Taylor Swift Says She’s Not Allowed To Perform Her Old Hits | TODAY

Taylor Swift Says She’s Not Allowed To Perform Her Old Hits | TODAY

100 Replies to “Taylor Swift Says She’s Not Allowed To Perform Her Old Hits | TODAY

  1. So these 2 guys don’t want to get a real job & earn their their own living they just want to take someone else’s money. There’s a name for people like that which I can’t use here.

  2. Thats business, she should of had a better team around her… its unfortunate to say the least but that's business, it doesn't have to be nice.

  3. Her dad was ON THE BOARD FOR BIG MACHINE RECORDS and yet “she didn’t know”. Girl bye! They aren’t doing anything illegal. It’s fair game. Don’t sell your music and then whine about who it’s sold to. She’s only doing this for attention bc her album is dead now, it didn’t produce that many hot singles, and now she’s starting a tour. Pay attention to her pattern. She only does this during an album release, a single release, or before a tour. It build momentum for her and gives her attention to boost her sales. She always does this. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  4. Taylor is owned by the SmallHats. She fell for their tricks, and believed their lies….now they tell her what "social justice" she is to push. Taylor is already dead, and she doesn't even know it.

  5. All you are is mean, and a liar, and alone in life and mean. You need to calm down, you're being too loud. Just shake it off.

  6. what a big baby she didn't realize what she was signing in the contract .I bet she had no problem cashing her 50-100 million dollar check . I have no sympathy for these over privileged babies .

  7. The bigger question is why do these people own and accumulate other people’s music for profit ? This should be the story , I’m sure it’s happening to others , or it will and has . Let’s open the curtains and see what’s going on .

  8. Lesson: Never trust anyone even if they watched you grow up and helped you in the beginning. People you trust can turn into your enemies any day especially when there's money involved.

  9. That’s the name of the game 🤷🏽‍♀️!!! Record moguls have doing this for YEARS!!! She’s not the first…and won’t be the last!!

  10. The woman has made what nearly 1 billion $$$ and used the person that sold it and bought it to get were she is and to make $$$$ and shes filthy rich so what is the problem? move on they've got it the courts gonna let them keep it so just move on and enjoy the Billion Dollars you have made. even you cant have it all Taylor

  11. It's not like she never lied before… She signed a contract that made her wealthy upfront. I doubt there was anything that said they need to ask her permission to sell her rights (that she signed away) and offer her to buy them back.

  12. No disrespect, but she is a category one moron. She freely and openly gave away her own musics rights to someone else and signed a legally binding contract and agreed fully to all conditions. And now she cries to her fans to help??? Pathetic!
    Thats like moving into a lease house with your pets, even tho the lease clearly stats no pets and you sign it,and then cry about why u canno keep your pets at your own home u pay for. Stupidity pure!!!

  13. The only people siding with Scooter Braun are brainwashed Trumpists who think all is fair in business. Hint – it is not and it is corruption.

  14. She looks smart, but obviously didn't have good agents earlier in her career, and failed to manage her intellectual property in a smart way.

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  16. I really, really, really hate the business "culture" of music nowadays. Why is it that there has to be so much business and commercialism regarding the music? Why can't an artist simply sign a contract, make their music, and own, play, and record their own songs? I'm no business expert or record contractor, so perhaps there is something I am missing. But this all seems quite unnecessarily complicated, and most certainly unfair to Swift. I'm not even a fan of her music (her newer music, that is), but she should have a right to play her own songs without some record label giants interfering. In my opinion, most of the arts today, particularly music and film, are way too controlled by corporate giants, and the creativity and individualism of artistry has been almost completely sapped out. Instead, it's all about the sales and money. What sells the best? What makes the most money? It bothers me, quite honestly.

  17. Oh thank God. Taylor is terrible and so is her music. She should never have signed but she did. They made her famous and she got paid. Now she's just being greedy.

  18. If those guys didn't have rights to those songs they prob would have never been heard in the first place. Give something to get somethin. U made millions…I don't feel bad.

  19. We need to be able to have TS perform her music. I'm not sure who's on her team, but it sounds like maybe she needs a little more help. She's very powerful in music now, so hopefully going forward she has more control. I always hate it when "the man" be keeping us down.

  20. Reminds me of student athletes not having the right to make money off their own face. Sure it's in the contract, but do people even have negotiating power in such distribution deals? We already learned from the Weinstein situation that people with pull in industries can seriously abuse their influence.

  21. This seems all very unfair, but the fact is they paid a huge price for the rights to her music, so it's their decision, not hers. This has nothing to do with "be a good girl and shut up" which is just a lame attempt by her at some form of female discrimination. This is about your right to your rights! They own them, period. She should have hired a better legal team in the first place before signing anything, or a better team to gain her the rights to her music. She lost out, it is what it is.

