the workplace these people do not try this stuff like that. They know that outside of work, you are not bound by policies and rules to keep your job and they can be physically harmed. They primarily do this when you have to be on your P's and Q's, when there is security around, your boss is nearby, etc. Hope this information helps clarify what gang stalking is and its effects on people. They were not successful against me as I have a very strong and sound mind and it is definitely a blessing that I take seriously. Thanks for reading.

  4. Yea it sucks. Want to be part of something positive. But then this which has probably been going on since long before I was ever thought of. You ask for one thing and you can get the worst case scenario of what you want to spin you. I think it's meant to spin everyone and no idea who's running this circus or if it's just a fact of life for the targets. Well at least it shows I'm not the only one. How'd I get here? Probably asking for immortality. What did you ask for?

  5. I went through similar stuff and I came out of it. I'm not delusional and I know I didn't imagine any of it but the goal is to get you into a state of paranoia so that you can't tell what's real and what's not. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean there is no-one after you. My only advice would be to move away. Sort out people who don't believe you, they are not friends, they enable it. The most important thing a manipulator wants to achieve is ISOLATION. Don't fall into that trap.

  6. thank you so much for your bravery in reporting and documenting this. I am going through the same thing. please reach out to me if you can.

  7. I have known a number of people who have had different versions of paranoid delusions. Nearly all were after either methanphetamine or cannabis edible use. This is a sad phenomena. It is difficult to reason with them, no matter how extreme or outrageous the delusion. The best advice I have is to reassure them you care about them and no government agency or group gives a crap who they are or what they are doing in their mundane lives. Clean up; don’t smoke weed, etc. Go to peaceful places away from people to relax.

  8. This is 100% real! I’m a target of these attacks. To those who place judgment and criticism on us as drug addicts, mentally ill and the like, are a steadfast reminder to ignorance and lack of tolerance. Do you think any of us asked for this? No but your arrogance and ignorance just solidify the accomplishment of their “agenda”! I know now to a certain degree why we are targets that was not mentioned in this film. It’s because we are not mailable! We are not blind and we are not quiet! I have proof of this behavior and up until seeing this had no idea what to label the experience. Thought I had lost my mind. I actually found it

  9. Totally thought some nut was gona follow gangs..lmao… Do you know how much gas and pilots cost???? These guys arent doin anything???

  10. List of groups that actually do gang stalk people:
    Russian communists are also known for using "psychiatry" to oppress people.
    Chinese communists are also known for using "psychiatry" to force conformity. They are known for putting people on house arrest.
    Scientologists use hypnosis on their members and if people snap out of it they will come get them.

    Mormons are also known for gang stalking members of the church.

    Gangs of all kinds are known for gang stalking usually resulting in a drive by shooting or murder.

    Not to mention the Nazi's and other intelligence agencies in times of war and conflict. Military and soldiers.

  11. There's also drug abuse which can cause serious problems for people, brain damage and paranoia. Just say no kids!

  12. Been there, done that! ? This is real! To think you can’t be tracked via IP address on that smartphone of yours, you’re out of this world!

  13. I watched this video last night….. tonight I had a chopper fly over my house in circles when I went up a ladder to film it it went away…….
    ( Buenos Aires Argentina)

  14. and yep they are allllllllllllll on there phones , recently had one lady slam into a tree right in front of me while on the phone , i just kept walking , i knew it was a stalker , and karma hit em

  15. They have choked me, thrown hot coffee on me and my dog(for ignoring them btw), crashed into my car several times with STAGED car accidents leaving me disabled without a liscense, my best friend died and they non stop would get cracked out lookalikes to surround me while grieving(using horrible "dopplegangers" is one of thier overly used tactics) & ppl who never knew claiming they were bffls, real bizzare stuff .. on top of gangstalking me, following me, mobbing me.. also if you approach a gang stalker, DONT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND THEY HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE TAKING PART OF HARASSMENT AGAINST YOU, of course they do! Gangstalkers are given govt paid cars,clothes and are paid to be at certain locations to perform certain tasks to harass you(i.e. talking extremly loud about something you just privately discussed..) they are NOT innocent.. they will lie and say that cuz obv they dont want to admit they are breaking the law.. they know damn well they are being hired $2/hr to hurt you.
    There are those gangstalkers that control and hire the gangstalkers that mob you, that listen to your convos, know your location, that will hire street gangstalkers in public and right outside your home to harass and mob you. BOTH ARE GUILTY AND NOT INNOCENT. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. how can you be hired to drive into someones car and/or destroy personal property and NOT know that they are gangstalking and harassing you?! They are stupid maggots and guilty, hold them accountable. Stalking is illegal.
    Also this harassment started when i was 17.. a minor.. GROSS

  16. We don't "believe" we KNOW.Yall are sleep.Its not a conspiracy when it's happening to you .This video is just the tip of the iceberg.Its much worse then this it gets to the point that they put hexes on you and Spiritually attack.It gets very very dark.People been raped molested and beaten badly by these people (it happened to me)they have your family turn against you.And your friends.People are dying and killing themselves behind this.They even do this to children.My child is one of the children they target.These people are demonic and sick.

