The Lighthouse | Official Trailer HD | A24

The Lighthouse | Official Trailer HD | A24

Tell me, what’s a timberman
want with being a wickie? Just lookin’ to earn a
living, just like any man. Startin’ new. On the run. Keepin’ secrets are ye? No sir. Why’d ya spill yer beans. Why’d ya spill yer beans. Why’d ya spill yer beans. Hoooooo! How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days? Help me to recollect. (quiet voices singing)

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  1. This looks pretty damn good! But I’m kinda old school I used to watch old westerns and different black and white movies with my grandpa so this style of film hits home.

  2. I am going to see this this is really gonna show that robert can play a serious more grounded to reality type of character and that he's gonna make am awsome batman

  3. The Timber-man, knew on the job although says he wants to start new, looking for work is in fact keeping secrets, on the run indeed from his past. As the days go on he notices strange things about the experienced “Wickie” they will hold a hateful and loving relationship. One minute they may be at each other’s throats, the next they’ll be drinking and or eating at the same table together. As the days draw on both men grow delirious through their line of work and what they see and experience from each other. The experienced Wickie too keeps secrets, he’s seen more days then anyone on the rock as well as exchange it fresh workers. Do they start seeing things that aren’t real, or do their horrors become reality.

  4. Or course that movies going to suck it's got the faget from the toilet movie in there the f**** f*** shiny vampire

  5. Is this just a stolen idea? A move just came out about a light house keeper and a new guy and they had to kill these fishpeople, I swear this sum bootleg shit

  6. This reminds me of a true story narrated by Horror Stories about 3men trapped in a lighthouse for days due to a severe storm ⛈ Days later helped arrived only to find the men had vanished w/o a trace.

  7. Holy smokes this looks incredible. Haven't been this excited to see a movie in years. And it's nice to see Rob Patterson getting more roles.

  8. Perri Nemiroff from Collider’s Movie Talk was talking about this trailer the other day and this just came up on my recommendation and wow I am not disappointed at all this looks great!!

  9. Is this about the three liGHtHouse Keepers
    that Vanished in 1900 [the turn of the 20'th Century]
    in the Hebridēs -on Eileen More ??

  10. This looks like a really interesting movie but, why is the comment section of this trailer filled with bots? I see a bunch of comments that are copy and pasted from accounts with little to no activity

  11. Looks about stupid – ( a yarn) people still use that in movie descriptions…..?
    Well I sure did yarned, I mean yawned.!!.
    Prediction: people actually sleeping during the film in cinemas!

  12. Just look at how at 1:12 Robert Pattinson looks at Willem Defoe. Willem Defoe is talking as if he is supposed to be a old sailor man. We haven't seen Willem Defoe in this kind of role before so prior to this we couldn't have thought that a old sailor man was supposed to look like him and not have seen that a old sailor man was looked exactly like Willem Defoe. But he is. When you think about an old man sailor, what do you think of? Not Willem Defoe i'm sure. But when you look at this for face value, he is a old man sailor. Willem Defoe fits in precisely in that kind of role. And lets imagine Robert Patterson just smoked a fat bowl. Robert Pattinson would make that exact same face.

  13. Ok I know I’m supposed to be scared but I kept laughing because the guy kept sayin Why’d ye spill yer beans? And I was just laughing.

  14. Besides this movie which i think is gonna be good, Which other movies with Robert Pattinson as the lead is good?… I'm VERY weary with him being Batman but i'm gonna give this and The Batman a chance

  15. robert pattinson is a really good actor, i hope the dude frees himself from the negative legacy he built for being in shitty twilight.

  16. When all your friends are constantly bragging about the next marvel film and im just sitting there waiting for the lighthouse ?

  17. this is a type of movie ive been waiting for. everything about it seems so intense and classic, this has a vibe of its own. i get such a classic 30’s horror vibe to it, amazing

  18. Rob Pattinson = Future Oscar Winner
    Kristen Stewart = Future Starbucks Barista
    She is so one note she might as well change her name to Godspeed You! Black Emperor… <3

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