  22. Except legally they can’t stop her from singing her songs live and she knows that, she just wants to cry victim like she always does

  23. Like it or not it is business. Contracts are given, read over, adjusted and signed. It is the way all big and small industries work.

  24. Read Big Machine Records reply very carefully. "at no point did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMA's" "we do not have the legal right to keep her performing live anywhere"………they have carefully avoided the real issue ,this is not about her performing in general at the events this is about NOT ALLOWING HER TO SING HER OLD HITS at the events. Big Machine Records will not give their permission to allow Taylor to sing her old hits UNLESS she would agree NOT to re-record her hits next year as she is legally allowed to do. Did you notice that they didn't specifically deny that? They then attempted to deflect the issue completely with the irrelevant statement she owed them money. So what? That's not the issue is it? She counter-claims they owe her 7 million in royalties. The fact still remains BMR will not grant Taylor Swift permission to sing her own old hits on the AMA's /tribute events UNLESS she agrees NOT to re-record her old hits in 2020.
    This is a manipulative , just mean spirited move on the part of Scooter Braun / BMR which HASN'T been specifically denied .
    It would be completely unnecessary for Taylor Swift to appeal to her fan base for support if BMR would just give her permission to sing her old hits WITHOUT such a huge unreasonable concession of agreeing NOT re-record her early hits in 2020 which she is legally allowed to do. 
    If BMR is feeling they are taking the heat from Swift fans it is THEIR actions that are responsible for it.

  25. Who writes Taylor Swift's songs? I'd love to think she wrote them all, like the Beatles or Nirvana wrote all their songs, but I know she probably didn't, so who are the real musical artist behind her fame??

  26. Here is the deal…. These Artist and I use that word losely… They sell their soul to the devil when they are NO BODY… And than when they become big… They forget what they did to get famous and who got them there.. SHE SUCKS AWAY..

  27. What they gonna do?? Arrest her?? Fk them….sing the songs and just pay the fines…they are her songs. Cant she buy these dcumbags out????????

  28. She's a great singer but she's become so corrupted with money, fame and conceitedness. She has zero innocence left which made her appealing to all ages and groups. The label dumped millions into making her famous…any 15 year old would die for the chance to end up being her and rightfully so. Losing the rights to a few songs is nothing compared to what she's received.

  29. She should cry to her mom. Her parents handle all her business anyway. Imagine getting married to her. Be ready to marry her mom to. No thanks.

  30. So 120 employees worked very hard to create her carrier now She's big and trying to ignore them…. Wow what a sweet little girl…

  31. If she wasn’t such a “w”itch to people she didn’t like in the past, this wouldn’t have happened. Pay back is a Witch!

  32. Taylor swift just wants to fight. She could have bought her music but she chose not to. Taylor swift is a snake periodt.

  33. Scooter and Scott is reason for big change music industry one record company have no right to own artist music artist should own there own music and record company should ban sell artist music and if they caught do it fine then Congress need pass law ban this practice for good and call it Swift law so something like this can again

  34. Taylor's tone deaf fans don't realize that Taylor just doesn't want to sing nails on a chalkboard anymore. Sometimes songs from your personal life keep ripping PTSD open. Think about it.

  35. // ABBA //
    Follow ABBA's example. Own it all. Publishing. Label. Studio. Write everything. Produce everything. ABBA was in the position to dictate to the music industry. Today ABBA still owns and controls it all. They essentially were an indie group.

  36. Just give it to God..he will make a way ms taylor keep doing u and let God fight this battle…he will bless you with the knowledge u need…so just look closely there is always a loop hole u just gotta look!

  37. dear, Scotter you are a very rude person you need to calm down Taylor has a right to play her stuff you had nothing to do with it and also you be a good little boy or you will be punishied give this a like for Taylor to prove him rong

  38. No sympathy. She can more than afford to buy her catalogue. She didn't. Now someone else owns it. She only wants it now because its Scooter who bought it lol.

  39. My understanding is when you start out you must have a Contract that states you Own all Rights to a Song. Doesn't matter if you Wrote it, Sang it and made MIllions from the Song. I even remember seeing Stevie Wonder speak about when he first started he didn't own all the Rights to his songs he Wrote the Lyrics and Music to. He had to Buy them back later. He even stated that the owner which I assume was Berry Gordy didn't have to sell them if he didn't want to. So Taylor Swift needs to stop Whining. If I owned the all Rights to her Songs I'd tell her to go Pound Sand.

  40. No complaints when was cashing the checks, want to rewrite the contracts….liberals think the rule of law doesn't apply to them!

  41. Swift shoild be and probable will be arested for inciting violnce. She tried to get fans to harm the employes of the record company. She has clearly lost her mind

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