Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Obstruction Of Congress Impeachment Article | NBC News

Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Obstruction Of Congress Impeachment Article | NBC News

100 Replies to “Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Obstruction Of Congress Impeachment Article | NBC News

  1. Pretty safe to say now Pelosi is senile. Schiff and Nadler are a national disgrace and the dems as a whole are an embarrasssment to the world.

  2. So they were 20 short? They needed 67? I thought they only needed 51.
    Jesus Christ, what a colossal waste of time.
    Everybody should have known there was no way that would ever happen.
    Why are they wasting our tax money withis BS?

  3. Obama said Trump isn't going to be President, well guess what you Oreo cookie sellout= TRUMP 2020🇺🇸& 🖕U & Your buddy hairplugs BRIBEN.

  4. We can only hope Pelosi will do the honorable thing and commit Harikari. She again has shown her hate guided her thinking and is unfit to lead.

  5. Meanwhile, Biden is still sexually assaulting women and 12 year old girls to the approval of liberal women. Biden is the Weinstein of DC.

  6. The way I see it the Left is Trying to TAKE MY VOTE AWAY! That is my ONLY VOICE on how MY Government is Run…DESINFRANCISE Me With A ONE PARTY TAKEOVER SHAM IMPEACHMENT and or Nullify my vote by it being NEUTRALIZED by an ILLEGAL VOTE! No Voter ID? To BE BLUNT THIS SMELLS OF SEDITION OR MABY TREASON…NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW–EXCEPT THE MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS THAT THE LEFT SAY NEED NO VOTER ID…They have no right being in charge of Any Vote Counting…

    The LEFT Counted on the Fake MSM -NEWS OUTLETS, HOLLYWEIRD, and SICK COMEDIANS to Spread the TDS Virus, but The Light of Truth Kills the Virus. Long Live The Republic. Americans Want to live under our Constitution, Not Under "The New World Order" Globalist. In their Blind Hatred, they went Full SCORCHED EARTH IN Desperation to Stop Orange Man. As Always It Back Fires and Exposes THEIR COVERED UP CORRUPTION. Funny how that works.

    The Patriotic Americans Are Not as Ignorant as the Socialist Democrats ARE COUNTING ON.

    My Bernie supporting friends are saying things like this… Unbelievable!…

    Bernie Voters for Trump 2020 If the DNC Establishment screws him over again. Feel the Bern! The Left does not only destroy our Republic it destroys itself. Long Live the Republic.

    Definitely should not be allowed anywhere near VOTE COUNTING…

    It looks to me that the Dems believe that the American People are going to Interfere with the Up Coming Election

    IT'S A UNDISPUTED FACT… Hunter only Snorts High-Quality Tax Payer Funded Crack.

  7. This massive corruption scandal must not end here, the Biden's, Pelosi's, Romney's and Kerry's all need to be investigated for possible ties to Ukraine money laundering…

  8. Ridiculous that we are witnessing an impeachment trial of the best president ever . Obama should have been impeached not trump

  9. The Trump supporter posters sound like paid Russian trolls, but they are actually xenophobic small-town Americans who prefer an autocratic strong man to democratic ideals. In other words, they’re not foreign agents, they’re just a bunch of Judases.

  10. Mitt Romney was the only Republican with a conscience. Many of the other Republicans acknowledged that Trump was obviously guilty, but all but Romney voted to acquit. Now the Republican Party has so many black marks, they have become Solid Black. Party of Lincoln?No, you know what they are now.🔥

  11. And I hope all the Senate Republicans realize they have committed career suicide. They seriously ignored the constitution AND their constituents. They should NOT be reelected.

  12. The republicans want you to forget this and vote them back in in November. Do not forget how they chose party over country. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!

  13. Instead of both parties finding compromises on key issues. They just keep their voters fighting between each other. constant bickering only benefits politicians and the media.

  14. I think it is time for the people of the United States of America to vote instead of letting the senator or house rep to vote on behalf of us.

  15. I have a neutral person when it comes to all of this, but if you'll take note in this particular video the people who voted our beloved president. Guilty are all Democrats that says something just by that alone. Just thinking about it Makes me wonder.

  16. Not guilty is not right. Everyone knows he did it. The republican party needs to be strait up kicked out of the senate the put in jail.

