‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

100 Replies to “‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

  1. Tom Arnold might gets himself a headshot or 2, he may be conveniently missing or unavailable for public appearances very soon…👉

  2. Here's Juan at his best: citing sme obscur polls, telling lies and then yelling: ''Ohhhh.. Ohhhh… I see… '' over every one else. That is when he's not making funny faces when he's out of arguments.

  3. Yeah the dems have nothing but that still doesn't change the fact that we all still need to get out and vote. do not assume that we got this in the bag like the democrats did in 2016 and nobody showed up the vote it is very imperative that you all vote

  4. What an embarrassment this fool is to our country. What a disgrace of a president we have today. He's seriously lost the plot. Serious mental issues. Sad thing is, his stupid white base thinks he's their messiah. How easy it is to brainwash white idiots.

  5. Oh listen to the poor snowflakes crying. Crapping themselves they will be unemployed after the Orange Idiot in the Whitehouse is in jail. Fools round a table preaching to fools.

  6. I can't believe how stupid trump supporters are, they buy everything he says, Trump attracts low IQ voters, Trump is embarrassing, he speaks and acts like a 10 years old bully with an assault rifle, wake up America. it's stupid to belong to a party, that is what divides America, be a self thinker, not a party thinker, think on your own,

  7. Let’s pretend for a second that Obama or Hillary pulled out of Syria abandoning our allies and the most democratic sacked in the region giving Iran Syria and Russia what they want. What would Fox News say

  8. Trump has made America worse!!:) and his followers are too dumb to notice. Not one billionaire will say anything good about him out loud.

  9. It’s funny that any democrat thinks Trump won’t win again. He’s the most liked president of all time, despite what you hear on the media.

  10. Dam liberals making us Republicans look like we are the uneducated. Lemme say dis! I went to trump college and got me degree on us history. Mybpresident trump is the best. He never is corrupt. All Democraps are crats!! I go to every maga rally with my wife who I married and we have 2 kids with 6 hands. It's okay alittle inbred doesnt hurt much . Not da least for my hero president trump!!! Dont forgetgrabembydapussy

  11. Hillary R Clinton gets pop pular vote's for what? Having private server and One Unranium deal? Hmmm so Iran processing Hillary R Clinton unranium and raising sprouts which Chinese and Asian's eat as fiber food?

  12. "Most Americans, who wants to hear about them" I dont know Jaun, maybe 48 states, but thats just off the top of my head maybe I'm missing somthing… you jackass!

  13. Wow.
    Hillary R Clinton is very pop pular in the world and most of them want to vote on her even in her old age. How old is Hillary?

  14. The reason why Texas went blue was because the democrats again used illegal and legal immigration to swamp Texas for the vote….they literally sell the country out for power.

  15. That popular vote was rigged. That's why they were depending on it. But the electoral college would have been harder to cheat.

  16. Keep right on running that lying mouth Trump. Your days are numbered. It won't be long before you are in prison with a mop in one hand and a toilet brush in the other.

  17. President Trump is right to follow his path to cleaning up the swamp however unorthodox it is. There is method to what is perceived by his critics to be madness. I am 100% loyal to him all the way and nobody will convince me otherwise. Stand firm with the President.

  18. I think government works best when it works least unless they are actually establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, promoting general welfare, and most importantly securing the blessings of LIBERTY to ourselves and our posterity.

  19. Oh you mean all the illegal votes Hillary won with. Lol. Right. There's no one that can beat Trump legally. That's why they want impeachment bad. If the dems won, you know dang well they cheated.

  20. Texas will stay Red, more Blue States will turn Red. Simply because we are sick of the Democratic race of hates BULL TRUMP 2020!!!

  21. Is Fox driving like minded viewers away from "The Five" pounding them with Juan ? Donna, Geraldo, etc. left, much better for 'fair' & 'balanced' (opinion) content because Juan's words are always salty & sour with a face to match his talking points. Piensalo.

  22. Fake polls and people don't believe polls and fake news ….tom arnold should fear our military patriots and keep his twat in check

  23. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime incredible deal,” Donald Trump on Friday offered recently-escaped isis fighters a group rate at the Trump National Doral Miami.
    “I am giving isis a group rate that entitles them to the full run of the golf course, the spa, you name it,” he said. “This is going to make the isis people very, very happy.”
    The fighters can qualify for the group rate by presenting proof of isis membership and their recently freed status, Trump said.
    Trump declined to say whether he would extend the same group rate to Kurdish fighters in Syria. “I’m not a fan of the Kurds,” he said. “Where were the Kurds in 1776 when George Washington took control of the British airports?”

    Shortly after Trump made the offer to isis, however, the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a lukewarm response.

    “We’ve read some not-so-great things about the Doral on TripAdvisor,” Baghdadi said. “If we wanted to go to a golf resort, we’d pick one that doesn’t have bedbugs.”

  24. Oh shut up Juan! You are one of those crazoes, so just you know. I can't stand you and I am not the only one!!! I wish the rock you crawled out from under will fall on you and squash you.

  25. if america had a voter system like Australia then by wining the popular vote yes Hillary may have won the election but America has a different system so the popular vote realy doesn't count to anything but the losers. Trump just knows and works the system better.

  26. honestly when I was young we used to give people names like the president does little nicknames that suited their personalities I think he's cool as can be

  27. Hey Juan,your crying that Trump called Nancy "crazy" and Adam Shift "shifty" but its ok for Hilary to call half of America "deplorable's" because they support Trump.

  28. the last election was disappointing we should have both houses with the president everyone must get out and vote do not get overconfident

  29. by God if I said something about assassinating a f**** president I'd have carloads of goddamn police and f**** agents out here to get me in a minute f*** Tom Arnold f*** y'all for reporting it

  30. Fox needs to get rid of williams. Im not watching them anymore. Its not worth it. Hes the stinky cheese that ruins your dinner.

  31. it is not okay to threaten to assassinate the president or make any kind of remarks pertaining to that the man needs to be arrested along with his constituents on the news

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