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  1. So show me one country in history that was a democratic socialist society, that has made it's people wealthy and not have bread lines??

  2. Medicare for all =3 times the U.S. economy. Not enough money. The math don't add up. Taxes will be so high that you won't have money for rent clothes and etc. Don't forget the climate tax too! Bernie will burn the Democrat party down in Nov. But not America. Trump 2020!

  3. Whispers to Stephanie Ruhle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Amtrak are all mismanaged programs. Keep your socialism.

  4. All true Americans want equal opportunity, but not equal achievement. The argument between democratic socialism, and socialism has always been very vague with fuzzy lines between who controls what.
    Every type of socialization is based on jealousy of achievement. Russian land owners being sent to Siberia, The downfall of so many other social experiments… It is always the elites stepping in with the façade of making it fair for all. It should be fair in terms of opportunity and inspired byDifference of achievement. None of our Henry Ford’s, Thomas Edison’s, the great leaders of industry will ever have an opportunity to shine in a manner that is good for them and good for many many of us.

  5. Hitler offered every single program that Bernie Sanders is offering. Socialism 101 take over your country offer free medcial and go after the young people because they are dumb have no idea how the world works and brain wash them in school by all the socialist and communist loving teachers..

  6. Man lol. She couldn't have picked the worst examples of government social services. If that was meant to convince me of anything good, it failed miserably

  7. Qualified dividends are taxed at half the rate of the average american worker and they pay SSI and Medicare. Do a quick search here on youtube . People are brainwashing you into keeping government in the pocket of the rich.

  8. MLK = Dem Socialist, libraries, roads, public schools are socialist… its not rocket science, its people-funded people-benefitting projects that make society less barbaric and more cohesive… NOT communism. GoDaMn

  9. Democratic socialists cap how much you can get paid. In Scandinavia if you make more then 75,000 a year you get taxed so bad it's not worth making more then that.driving down innovation.

  10. I wonder if there's any state that supports socialism more than California?I wonder if there's any state that has more people leaving then California?

  11. You are a piece of crap news lady. How are you selling your soul to make this sound good. hundred million people have been pretty much killed by socialism and communism how dare you say it's not the same your piece crap. and do you know what's socialism communism countries do to news journalist who don't toe the line??? Jailed or dead. How dare you

  12. Yes they are calling for communal ownership of property. Bernie has called for the government to take private property from current owners.

  13. What happens to the line between democratic socialism and socialism over time?
    It blurs until the democratic element disappears entirely.
    Ever wonder what we'd do without the nanny state?
    We'd stand on our own two feet.

  14. I respect that you’ve taken the time to make this video. It will definitely help a lot of people wrap their heads around it. With that said, I can’t help but think this is an attempt to garner favor from Bernie in case he wins the general election. Where was this video when Sanders was not the party front runner?

  15. The media getting behind Bernie will hurt Bernie. Part of the charm is knowing the fake news media is out to get him. But when they start lying for Bernie, he will lose support.

  16. Sanders today insists on calling himself a “socialist,” but says he no longer holds most of the positions historically associated with socialism. He should know this because he was a serious socialist between 1972 and 1976, when he ran and lost in four statewide Vermont races on the Liberty Union Party line. His platform called for the nationalization of pretty much every industry in America, together with a 100 percent income tax on America’s top earners. And Sanders was still a socialist in 1980, when he served as an elector for the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, which favored the abolition of the US military budget and proclaimed itself in solidarity with both Cuba and Iran at a time when the latter held over 52 Americans hostage. He is also a candidate who will be 80 years old in January 2021; who cannot even bring himself to become a member of the party whose presidential nomination he seeks.

  17. Communist useless piece of garbage. All you leftist can eat excrement and croak. I hope you all catch corona virus and perish. You little leftist are nothing, useless corrupt, incompetent morons. Looking forward to seeing you Lowlifes in the Streets. 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  18. Nina Turner busted her head a few days ago and that made her have to dig deep and be truthful. They KNOW and KNEW what Democratic Socialism is, but that were so busy trying to help repeat 2016 that they wanted to disparage Bernie and be the ONES to pick our next president again. It's not like they did so well last time for the masses, but for the millionaire and billionaires they were on par. We have had Democratic Socialism or some socialism since after the crash of 1920's. Free public schools, the VA, fire stations, police, and others as well. We used to have what we call the commons…public lands and roads, public utilities, and etc. But each time a Republican would get into office whether the presidency or Congress, they did a lot to erode those things. We used to agree on certain things, and now it is considered blasphemous to even think or consider that the average person deserves decent wages, paid leave and sick time, paid vacations, healthcare, unions, a home, car, being able to send their children to college, affording day care and etc. What is wrong with admitting that? Why do so many protect the wealth of corporations while you're not really even getting the crumbs? Why should you be happy with bare crumbs when their sopping up your money/income/wealth of your productivity, off your back, off your sweat? All the other countries do it, but the richest country in the world, can't? C'mon, its a con. Why do I work to the age of 67-70 and still retire in abject poverty while these people are extorting us for our entire lives? Why should I pay a more significant portion of my income in taxes to pay for things like this huge military industrial complex and endless wars? Capitalism and capitalists are abhorrent people and system. It is still the same as the feudal system…small amount at the top controlling everything and the masses on the bottom that are truly the ones producing the wealth.

