State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

100 Replies to “State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

  1. We need another revival, a great awakening. Draining the swamp is making the mountains low
    and raising up the valleys for a smooth landing strip for Holy Spirit to land on.

  2. I can't stand listening to the crap that comes out of Chris' mouth unless he's debating Dan Bongino. Dan will call him out every time on his BS

  3. "I think you get tired by the end of the week…" Yeah, that whiny lying crybaby needs a nap! Ugh, go away Chris! Why do they have him on???

  4. Arrests or GTFO!! Same names for 3+ years, with zero accountability. I'm tired of all these reports and findings and videos. ARRESTS OR GTFO!

  5. The Clinton's could just about shoot someone dead outside a police station and still not face any justice or ramifications.

  6. Of course the Democrats are still idiots! They are still angry that Trump won!! TRUMP HAD THOSE BUSINESSES BEFORE HE RAN!!

  7. Please Fox News …get rid of the useless and moronic political hack Chris Hahn. They guy is a mental midget and a total flake and you could do way better then paying this Venereal Disease "Hole" $5K for spewing out his take on any situation.

  8. How do these corrupt politicians keep getting away with all these illegal activities? Thank god for our President he's exposing the truth!! If Trump didn't get elected then we'd never know even half of the corruption going on in D.C. with these lifelong politicians!!

  9. Chris haun is a queer pushing the demon rat agenda and he never answers the question he always throws it back on trump the best president in our history

  10. Just keep digging because if justice prevails they've just scratched the surface there's hundreds of skeletons in Hillary's closet cause anybody that would expose Clinton's crimes ended up dead.

  11. Seriously, with everyone trying to talk over each other, I couldn't turn it off quick enough. Why hasn't anyone reported on Field McConnell's latest claim Obama was executed? No foreign investors period!

  12. She cannot be at ALL that good in bed with the dems. She I guess gives good shrill. It is an OUT RITE ABOMINATION to do nothing!!! They are helping her with believing in her lies!! This is an outrage!! How dare that horrific monster get away with this. I wish only for her and her family to go have a nice long vacation with Jesus!! Maybe he will correct the corruption that lies within her belly and puts an end to her dancing with the devil. She should be so lucky….

  13. No matter how off this fella Chris is, I like him as a Democratic voice. He plays the game and makes it interesting. I like him and Dan Bongino going at it together. I don't think he's a jagoff.

  14. Clinton’s, Obama, Biden , public execution fits all of them
    Acts of War
    Spying, colluding

    Scandals were hidden, by their own and a lot of political rhino’s

    Chris, census says, your an IDIOT

  15. I think what Chris is trying to say is that, the president should have another fox to eye the fox who is guarding the the coup .., shamelessly & terribly sad.

  16. Liberal Logic

    News Headline: No Russian collusion; liberals-question the mueller report.

    Also liberal logic
    News Headline: Clinton free of email scandal;
    Liberals-Take it at face value people.

  17. Wow, you guys sound serious about corruption, what would you do if Hillary asked Russia for help?🤔😒

  18. 0bam White House was the most corrupt in my lifetime, working on my 7th decade, almost longer than the modern-day politician holds onto power election after election. Sickening to see these poor reps become millionaires while serving us in Congress. How the fluke are we this dumb?

  19. Jesus!! What I have been witnessing for 3 years is grade school level nonsense. Maybe cut the mics so we can hear one side of it,, and same for the other side. 2 and sometimes 3 people talking over each other solves nothing.

  20. What I would like to know is if Laura Ingram is really a Trump supporter or still a Neocon globalist as she was during the G.W. Bush Administration when she criticized Conservatives for being nationalists and calling us "isolationists?

  21. Obama:
    Fast furious – gun running
    Obama WH – Child trafficking/"pizza and hot dogs".
    GFC – bailout of investment banks
    Benghazi – American soldiers killed
    Obama Birth certificate – faked

    "Not a hint of a scandal" 😂

  22. And here I was for some reason thinking this news segment from Laura was going to be about ‘600 Clinton email violations‘ … I wonder why I thought that …

  23. Then why is she still walking the street free lock her up and Obama also … prison is were they belong.. this is unreal how they get away with . Wile others go to prison for practicly nothing..

  24. "Yeah, but we have this president now. He can't look into what happened earlier EVEN IF WE DID IT. He is isn't supposed to!" That Chris guy is MORONIC!

  25. From the title I thought this may be worth watching. But instead some brainwashed idiot got to appear superior for 3 minutes. All this did was peeve me off. Lock them up already!

  26. And still We don't matter. Our votes don't matter. Our voices don't matter. It's all just noise to move us along to the next news cycle and the next scandal.

  27. Want to pass a law for the President yet Congress and Senate practice insider trading everyday, who in congress is getting rich from the prison system and selling off our mineral rights? I can't even stand to watch Fox anymore just as bad as msn cnn and the others

  28. Wow, label it about Clinton, then jump on Trump! What a bunch of fk ups! 🇱🇷😎🔥

    Democracy is for traffickers! Regardless if organic humans drugs or guns! Organic being BIOLOGICAL! 🇱🇷😈🔥

  29. I see how this works, whoever writes the checks, get a free pass in the media! I got it now demo-crap! 🇱🇷😈🔥

  30. No one in position should be able to have dealings in foreign countries. Skip the blind trust.
    Do the normal process

  31. Cannot understand why Chris Hahn is being invited as guest of TV shows.
    I want to puke when I see his angry face and hear his moronic comments.

    He is a lunatic removed from realities of common sense people.

  32. America elected a billionaire and multinational businessman BECAUSE of his success! So what?… Are Trump’s businesses supposed to “POOF,” disappear because he’s President? NO!

  33. What is with all the 'making faces'?
    I want to play poker with these men. $10K buy in, play until there's a winner. 😀

  34. Sure why question the crimes going on in real-time while we can criticize an old woman for not being computer savvy. Drumpf chose conservatives for a reason; they’re dead in the brain.

  35. Errors are useless if she isn't put in jail.

    And why the hell would the President put people through regular channels when those channels are focused only on impeaching him for anything they can put their hands on.

  36. I don't care anymore unless people ACTUALLY start going to jail. Sick of all the Republican barking & no biting. Pull your nuts down & prosecute, or STFU.

  37. This came up on autoplay. Chris Hahn, ffs. Why give a platform to this swamp creature? He's just but a Democrat troll. Another Juan Williams. You already know the deflections that are going to come out of his mouth. What's the point? This kind of nonsense is the reason why I never bother with Ingraham. Not once have I ever come away from her show any the better informed. It's just a dog & pony show.

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