100 Replies to “The News About Jeffrey Epstein Just Gets Creepier And Creepier

  1. He is not an alleged sexual predator Stephen, quit pushing your own narrative. He is a convicted pedophile on the registry. Quit saying Allegedly

  2. Epstein already tried to begin the process. The loser faked an attack in prison by putting marks on his throat. Too bad Epstein no matter what you do you will be in prison for the rest of your life.

  3. I am so disappointed in you Colbert: Dissing and making fun of one of your own kind, a paedophile, a degenerate, a staunch worshipper and supporter of your friends and fellow douche bag leftist cucks the Clintons. I guess even you dickwads arent adverse to virtue signalling.

  4. Oh yes child rape is such a bummer
    What a downer
    Let’s talk about a child rapists crazy scientific theories. It will be funny!

    This is embarrassing

  5. What is his plan? In the future revive his head and cock and have then place on a cyborg body? Sure! Let him cut himself to pieces for “science”. Sounds good to me.

  6. Bet trump is shakin in his panties waiting for epsteins little black book to be shared with the public. That and his taxes will put a nail in his coffin. Good god in heaven.

  7. Don't believe everything you hear. Epstein is a filthy low life shit but the media manipulate things when they have an open target. Go after the real filth on that bastard that's the real news

  8. If Epstein gets suicided in prison I will not be surprised! He has dirt on a lot of people, especially the Clintons! And everyone knows if your on their list you get suicided.

  9. You ALSO gotta remember: Ghislaine Maxwell.
    Epstein is just ONE PIECE of a jigsaw puzzle. We don't have a handle on how many pieces are in this pervert puzzle.
    But don't just make out like Epstein's not running pedophile network, he's just some perverted lone wolf….y'all do that already with your domestic terrorist attacks.

    Plus there's also these publicly available court documents:

  10. An obsession with very young girls is clearly far more ritualistic than it is purely a product of sexual perversion!

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that Epstein is not some elitist black mailer but A High Preist Of An Ancient Dark Religion!

    They're sentencing Negros to 300 years for trafficking minors and any and everything else that they can think of, it will be very interesting to see how many years a member of the tax evasion club's inner circle will be sentenced.

    They've been saying since the 70s that "Pimpin Ain't Easy!" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CFPN4A6/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

  11. After all that shit about pizzagate that conservatives were so vocal about as soon as Trump is actually linked to a known pedo, the conservatives are all of sudden silent about it.

  12. It will be funny when the Epstein links to Trump are strong enough that they start defending pedophilia and rape.

  13. The clintons don’t want this to get attention because it looks bad on them… I believe they or some other person hired people to shoot up places in order to get the media’s attention away.

  14. Lets give it to him, but lets be sure to cut off his penis first then his head and of course replace his numbing agent with a placebo.

  15. And he was a big time Democrat,. Him and bill Clinton liked to rape little girls… Pizza gate… Come on tell the people what they apparently aren't being told

  16. Epstein the democrat who gave millions to the DNC. Will the democratic party give that money back? President Trump is going after this guy. Obama was in office 8 years and didn't go after Epstein.

  17. I told you idiots a hundred times Bill and Hillary Clinton were on the Pedophile Express 32 times combined. Not a SINGLE one of you Libtards cared.

  18. Well, I guess we have very fine people on both sides. We have our president of USA , that happens to be a pedophile by accident because he was just influenced by another very fine gentleman billionaire that just happens to be a pedophile by accident…oh well , we can just turn the page , and continue making America great..again; I’m just getting tired of winning and winning…and winning …

  19. Is it too late to save our children https://web.archive.org/web/20140325111748/https://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2013/10/02/science-funder-jeffrey-epstein-launches-radical-emotional-software-for-the-gaming-industry/

  20. if only you knew how bad things really are. "conspiracy nuts" have always been right. im starting to think pizzagate was on to something(already knew how bad elite pedo networks were cause of numerous stories in the past e.g. the Franklin cover-up)

  21. I don't know about a particle that can cause that effect but we do know and have proven in labs over and over that being exposed to radiation ( electromagnetic not nuclear ) in the alpha wave spectrum does cause that effect. That's the same wavelength seen in conscious thought in a awake human brain. This has actually been proposed as a possible cause for both ghost sightings and UFO abduction stories as it not only interferes with perception but also sense of the passage of time.

  22. I love that Stephen Colbert makes jokes about Epstein, when we have him on the flight logs visiting Epstein's island. It's in the court docs from Epstein's first child trafficking case – public info from Miami Dade County, FL. Ohh Stephen!!!

  23. Making people laugh about a raper of children is a mental illness, it is the frank presentation of extreme, anti-social narcissism. Stephen Colbert things raping children is funny and he likes to talk about men's penises' violently, that's insane.

  24. He probably wanted to get his dick bronzed……?? and settled on a frozen dick?? instead. ( Finding workable emojis with a limited supply is sometimes just so damn time consuming.)

  25. If anyone noticed they are trying to change the news story on this by shoving shootings etc into the news as a distraction.

  26. Ultimately money triumphs all. If Epstein has enough money and knows the right people, he’s gonna be able to get away with anything. It doesn’t matter what he did and it shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how the world works.

  27. If Epstein has all that money and security, you would think he would have cameras on his property? Why not pull the footage and see who entered the island ?

  28. what an evil guy..>>>. https://gizmodo.com/heres-how-much-body-parts-cost-on-the-black-market-5904129 <<< he do but know the weight of his jokes..? lots of cash and no evidence for bills and treasure as working progress on 8-9 letters sum… epstein is an criminal, lethal degree mass murder, and sexual offender. he were washing money to narco organ trade and, prostitute no evidence infant trade. at 800 000 missing children alone a year, in the usa. you consider not making jokes, about crime. for his size }billionaire{ is not tall enough to fit the sum of casualty. HER'S MY EXTREME, " DON'T BURY THE "STRINGS" BY SUGGESTING EASY PRAY, WITH HUMOR". and he's no meth junk buying, synthetic dope. he trade HUMAN.

  29. Why do we not hear the big names linked to Epstein (except of course the name "Trump" – who was the ONLY big name to assist the police in Epstein's previous arrest, 10+ years ago……..)? Will he (Epstein) be the fall-guy this time? Sorry mainstream media and rich and famous ones, this time we will NOT accept a mere one evil one to fall……..we want the truth…….the FULL truth and nothing but the truth will suffice this time round. We have become wise to your evil exploits.

  30. I remember how anxiously Colbert tried to prove that Pizzagate was a "debunked conspiracy theory." You'll get yours, scum.

  31. Even this degenerate had to address the subject. You could se he'd rather not. Let's hope he and his pals all get the justice they so richly deserve.

  32. 0:38 is wrong. I don't think it's right to joke about suicide, even if the person in question did some very bad things.

  33. I came down here looking for popcorn button comments, and I am sorely dissappointed. I'm so glad someone as famous as Colbert is finally bringing this important issue to light. Why is there a popcorn button if we're not allowed to use it? (BTW, veteran "minute plus" button user right here… I'd be lost without it).

  34. Like Acosta said he was an "intelligence asset" (CIA and Mossad) and blackmailer. Whitney Webb did great research!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A78Zu9ZgT8

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