  19. The "social" programs mentioned social security " voluntarily withheld earnings that the Gov't says will be insolvent in 15yrs". Amtrack " transportation moneypit". Medicaid " thousands of canadians come to u.s. to get simple procedures because of private services". If these are examples of the good things about socialism I'd hate to see the bad. Wait we already have, china ,Korea, Venezuela, Cuba

  20. The executive editor in chief for Politiken, a Danish newspaper, writes: “There is this idea that we are a heavily regulated society with a closed economy. The opposite is true.”

    As Chris Moody of CNN writes, “In terms of pure semantics, few Danish politicians today would characterize themselves as ‘socialist’—even a ‘democratic socialist’—as Sanders does. The word has largely fallen out of fashion in recent decades.”

    Lars Christensen, a Danish economist, writes: “When I hear Bernie Sanders talk about himself as a democratic socialist, it’s a little bit 1970s. The major political parties on the center-left and the center-right would oppose many of the proposals of Bernie Sanders on the regulatory side as being too leftist.”

  21. There's no difference. Even if you put another word in front of it like Hitler did. National socialist , no socialist government has EVER prospered for the people of that country. NEVER. Vladimir Lenin – " Socialism is the forerunner for communism" said the father of communist Russia. Hitler and Stalin were at first friendly and congratulated each other on killing their own people. Hitler's night of the long knives and Stalin's purge of his government and military , killing thousands of innocent civilians, military personnel, and political rivals. There's so much more to the hidden workings of the causes and inside meanings and reasons for wars especially WWII than we are told or taught , using the Hegelian dialect and influenced by the occult and secret societies of which the basis of the SS were , Nazis were started with the Thule society and the annenerbe, using a form of witchcraft – divination- called vril with such characters as Maria orsich – a spiritist medium/witch and they advanced their technology and weapons far above the rest of the world. Both sides of these wars were funded by the same people- international banks and even the Vatican ( who also helped and sided with the south in the civil war) even American corporations like Ford and Prescott Bush. Then these same ideologies and experiments were continued in America through operation paperclip especially propaganda and mass influence of the population / mind control , social engineering, putting these same people into our universities, think tanks, intelligence, scientific and rocket engineering/ NASA etc. Its all been planned and manipulated before America was destined to be the greatest social experiment before through Francis bacon's book the New Atlantis. People have gotten a mass dose of misinformation and perceptions influenced and controlled by the same tactics used before to cull generations of people slowly to eventually accept a so called new rule of government and change the social and moral climate by dumbing them down and using tge emotions and feelings against you while at the same time making s circus of media and politics to purposely cause the loss of faith and the trust of their government and media so that they will demand a new system and government to replace it that sounds so much better and will give up their rights and laws willingly for a promise of safety and prosperity not knowing this was all planned and this system has been ready and waiting for the right time and chaos to ensue to be implemented , not forcefully but willfully and happily accepted , at first, by those who have been deceived and led to believe this is in their interest bc our failed ( on purpose) system was too corrupt. Then add in all the fear mongering, propaganda we learned from socialism and communism bc they were experts at it and all the confusion and violence and hatred etc. They'll be begging for this , bc it sounds good, new system of government that will completely control every aspect of your lives in a technocracy AI world with a dictatorship. Believe it or not it has been done before , nothing is new under the sun, what has been will be, what has been done will be done again. History repeats itself and how will you know what to look out for if your only perception of the world and our history of from the official narrative that has hidden truth and rewritten parts for their own benefit and agenda for their overall goal of restoring what was done before thousands of years ago.

  22. you news people be funny ,,, lets apply your social bent to your newsroom ,,,lets pay the camera man,sound man ,all reporters , janitors , makeup people and producers the same pay ,,, see how that works for ya ,,

  23. Nice try! No, thanks! I still prefer to earn things from working and saving money! We all know they always disguise socialism .

  24. From the looks of these comments, deprogramming these people is going to take more than a 3 minute video, nice try though… I personally thought it was very informative.

  25. It was a GREAT explanation of Democratic Socialism but does all those gov work better that the private sector? Don't forget this but here in Latin America we are poor because of it. Salutes from Panama. Don't vote for Sanders. He lies. Vote for Biden.

  26. Unfortunately only a small percentage of Americans know what the term actually means. Trump has his base fearing anything related to the word Socialism and he tries to spread that fear where ever he goes. The problem is that more and more people are listening to Trump and we also have social media to thank for spreading such misinformation which is making it worse Sanders.

