‘The Five’ reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s viral appearance on ‘The View’

‘The Five’ reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s viral appearance on ‘The View’

100 Replies to “‘The Five’ reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s viral appearance on ‘The View’

  1. Why would people waste their time watching that ridiculous parody of “opinions” tainted with hypocrisy, lies, and everything negative that has been attributed to women in the past? They’re irrelevant

  2. Trump had done nothing wrong to McCain! Despite the fact that John McCain [RIP]-a Republican was no longer with us, his fake dossier against Trump/GOP left a long lasting negative effect on Trump presidency. Dems and fake news had been using John McCain's fake dossier to unfairly and viciously attack Trump since day 1. Thanks, God. All's well that ends well. The Russia collusion hoax has finally collapsed which eventually exonerated and vindicated Trump-an innocent man winning the election fair and square. We think Meghan McCain should have let it go. Since she did mention her father in her section, she owed Don Jr. an apology.

  3. @4:12 Great idea for getting off cheap this Christmas.
    (discussing politics at Thanksgiving dinner) You my dear, are a genius.

  4. The View is NOT the lion's den. They almost never have anyone who disagrees with them. Even when they do it's five against one. It's a regular old hen house.

  5. Joy Behar was wearing Brown Face then. Trying to look African. Once again the incredible Hypocrisy of the Left Wing Lunatics! Behar is Unhinged!

  6. There is no issue speaking about Trump for Thanksgiving when the 42 people that will be at my home are all Trump supporters & we will tear into all that appose him & the FAKE Media or as I call them The Propaganda Machine of the Leftist Liberal Globalist Scum. Suck it up Cupcakes…! LMFIAO

  7. and Joy just saved Whoopis butt.. they must of told Joy ..in her ear.. say something quick.. because Whoopi was fixing to explain why she said what she said.. would of loved to hear that.. joy.. jumped in.. Whoopi.. whoops changed the subject

  8. I'm a Republican, If the socialist democrats elections process were not rigged I'd say intellectually Tulsi is the best candidate from that side.

  9. LMFAO I never noticed the first time around Whoopi warned him "If You do it!", She never got a chance to finish because He was already doing it. The look on Her face was priceless, "This is not suppose to happen, I'm getting called out out on my own show!!?" Thanks Don Jr. that was beautiful.

  10. AWESOME to see ugly-borderline-personality disorded Bahr get busted … Awesome! ABC can't cover that one up. BLACKFACE-BLACKFACE, and MORE BLACKFACE BAHR!

  11. Joy Behar was is in black face. Look it up and you'll see for yourself. Joy Behar is a big lier plan and simple. Whoopi cushion is racist plain and simple.

  12. Listen, I don’t care for Joy’s comedy, but literally what is a conservative joke?? Liberals/progressives are funny… anytime I have seen a Conservative comedy show, most people just leave uncomfy…. lmao…..

  13. Good appearance, just reaffirmed that he is a liar and a slimeball and his girlfriend is pathetically submissive, desperate to be relevant and in the vacinity of power.

  14. I can't believe Abby Huntsman left Fox for that crazy show of hateful bitches. She will be forever tainted with their diarrhea. I will NEVER EVER watch anything that Abby Huntsman is on ever again. She sold herself out.


  16. McCain comes across as a spoiled brat. She is making a ton of money by trading on her father's reputation.

  17. Once again orange stain jnr. shows himself to be an airhead. I love the look on his face when he realizes that he has just admitted that military aid WAS being witheld but tries to save himself with a "but the Ukranians didn't know that". Love it. He didn't need anyone else to get owned. He did it all by himself.

  18. The Khans chose to speak against then candidate Trump. They were used by the DNC. Megan McCain – Quit crying "My dad died". People lose loved ones every day. OMG – Don Jr. mentioned Obama and Whoopi loses it ! Hey Joy cartel Mexicans murdered 9 American women and children last week.

  19. Why is Trump so afraid of having his tax returns revealed to us all? Every president before him has done so gladly. What is he hiding and why does that not bother you?

  20. I don’t really know but from what I can tell from various YouTube comment sections, tulsi gabbard running as a third party would not hurt anyone but trump. She seems to be fairly popular among conservatives. Or at least the least hated democrat running.

  21. Don’t matter what you do or say…. trumps getting impeached…..trumps getting impeached!!!
    Trump will be taking some of you down the toilet with him.
    Will it be U?

  22. joy is NOT A Joy….she spews HATEful sludge. her voice, (tho I've never watched that foulness) (i'v had the misfortune of hearing her on shows like this), makes me physically CrinGE. she's one ugly old wench.

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