Storm Surge Like You’ve Never Experienced it Before

Storm Surge Like You’ve Never Experienced it Before

Extremely dangerous hurricane Florence continues to close in on the southeastern United States and it will carry with it significant storm surge and life-threatening inundation Let’s look at these maps for example created by the National Hurricane Center to give us almost a block-by-block Assessment of how much water lies you can expect above normally dry ground this for example over southeastern North Carolina in Beaufort and Morehead City, these are some locations that we think will get significant storm surge Now these areas shaded in yellow and orange can expect water rises of six, maybe even nine feet That’s gonna flood many of these locations downtown But it’s more than that because this is not just gonna be a coastal phenomenon We know that the storm surge with Florence is going to continue inland and search many miles for example in Newport North Carolina Significant inundation water rises above nine feet nearby and even farther west than that. This storm surge will find its way well inland So let’s now have a look at what that might be like for example We know Florence is going to bring one to three feet of inundation across many locations That certainly is enough to knock you off your feet It can definitely stall cars out and even carry cars away and certainly flood many of the lower levels of structures But we know Florence is also going to bring water rises Well above that pops up to six feet now six feet of water imagine that that carries large objects in it like cars for example that can act like battering rams and enhance the damage that would otherwise be and Also, we know that can flood the lower levels of many structures We also know that Florence is going to carry with it likely storm surge well above that perhaps 9, 10 feet, maybe more That will totally cover up one story buildings and structures leaving them underwater and certainly pose a risk to many There are very few places That are safe when the water rises this high So, please follow the advice of your local officials and heed the evacuation warnings And of course stay updated on all the latest forecasts

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  1. I live in East NC and had about 6 feet of water come in my house. Although it's ruined it's at least still standing, other houses in my neighboorhood where completely ripped from the foundation.

  2. Is this as wrong as the forecast has been every day for over a month. If you say it’s 9 feet I might make 2 this niches was f it’s as accurate as your forecasts have been. And you still get paid to fuck up this much

  3. Let's hope that CNN doesn't get the hold of this technology,……they're doing enough damage already…..Fake News on steroids.

  4. I still don't get why americans stop living so close to coastal areas or don't have higher and stronger dikes. I would pack my shit up and move for ever the second that sorta shit gets even here.

  5. These graphics are great. Did this actually happen though? Nobody here knows because as usual with the media, you get all the dramatic build up and scaremongering but no follow up after the event. I hope everyone was ok.

  6. I like how people are not paying attention to the weather they are just paying attention to the graphics which are really really good

  7. I remember when I was a kid I always heard the stereotype that people who talk about the weather are boring…


  8. You even talk like fucking Trump – its gonna be a fucking lie, cant be bothered to watch it, tell your advertisers you're shit, thats why the numbers are down, fucking stupid assholes

  9. I'd say the most interestingly difficult part of that graphic, is probably animating the cars floating and trees blowing, it takes some time to animate mesh like that, course, unless the wind was automated.

  10. If u think dis is some propaganda to evacuate ur wrong my friend showed me wat da flood did to his uncles house… even 3 weeks after the hurricane the water is still 6ft around his house!(imagine dat flooding during the ACTUAL hurricane… now u get da picture)

  11. I think he forgot to mention the 5'-10' waves on top, or the fact that some places on shell reefs the water can come up through the ground BEFORE the storm hits, cutting off escape. Also, the water is septic for weeks, and the snakes are also looking for the dry places and are very pissed.

  12. This is one hell of an infographic. Nothing like having the shit scared out of you to get you to do something…..

  13. These explainers from The Weather Channel are really pushing the boundaries of live immersive broadcasting. The Future Group who create the graphics are using Mo-Sys StarTracker, a real-time camera tracking system that has made this is all possible.





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  15. Give the guy who made the 3D godamn raise, now common man know what the heck they are reporting and its gravity. I wish Indian news channel learned from this, it could have saved 300 people we lost in 2018 Kerala Flood.

  16. Question: is it possible for a hurricane move into the Pacific Ocean and become a typhoon? Is it possible for a typhoon to move into the Atlantic Ocean and become a hurricane?

  17. I live in NC in the piedmont, we were out of school the Thursday before Florence hit, it was still at the coast, we didn’t get hit by the main part of Florence but then a short while later we were hit by Michael and we were in school when it happened

  18. This is the future. Soon all broadcasting videos on YouTube or TV will be virtual world. We have VR tech right now but still the beginning. The future will be like this of course. We will have more activities in the virtual reality world

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