‘The Five’ on Dems taking Trump impeachment to the next level

‘The Five’ on Dems taking Trump impeachment to the next level

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  1. Fox, I realize you want to provide the views of both sides, but not only is Donna an accessory to Hillary's corruption, but that's literally what every single other news network is for. Why present the lefts perspective when Fox is the only network providing the right's perspective and every single other one is providing only the left?

  2. DONT FORGET….THE IMF WANTED HIM GONE TOO… SO…… WHAT RELATIONSHIP MAY THEY SHARE ???…. oh .. and Donna? Where were you at the time of Seth Rich arriving at the hospital??? Not the 1st one they drove past??? But… the second one??? DID YOU STOP BY… HOW LONG DID IT TAKE???. MAYOR OR DC… WAS SHE THERE TOO???…. WE ALL KNOW… NOT JUST ONE, WE GO ALL♥️

  3. I think Trump did this on purpose to stir the pot, to gain sympathy from his base, to start a civil war, wreck the economy, and blame everyone else. He's definitely got something up his sleeve, but until his under oath, he's going to spin, spin spin.

  4. All these women sound as if they are perfectly fine with selling the country out to the Commie Dems. They're rich, they have their pampered and protected high society lifestyle, they don't care about the fate of the country or the common people.

  5. Please get Donna off of your show she is a lying hack anybody that would take up for Joe Biden does not have any morals

  6. anyway about 10 republicains will run abains democrats LOL democrats make storys to mess up republicains LOL and our taxes is wasted on that person security and democrats are wasting our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ see how california is mess up many in california cant afford food everyday now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Impressed Jessie on your research! Now that is JOURNALISM! NOW, look who which country was the biggest donater to Clinton Foundation…UKRAINE. And Look who was a big fundraiser for Schiff… Ukraine Oligarch!!!!

  8. I was interested in the bit until Brazille came on,we all know she is part of the same corrupt circle!!!! Why put someone on that spews lie!? Ill be back when she is gone!

  9. Thank you Donald Trump, the increase in progressives elected to Congress since you took office will be vital to this countries future. The call to action of liberal voters since your election can't be understated. You might just be the necessary evil this country needed to fully see how far we have to go if we as humans will keep moving forward the way we need to. To be stuck in the past is to be dead.

  10. I love to watch Fox News but I am watching it little by little anymore because Donna Brazil and Juan Williams why does they have her on there she just as crooked as Hillary Clinton because she was in charge of the DNC Back then keep on go Fox News you be losing your ratings 😂😂😂

  11. Dems are using your money tax dollars to convince you trump is no good! Nice scam! Your paying for it all! I remember when Bill Clinton was running for President he’s saying was we want change! Yes you got your change he was talking to a foreign leader while getting a blow job and the Clinton got rich! What change did you get? Trump has done more good than the other bastards!

  12. Nothing the democRATS allege to have happened changed a single vote…..even they agree. So, we're talking minority TDS butthurt……that's all……lol

  13. Jesse, Donna and Juan couldn't care less what facts you dig up. I hope you're starting to realize this fact….lol…."hyper-ball"….like Obummer's "corpse-man"…..dummies

  14. "There's so many things I could debunk,but we only have an hour"…..and I'm going to need a couple of days to think up some BS that could possibly debunk any of these facts and truths, so I'll just leave it at that.

  15. If the man has nothing to hide, where are his taxes? Why did he move the “perfect” conversation to the high security military server after the call? Why are things Trump is supposedly "proud" of (like his income taxes and a perfect conversation) kept as secret as possible??

    Hint: people believe what they want t9 believe, even if all the Evidence points the other way.

    Open your eyes.

  16. Hey Republicans! Forget the Mueller report! Forget the Ukrainian phone call! Would you have wanted President Obama impeached if he had paid hush money to a porn star and Playboy model to swing an election? Remember, Cohen is in prison on the same indictment where trump is listed as Individual One. Stop the pathetic righteous indignation and hypocrisy. Get honest with yourself! Thank you!

  17. If we don't vote the Democrats out on November 3, 2020, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE! If you LIKE the demon plan, you can KEEP the demon plan. If you LIKE your Socialist, you can KEEP your Socialist!

  18. Congress keep looking for ways the executive has split up…because that’s their job. Every other president has had to face hostility from congress. The framers were not looking for congress to be the buddy buddy of the president. Every other president has had their actions called into question.

    The position of the GOP is that President Trump is incredibly strong best president ever, but also one who can’t cope with public scrutiny.

    The position of the GOP is that congressional politicians should be held to a high standard of public office, but the president is above the law

    The position of the GOP is that asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is trivial compared to Bill Clinton lying about an affair and, although President Trump also lied about affairs, that’s somehow fine.

    The position of the GOP is that President Trump has evidence of criminal behavior by Biden (just as he did on Hilary Clinton) but for some unspecified reason he won’t ever say what this evidence is or pass it on to law enforcement.

