[Solved] – YouTube Videos Keep Stopping And Starting

[Solved] – YouTube Videos Keep Stopping And Starting

in this video i’m going to show you some
changes that i made to my computer that really helped with video playback
in each do you have this problem where i was watching ten eighty p h_d_ videos on youtube and a video would would stop and then start and then stop
and load and start and stop and and it just a right it was annoying so i
did some reseach on google realize a lot of people there are
experiencing this problem and i want to share those changes that i made with you so hi comprise a list of ten changes that i
suggest you try and uh… hopefully in the end when you’re done uh… you won’t really have that problem
or at least you’ll be able to uh… to do what you need to do to avoid having
that problem so the first thing i want to say is a
gift that video was getting stuck at the same spot everytime uh… that’s a little bit different than the
video starting and stopping studies it gets stuck at the exact same time everytime um… essentially you need to clear out your internet
cashier cookies in the history all that good stuff so if you know how to do that go ahead and
do that for the browser that you’re using if you don’t know really how to do that
or how to completely duit im go ahead and click on one of the
videos here i’ll show you how to do it on internet explorer mozilla firefox and google chrome right moving forward number two make
sure you have the latest version of adobe flash player installed sometimes died your computer doesn’t
automatically update or for whatever reason you just don’t have the latest version
so really simple just go to google and type in adobe
flash and it’ll be the first result click on this link an update your flash
player eka solve your problem right then and there is a does gray you know you have to watch us the studio but moving forward number three go ahead and right-click i’m any utube
video so this is my channel just right-click and i’ll select settings in this box right here in adobe flash
player settings uncheck that box it yours will probably be jackman was
already checked on check it pick clothes therefore ask yourself this question is
a take a longer too download the video that it does to watch
it because if it does it’s probably your internet connections
so let’s go ahead and tests are internet speed and our download speeds so that we know
if this is the problem and uh… and what the deal so go ahead
good speed test dot net i’ll include this link in the download
here in the video description despondent as begin test and basically what the subduing ill tell
u how fast reconnection is right now now
minute i’m wired to my wireless router on the only one
using this internet connection if you’re a starbucks or something somewhere public um… and i’ll everyone sharing wifi in ref to
down while trying not to have the same results as if your wired but if you’re sharing
that connection with twenty people fifteen people you’re gonna see uh… houston nasa drops in your thomas p so
here we go here’s something to compare your numbers
too on sunday afternoon sixteen point three
may two bits per second not too bad that today i have just a
basic time-warner package just really fast enough to play utube videos i think it’s five hundred cabey per second a google recommends
that that’s below saying we’re not going into details but go ahead on the test
and compare your numbers might see you have an idea of how fast you’re section is moving forward close all other programs in browser
windows that are running under computer your computer will be bogged down if you
have a lot of programs running or a lot of
browser windows open so all shades eppadi control boolean my
keyboard the task manager you can also get their
value hitting the window ski and taken to task
manager and you’ll see that i have adobe
illustrator running how and that has i photoshopped running out and that task so i have some other programs running
this just showing up and um… i also have a bunch of browser
windows are just happen signed out of her click this are just castle and get rid of all of those free up some memory to play these videos moving forward to some simple computer
maintenance uh… body white my hard drive twenty years so
maybe you have been uh… had a chance to start over like i have so go ahead and had to start finding
typing disc indeed frank uh… and run this program this is a
great program uh… especially if you haven’t done this in over a year it will really not only improve your computer’s overall
performance but it will help with uh… you to play back so another great program that comes with
windows is the disk cleanup go ahead and run that program l also empty on your recycle bin in your temporary
internet files uh… smoothing like i said before this
will also just improve overall computer speed and uh… performance so go ahead try those two things out
these this might take a while disc defray it might take a while so select that run
over nighter something lighter sleeping i highly recommend is totally worth it
heals you’ll notice the benefits right away um… moving for which browser window
are you using i’m using chrome right now hello chromatic it’s great um… maybe you’re using internet
explorer if you are highly recommend trying those or firefox or google chrome that could be a problem right there a
lot of people have uh… third-party add-ons that they installed by accident really because it and really know that
they were doing it um… through installing other programs
so your internet explore might just be
bogged down with third-party software so try different browsers might really help you out uh… moving forward number eight don’t install any third-party applications that promise you faster download speeds or better you to play back they simply won’t work and often they have adware spyware uh… sometimes even
viruses suggest uninstall those if you’ve already done
that and uh… you’ll be happy that you did number nine if you want to watch videos in easton
you’ve done everything that i just mentioned in this video it might be a good idea to simply let
the video mode first because if it has to do with your internet connection and there’s nothing you can do about
that when you click on a video and you selected ten eighty p setting when i pause the video i can just let
the video load and then go back later and watching
you’ll know that’s floating by this little grey bar and so all just let this grey bar galway city and and then i
watch movie in each day last but not least sometimes you tube is
doing maintenance and it’s just whatever they’re doing it causes the
playback to be choppy so i just want to mention that because
it’s it’s highly unlikely but if possible so i hope you were able to follow along i hope hai these little tips help you out and
you’re able to at least improve your situation uh… is you have any tips or ideas or things to try go ahead and leave a comment because
that way other people will farms up your tip for your comment it’s it’s good and it works in that way
we can all benefit from from the best tips so and like always thank you for watching

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  2. Recently my videos started stopping. I have 100 mb download speed. No other video does this. Only YouTube. It's annoying.

