Star Stable Online Jorvik News | Doppelte Clubs | [german/english]

Welcome to the Jorvik News. Today in the studio Alicia Snowdaughter Hello. Double clubs. Since the 21 of Februrary 2018 it is possible to create existing riding clubs on other servers again. This has never been the case before. The club names were like the player names only available once in the entire game. If this is just a mistake or not can´t be assured yet because Starstable has not said anything in this case yet. In the meantime, the players are asked to be calm and patient We will keep you informed “Together”.On the 24 of Februrary 2018 the first episode of “Together” aired with Karin and Matilda on the official StarStable Youtube channel and will be realised every saturday The series is about different horse types, their characteristics and what they are used for. You can find a link below in the video description. Livestream on Instagram. on the 25.of February2018 Starstable streamed on the official Insta-Account for about 20 minutes . The main theme of the livestrem was the new show “Together” by Karin and Matilda. It also came to questions by the community. Karin and Gamemaster Ilva talked about a possible remake of the Jorvik pony as well as the upcoming dressage Starstable already talked about dressage in the game in 2016 Whether its just to keep the community quiet or they are really working hard on it Cant be said at the moment Non StarRiders not able to type in chat since the last update from the 21 of Februrary 2018 Non StarRiders are occasionally not able to use the chat. StarStable said that they are working on it. SSO Discord since the 18 of Februrary 2018 the German speaking community own their very own Discord server. Where over 400 people have gathered together to chat and play daily. You can find a link to that in the video description below. And now to the weather with Morningdew. pfff pssst we are live “cough” Welcome to the weather The following week, the weather is very cold in Germany The weather is sunny to cloudy With temperature from 7 to -12 degrees celcius In Switzerland this week will be more uncomfortable and reach with 11 to 9 degrees a chilly and wet week for safety take an umbrella with you In Austria it looks the same like in Germany From 7 up to -14 degrees there are just some sunny hours This was the weather. We wish you a nice week

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