  17. Whatever happened with WWIII?
    Wasn't our killing a terrorist supposed to cause WWIII?
    That's what all the Dems said as they condemned Trump.

  18. Every civil nation has a specific way of informing the people what is not allowed. We call them laws. EVERY law has 2 elements; 1. The Name of the Book it is written in. 2. A unique number within said book. ex: In California we have a unique state LAW that says that Murder is wrong. California Penal Code [book] 187 [unique number within this book]. There is no law against whatever the House defined as 'obstruction' of Congress. No book and no unique number quoted by Congress means no law broken. Long after Trump finishes his wonderful 8 there will still NOT be a law written in a book that says it is illegal to do whatever actions they claimed Trump did. If you were arrested I am sure you would want there to be a law written somewhere in some official book stating that your actions were not allowed aka illegal. 'What are you in for ?' 'Making a bunch of old white elite buffoons angry.' 'How many years they give for that ?' 'Life with no possibility of reason.'

  19. I love how our lawmakers can vote guilty or not guilty based on if they like the person or not. Fine example for our court systems.

  20. Working hard or HARDLY working??What a circus full of clowns. Trump was the worst thing to happen to this country in a very long time.

  21. Nancy broke the law by tearing up that government record . The State of the Union is an archived government record . In violation of 18 US code she should be removed from office and given the max sentence of 3 years in prison . Remember "NO ONE is above the law "

  22. Just wondering…whose going to pay the tax payers back their money on a a wasted political scam? All who voted guilty should donate 100,000.00 dollars to a program to help the homeless…or get fired!!!!

  23. Just remember the Electoral college votes for the president NOT the people. Well this was obviously going to happen. Republicans are majority of the senate so. This was wast of time.

  24. Romney, trying to get out of dodge before we realize his very own ties to the corrupt Burisma. The
    truth will all come out. Pelosi, Romney, Biden, and countless others had their hands in Burisma's
    cookie jar. How else do you think all these "wealthy Congress folks" got rich on their $165,000.
    salaries. Trump went digging and they had to impeach him in order to keep their corrupt dealings
    from being exposed. They can go after Trump relentlessly, but the minute Trump questions
    something it is political. Yeah right.

  25. Congratulations to Nick at Night for crushing NBC 4th Quarter ratings of 2019.  We all know that House Democrats are not done as they vowed to continue looking for Impeachment shams to pull.  The sad and cowardly Democrats in the Senate betrayed their oaths by supporting impeachment.  They knew the charges were bogus but voted to remove the President anyway.  Now, Their supporters can drop them since all the cowards in the Democratic Party have shown they have skewed principles.

  26. Wow..Dems – 45 thumbs down, 0 thumbs up, Reps – 0 down, 53 up. Unbelievable. Is there something personal involved in all of this? It looks like Russian traditional entertainment "wall against wall"

  27. Can we get him out plssssssssss he is so guilty like come on her is just evil disagree if you want but he needs to go right now and be in jail for life I hate him and I'm saying it now

    Also I am big dumb dumb can some one remind me what acquitted is am sorry TwT we are all funna die

  28. Hey .. all you DumbocRATS .. try again 😁


    This time Nancy promises .. “you can really 🦵🏻 the 🏈 “


  29. I'm not a Trump fan but the charges were ridiculous. If we want to put someone like Bernie in the office we should do it in the election.

  30. The fact that each side is this biased shows completely how rigged and corrupt the current system is. O well I guess I'll just have to move to mars.

  31. They knew this was coming…their only hope was that they coyld say impeachment enough times and hope that the majority of Americans were dumb enuough to fall for this …so they could shape the public narrative based on an accusation…false one. Nasty nasty biz. I cant believe how far theyve gone.

  32. The funny thing is that all of these ppl are praising Trump, but there will come a day when he is not in office, this verdict has set a all time low for BOTH parties – You dont need witnesses in a senate trial. Mark my words, you will hear this argument used to support a democrat being impeached in the future. Enjoy your victory lap now

  33. Turns reality on its head when a president can attempt to block all witnesses from testifying, refuse to turn over any documents, and he's found not guilty of obstruction of congress. Facts are really pesky things.

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