‘The Five’ reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading ‘meltdown’ insults

‘The Five’ reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading ‘meltdown’ insults

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  1. They were bowing their heads in embarrassment for her. When is that women going to shut up. And where was Jaun? I didn't see him in the picture.

  2. The only meltdown is Nancy Pelosi and not the president she storms out because she has no idea what she's doing she can't go toe-to-toe against Trump

  3. Pelosi showed a lot of symptoms that a person would have when taking many meds, the side effects are pretty obvious…Also, Fox is just a facade to make people believe that they are with the President, all media outlets get together and plan what to say to keep the people thinking that there are "bad" and "good" tv shows….time to wake up!

  4. I’m bowing my head in shame over the left, progressive democrats. In prayer that they will come to their senses. It’s so very sad that they are so devicive.

  5. CNN has no credibility or shame. Seems to me that as president and commander in chief Trump can pull out troops or put troops in where ever he likes, as long as he's not declaring war or actively trying to overthrow a legitimate foreign government.

  6. 🤔🤔 S O S N D ! We are back to the " Same old sh*t new day"  . NO NEW Q POST ! No IG report on FISA illegal SPYING . 😫😫😕😕😞😖😞

  7. Ask the military personnel left out in siria stranded to get out under fire how they feel about this presidency decision.

  8. comments of this guys is pure nonsense with exceptions of the African American all four of them are brainwashed …. whenever the black guy said something supported by data all others started talking at the same time about "what_about_this_and_that" pivoting the debate away from data based comments watching them is pure waste of time

  9. “I don’t give advice to Trump because he doesn’t want to hear me anyway.” So true Juan, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU!

  10. No, those Generals & military personnel kept heads down so they wouldn't bust out laughing. If they had looked straight at her, the media would be calling it a sign of aggression

  11. Fake news!!! There is no war in saudi Arabia we have a base over there and their country pays for our protects for their defense. She is a war mongering person and she is mad that we are moving them out and not using more American troops to fight a war trump is getting us out of that wasn't our war to begin with.

  12. ewhat a big win, like a man that lit a fire , helps finishing it and saying that he saved the scene. Not in Syria we go to Suadia Arabia, yes, they pay and have a lot of condo's in Trump Tower. Of course no QUID PRO QUO, no self inrichmenty, all for the American people. WAKE UP, get away from this MOB administration.

  13. Rat 🐀 Nancy can not speak clearly by her self when Rat Nancy is speak as like as she get her teeth falling out and how she is get job done for America citizens

  14. I want every republican voter to just imagine Russia occupying an American military base in the Middle East because your president cut and run. Oh and all the isis prisoner we captured are free to walk, ready for new attacks on America. How does this make us save again?

  15. Fox news is a criminal conspiracy created to whitewash and hide illegality at the highest levels of government. but that's just my opinion.

  16. LOL @ the reporter about 1:37 in. Such hatred of a particular segment of the population. Nancy has no power over him. Very bigoted and angry person behavior.

  17. Crazy…democrats are actually fighting the idea of bringing our troops home…maybe if republicans did everything opposite of what we believed we would get what we wanted.

  18. We had an old lady in our neighborhood growing up who would yell just like that, she was nuttier then a fruitcake too

  19. This racist fool of a black man is horrible representation of the black community I am ashamed as Americans to allow him to speak and have such a promoted platform…

  20. Juan used to be a conservative radio host called the the black avenger in the Seattle area so what’s up with all the liberal bull he’s talking now

  21. If discussions that lead to peace is called surrendering… they need to get a dictionary. sorry military industrial complex, maybe there will be another war to exploit. That face legosi made while schmucker was jabbering about her butthurt, that rollercoaster of emotions she was experiencing… it must have been what the joker went through every time batman walked by his cell at arkham asylum. lmfao. I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna hurl. memeworthy material of the year.

  22. Amazing that a "news person" points out a woman dressing down a bunch of men. That in and of itself shows you something….her poor husband….

  23. Look Pelosi is old, looks like she's been embalmed and is most likely incontinent and wearing absorbent underwear (squishy pants). She's not even in command of her own bodily functions never mind anything else.

  24. Nancy, you don't look very stable at all…. you praised Obama for pulling the troops out of Iraq… that was wonderful.. now this isn't ?? am I detecting the usual HYPOCRISY here ??? this was all a show as usual…..

  25. If you ask the president for a meeting you go to him at the white house not the other way around juan. He is the PRESIDENT you moron.

