Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested On Felony Charge For Slamming A Student To The Ground | NBC Nightly News

Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested On Felony Charge For Slamming A Student To The Ground | NBC Nightly News

49 Replies to “Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested On Felony Charge For Slamming A Student To The Ground | NBC Nightly News

  1. Broward County… again… and again… and again.
    Most incompetent county in the USA when it comes to justice and law enforcement.

  2. Yes he should be arrested and charged. But I'm so sick of the double standards. For example a white cop who killed an innocent individual on video would not have been arrested and charged so quickly, or at all.
    Secondly, what about that white cop who assaulted those 2 teenagers at Jay street metrotec train platform in front of his commanding officer which was also recorded?
    Both situations were clearly wrong and could've been handled differently.
    But what I'm seeing is this:
    Black cop slams white kid he's arrested and charged.
    White cop attacks 2 black teenagers and is transferred and put on desk duty while the video of the assault is investigated.

  3. Wow that man thru that child like a rag doll. If she wasn't damaged enough she surely is damaged now concussion for starts.

  4. Every youngsters in every race should learn to respect i tell my kids if you disrespect and is your fault you get what you deserve .

  5. It doesn't look like he meant to slam her. If you watch. After he grabs her. He's momentum along with child's reaction caused that slam. He's even off balance as child hits floor

  6. That's good
    And they should go back and every incident where child was Touched By An Officer in a violent way should face charges

  7. Imagine if a McDonalds worker suddenly jumped the counter and started beating a customer in the restaurant and he was just simply fired and allowed to walk off with no legal consequences! Why are cops allowed to break the law and just simply loose their job and that's it!?!? And you wonder why they keep beating people up and killing people. They are never going to stop until they start facing the consequences of their actions like everyone else does.

  8. These cops need to sue the police department for trainning them in a manner where they are pushed to point of abuseing their power….

  9. wow when that white officer did the same thing to an 11 year old black girl over a carton of milk last week they let him simply resign so he can still get work somewhere else as a pig…looks like the law is STILL different when you are black in this country(imagine that). im not gonna talk about how that bitchy little girl probably got what she deserved since americans no longer know how to raise and discipline children properly…just dont be surprised when they cut off all the services for the elderly in another 15-20 years or so.

  10. Three blacks in a room with a white teenager who gets slammed to the floor. No black on white crime there. Nooooo….

  11. Another mentally ill police officer! There are thousands just like him around the country! Most people I talk to, do not trust the police! This f'd up cop needs to go to prison where he can fight someone his own size.

  12. Should Handcuffed the girl as soon as she kicked him. Just sit her down. Or maybe lock her it that room since you can’t trusted her while talking on the phone.

  13. I mean what an animal. I don’t care if the cop is white or Black, that’s not how you treat a 15 year old girl who is no threat whatsoever.

  14. Race is never mentioned when the victim is white but always mentioned vice versa. Race would instantly be mentioned had it been the other way around. As if only whites are capable of racism.

  15. if the races were reversed the liberal media would run this clip non stop for a month and blame trump,,,so i guess by the same reasoning,,this is obamas fault?

  16. Prison would be too good for Deputy Willard Miller. Although him being in the general prison population might be just the attitude adjustment this individual needs! We all know how this usually works out. He will get some reduced sentence and no justice for what he did. I hope that is not the case however!

  17. So we can expect the officer who attacked the handcuffed man to be filed any second now, right. I won't hold my breath.

  18. You don't assault an officer period.
    That man is their to die in service if need be.
    If that was my child I would of asked "what have you learn?"

  19. I bet he slaps is wife an beats his kids the big man he is. But if it was a white man an black kid would go viral as a racist attack. Another Black man acting crazy

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