Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet News – ArFA-Sys Features, Weapon Types, Gun Skills, Developer Stream!

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet News – ArFA-Sys Features, Weapon Types, Gun Skills, Developer Stream!

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel, it’s
me Gamerturk with some new Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet news, straight from Japan. Dengeki Bunko magazine has shared some more
details about the game, as well as scheduled a stream with the Sword Art Online Gameverse
producer, Futami Yōsuke for December 7th, where we can get more info on the game. With Fatal Bullet being about 2 months away
from it’s initial release date, 8th of February 2018 in Japan and and 2 weeks more for the
western release date on 23rd of February, it was about time we would receive some more
information about the game. I will most certainly make another news video
after the stream if we get anything substential, but for now, I will be focusing on the information
Dengeki Bungo shared on their website, meanwhile the footage you are seeing in the background
is from an old capture, I’m just using it because that seems to be the one footage Bandai
Namco is not aggressively claiming. And you can click the icon on the upper right
corner to watch the previous news videos on Fatal Bullet. Anyways, if you have been following the game
for a while, you probably know that our Original Character will have an AI partner called ArFA-Sys
or AFA-Sys, from the looks of it, they still haven’t decided on the abbreviation considering
we are getting different names, the Screenshots claiming it’s AFA-Sys while all the press
releases and news come with the name ArFA-Sys, both short for Artificial Financial Adviser
System. Well, a couple more things have been detailed
about ArFA-Sys. First off, she is equipped with a special
AI system that can provide various advantages. But you can’t use this crafty AI to powerlevel,
since she will have a cap, preventing her from becoming more powerful than you. You will be able to customize her appearence,
weapons and her gender as well, but I will still stick with “her”, since my main character
will be a male character. Once again, there is the mention of “Making
Decisions” with ArFA-Sys. Though Havian has done a pretty well interview
a while ago with the developers, sadly, it seemed to me like the language barrier really
affected the interview, since the developers answered his question about “Decisions” with
“Customization Options”, which had me confused a little, but good to see we are getting the
confirmation that our decisions will affect… Something… We don’t really know if the story will branch
out based on our decisions, but at the very least, we will make decisions that will affect
something in the game. There are certain functions ArFA-Sys can serve
in the game and I am not sure if some of them were actually necessary, since they seem to
make the game a little bit convoluted. “Money Management System” is one of them. Of course, when you name your AI “Financial
Adviser”, it has to have some financial abilities. Apparently, you can delegate your ArFA-Sys
to invest your in game money on things, after setting up certain rules of course. Second feature is that you can customize her
personality. This is similar to the “Traits” in Hollow
Realization, but you don’t have to grind. You just set her personality to suit your
needs, if you need DPS, tank, support, whatever. And by setting her personality, I don’t mean
just how she approaches battle. You can customize her emotions as well and
she will react accordingly to various situations. We also got to hear some details about the
weapon types, but probably nothing you weren’t expecting has been revealed. SMG’s are for short to mid range, lightweight
and easy to handle. Lots of ammo reserves. Gattling Guns are best at middle to long distance. It is quite heavy though so you will be losing
from speed in favor of more firepower. Grenade Launchers again, mid to long range,
similar to Gattling Guns, but of course, they have a huge blast radius, which means you
can do tons of damage to a group of ads. We also got to hear about “Skills”, which
is a slight deviation from the original premise of Gun Gale Online. GGO in the main canon, does not really have
“offensive skills”, similar to Sword Skills from previous games, it only had Support Skills
like First Aid, Hawk Eye and Acrobatics. Other than these, GGO was essentially a Shooter
Game, that 100% depended on your abilities of being a good sharpshooter. In Fatal Bullet however, GGO has Weapon Skills
to assist you throughout gameplay and deal higher amounts of damage. For example, Quick Shot for Handguns rains
fire on a nearby enemy in quick succession. Assault Rifles and Shotguns will have a skill
called “Gun Sting” that makes you rush towards the enemy and blast them with your gun. Even Kirito’s Photon Sword receives, what
is essentially a Sword Skill that you will surely remember from the anime or the games,
Horizontal Square, where he slashes 4 times and creates an AoE attack at the end of the
combo around him. But as I said, there are also support skills,
such as a Shield Matrix that makes you invulnerable for a while and a Healing Area buff that regens
your HP. On top of that, we have debuff skills as well,
like Blaze Bullet, which is a fiery bullet that explodes and causes Damage over Time,
Poison Gas bomb that does poison damage to enemies who get trapped in and a Gravity Generator
Bullet, that creates a gravity field that sucks the enemies there. Im not entirely sure if it destroys them or
just makes them an easy target for Grenade and Rocket Launchers though, that was not
mentioned. And aside from those skills, you can expect
your regular gadgets from a Shooter game like Frag nades, Smoke nades, Health Kits etc. But that was it from the most recent reveals,
Bandai Namco, if you ever see this, please let me have an interview with the devs, I
have some questions I’d like to ask, as well as the SAO gaming community. I know they won’t see it, but hey, it’s worth
a try… Do subscribe for more on Fatal Bullet, as
I said, there is a developer stream on 7th of December and if we get anything from it,
expect a video. If you can understand Japanese and want to
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6 Replies to “Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet News – ArFA-Sys Features, Weapon Types, Gun Skills, Developer Stream!

  1. Impressive! Still no info if we can play and switch as other characters such as Asuna and Silica and the rest! Because if you are KO'd are you going to have to wait for the AI to revive you manually or are you going switch to the other party members and then revive your ally? If they remove the feature of switching characters (like in Accel World VS Sword Art Online) then it will be practically a pain for the later missions/quests because you can't really rely on the party AI to heal you at all costs.

    Also I have a SAO question: Who is actually the real player playing this so called Death Gun? I think it was one from the real world that started this controversy overall… He must have a weakness…

  2. All I'm hoping for the new Stream is that they finally confirm the rest of the cast and show their GGO Avatars, it's always frustrating then they delay those reveals so much XP

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