Shady Things About The Cast Of American Pickers

Shady Things About The Cast Of American Pickers

American Pickers has managed to carve its
own niche in The History Channel’s line-up, thanks in large part to the chemistry between
stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Every week, millions tune in to watch Wolfe
and Fritz travel the country in search of hidden gems. It’s a wholesome, All-American program with
more than 250 episodes and counting in the can … so it’s high time someone explored
its shady side! Here are some of the shadier things about
American Pickers… “I came to Earth approximately 333 years ago. From the planet Zambodia.” …and its hosts. Broken promise The stars of American Pickers seem like honest
guys who follow through on handshake deals and always offer a good price. “If you’re at $175, I’m at $300.” “Yeah, I’m no mathematician, but that sounds
like that’s a good direction to go.” “Yeah, bust the abacus out! Alright, let’s do it.” But tell that to auctioneer Jerry Bruce, who
sued the show after it allegedly failed to hold up its end of a contract. Bruce saw a polarimeter, a device used in
the 1800s to measure the sugar content in alcohol, in a 2010 episode of American Pickers. He contacted Fritz to buy the device and claims
the famous Picker agreed to sell it to him for $300 plus shipping. Fritz reportedly sent a confirmation via text
message but never followed through with the sale. Bruce sued Fritz for breach of contract — and
was awarded $1,000, plus $80 in court costs, because Fritz failed to show up to court,
or even respond to the lawsuit, according to The Greenville News. Picked up by the law Gentle jokester Frank Fritz probably wasn’t
laughing when he was arrested in July 2017, after Iowa State Police responded to numerous
911 calls about a silver pickup truck driven by Fritz that was headed the wrong way down
Interstate 80. According to WQAD the police report
indicated that “[Fritz] had slurred speech and admitted to
drinking a beer and taking a dosage of Xanax.” Fritz failed a field sobriety test. The picker reportedly reached a plea deal
that required one year of unsupervised probation, a $625 fine, and a mandatory substance abuse
evaluation program. Concealed crowd American Pickers does a really good job of
presenting Fritz and Wolfe as a couple of regular joes just doing their jobs — nothing
glamorous. Their low-key attitude makes it easy to forget
that the show has millions of fans. How could these reality TV celebrities roll
through the country with no fuss? Well, the truth is that they often don’t. Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s The Gazette reports that
crowds of 300 to 400 people showing up to catch a glimpse of them filming and picking
is a common occurrence. But there’s no trace of all those adoring
fans in the final televised product all the better to keep their downhome image intact. Van switcheroo The producers of American Pickers go out of
their way to depict Fritz and Wolfe as buddies who happily spend hours together on the open
road, filling their custom van with antiques. In 2010, Fritz explained, “We have our cellphones and our gas. That’s our only overhead out on the road.” But there’s actually a lot more going on that
you don’t see on TV, During an appearance at the FRY Fest in Coralville,
Iowa, Fritz reportedly explained that the show’s huge crew travels with a fleet of vehicles,
including a large U-Haul truck, multiple vans, and a motorhome. Fritz noted that after you see the guys load
an antique into that branded white van, they often take it right back out and put it into
a larger U-Haul truck once the cameras have stopped rolling. It’s a subtle bit of stagecraft to help keep
up the appearance of a small-scale operation. Practice makes perfect Like most reality TV, some shots in American
Pickers are staged and rehearsed to achieve a clean, easy-to-follow half-hour of antiques-based
entertainment. According to Rob Dinkins, a South Carolina-based
auctioneer, scenes in his episode were re-created in order for camera crews to get perfect,
TV-worthy shots. Dinkins discussed these “filming tricks” with
the South Carolina Radio Network. “You go from one room to the next, you have
to do that, like three times. They’ve got to film you leaving the room,
then they’ve got to film you coming into the room.” All-in-all, filming the Pickers’ visit to
his old ice manufacturing plant took about 14 hours, but you’d never know it watching
the final product. The real pickers Wolfe and Fritz don’t always find their treasures
through traditional means, like flea markets, thrift shops and antique stores. Instead, they often uncover hidden gems in
more unconventional locales, like abandoned warehouses or closed-down Cracker Barrels. You may wonder how Wolfe and Fritz manage
to find these low-key goldmines, but it turns out they have a lot of help. The real American Pickers are the show’s production
staff. According to Ken Young, whose shop Ken’s Toys
was featured on the show, locations are scouted by producers in advance of filming. If they find a place that looks promising,
they don’t send out Wolfe and Fritz. Instead, they send a representative who looks
around and decides if there’s anything worth buying. Young told the San Angelo Standard-Times there
was a “three-week lead” before the stars of the show actually arrived, and filming took
about 10 hours. Sounds like being a pro picker isn’t nearly
as easy as they make it look. “I just got knocked in the head!” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. I am burnt out on American Pickers- It's on the "American Pickers" channel- I don't think I'll be back watching it ……ever. Sorry—Same thing with Pawn Stars on the American Pickers channel. Fried.

  2. Mike wolf carrys frank fritz in the show absolutely like wolf but never really liked frank he gives off a shadey dodgy vibe just waiting to rip people off another dodgy thing he does he calls it bundle what a real tight wad he won't pay the asking price so always comes out with the bundle scam just so as he doesn't have to pay the asking price so bundles items together and pays the original price the person wanted for the one item but adds items to a pile can't believe he gets away with it seen that mikes face when he first started doing it even he looked like he couldn't believe frank was getting away with it later on in the series Mike started doing it now and again actually think he calls it the frank teackneek but frank dose it in every episode practically definitely something not right about frank lol its like the good cop bad cop teckneeck frank is a slime ball weirdo creepy guy always has been lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and wouldn't be surprised at all if that Mike was sleeping with that danniell she used to be pretty hot aparently she once had her own antique shop but it failed that's when Mike took her on definitely think something is going on between the pair of them πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. Frank fritz gives the dirty wee shitz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pmsl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. So you know nothing about this show and you scrape the barrel with sketchy info which just goes to show that the cast have pretty ordinary honest lives. Why bother to make this irrelevant video ?

  5. I'm sure it's a good show, it's hard to find it here in Sweden but I would really like to see it. But can you seriously be surprised over some of these "revelations"? A person driving under any form of drugs is an asshole, and assholes aren't reliable. So a broken deal comes as no surprise. A production team is necessary even for really small shows, it's silly to believe anything else. But they should at least search and find objects by themselves.

  6. Frank announced as close friends of Epstein and also a business partner in upto 200 childcare centres which is being investigated cause frank is a convicted pedophile since 1987 and is believed to have over 500 victims possibly many more tho , police report says frank fritz had 37 children locked in a secret basement when they raided his New York mansion in 2001

  7. I cannot stand Frank he is 1 fat greedy man who steals anyting he can from the people he buys from always talkin about bundling Frank is the fake of the show that Mike needs to get rid of he makes the show bad a big fat greedy small ball head that needs to be picked off the show instead of on the show a bear rilla of a man fat funky Frank

  8. obnoxious, rude, pushy, pompass self inflicted trumptard asswipes, GMO corncobs of the 5th kind..the moronic brother robbie is an impatient modern day luddite. the chum lee of the mississippi. cheap and mindless entertainment has obviously hit bottom in the abyss of idiocy. why i watch it you ask? why did you vote for trump i ask.. too much free time..

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