  17. Gangstalkers are actually community church members. They gangstalk you then tell you to find your lord and savior jesus christ for help.

  18. He's telling the truth. I had so many things happen that wasn't just some coincidence. Yes government is following us, using or our surroundings and people and things against us. That's what cowards do to play mind tricks on people then try to use it against you. I noticed this 2005 helicopter caught my attention. Then a man our of all the people in the shopping center came to me asking me if I want to buy this gold chain. Very questionable. Then ?????

  19. Just use the mirror to expose government surveillance . I use it all the time nothing is by coincidence they use frequencies. I can't kiss and tell all but I believe them.

  20. Been going on for centeries. Your not paranoid they are talking about you. They are lying about you.

  21. I am KC, the first Elvis impersonator ever to be framed in a presidential assassination plot in 2013 after creating a house bill resolution to regulate organ harvesting in the United States and mailed it to President Obama, Senator Rodger wicker and five other politicians read my story in GQ Magazine just Google Elvis impersonator ricin letters and I approve this message

    Read my story in the largest men's fashion magazine in the world "GQ" at link below

  22. Vice obviously is trying to cover the real gangstalking.
    Dr. Eric T Karlstrom has done the best real work. He should have heen interviewed.

  23. This is the ego working against you at its finest overthinking and putting that importance on daily decisions is always bad. Let go and accept whatever realize that nothing matters it will free you. Whoever reading this experiencing what they believe is gang stalking trust me I know what it is I cured myself of the belief through a deep self realization and now I understand how much of it involves the ego . Kill the ego and you will kill all your fears that goes for whoever reading this trust me I’m the biggest pussy ever when it comes to shit like this usually but I triumphed it. Do not let your brain defeat you.

  24. 2019…it's ok, you singhed your rights away when you got that cellphone, when you got that internet service, when you got that job, when you went to that Dr, I'm talking about how when get certen services your singing your rights away… PS I thought this was about people doing shady stuff like deep fakes on people they don't like…and other shady stuff like and also part of gang…so yah.. random rambling over..

  25. Anyone know Billy last name I'd like to look more into him. A lot of.gangstalking victims seem to be based in LA I've also heard they target gay men in palm springs this is some sort of secret society

  26. This is just an offshoot of the new norm of the "me" culture. There are those that feel entitled and want everything handed to them and then there are these people who have such an inflated since of self that they actually believe that out of millions of people, they are being targeted. Unless you are connected to some secret society, or group that would be watched for national security, unless you have actually done something to make you stand out as a "target ", or given people a reason to monitor you, then you actually believe you (or perhaps need to believe) that you are more important than you really are. A helicopter overhead has many, many reasons for beiing there. This is a mental health issue, maybe as a result of hormones in our food triggering a genetic propensity for mental issues. Its sad really that logic doesn't hit them, or they don't want to believe thst they just aren't as important as they want to be.

  27. I think it's a banking cartel and family.. They are trimming the tree so to speak except they make it into a game. Institutions will use double speak to condition triggers and use them against you to wear away at your subconscious. I know a lot of about it. I also think it is federally funded from tax payer dollars and funneled into certain community groups and factions. They take it very seriously.

    Rappers and media gurus will call it "The Game". It is an ancient game that has evolved into present day.

  28. have you ever noticed the people who think they are being "gang stalked" are absolute nobodies who have absolutely no relevance. this is paranoid delusions along with an inflated sense of self importance and narcissism.

  29. There are three gang stalkers behind my property in the wooded area they torment me 24/7 with electronic weapon. They have cracked the concrete all on my driveway, carport, front porch, the walls on my house ,the bricks near my window and the foundation of my house. This is not paranoid schizophrenic. One of the perpetrator is my husband son,one a Mexican guy,the other is a female that looks like a male.Someone please email me I will give you a free place to stay and you can get them on video.

