The Daily Moth 1-14-2020

The Daily Moth 1-14-2020

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 14.
Ready for news? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said
the House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on
a resolution to transmit the articles of impeachment
against President Trump to the Senate. The resolution would also
name the impeachment managers, who will have the role of
prosecutors in a Senate trial. Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell (R) said the trial would likely
begin next Tuesday. Trump was impeached in December
with charges of abuse of power and obstruction of justice. We may see some preliminary
actions this week such as swearing-in of senators
for their roles as jurors and the swearing-in of Chief Justice
John Roberts for his role in presiding over the trial. Senators will debate
a resolution that lays out the terms for the trial. Democrats want
witnesses to be called, but Republicans wouldn’t
give any guarantees. A key witness would be former
national security adviser John Bolton. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo) said the trial could last more
than two weeks and said that President Trump
might have to give his State of the Union address
before the trial is over. Former President Bill Clinton
gave a SOTU address in 1999 while his impeachment
trial was underway. So, we are nearing a historic
moment — an impeachment trial — during an election year. Reporters from AP News went
to visit the Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq and took pictures
of the damage from the Iranian missile attack
and did interviews with U.S. soldiers. At least two top officials said
that the night of January 7, soldiers on the base were
informed that there might be something coming and were
already on lockdown and took cover in bunkers
before the first missile hit early morning on January 8. The missile strikes
continued for two hours. There were about 15 to 30
minutes in between strikes. One soldier said
after the first boom, he was confused and peered
outside to see what it was and a second boom blew
debris on his face. Nobody was injured, but some had treatments for
concussions from the blasts. AP showed images of
damage from the missiles, which consisted
of large craters, damaged portable housing,
and damaged military trailers. There was heavy equipment
brought in for clean-up. In separate but related news,
Iranian President Rouhani said that they have arrested over
20 people in relation to the shooting down of
an Ukrainain passenger plane with 176 people
on it on January 8. They blamed U.S. President
Trump for causing tensions when the U.S. conducted
an airstrike that killed a top Iranian general
on January 2. News videos show that there
are still protests in Iran led by people angry with
the Iranian government over the shooting down
of the Ukrainian plane. In another news,
the governments of France, Germany, and U.K.
pressured Iran to get back in full compliance to
the Iranian nuclear deal, formally known as
the JCPOA, within 60 days. Iran may face UN sanctions
that were relaxed after the JCPOA agreement. The three countries said
they ultimate goal is for the nuclear deal
to be preserved. Here are two sports news briefs. The first – Louisiana
State University (LSU) won the College Football Playoff
National Championship last night in New Orleans. They defeated the defending
champions Clemson 42 to 25 and ended Clemson’s
29-game winning streak. LSU finished their
season undefeated, 15 wins and zero losses. It is LSU’s fourth
national championship. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow
broke a college football record by throwing for 60 touchdown
passes in a season. He is expected to be the first
pick in the 2020 NFL draft in April. The second news – MLB team
Houston Astros’ owner fired their general manager and
manager after the team was disciplined by the MLB for
cheating during the 2017 season. The Astros won the World
Series that year. The MLB said the team illegally
used a camera to steal signs — I mean signs, not “signs”
— referring to the catcher’s signals from the opposing
team’s catcher and pitcher to give their batters
an advantage in knowing what kind of pitch
was coming next. The Astros was
fined $5 million and had several draft
picks taken away. Alex Cora, who was the Astros
bench coach in 2017 and is now the Boston Red Sox’s manager,
is considered the one who organized the sign-stealing and
is expected to be disciplined in the near future. In Port Clinton, Ohio, police
announced they found the body of a 14-year-old boy who was
missing since December 20 in a chimney of a vacant house
that was across the street from his home. The boy’s name was
Harley Dilly. He disappeared after he left
for school before 7 a.m. There was a massive search
effort with helicopters, trained dogs, and multiple
law enforcement agencies, but they couldn’t find anything. On Monday, authorities
went in the vacant house. It was a summer home that
was undergoing renovation. They found Harley’s coat and
glasses on the second floor of the house next
to a brick chimney. They then found a body
they believe is Harley’s in the chimney. Police said they think Harley
climbed an antenna tower and then entered the chimney,
but it was blocked between the second and first floor,
and he was trapped. It is not known why
he entered the chimney, which was 9 inches by 13 inches. Police said it appears
to be an accident. There is an autopsy today
to confirm his identity and determine
the cause of death. Ohio Attorney General said
they “are heartbroken by this outcome but know
every effort was made to find Harley.” That is all for today. See you
tomorrow and stay with the light! Captioned by

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