    I’m also not sure how having 4 die hard Trump supporters and 1 Democrat on a panel is a balanced debate?!

  19. My question: does this whistleblower actually exist, or was the information from a CIA bug on the President's phone, then funneled and twisted through the Clinton loyalist lawyers to make it look legitimate… rather the way they shuffled the dossier around, you know?

    We've seen neither hide nor hair of this mystery person, rather perplexing since every whistleblower in the past who had ACTUAL FIRST-HAND information had their names dumped to the media within a few days. My guess is they're struggling to find someone on their side who was in the White House that day willing to play the part. It's likely that, thus far, everyone they've asked knows full well that if this is exposed, they'll be guilty of TREASON. And Americans will not be so forgiving this time…

    They are correct to be afraid of our vengeance.

  20. WOW JESSE! A reporter doing investigative reporting. Donna would debunk what jesse said but she doesnt have time… Maybe if she had time every day on a hour long talk show dedicated to debating current political theories…oh wait…

  21. I LOVE how they're all far-reaching and ridiculous. It's so fun watching them running scared, not having a clue or defense to fall on. I'M LOVING THIS.

  22. witness as DEFINED= have knowledge of (an event or change) "from personal observation or experience". YOU CAN NOT impeach or convict on hearsay. Trey Gowdy we (the people) need a hero-I know you left DC because of the lies, alibis, and allies but NOW is the time.


  24. Giuliani and President Trump try to go this direction if you think about it it’s a logical way to go don’t go after the whistleblower he is covered or she and nothing would happen go after the one that talk to the whistleblower that is the one that is most important because that is the one that in my mind created treason by talking outside of their room they are not supposed to talk outside the room and do I know anything no I don’t but I can say from what I’ve watched so far got to be the way to go

  25. The American citizen has to stand up to this Democratic corruption if they're going to take our duly elected leader out of office then as Americans we will have to rise and remove them from office

  26. Oh good Donna is a moron that drinks the flavor aid. Why didn't she go to Jonestown on the first plane, then we wouldn't have to listen to Russia collision part due. And why is Little Adam Schiff said for 2 1/2 years there WAS CLEAR AND COMPELLING EVIDENCE the president had committed a crime and when the Mueller report came out the pu$$y didn't show the evidence. Because he and all Democrats are liars.

  27. How do I get a job making $50,000 a month doing something I know absolutely nothing about.. Whose ¥€¢£ do I have @#$% to get Hunters job as I'm a little short on scratch this week!! How can you impeach when no crime has been committed??

  28. $hits is trying to impeach our President because he exposed the opposition selling their positions of leadership to a foreign nation

  29. The Liberal Loony Toons are absolutely insane. THIS PAST 3 YEARS THEY"VE DONE NOTHING FOR THE COUNTRY, BUT WASTE EVERYONES TIME AND MONEY, Who the fucks going to vote for that BS? TRUMP 2020!!!

  30. I will never watch a show that has Donna brazile on it she's a criminal to she was part of this scam to try to stop Donald Trump from getting elected by given the questions to the debate to Hillary

  31. I just don't get it !!! Why is this woman on ANY TV show ??? This woman Donna B … INTERFEARED in OUR2016 ELECTION by giving Hillary debate questions in advance !!! And now she is some big hero or something??? Well everyone who wants their own vote to count should shame this woman !!! But yet she is still on TV shows talking like any thing that comes out of her mouth matters to anyone but her self !!!  What is wrong with this country ??

  32. Fox is the only unbiased main network. They even let an enemy like Brazile say her say. That is like giving Tucker free airtime on CNN.

  33. 8:42, PROOF THAT DONA BRAZIL IS DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAMMERS!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She can’t pronounce “hyperbole” check it out, she calls it Hyper-Ball!!! LMAO!

  34. Donna has no right to speak on behalf of the framers as her people were slaves, with no rights, no property, they did nothing in drafting the constitution as their posterity was never considered!

  35. All I can say is everything you are supporting today, is setting a precedent for what could happen in the future. Be careful!

  36. have to remember that the looser dems have officaly voted on empeachment so as of now trum and his people are not aloud to fight back against there accusations , thats why pilosi did take it to congress for a vote if she did and they accualy voted to proseed then trump and his people would have everyone of there jobs and a few in prison . so we will see how this all turns out . trump is a great comander and chief . GO TRUMP

  37. you all have to know by now that the dems are up to somthing messed up and trump is going to clean house so they can NOT ALLOW TRUMP to stay excpecaly another 4 years . we have to have the prezs back 100 percent or hes doomed , and that will not be good for anyone except the rest of the world because the USA we be dismantaled. good luck folks we will need it

  38. Thanks Donna for giving us a refreshing break from Juan lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂 but still don’t agree with either of you most of the time but Good Luck and God Bless

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