  30. Hi first I Want to say, I'm sorry for what you are going though, especially to the guy that cry, please just know that greater is He that in you than he that of the world: Jesus Christ said if you ask you will receive, seek and you shall fine, knock and the door will be open : I'm praying for every single human in this world and I give all the glory and praise to the true God and His only begotten Son and I ask that we be shower with His Spirt , of hope, faith, joy, happiness, love, and understanding, wisdom and knowledge for if our righteous pure., Heavenly Father is for us who can be against us; So Be It and So It Is:

  31. Its callef " TOO MUCH CRACK COCAINE TRIPPIN"…crazy Azzholes…I though I was gonna watch some street fights..Clickbait cracktrippin.

  32. Weird when some other people hear the voices too and what they are saying but other people deny hearing them or say they can hear them but cant make out what they are saying.

  33. It's all so very absurd and amusing until it happens to you.

    Many who claim they are being stalked are delusional, sure, but these programs really do exist. Furthermore, "they" can get away with it easily because these programs deliberately expose individuals to situations that sound crazy when you broach the subject with others. It's called "plausible deniability", and it's the foundation of successful espionage. The public's naivete is so easily exploited that it's pretty much child's play for "them".

    Why is this being done to people? I believe it is a social experiment, a pilot program the security state is practicing on the public as they gradually build their perfect police state. There are likely multiple reasons for these sorts of programs- killing multiple birds with one stone, so to speak.

    There is indeed a darkness spreading throughout the world, but the people are blind, totally oblivious to what's going on just beneath the surface. Gangstalking is only one of its manifestations. The majority are asleep, lost in the hypnotic dreamworld of fast food, mainstream media-saturated consumer society. It's one big game, and the people are being played. Those who deviate from the cultural "program" of our shallow consumer society, who dare to raise questions and dig deeper, eventually come to the attention of the Powers That Be, who require humanity's quiescence and lack of awareness to continue rolling out their oligarchical panopticon society smoothly.

  34. If you don’t believe gang stalking is possible, it’s because you think the American public is made up of geniuses. Well, I hate to break it to you but most people in this country are dumb and dumber and would believe whatever lie or BS they are told by an “authority figure” like a cop, their pastor at church, etc.

    Gang stalking works because the perpetrators are in some authority position to spread their lies to a bunch of dumbasses and actually get these dumb asses to harass someone they never met and don’t really know anything about other then what they are told.

    Most people that participate in these gang stalking are church goers who are accustomed to acting without thinking. If they actually took the time to really observe the person they are harassing and use a few of their remaining brain cells, they would not be instruments for these perpetrators.

    Gang stalking is the result of a partnership between egotistic authority figures and dumb asses. It’s a dangerous partnership.

    The relationship between Trump and his followers is a great example. I bet Trump can get all his mindless followers to stalk and harass innocent people in the name of making America great again. ??

  35. I want to know the percentage of these people who are on amphetamines vs the general population. I have a feeling most of these people are straight tripping!

  36. Organized staking started in the US once the CIA imported Nazis into the US after 1945. I have been continuously targeted since 1974 and can verify that much of the content in this video is legit. The US is a communist/Nazi police state run by an evil shadow government.

  37. Is this a mental disorder? Obviously people are not conspiring in large groups to make others lose their minds. There’s better shit to do

  38. 15/11/2019

    horario de Brasilia:

    fizeram eu sentir vontade de matar(sentir prazer)…fazer o mal…
    uma vez fizeram isso enquanto cortava galinha…sentir vontade de furar o meu irmao…tive que jogar a faca fora..
    nao sei se to com sorte tambem,mas eles me dao prazer…

  39. I am a TI Welcome to my world. My creator and i say bring it! It will take more then a few puppets and a bunch of cheap airplans to bring us down. We are in great heands ti's be strong and endure. Love to all

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    they are famos for setting up a standard internationaly for implants scanning scientific evidence gathering melnda kidder is working with dr hildy she is a world spetialist in toxicology ,morgellons,synthetic biology,genetic manipulation and more

    svae your money and go for sure possitive results !!! this is what i am intending to do with evidence you can go to courts ,millitary tribunals . and sue the intelligence agencies !!! and win over the cowerds

    another dr who helps with implants and other targeting health problems and cientific evidence gathering is Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D.