  26. So Donny steps aside , tells Turkey "here you go", then is surprised when they start the slaughter in Syria. Now he says that it is an amazing accomplishment that Erdogan is giving the Kurds 72 hours to abandon their homes without getting shot. The President was looking for a distraction from the impeachment investigation. He certainly arranged that but at the cost of how many human lives. Our allies blood is on Trump's hands.

  27. It’s ridiculous, the set, the costume design, the stage make-up, the opinion pieces passed off as news, the bickering like a dysfunctional family around a Thanksgiving table – worse actually. Most families realize it’s a little silly to behave this way. There was a little comedy though, to watch Fox News embrace “diplomacy”. That’s what’s happening in Syria apparently, diplomacy. It’s so hard to see delusional become an alternative life view. It feels like utter and absolute defeat. Good is bad, bad is good red is blue, blue is red, sick is well, well is elitist. Come on. Is journalism breathing anywhere. Does it have a pulse?

  28. Those Democrats with only impeachment on their minds should get a real job and stop using their egotistical titles
    to turn our democracy upside down. American tax dollars are paying their salaries if they are not working for

    America they should be FIRED. Where are they getting the extra dollars to go against the American voters day after

    day for these past 3 years and without a stop sign in the future? Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and the rest are talking

    repeatedly treason without cause. By-the-way where is Soros these days? Somewhere in the background?

    Two more questions: 1. Should anyone who lied or is lying be accountable for their actions and words?

    2. Aren't false statements the kind we've been listening to for so long, malicious character assassination called;

    Defamation of Character that should be addressed in the court of law?

  29. I would of taken it as A threat Mrs Dumb Dumb Pelosi should of been arrested….I think In my Mind Mrs.Pelosi is A low life politician anyone who standup and pointed there finger at the president of the United States can be interpolated as A threat….She need to be taken out…

  30. He said his trade deal with Mexico and Canada was great too which those who have studied its 2,300 pages say its very simular to the previous Trans Pacific Partnership treaty which will create a Supernational Authority where unellected burecrates will make decisions over the three nations governments according to the President of Mexico comments posted in The New American magazine. (Goggle it call for the magazine on the USMCA) Let your Congressman know….No on the USMCA.

  31. All these news channels get their news from one another and talk about the same thing. Nancy Pelosi is old and about to die


  33. Zelensky saying "I wasn't pushed" reduced the circumstantial evidentiary value of all whistleblowers-texts-opinions to pathetic Pelosi TDS IMPEACHMENT😂THEATER.
    Trump is~checked & balanced~by foreign leaders ability to threaten: "Strong😠Arm me, you'll be impeached for quid pro quo."

  34. What has the hater and lair Juan Williams doing in the program. Of course you can laugh at his ridiculous little mustasch but that can not be the reason to have this joke in the program.

  35. Look closely at the photo of the meeting where Pelosi is standing up to Trump, pretty much all the men on trump's side of the table have heads bowed looking down in shame, especially the General. The men on Pelosi's side of the table are either looking at Pelosi or looking at Trump's reaction. Trump looks like a confused boy who's being scolded.

  36. If only the Constitution provided Congress and the American people with a means of demonstrating that the United States is truly committed to waging a war abroad. 🤔

  37. Who in the hell cares who supports it if it is right? There are dozen of republican (swamp Members) who try and block Trump on ever move.

  38. why do political "reporting" shows seem like blabby sportscaster shows?
    read more and watch less… your freedom depends on it

  39. Wow I thought she left and while she was there just kept after president Trump , they started discussing stuff after she left, they couldn't cause she kept avoiding it for some reason 😂 funny 😂😂 such a lier she was not even there when they finally had discussions on plans they could do

  40. Nancy had this all planned. ….she got the attention that she needs……..as usual,,,,Nancy. It was all THEATER. GIVE IT UP. YOU AND BUHNER……

  41. Oh Juan, Nancy Pelosi in your mind may not be a 3rd rate anything but in reality she has sold out to the American
    Public for self power. She, Schumer, Schiff and the rest of the leftist want power. Money they already have.
    It's not enough for these hungry souls who would defy the law of gravity if they could to gain every iota of power no
    matter where it comes from. IE: Even if that meant Soros wallet too.
    Oh well. Sad it is for Americans who cannot see what these 3rd rate dishonest leftists are doing to hurt America.

  42. Bowing…their heads…in shame… XD

    Oh my.
    It's pretty obvious Cabal News Network thinks everyone is stupid.

    Well, and to be fair: it IS true that their most devoted viewers ARE stupid.

  43. Greg, Juan, how many of those Republicans got campaign contributions from the military industrialization complex?

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