  27. What I here from this is “government ran” government ran” and they’re systems that are constantly FAILING. Sorry Bernie but I don’t want my government running anything more than they have(tried to run) and completely destroyed

  28. Yes, it's true. And to learn more, please read 'Current Affairs' (millennial socialism) and 'Jacobin' (democratic socialism) publications. Both are excellent. Just like capitalism, there are MANY different types of socialism. Also, modern socialism has changed significantly within the last 20 years and learned from the past.

    Here is a Marxist economist who is excellent – Richard D Wolff. Ivy League his entire career. You will learn a lot.

    Links below and I'm including the Media Bias Fact Check so you know they are not questionable source or conspiracy theory news sources.

    Enjoy! 👍

  29. Bernie Sanders – FDR inspired policies good for Americans

    Social Security, properly funded public schools, public roads, national parks, Medicare For All

  30. If you people really believe Bernie Sanders you need school he will bankrupt the country he will take it back to the Stone Age you won’t need school because there won’t be no jobs you will have to go overseas to work he will run them all out of town president Donald Trump for 2020

  31. Bernie is considered a centrist in other major countries. America is so behind. Vote Bernie and finally get something for your tax dollars that is worth it.

  32. Social security is NOT socialism, because it was misnamed from the very beginning. The whole thing should have been called the “savings “ security program with your card you carry in your wallet, being called the savings security card. NOT social security card! Anything you pay into should never have the word social attached to it at all. It just creates the confusion you’re seeing today. A true “social” program is where someone is given something for nothing, because they have neither paid into nor participated in, anything related to that program. It’s generally know as “charity”. Democratic socialism is another misnamed mistake. Anything we pay into such as the “savings” security program, is not socialism of any kind, because it’s carrying OUR money. There is nothing “social “ about it! The problem is misidentification along with a false definition. Until people get their heads out of their behinds, and interpret the language correctly, this is the type of mis understanding your going to be stuck with!🤬

  33. Think of it this way:
    The plutocrats have spent 50 years convincing us that the gov't is awful and they are the better angels.
    Then these plutocrats destroyed unions, took the bulk of all earnings, wrote tax policies to benefit themselves, bought our politiicans, sent the cost of housing, cars, education and healthcare through the roof and destroyed our gov't' ability to fight them.
    The gov't is THE PEOPLE's lawyer. It is time to take it back from the plutocrats and create a just society like we see in other industrialized nations. Americans have gotten ripped off for far too long. Time for a revolution.

  34. Holy crap. Didn't realize my fellow Americans were so ignorant about the subject. Im a dual citizen of the USA and Portugal, a Democratic Socialist country that is Capitalist with a good social safety net. After living all my life in the USA, im now retired in sunny Algarve, in southern Portugal. There is public healthcare for all, which is funded with taxes. It functions pretty well. However, people can buy private health coverage if they wish where they can see private doctors and go to private hospitals. It only costs equivalent to $50 a month. However, most people are satisfied with the public healthcare and don't buy the private insurance. Taxes are higher here, but you get what you pay for: 4th safest country in the world, no homelessness, better highways than in the USA, beautiful city centers, house taxes are only about $100 a year, University is $1,500 a year, students here score higher than American kids, almost everyone speaks English, lunch is $6 (2 glasses of wine, entree, salad, desert, coffee). Rent where iam is $500 a month with everything included. It's a calm, cultured, beautiful place to live. Man, more people need get educated and travel and experience the culture.

  35. Study FDR political policies. Bernie is taking some of the Capitalistic greed toxic out of our environment as a living creatures with forgotten Rights .

  36. This broad has NO clue what she's talking about. The items that she said are "democratic socialism" she's confusing with public goods that are paid for by taxpayers. They don't just drop out of the sky for free. Democratic control of the entire economy is the goal of "democratic socialism" which is communistic!

  37. I always thought that the fundamental far-right White Nationalists would backup BERNIE all the way to the Whitehouse, gusse I thought wrong.

  38. This lady is always whoring out herself to left and fake news. She should just stand under a street light on a street corner. At least she would come by it honestly. lol

  39. FDR inspired democratic socialism policies were good for Americans , with your taxes, Government provide
    Social Security, properly funded public schools, public roads, national parks, Medicare For All

  40. Aug 21, 2018 – Democratic Socialism Doesn't Exist: Like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, Democratic Socialism Exists Only in Myth. The entire notion of …

  41. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but Socialism is Socialism and Socialism either leads to Communism or it fails…..end of story

  42. This is the biggest crock of sh*t i’ve ever heard.

    Socialism is socialism just because you put the word democratic in front of socialism doesn’t mean it’s different. I don’t need to government to manage my money for me.

    Can’t even count votes, what makes them think I trust The government with my money? Government is known to be corrupt and once you let the manage your money I guarantee you they will pocket some of that money. I don’t need/want nothing from the government. I just want the government to stay out of my pockets and out of my life. I am not in the hospital every week, so no I don’t need health care for all or whatever they want to call it.

  43. Since Bernie recently added free dental, vision and hearing, it's icing on the cake and it's gonna bring in alot more votes from the people that need these things. I'm going in for a free pair of braces.

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