  41. Blatant Electronic Harassment by IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Denver

    I Christopher Michael Phillips was an employee of IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Denver from 09/19/17 until the end of May 2018. During that time, I was being constantly harassed. I a 47-year-old gay male. During this time, I was also being harassed by the apartment above me. I called different law agencies and they would not help me. I resigned from my job end of May 2018 due to the harassment. After I resigned, I reported them to the EEOC, and strange things started to happen to me after that. Started to think I was going crazy until I talked to a doctor in Sweden. She told me to by a RF detector and where to look for something called a V2K chip. The detector goes off with full red bars and full loud signal on my left rear shoulder area. At least now I know I am not crazy. Every time I try to report this something happens, unable to make calls, lyft rides being blocked, credit cards being blocked. The also told me to go kill myself, tells me I need to break I went to the State Bureau of Investigations in NC on 10/25/19. They suggested I call the Police or try the FBI. They keep saying I need to break. The same day I tried to go to the FBI office, and they prevented me from doing that. They also prevented me from buying food from Walmart its almost like a false imprisonment situation. Computer programs opening and closing by themselves, pass code changed on iPhone so I could not access it. iPhone applications opening and closing by themselves. Worked in Information Technology the last 10 years and I know these thing are not normal. My father broke down in tears because he is tired of the stress this is putting on our family especially with the credit card being constantly declined even after the bank said its not them declining the charge. The chip also communicates to me to do pervert things. I have attached a list of the harassment I went through at IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Also have an MRI picture I had done after the harassment started. I had a injuring on my neck after the harassment started and I went through the images after the RF detector detected where that shows where the chip on 10/23/19. No human being should be treated like this it is pure torture. If anyone can remove this technology from me you can keep it as long as I get a photo of it. When I try to report this and send emails the chip wakes me up and won’t let me sleep. Its like sleep deprivation.

    I Christopher Michael Phillips was an employee of IBM starting 09/19/17 and worked at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Denver. Anthem contracted IBM for their end user support / field support and server tape backup within the Anthem building at 700 Broadway Denver. The following statements below involved IBM employees and some Anthem employees. I will indicate IBM or Anthem on each statement or action made by either company employees.

    IBM– Greg Newton— Made statement I should never play the victim then went to the back of the support room near the kitchen with 2 other guys and they kind had a huddle and stared at me and has his arms folded. How would Greg Newton know about inappropriate things that happened to me when I was kid?

    IBM—Scott walked passed me and said PFILE be nuts.

    IBM—Patrick Beacom – Made comment about my masturbation habit how you he know that I do not know him on a personal level how would he know that?

    IBM—Patrick Beacom—Called me when I left my apartment one evening when I called in sick to work wanting to know where I was going? It was from an untraceable VOIP line. This seemed a little strange and too coincidental.

    IBM / Anthem—when I called in sick the password on my phone was being changed and locked out. The phone had to be erased and restored so I could access it. This happened on 3 or more occasions. This was my personal phone not company issued iphone.

    IBM / Anthem—Was continually asking me to verify my passed employment. I asked other IBM employee was this happening to them and they said no.

    Anthem – Michelle Moriarty—Told me she “LIKES A BIG ONE” in the monitor stock room. This is not the appropriate way a Manager should talk to an employee. I could care less about what big ones she likes.

    Anthem—AL— Teasing Chris and Shaun are here.

    IBM—Patrick Beacom—Trying to get me to remember my past.

    IBM—Greg Newton / Anthem a guy named Kyle or Michael not sure of his name but I set up his iphone in the 3rd floor Field Support office and he seems gay to me. I was on the 4th floor setting up a pc and Greg Newton walked away from his desk. After the Anthem employee walked passed me then I head to the elevator to go back down to the 3rd floor field support office. Then this Anthem employee walked to the men’s room which was right beside the elevator and held his butt in the door on purpose.

    IBM—My new laptop was always slow after being reimaged several times. I asked other IBM employees were they having this issue and they said no.

    IBM—A group of newly hired women came in the same day I resigned to get their laptops set up and one toe tapped me when I went to the imaging table to check a pc I was working on. This also seems strange that there were no men in the group, do they only hire women for this position? Seems like sex discrimination.

    IBM—Constructive discharge—They took work away from me when I would call in sick. The harassment they inflicted on me was causing me anxiety and depression.

    IBM—Christopher Phillips resigned from IBM around 5/30/18 and reported some of the harassment to Richard Herrema my manager at IBM. I did not report the harassment because I’ve been too 2 different HR depts. In the past and they did nothing to help me. In 2004 at Grifols I reported that someone place a “FAGGOT NOTE IN THE STERILE FILLING AIRLOCK AFTER I WENT TO RETRIEVE SOME BPR’S FROM THE AIRLOCK” they did nothing to help with some of the discrimination against gays in the plant and the HR Director to me he thought I was just sensitive. Went to HR at Saint Joseph Hospital 2016 and they did nothing to help with unfair pay and not properly balanced workload.


