Shennice Cleckley: One-woman show

Shennice Cleckley: One-woman show

have Southern culture without food. It brings everybody together. Yes, we’re a little
bit unhealthy. We fry. That’s OK. My name is Shennice, and I’m
from Columbia, South Carolina. Ooh. I appreciate it. I always wanted to cook. When I was four years
old, I told my parents want to be a “cookery.” But you know, when
you get older you try to think of things that
are a little bit more tangible. So I went to University
of South Carolina. I’d been working at a
company for seven years. And when I got laid off, it
was like, what do I do next? I used to bake small items,
a cupcake here and there, to help people. It wasn’t until someone
said, can you help me out with my birthday party? And I said, can you pay me $20? I finally got it. I have got to go
full-on into my passion. I wanted to create
Southern desserts with a little bit of fancy. And when you eat it, you’ll know
that somebody’s mama made it. Because I’ve got four kids. I’m somebody’s mama. I have had no formal
training in baking. So I had to look
online for tutorials. I learned how to
pipe, how to ice, and how to make
different rosettes. All I wanted to do was people
to eat my food, that’s it. I knew nothing about business. I knew nothing about
making a profit. I went to some classes. I figured out what to do. I opened up my brick
and mortar, and it was like, I have arrived! I’ve got this cute little
exposed brick place. And can open up
the door and say, “welcome to my dessert bar!” But just not enough people
were walking in the door. Closing that brick and mortar– it was defeating. I did not want people to
think that I was a failure. But I felt like a failure. That’s when I came
up with this idea– a bakery that’s online! How in the world you
going to do that? It kept me up at night. I was like, how am I going to
get people to find my website? I am not a tech person,
but from blogs and reading different articles,
I learned about SEO, and AdWords, and Keywords, to
make sure that my website was on that first page. And lo and behold,
it started working. So you’re sitting there, fat,
nasty, happy, and you’re like, you know what, I think
I want a cake tonight. Click, click, click,
what is delivered to ’em? I love it. Now I get more
corporate clients. And I get a lot
of bridal clients. I am the baker, the
marketer, the PR person, and the deliverer. So I do it all. At the end of that first year,
when I looked at my sales, I did so much work in
my brick and mortar to make the same amount
of money I did online. Because I don’t
have the overhead, plus I don’t have cake
just sitting there because nobody bought it. Looking at people do that
first bite, when they close their eyes and they say, “mmm.” That’s just like
the all-time high. Bam, I gotcha. You’re going to come back now. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 Replies to “Shennice Cleckley: One-woman show

  1. So proud of you. Don t know you personally but proud of you as a women who is doing her own thing. I am 74 and always encourage women to follow their dreams. Write to me so I can follow your progress. I live in central Florida and would order something. Just tell me what travels best.

  2. Very proud of you…you have been an encouragement to me. Keep that drive, love and compassion for your business. I hope to find you when I visit family in that area.

  3. You are a beautiful woman! Love your soul and passion! From one “untrained” professional baker to another. ♥️🙌🏾🙏🏾

  4. Shennice,
    I love u girl, U took a sour lemon and made it into lemonade. You should speak to other women and inspire them, I want to invite u to my Sistah meeting, Maybe we can exchange cake recipes. God's gonna bless u big. Keep believing, girl

  5. I'm VERY proud of you, Miss Shennice! What an inspiration you are!! God bless and continue to prosper you, my dear sister<3

  6. I am so freaking proud of you ms. Shennice! I’m about to be out of a job as well but maybe it won’t be so bad afterall. This is the push I need to really get going on my dreams.

  7. This is amazing. These stories inspire me to continue and follow my passion and never give up.

  8. You are truly a come back.afer that Job. I am so Glad you keep the faith.l will keep watching.And you keep Smiling cause we know there is a God.

  9. fantástico emocionante y excitante que bueno recibir estas informaciones para producir reales motivaciones para el trumfo porqué yo vivo?

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  11. Hi I i'm for you it's great I
    Hope that you do well we did a different way my parents and. I it
    Failed I'm sorry it did I thought it would be easy wrong word! I loaded the will to live

  12. Marketing 101. Know what the local people want. Give them what they want. Have an ever changing menu. Make everything affordable to the people in the area of the store (the town), with a good higher end offering as well. Create unique, "signature" offerings.

  13. I am very proud of you. May the Universe continue blessing you and your family. You are a great inspiration

  14. la humanidad fuera muy feliz si cada gobierno donde fuera cada uno les diera la oportunidad de cubrir sus necesidades de una manera justa y responsable en base de su trabajo y su esfuerzo y no a la dominación total y parcial de sus derechos humanos!!!

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  17. THANK YOU💓💗🙏🌷
    I needed to hear yor beautiful testimony. Hopefully, I'll be buying your baked goods for one of my events (once I get restarted).

  18. It felt so good to hear from someone in so close to me. Congrats and may God continue to lift you higher and higher as you walk the path that He has ordered for you.

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