  3. I just found out that Adobe has a protective file in it that is not compatible with 64 bit OS that needs to be disabled there's a guy here on you tube that walks you through the steps in how to fix this issue, done by Jdude tutorials called Fix Adobe Flash crashing on 64bit systems
    as well Firefox has the ability to allow people to add in parameters to sort of bypass the security as well as install ad blocker will greatly help

  4. ,can you please tell me why when i right click on my video,well this video while you are showing me how to do it,i do not get an option for settings,it looks so differant then yours,mine is greyish tinted and yours is white,with alot more options then mine,i dont understand because i want to fix my stop, start problem,and the clear my browser and update adobe flash hasnt worked,so please help me? ty

  5. One thing that should be mention, Never do a disk defrag if you have a SolidState drive. It reduce the lifespan of the hard drive.

  6. thanks jay, wow my  speed test  showed download  for wi fi  was at 82.59… still having trouble with YouTube stopping at the same place and then buffering

  7. If you go to test speed as Mr Jay Bush recommends they will want you to down load there soft ware to scan your computer before telling you what speed you have. It take for ever to down load. I ran my own software scanner it said i had no problems. TweakBit the company you just down loaded said i had 464 problems but first you have to give then your name & E-Mail add there is a box with a check mark in it that you agree to hear from other ads. So suit your self but I left that site right then.

  8. I have the same problem, but I have another issue….i can't watch the entire video you uploaded, because the video keeps freezing, while at the same time stops & starts! T_TCan you explain everything step-by-step in the "description" part of your video! 🙁

  9. if my youtube is stopping and starting would putting this video on youtube be…… like wise? like just saying. But thanks.

  10. But how can we watch the video if it keeps starting and stopping XD! I will just be patient I guess. Well lets say I will try! ~ Emily :D!

  11. How can I find out the fix for this if this video freezes up? I can't get to the punch line to find out the fix since this video is freezing! Talk about Catch 22s!!!

  12. hi man good video i world like to ask you how do u get rid of all pop ups add even on google i keep geting site on my bar show ebay things,play.com the same i try to move them off no matter what i do noting happn at all plz can u help n thank u

  13. Thank you very much Jay. Your step by step instructions were fantastic, it was easy to follow along and it did help. Thanks again.

  14. This Isnt really what i wanted my video just paused and i had to press space no buffering and every time it paused i had to press space bar over and over :/ help

  15. I got a problem! The videos that im going to watch keep freezing! It started to happen about 3 weaks ago! Before that I could watch every video in 1080p! Pls help


  17. You right click on any video and select setting. I don't have a settings option there. I am running windows 10 64 bit Firefox. I have a settings on the right bottom corner, but it doesn't have the option to uncheck "enable hardware acceleration." I tried logging in to Youtube, but that didn't make any difference. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  18. Thanks, You were easy to follow and offer good advice. I think my computer is bogged down with remnants of dozens of things I no longer use.


  20. I have windows 10 and edge browser , when I try to play videos on facebook and facebook only they frezze after about 20 seconds ,, I don't have this problem on other websites . Can someone pleaseeeeeee help ?????

  21. This information is obsolete. YouTube doesn't use Adobe Flash Player anymore, and it's best to uninstall it from your computer. I uninstalled it and solved the interruptions.

  22. If you have Norton defrag from there. I shut things from task manager such as spoolsv.exe I might even shut down Norton which to me is a big resource burner. If you can, use fiberoptic. For me it works to change to 270 on the main screen rather than auto.. If your on Firefox make sure you have Silverlight installed.

  23. im having a problem where wether i upload from my phone or my pc…once uploaded the video pauses wile audio continues? any idea whats goin on?

  24. Ok if all of you people are having problems that’s keep commenting stuff like “why are you making a YouTube video about this is we’re having problems with Yt?” Well I have one question for you. Why df are you watching this then?

  25. It prompts me to verification of my ipad to enter password initially it pops out and i had to press the not now botton again in repeats it really annoying me i cant do a thing it causes my ipad to freeze and crash anytime it pops out in repeats to annoy me why?

  26. Thanks for the tip re fragmented c drive etc that's sorted out the stopping and starting by 90% it was set to fragment once a week but that clearly wasn't successful; instead I do it manually and that's much better. Another problem is when I play youtube 'Ultra' HD videos they slow; what is causing that?

  27. I tried all this and none of it worked. I'm also getting the same problem when I watch videos from my hard drive.

  28. I have no problem with you tube or movies, but I like to log on to websites from Europe and it takes 80 mins to watch a 45 min. show. I do not have this kind of extra time. It is pain in the rear.

  29. Same lie I see on all these videos claiming to help. Right clicking on a YouTube video brings up a context menu that DOES NOT INCLUDE SETTINGS.

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