Thanksgiving Traditions In The USA

Thanksgiving Traditions In The USA

Romain, let’s do Thanksgiving this year! OK. If there’s food , it’s a good idea to me! So get a list, get a piece of paper we’ll make a list. calm down Thanksgiving is a good thing. Let’s see, we’ll need turkey & dressing of course. turkey, dressing Yes. Cranberry sauce corn corn ya. i think turnip greens Green bean casserole what else cornbread sweet potatoes yup. Pumpkin pie, apple pie That’s a lot of food! I’m Christina and you’re watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your English and boost your career. In this video, you’ll learn about
Thanksgiving, so you can talk about it with your American colleagues. You ready? First of all, when is Thanksgiving? Not October 31st—that’s Halloween! Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday in November. This year, 2015, it’s this Thursday on November 26th. Now, what is Thanksgiving? In a nutshell, it’s a big meal. It’s a giant meal, in fact. It’s the opportunity for extended family to come together and see each other. Extended family is grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. People travel across the country to be with their families on Thanksgiving! And It’s a peak travel period. A peak travel period. It’s called Thanksgiving because it’s a day to give thanks. To give thanks. We can remember all the
good things we have and be grateful for them. To be grateful for something. What do we do on Thanksgiving? We eat!! Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole are the absolute classics. We even nickname Thanksgiving Turkey Day! And I’ll put some recipes for Thanksgiving dressing and green bean casserole in the notes below the video. For the turkey, it’s just roasted in the oven. Roasted in the oven. And the cranberry sauce often comes
from a jar or a can. Then each family has their own favorite dishes. There are lots of side dishes. side dishes. Like corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. There are also lots of other events that we associate with Thanksgiving. Football is one of them.
That’s American football, not soccer. High schools, universities, and of course national football teams all go head to head on Thanksgiving. Go head to head means to compete to play a match. And here’s a fact will definitely impress your American colleagues: Supposedly, the first American football game in Europe was on Thanksgiving Day, 1897. American students at the Ecole des
Beaux Arts de Paris and the Académie Julien got together to go head to head for a Thanksgiving football game. There’s also the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York and that’s a a huge event. Lots of people watch it on television. I used to love watching it every year when I lived in the US. Thankfully, i can still watch it on YouTube! Now, I’d love to hear from you, and in English if you can. Have you ever had any typical Thanksgiving dishes? Or what other questions do you have about Thanksgiving? I have a question! We’re out of time! But put your question in the comments. Where are you going ? Write my question in your comments. The comments section is the best place to practice your English and ask me questions. If you liked this video, help me boost the English level of French people everywhere! Share this video with your colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or send the link by email! And if you want to boost your English and boost your career every week with me, go to and subscribe to receive email updates. You’ll get a short English lesson,
vocabulary, and exclusive bonuses that I only share with my Speak Better, Feel Great Ambassadors. It’s Thanksgiving so thank you so much for watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. I’m so grateful for you. for being here for your enthusiasm thank you so much. I’m Christina and I’ll see you next

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  1. Thank you my dear Christina! I really enjoy watching your videos, and taking the opportunity I wish you had an amazing Thanksgiven. Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks Christina for sharing this. I never had the opportunity to eat Thanksgiving dishes but would like to. Maybe one day. Have a nice Thanksgiving day

  3. Hi Christina. Would you have a recipe of pumpkin pie? If yes, I would be very interested in. I am used to make a pumpkin tart but would like to test an other recipe and a traditionnal one would be very great. Thanks in advance

  4. thank you a lot Christina your videos help me so much
    i m beginner to learn english and when i see your videos i understand easily
    thank you very mach

  5. There's not such day in Chile. We give thanks on Christhmas Eve. And, as far as I know american people are not close to their relatives which in south american countries is the oppposite. We love having our family on every celebration and every day.

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