Singing The News 11/2: We Gotta Do Better Next Week

Singing The News 11/2: We Gotta Do Better Next Week

(mellow alternative rock music) – It was a rough week. Let’s sing about it. ♫ A teacher in Alabama ♫ Wore black face to a party ♫ And he’s not gonna get in trouble ♫ And nobody seems surprised ♫ A police officer in South Carolina ♫ Assaulted a young black woman ♫ He had a reputation of being violent ♫ And nobody seemed surprised ♫ It was announced that processed meats ♫ Could increase your
risk of getting cancer ♫ And somehow ♫ Everyone’s surprised ♫ (sighing) We gotta do
better next week, guys. This was not a good week. – This was a hard one, man – Yeah. And of course processed
meat gives you cancer. Of course it does, of course it does! This is not news! – I didn’t need an official declaration– – Of course it does. That’s
what makes it so good.

100 Replies to “Singing The News 11/2: We Gotta Do Better Next Week

  1. I think that the best thing about November 2nd is the anniversary of when Taylor Hawkins made his first appearance in the Foo Fighters.

  2. Being surprised about something causing cancer is ridiculous. Nothing in this entire world doesn't cause cancer. Just being alive causes cancer.

  3. There is a cop at my job. He looks exactly like Keith except with a mustache and a deeper voice. He brings me great joy.

  4. Why is your news so strange?? In Britain we just are updated on politics and the rubbish school system. Occasionally we talk about a disappearance and either the body or person is found and the guy is sent to prison. Done.

  5. And there was a bomb threat where the people planned to shoot everyone soon as they walked out the door at my school, that was on the news

  6. I was wondering why a video from February was showing up in my sub box now. Then I remembered, here we put the date in order. Day/month/year. But in the US they use month/day/year, which is actually pretty strange

  7. I don't know a about y'all, but I think everyone is somewhat of a hypocritical morron, though some more then others.

  8. Why is blackface offensive? Because it "perpetuates a racial stereotype"? Sorry but black people having dark skin is not a stereotype, it's literally the definition of black.

  9. I was not surprised at the cancer part at all and it won't stop me from eating bacon cheeseburgers every once-in-a-while

  10. Okay. Apart from the fact that this song is absolutely hilarious, can we take a moment to appreciate the music? Because honestly, after listening to like 10 times, I kinda wish this was an actual song.

  11. Keith's eyes r so beautiful o
    In my country, our eyes' color are 80% black, and 20% brown.
    If u r lucky enough, it could be 50% black, and 50% brown, which is very rare, lol.
    I'm from Indonesia anyway >.

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