    2017-2018 Personal phone locked and password changed after calling into work sick. This happened about 4 times even after switching from Pixel 2 to a Iphone. Many events similar to ones below happened when I tried to email for help or make reports to the FBI.

    10/17 10:00 am Calls being declined when trying to call Lambda Legal after going to Equality North Carolina to report prior employers IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for harassment.

    10/24 10:00am Laptop applications opening by them self’s.

    10/25 12:30 pm Went to SBI in Raleigh NC to report harassment and hacking of devices. When I came home to take care of an errand put FBI address into Lyft so I could make a report to them and accounts were all declined and credit card was declined even after bank and Lyft was called and they did not decline the charges. Father in tears after IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield put our family through so much stress with cards being constantly declined and having to get new cards on several occasions. Card declined all weekend and could not buy food or go anywhere. You can say that is a form of falls imprisonment.

    10/26 02:51 pm PHONE Adam for Adam application closed by itself and then Walmart app opened by itself

    10/27 02:56 am Woke up buy loud squealing in ear.

    10/27 03:39 am laptop Gmail would not open

    10/27 04:18 am Laptop Music stopping itself

    10/27 06:39 am Laptop Email failing and being sent back after trying to email people that can help.

    11/09 05:35 pm Changed Spectrum password and still could not login. Roku not letting me watch cable

    11/11 08:08 pm Laptop When writing to Lambda Legal computer closes notes and opens other applications. Constantly changing zoom when trying to type new harassment notes on Laptop. After disabling network connections, it stops.


    Thank you for your time

    Christopher Michael Phillips

    Raleigh NC 27613

    [email protected]

  42. I went through this shit and it had me feeling so fucking scared and alone. I’m here to tell y’all that we really do live in a world we don’t even really know. Stop being so stupid and consumer based. Pay attention to life! We’re more than just social media addicts.

  43. I need to talk to someone about this. I was arguing with one of my stalkers and he told me"I HOPE MY STEPDAD RAPES YOUR DAUGHTER!" I've been to the F.B.I. and the Police about these people and nothing is being done about it so I'm telling everyone. His name is Donald Ray Powell Jr and he lives in Durant Oklahoma.

  44. I see a lot of different comments about this but personally I know for a fact the gang stalking is real and it's been ran by government Congress is aware of it the senators are aware of it and it is a program ran by the Federal bureau of investigation and law enforcement

  45. I can believe a fundamentalist Christian group doing shit like that. I had a friend be approached by a Christian surveyor to ask how close he was to god and if he was “inside the circle.” He said he’s outside of it because he wasn’t raised in Christianity. A couple months later, he was complaining about weird coincidences that made him believe he was being listened to and then it progressed to him saying random people would walk up to him and start talking word for word about a conversation he had in his home.

  46. I went through this and was confused til now years later know that this is about your soul. they want it.. I fought that conclusion forever, but its what its all about. They break you down to isolate you from normalcy and through lies and confusion and insanity you are vulnerable to the dark side like a wounded animal easy prey for the one who "roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour" as quoted in the Bible…DO NOT GIVE IN…youll regret it just as each one of them do as well.. if you think this is anything else then your believing the lie already (which is dangerous)and hows that working out for you? its not.. Your soul is the prize. When you realize that finally is when you get stronger and they get weaker… The End…

  47. Thank you for your youtube. Wow! The cold, "relaxed" "doctor" with the black glasses surely looks similar to the gangstalkers; especially the ones who in Michigan cut into hundreds of childrens skulls unnecessarily, and the Michigan "doctor" who cut into hundreds of healthy peoples spines. Good catch. This "doctor" claiming his relaxation is the healthy mind is truly showing himself to be a signature psychopath. Yikes!

  48. Yeah, it's just in everyone's head! It's just a coincidence that ppl who come out talking about things they shouldn't be and start reporting Gang Stalking symptoms and sometimes even wind up dead! Just a coincidence. Nothing to see here!

    Now, of course you have your nut-jobs, (which it seems like VICE went out of their way to pick the crazy ones as examples) but to dismiss everyone as crazy or delusional is just plain ignorant (or deceptive)

  49. A revolving tail . Happened to me on the freeway too .. man this is exactly what I went through . Public cinema , noise campaigns , and more . Please reply if you have more info or just to chat. I've experienced this same exact thing !! Its so frustrating. You just gotta play the game .

  50. it's good to see people waking up to these channels. it's a bog mistake trying to spread disinformation on butchute…. when you post a video link in the comment on there it show a massive thumbnail.

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