‘The Most Inhumane Of All Of President Donald Trump’s Policies’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

‘The Most Inhumane Of All Of President Donald Trump’s Policies’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

54 Replies to “‘The Most Inhumane Of All Of President Donald Trump’s Policies’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Evangelicals joined forces with white supremacist to get the Republicans (so self proclaimed Pro-Life Party) elected to the white house so they can get to this point and to reach this new low.

  2. Trump and Trump Jr. stealing money from children with cancer.

  3. This has to be an attempt to start a civil war or provoke widespread rioting/demonstrations so that martial law can be called and a Presidential term can be extended. Or an attempt to call an impeachment destined to fail in the Senate with the hope of truly galvanizing the base.

  4. I knew Trump had blood on his hands because he's ruined small businessmen by not paying them and at least one had committed suicide because he couldn't live with the shame of not paying his employees and vendors. I don't know the man's name but he owned a small business that had been started by his father or grandfather and Trump ruined him. So that wasn't enough blood. Now he wants the blood of children. If I believed in devils and demons and such I'd say I know exactly where to find them. I do believe our great country is being led by pure evil. If you voted for this evil you need to examine your heart because you harbor some evil there.

  5. This world is lying in the power of the wicked one. This is not talking about Trump but Satan. This is why this world is so terrible.

  6. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Anyone who still supports that animal is now as guilty as the pig of a president!

  7. Stop saying "Can they sink any lower?" Or "This is the most inhumane thing they've ever done" they seem to take these sorts of statement as a challenge.
    Yes they can and will sink lower.

  8. Maybe the father could sell some tamales in the hospital parking lot ro raise some money to go home for treatment?

  9. Every day I am flabbergasted and disgusted by the latest stupidities coming from this administration, but this is just beyond inhumane. What baffles me day after day is how anyone can support this man when we are constantly seeing this type of behavior.

  10. I can't help but wonder how much Steven Miller has to do with this. This is disgusting, slimy and cowardly, just like Steven Miller and Trump. How does this make this country any better? Lack of empathy isn't a sign of greatness, it's a sign of being a sociopath.

  11. Mam the honest truth is regardless if it's the 1930's with the Nazi party, or present day 2019 with the Donald J Trump administration it's the same shameful game just different players, and it's sad to see that so many people still support this type of evil ; historically when future generations look back at where we are now in the land of the free, and the home of the brave we will be compared to Nazi Germany of that era, these are sad , and shameful times.

  12. A doctor's first oath is to "do no harm". Any doctor who follows this policy should have his license revoked.

  13. He completely cut my cousins disabled, Brain damaged Son's Snap. Nothing changed except rent and utilities went up! He's lived the same place 15 years. The food pantries aren't going to have enough food for the 75,000 people who were dropped from snap. This is in just ONE state. But the 1% got tax breaks by taking $$ from poor, elderly, disabled, & now denying life saving medical care. Is he so far gone to realize that's such a cruel thing & that he will be remembered for throughout history?

  14. Trump is hitler 2.0. I blame democrats as well. Nancy Pelosi should have started impeachment a long time ago. Blood is on all of thier hands.

  15. I have NO issue completely believing this. My issue is CONTROLLING my rage and NOT visiting the orange malignant tumor in person!!!

  16. "Can they get any lower?" The answer is yes, I don't know how you can go lower than that, but the Trump administration will figure out how. As far as how to be evil goes, they are very very innovative.

  17. What is the NAME of the INDIVIDUAL who signed those letters? Those should be featured front and center in these stories so we know who to direct queries to.

  18. Rachel: you must know who is probably responsible for this. It’s STEPHEN MILLER. He hates everyone who is non white. This is right up his alley. Plus they are not announcing it publicly because this way, they can sit there and deny it. Just sending letters in this way gives it deniability so they don’t have to take responsibility for it. Just watch. People will try to call them out for it and they’ll say something like, we don’t know who sent the letters, we have no idea. Deniability. The name of the game.
    This administration is pure EVIL.

  19. "Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough" Franklin D Roosevelt It's a stunning sentiment from an a well respected American leader Too bad he didn't think of that before he sent thousands of Jews back to Europe to be murdered by the Nazis, or before Japanese Americans were interned in concentration camps here in the mainland. At least he redeemed himself in the war though.

  20. So these people are documented and legal under specific programs yet the admin is making them illegal on purpose. Striping them of their lives… wow

  21. yeah and who pick pays the bill is the same treatment available for USA citizens????? or do they go broke getting treatment for your sick children, so why don't you pay for some of those children Rachel et al

  22. Stop calling Trumpsterfire's policies "inhumane". They are deliberately cruel and vicious and 100% RACIST. Tell it like it IS.

  23. This is clearly the work of Monster in Chief Steven Miller who is no doubt scouring regulations to find those that may be cancelled and trigger the removal of sick immigrants thereby causing death and suffering.
    Trump loves the work that Miller is doing, but when Trump is arrested for crimes against humanity, he will throw Miller under the bus in an attempt to claim innocence of the dreadful measures that the disgusting Miller dreams up and Trump endorses. Is the USA becoming like Russia or North Korea? Miller is on the same moral level as Adolf Hitler.
    The people of the USA need to remove these 2 cancerous reprobates from power.

  24. So if i break into someones house and ask to be a roommate it's ok? Demacats hmmmm very cruel for me not to live in your house after i break in…… READ THE LETTER 1:00 i dare you

  25. Rachel tell the truth stop pulling on people heart strings. They are illegal immigrants sick or no sick their trespassing. This country need rules that show people they can't just sneak into our country and expected us to help them. It's hash but what is the alternative open borders. Sometimes you have to cut the leg to save the body….

  26. Fake-news Media nausea Rachel and the rest of the puppets at it 24/7. The day of reckoning for all the deceptions, manipulations and propaganda are not far off.

  27. OK, if this is the level of hateful our country has fallen to I would say our great experiment is a huge failure…..just sayin.

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