‘Storm Area 51′ raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers’ to Nevada

‘Storm Area 51′ raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers’ to Nevada

100 Replies to “‘Storm Area 51′ raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers’ to Nevada

  1. Yeah , the ‘stormer’ that got arrested for indecent exposure at the gate. Waving his weiner at the aliens .😜 very impressive. ‘Here’s my Naruto dog. ‘ 🌭🌭🌭

  2. No one knows for sure but honestly where are they over the past eons. I think they are inter dimensional beings who can fly at incredible speeds turn on the dime dematerialize and appear anywhere

  3. 👽🛸👽 i gotta theory tho… any1 wanna hear it? 😏 … riddle me this… 🤔 why do u suppose they chose the #51❔ …i think, it's probably our 51st state. (they just COULDN'T give it the title of a state, cuz it was SUPPOSED to remain a SECRET") … think about it….. WHY the #51❓ 🤔🤔🤔

  4. There are four kinds of rattlers in that area and they lay up under rocks and the plants/brush!
    Look out!!! Can't even pick them out in daylight. Western Diamondbacks can reach out 50% of body length of 7ft !
    Besides, most who have close encounters with UFOs have no memory of it, so good luck and hope you don't go stumbling around in the rocks and brush! NANU-NANU!

  5. This is a huge LIE from the Governmental people. =(
    The Governments of the world are trying to make you think that there really are real Aliens out there, so when the Pre-Tribulation Rapture happens and 10s of millions of Christians simply disappear off this earth to be with King JESUS forever, it is then that the Governments will LIE to all the (left behind) people and LIE and say that we Christians got captured and taken away by Aliens as a coverup. The Governments of this world will not want you to know the Truth that it was really the Rapture and the LORD took His "Saints" Home to be with Him forever.

  6. There is no aliens its the USA scientists creations they create that in they labs in area 51 and they made news about that like they made they Hollywood films and stupid people's believe they stupid story

  7. Honestly I’m tired of this. This is so stupid. Y’all should have been arrested. ITS A FREAKING MILITARY BASE. YEAH THEY HAVE SECRETS LIKE WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO IF WE ARE ATTACKED ETC. This was supposed to be a JOKE, not actually storming it. And it shouldn’t even been joked about in the first place.
    Honestly I don’t know how humanity survives.

  8. CAN WE HAVE "THE ALIENS" VOTE INSTEAD OF THESE KNUCKLEHEADS!!!! Read the bible folks. This is Satans way to deceive you and you are being willing participants to walk the wide path.

  9. What some people nowadays call a raid….
    It is embarrassing. If you want to raid 51 at least have the decency to catch some bullets while trying.

  10. Next raid is on new year's Eve we all meet up in Pahrump Nevada to raid the pot farms // and have a big party to start off the new year // who is with me ?

  11. What a bunch of dorks ! Will not be upset or surprised if someone gets killed. When we need to know, they'll let us know.
    Take a vacation to Montana or Wyoming ( little light pollution) and look up for awhile, no need to storm a government facility.
    Activity has increased the past 20 years here. Any clear night , multiple sightings. I get a little nervous when they linger a few thousand feet or so for hours. Makes me wonder if they're watching me watch them. Been staring at the sky in central Montana for 40 yrs.
    In the early 70s my dad went to work in the oil field at 4:00 am. My mom was so afraid of the spaceships that my g-ma had to come over and stay with us till daylight. I don't know why she was so afraid.
    I kinda want to go for a ride.

  12. This is so stupid I thought the area 51 was supposed to be as top-secret serious things that happen there and not just seems like a joke to me because people are dressing like aliens having fun there and buying likes free some stuff like candy and like what is this is this even an area 51 I thought this was serious I thought area 51 was supposed Be serious but now seems like some fun place this is so stupid why would they do this

  13. Take digital pics against a dark backround, like a tv screen that is off or a black dresser, you'll capture interdimensionals aka greys are all over the place. They show up clearly on film.

  14. Why is the title alien believers? there is a 100% chance that life exists outside our own planet, there's a difference between believing aliens exist and being stupid and thinking there in an air force base.

  15. Well that seemed like much ado about nothing. It was known crafts were being worked on there for almost 64, years, but it WAS said Aliens are actually on another near by base. Maybe they just keep as of yet unknown crafts at area 51, and willing aliens at a nearby base. Besides, did everyone believe with so much coverage, publicity, mainly geared at famous people who were to be there, all the hype and advanced, announced time given that Area 51, workers for lack if a better description, would not have a plentiful amount of time to hide anyone or thing being studied, created, etc would even have still hidden there?

  16. 4:39 This guy seems really chill and I just really hope he's one of the event planners,,, I want to go because it sounds fun but also because he sounds really smooth and calm about it.

  17. Yeah,yell let's raid area 51 and stand back and watch the idiot's storm in….grabbing my popcorn and sitting in my lounge chair

  18. Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt  his house will be underwater  and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?

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