THE JAMMER WALL – AJS Breaking News – Animal Jam Facebook Forum?

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here from the Animal
Jam Spirit, and I’m here with some breaking news. Recently AJHQ accidentally leaked a
brand new feature that is making its way to Jamaa. For complete coverage of the event,
we’re going to be traveling to where this leak was discovered. *rustling* Gah, grr, is this thing on?? *rustling* Here we are in Jam Mart Clothing, where the
sneaky leak seemed to have made its appearance. As a nonmember, when you attempt to access
a members-only feature of the game, these collection of advertisements pop up, right?
Well just recently AJHQ had mistakenly added an additional page before that specific aspect
of the game was released. What is it?? THE JAMMER WALL. No details seem to be out about it yet, it’s
still very much in testing stages, all very hush hush and whatnot. Perhaps it will be
like a forum, and jammers from around Jamaa can post on various subjects and conversations.
Maybe it will be like a Animal Jam Facebook, with each jammer having their very own “wall”
to create and personalize. Perhaps eventually it will even incorporate
different parts of the game, like trading, and allow jammers from across Jamaa to safely
discuss and exchange items. As you may have noticed the gems and achievement tabs were
recently removed from the main navigation bar, and relocated in the player profile.
Does this mean Headquarters is making space in this newly cleared spot for the upcoming
Jammer Wall? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! A special thank you to my lovely friend Tigerly,
who sent me the picture of this sneak preview yesterday. While the page has since been removed
by AJHQ, that didn’t stop us from noticing, and now all we can do is eagerly await the
official announcement. Will it be in the next update? Who’s to know. Be sure to stop by
Animal Jam Spirit for daily Jamaasian news, and visit my other videos for mine and my
sister’s usual shenanigans. Until next time. Happy jamming!

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