Standoff between Trump, Minneapolis mayor deepens ahead of rally

Standoff between Trump, Minneapolis mayor deepens ahead of rally

100 Replies to “Standoff between Trump, Minneapolis mayor deepens ahead of rally

  1. Pompas idiot mayor of Minneapolis, but what can I say, we in Minnesota have been burdened by idiots in political government for such a long time that there is not much we can do. Liberal Democrats (even if they try going by another name – DFL), are still the liberal socialistic crooks from all over. They only look out for themselves, but not the actual citizens of this state.

  2. How much evidence do people need before they have no doubt that these "Democrat (aka Socialists) leaders" have completely lost their mind–assuming, of course, they had a mind to begin with.

  3. DEMOCRATS are trying to silence us, yet they are the ones who fight for free speech. Antifa is another bunch of Democratic Fascists, Marxists, Communists, Socialists who are trying to shut down free speech.  The Dems are so radicalized and out of control that there is a civil war happening right now in America. So far, it is peaceful, but the Dems are doing all they can to make it a true war.  IF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY TAKES CONTOL OF THE HOUSE, SENATE, AND WHITE HOUSE, AMERICA IS FINISHED, BUT MANY AMERICANS ARE JUST TOO STUPID TO SEE IT OR UNDERSTAND IT.

  4. Whats wrong with the Mayor in Minneapolis , honestly I'm thinking he wants attention , U would think he would've been more appreciated by all the greatness that our PRESIDENT HAS DONE for The American People's already.. He needs to get on the Trump Train

  5. Ahhh Lil Frey dont worry lil guy there will cone a time when you can shave and start acting like a REAL MAN instead of a DEM Puppet?……. ?? nice try how did that actually work out for you Lil Frey?

  6. So basically , democrat cities are trying to charge the trump campaign for the unhinged violence committed by democrat voters that need policing ?

  7. Warren!? If that is the best you can do why don't you just pack it in and move to China. You will get along with the tyrants. Take obama with you. He will enjoy the genocides.

  8. Here we go with these Demo-Rats pulling the wool over the public's eyes. How long are we going to let the corruption of the demo-rats affect us all???

  9. who are these Morons who believe they can speak for everyone? They should live in Communist China, Noth Korea or anywhere they fit in with their beliefs because it is not the USA

  10. This mayor is a jerk.
    He removed all the portable bathrooms except for 2 a mile away from the crowd. Then he turned up the heat like a hundred so people were sweating in these enclosed overpasses from the center to the parking. These demorcrats must get a book on what they are to do as a mayor.
    For real!!!!

  11. Who wants a not quite Indian, not quite African, not quite honest candidate who refuses to acknowledge that she is actually white?

  12. People like this mayor really hurt the country, Not just the president, not just the republicans, but the United States of America.

  13. Be careful be aware if Warren becomes the nomination of the Democratic Party vice president will be Clinton that’s the snake address 104 bitches working together

  14. The mayor of that City needs to be charged with price gouging just like any normal citizen would let's call price gouging it's against the law lock him up charge him

  15. You suck. They picked another beauty you and OMAR. MINNEAPOLIS YOU OWE AMERICANS TRUMP 2020. You guys put these assholes in now take them out do us ALL A FAVOR

  16. When you listen to the Democratic party be sure to add deception before the speech and then add destruction after the speech. Here how it looks: deception eguals what the Democrat say and when they finish the end goal is destruction.

  17. Glad the interruptions by hosts slowed-up. Dipseydoodlying EWarren is a waste of time and fool’s errands. She is NOT PRESIDENTIAL IN ANY WAY. Think about it. If she’s not sure of something OR has a PERSONAL AGENDA, she habitually lies. Eg. Makes up facts that turn a narrative to her woe-is-me alternative viewpoint. We cannot have that in the Oval Office: that when backed into a corner she flies above it with falsehoods.
    PS. The Mpls Mayor has been caught doing N O T H I N G to prevent the worst representative possible from applying as a rep for Mpls People that are not international bigots and liars and frauds. People don’t marry their brothers for financial fraud in Minneapolis. And if they are? Mr Mayor? YOU HAVE GOT R E A L PROBLEMS IN YOUR CITY AND YOU NEED TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND GET TO WORK!! “Rep Ilhan” is an embrassment to you and Minneapolis. The Nation is disgusted that this criminal was elected in your City.

  18. Can you imagine how racist it would have been if Trump were president before Obama, and they raised the prices for the venue from 20k to 500k for Obama's rally???

  19. Can anyone think what the economy will look like with Warren in the WH? Trump brings businesses in, and she'll drive'm all out. Antifa would be rioting for food.

  20. This is the same city where white people visiting downtown are attacked, beaten and robbed. After I saw that video I'll never visit minnesota. I win because I get to keep my,tourist dollars.

  21. The police protection after the rally was inadequate with attendees assaulted afterward. The Dem Mayor of Minneapolis was completely out of line in his comments before the event; he does not believe in fairness. The mayor's behavior is patently unAmerican but typically Marxist.

  22. TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH…What Fox doesn't say is that Trump still has not paid his way past due outstanding rally bills in 6 other states….tell the whole story here not cherry pick it, there is a list of cities he has already stiffed on the cost of his rallies.

  23. The Mayor is a beacon of courage, we need more like him to ensure that hate speech, and bullying are checked all across the USA! More power to him, he'll be president one day.

  24. Who pays for all the Dems Rally's ? The only scums causing damage and riots are the left !!! Hhhhmmmmm why is that ?

  25. The $500k is absurd. Did Minneapolis have all of their 800 Police officers at this rally making $250 per hour or what? I don't think so!

  26. My impeachment will be the biggest and the very best in the history of this country, so much better than Nixons' and it will be said by historians for a long time that mine was bigger and better, and everyone loved my impeachment and a lot of people believe, and i have talked to some of them, that my impeachment will cost the most and be spectacular and other Presidents will call and tell me it was by far the very best perfect impeachment and they couldn't have done it better.

  27. If she was a true American Indian, she'd definitely have actual credibility. A progressive thru and thru
    that sounds convincing , but beware!

  28. That is 2700% inflation has any ones wages in MN gone up 2700%? What could be the justifications? The mayor is a thief plain and simple.

  29. This democratic mayor doesn't believe in FREE SPEECH!!! How do the residents of his city feel about him deciding who can say what in THEIR city. City doesn't BELONG to the MAYOR. Mayor sounds like he thinks he is "annointed" instead of "elected". Does he toss out all the Republicans in his area, then? Is he being disrespectful to the voters in his city, by deciding for them what they like, or don't like, to hear? "WE" is a large word. He takes in the whole city by saying "WE" don't like… so "YOU" can't have "YOUR" duly elected President Trump here? Maybe he should invite Biden, he's probably more his type.

  30. It still blows my mind how all these dems are so much against their own president. They aren’t doing the country any good by doing so. Everyone should be mature enough to support and hope for the best of their leader. Even if they don’t like them.

  31. Dump owe that town money and he wont pay he hasnt paid none of the town he has held rallies in dump dont pay his bills.

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